07 August 2016

Our New World - Chapter 2 Part 13


Yukkuri Oniisan

A bit of warning from the author: WARNING! HORRIBLE GRAMMAR IMMINENT!

Chapter 2: The Heaven Lords in the New World
Part 13: Faustian Bargain

The clatter of the carriage came to a stop, as they arrived at their destination, Tinirese Village. Even though they should have arrived later, the carriage that she rode was dashing through the bumping roads. This was because Sefi still needs to receive a proper medical attention. Lung damage is something beyond a lowly heal spell that Florea use, after all.
Maya thought that the carriage speed was rather unusually fast, but it was because she didn’t realize that a certain someone had enchanted “Weight Reduction” on the carriage, “Increase Endurance” on the axle, and doped the Hirmas (cud-horses) with Stimulants. This enabling the carriage to cover more than 50 km of an uneven dirt road in less than one and half hour. The remainder carriage will arrive normally later, though.

Maya looked outside the covered carriage and saw the golden-green field of the soon to be harvested Shunmi (mille-wheat) that surrounded Tinirese Village. However… Shouldn’t the bandits torched and ransacked almost entire field this morning? Maya was really confused.
When they finally reached the village’s entrance, the carriage brought them to stop. Maya followed Florea who exited the carriage while Zira watched over Sefi and the rest of the girls was still sleeping due to their fatigued mind and body.
When she exited, Maya spotted another strange ‘thing’ on the northeast field from the village. It was a large long oblong shaped with white and blue pattern on it stood in the middle of the field. Several large tents and men could be seen at its surrounding. The pattern on the ‘thing’ matched the pattern on the tent and on the flag and banner surrounding the camp that fluttered by the wind.
Flagge der Einheit (团结的旗帜)
“Th-this is……” (Maya)

When Maya saw the pattern of the flag, she was doubting her own eyes.
The flag had a blue base and it depicted a united ring made of three circles inside a star that was made by a union of two squares. Of course, Maya immediately recognized that symbol. After all, that symbol was mentioned in numerous time in books about Recorded History and was famous as the symbol of dreams and illusiveness.
The symbol of the mysterious country, The Nameless State(Chemkla).
The illustrious country that brings ruin to anyone dares to knock on her walls. The enigmatic country that no one outside it had even peered it thick fog to see what lies behind the wall. The recluse country that had never contacted any of their neighbors as far as people remember. What are they doing here?
Just when Maya was lost in her thoughts, Florea and the Knights-look-a-like people who were driving and guarding the carriage, gathered near the carriage as if waiting for something. Then someone who wore silvery Knight armor approached from the direction of Chemkla’s camp and spoke out what seems to be an order. Although Maya tried to understand what the order means, with her half-baked language comprehension, she only recognized some of the words. Perhaps they were asked to gather.
Florea then approached Maya who then began to talk: [the words in the () is Maya’s guessing]

Nima nemmane leiri tiyaina (I go/walk to ???) *point at the camp* Arano fukamupuna sahkanisa. (something; good-speak; together; you = it’s nice to speak with you?) Dahna’minisa. (First hearing this phrase. Dahna is seeing with eyes, Nisa is you, so perhaps see you later?)” (Florea)
Ia. Dahna’minisa.” (Maya)

Florea shook hands with Maya (who was a bit surprised by this) and the other girls in the carriage with a large grin on her face. She went towards the Knights, walk a dozen steps, turned back, waved her hand before this time broke into half-running towards the camp.
Maya brought down her waving hand and stood still.
Florea was affiliated with Chemkla. That means the people who saved her was people of Chemkla. Seeing how the Knights treat Florea, she might be someone with high rank in Chemkla. Then, that Fatsya Raho Yusis, who Florea was acting respectful to, must be someone with even higher ranking as he also gave out orders to the Knights. Speaking about Knights, Maya should have known better when she saw the people in an elaborate glistening silver armor when they arrived at the surface and boarded the carriage. They were the famous Knights of Silver Brigade, after all. But at that time, her head was still filled with worried thoughts for Sefi.
She thought that they were just a group of mercenary, but the real answer was something that was way stranger than her wildest imagination.
While Maya was still stood in silent, still reeling from the shock of the realization the true identity of the people who helped her, the villagers who were watching over the gate came approaching the carriage from the broken village gate. At first, they were dumbstruck and almost didn’t realize that it was Maya. After all, she now wore a high-quality silk one-piece dress. Then when one of the villagers realized he began to inform the other villagers while ringing the bell.

“It… it Miss Maya! Call the Village Chief!” (Villager)

Soon villagers gathered and behind them was the figure of her former family physician and tutor Kanoro the Healer together with Grandpa Harima the village chief; her adoptive Grandma, Risina; and her father loyal retainer, Nasurom.

“Welcome back, Miss Mayana.” (Nasurom)
“Miss Mayana and everyone, welcome back.” (Kanoro)
“Everyone! I am glad that all of you are alright.” (Harima)
“Praise the Holy Spirits…” (Risina)
“Yeah, I’m back Master Kanoro, Grandpa Harima. Uncle Nasurom. Grandma…” (Maya)

Before she finished her words Risi hugged Maya. Perhaps she was so happy to meet with her again, or because she detected that Maya’s voice is trembling. Risi then patted Maya’s back gently, as if saying, ‘Good job, everything will be alright.’ Then Risi let go of her hug when she noticed that Maya had calmed a bit, as Maya swiped the tears in the corner of her eyes with the sleeve of her clothes.

“Oh, My! Maya! Where did you obtain this splendid dress?” (Risina)
“My old clothes is damaged, so the people who rescue me give me this clothes.” (Maya)
“Rescue?” (Risina)
“Yes… The people in that camp over there… It was a group from Chemkla who rescued us.” (Maya)
“Then-then, the others?” (Harima)
“Zira, Launa, Chiri and Sefi are with me in the carriage. The others… I guess they are in the carriages behind us. Also, Master Kanoro, can you look at Sefi, she has been hurt by the bandits. Please see her condition, Master.” (Maya)
“Really? Then, excuse me Miss Mayana.” (Kanoro)

As always, Kanoro still addressed her as if she still a noble’s daughter. Then Nasurom kneeled before Maya.

“Please forgive this failure of a retainer to be unable providing any help to prevent Miss Mayana from being captured by vile bandits. This failure of a retainer will accept any punishment from Miss Mayana.” (Nasurom)
“Raise up, Uncle Nasurom. I am not a noble anymore, you don’t need to kneel anymore. It couldn’t be helped if Uncle Nasurom can’t offer any help. Uncle Nasurom is doing an important job to keep us safe after all.” (Maya)

Basically, Nasurom is someone who can be called as a “Rebel Leader” who lead the resistance against the current reigning Feudal Lord, although Maya was their figurative leader. Due to his activity, Tinirese and several surrounding villages were relatively ‘safe’ from the Feudal Lord’s oppressive regime. Unfortunately, when the bandits attacked this morning, Nasurom and his band of ‘Knights’ was away from the village. A village youth who was tending the Hirmas was able to escape during the confusion when the bandits attacked. Although he was a bit injured from arrows, he safely arrived at the next village and informed Nasurom who then quickly returned to Tinirese when he heard that it was attacked this morning. Sadly, all of this took half-a-day, so when Nasurom arrived it was already long over.

Maybe because of the ruckus outside the carriage, Chiri and Launa poked out their faces out.

““Grandma!”” (Chiri)(Launa)

They jumped off from it and then ran to their Grandma’s arms while shedding tears of joy and sadness. Maya wouldn’t blame them for doing this. They just experience what could be said as the scariest moment in their lifetime. Meanwhile, the villagers were aiding Kanoro and Zira moving the still unconscious Sefi from the carriage with a stretcher that Florea graciously left behind.
Seeing this sight, Maya made a sigh of relief. Yes. She had returned safely with the others. It was a great struck of luck since she received unexpected help from the people of Chemkla. If not, she couldn’t imagine the fate that would befall her and her ‘sisters’.
But still, there were many people who lost their life in the last attack. Even so, she won’t weep. The tears won’t be of any use. After all, she shed enough tears for her lifetime when her father, mother, brothers, and sisters died. For the sake of the still living one, Maya held back her tears. Rather than crying, she thought more about what to do for the living. Yes, for the sake of Chiri and Launa too… After all, their father… for their sake…

“Chiri! Launa! You’re safe!” (Karusi)

‘Bu-bu-but, he got stabbed and died from blood loss! I personally confirmed his death!!’


Afterward, Maya, Harima, Risina, Nasurom, Karusi --- Chiri and Launa’s father --- and Sanusi --- Zira’s father --- were discussing in the middle of the room. Maya was narrating the events after they have been captured by the bandits and about their rescue (she omitted the event where she tried to stab the man who opened the door).
By the way, Karusi was the village’s Militia leader while Sanusi was the village’s Grain Counter who oversee the public granary, he is also for all appearances sake, the ‘father’ of Maya and Sefi.

“How’s Sefi, Master Kanoro?” (Maya)

Maya had just finished her story when Kanoro arrived at the room after examining Sefi’s condition.

“No need to be worried, Miss Mayana. The Magic Potion is really effective. She already regained her consciousness and her condition is stable, or rather, I am more surprised by the degree of her healing. I heard from Zira, it is thanks to the Healing Magic by the girl called Florea, right?” (Kanoro)
“Yes. It is the first time I encountered a Healing Magic that is that strong.” (Maya)
“Yes. I must admit, it is even way beyond my own Magic. This magic is something that can only be seen in Central Temple. And that Magic Potion. I never saw a Potion with such dense mana concentration.” (Kanoro)
“…… That potion is from the Chemkla people, right?” (Maya)
“Yes. They are really a mysterious group.” (Kanoro)

Kanoro could only shudder when he recalled how the young man gave up 30 of such potions like it was a candy when a Potion of such quality could be sold for a ridiculously high price.

“Back to the topic. So you mean the people who rescued you are the same group which helps us in the village?” (Harima)
“Yes, it seems so.” (Maya)
“But for what reason, they are rescuing you?” (Karusi)
“Fissunu brought them to us and we ask the young man to help the ones captured by the bandits.” (Risina)
“Fissunu did what?” (Sanusi)
“Oh, I haven’t mentioned this? Forgive this old woman’s memory.” (Risina)

Everyone was rather surprised by Risina’s answer. By the way, Fissunu is Zira’s younger brother. Fissunu couldn’t save his sister as he was leading the small children away from the bandits. Although he hasn’t got his Rite of Adulthood yet, Fissunu’s swordplay is not a joke, just ask the dead bandits, they won’t laugh at his sword.
Maya could guess who the young man that Risina’s mention. It seems that Fissunu sensed that the young man is the strongest and the leader of the group. He then brought him to Risina who was calming the children and the mothers whose sons and daughters got captured by the bandits. Fortunately, the young man seems to understand their plea.

“I see… I must praise Fissu later.” (Sanusi)
“You have a good son, Sanu… Too bad, my son is not like that…” (Karusi)
“Hahaha… Herru would cry you know if he knows what you just said, you know.” (Sanusi)
“Hahahaha” (Karusi)

Seeing Sanusi and Karusi laughed together, Maya couldn’t let go the odd feeling that he had until now.

“Uncle Karusi, this might be rude, but, how can you still be alive? I am certainly sure you are dead. You are not an undead, right?” (Maya)
“Hahaha… No worry. No worry. Even I am surprised by how can I still be alive…” (Karusi)
“Hmm? What do you mean by that?” (Nasurom)
“Ah… I think it’s better for Maya and Sir Nasurom to know about this from the beginning.” (Kanoro)
“It’s gonna be a long story.” (Harima)


Then Harima and Kanoro began to narrate, the events that had been transpired during Maya’s absence.
After the bandits left, the villagers came out from their hiding place. They immediately put out the fire, rescuing the injured and assessing the damage. Because of the suddenness of the attack, almost every youth who was heading to the fields were captured before being able to hide. The Village Militia could hardly have any time to retaliate. Many buildings were destroyed or burned, the gate was broken and the walls collapsed here and there, and the soon to be harvested fields were ransacked and burned. These bandits were smart since the villagers need to put down the fire in the fields or lose their food, then the number of their pursuers would become smaller. They even covered several wells to make this task harder. Then again, many adult and fit men were killed in the last attack, including Karusi, the Militia leader. They have no men to spare to give chase. In other words, it was a disaster.
Kanoro and Harima were half-given up in rescuing Maya and others with their own power and waiting for Nasurom to arrived before mounting a rescue mission. But at that time, the men on the wall shouted that they spotted a group of people approached from the direction of the forest. Thinking that it might be another bandits attack, the rest of the villagers were in an uproar and restless.
When Kanoro and Harima looked over the wall, they could see an armed group of men in leather armor. But there were also a young man wearing a coat-like clothes and a group of girls in different kinds of dresses. They could see that two of the girls were Marshyel and one of them was Pacrux. But they didn’t seem to be slaves from the manner of their dresses and how the young man, who seems to be the group’s leader, treated them. In any case, they didn’t appear threatening. Furthermore, it could be easily be seen from the quality and appearance of their equipment, rather than bandits, the group was more similar to a noble entourage sojourning or a well-off mercenaries group. Perhaps they were investigating all the smokes that had come from the village. It wasn’t an unknown story of mercenaries looting ruined villages, so the villagers were rather uneasy.
Then some of the girls yelled out something in a language unfamiliar to their ears. But it wasn’t in a threatening or demanding tone, rather it was in the tone that people use when they asking someone else if there is something wrong and if they need help. The girls’ yelling somehow unease a bit of the wall defenders’ nervousness. Either way, they really don’t appear to be hostile.
Thinking that perhaps they were wandering mercenaries from the Grasssea or the regular Zekrion’s Magic Beast and Monster eradication expedition in the Great Forest, Kanoro and Harima decided to consult them and hire them to rescue Maya and others. Harima and the surviving militias would meet with them while Kanoro would take some of the men and assess how many coins, gems, and other valuables that the village still possessed. After all, hiring mercenaries were never a cheap venture.

Although there was a difficulty in communicating, Harima managed to persuade them to enter the village for discussion. Just like what he guessed before, the young man seemed to be the leader group and the girls who accompanied him, seems to be either his companions and servants, especially the girls’ group in the same blue clothing uniform. As they passed through the village square where most of the survivors gathered, Harima met with Kanoro’s group. Seeing Kanoro’s made a stiff expression, Harima could guess what happened. There was barely any money and valuables in the village to pay the mercenaries. Thinking what to do, Kanoro thought that perhaps he could negotiate a delayed payment. However, based on Harima’s report, the mercenaries didn’t understand their Soiporan Dialects, so Kanoro began to talk to the young man in Norai Palisan, but eliciting no response, Kanoro also began to talk in Zekir and Ram dialects. He even began to talk in Khas, Shiti, and his shaky Fohel Dialects. But the young man made a gesture that shows he didn’t understand anything of it.
Just when Kanoro scoured his brain for his rusty Sastuhasan language skill, the young man put his hand in front of him and then there were light particles gathered in his palm. As soon as that light particle disappeared, there was this small vial of red liquid in his hand. Kanoro was surprised because although he first thought it was some kind of dimensional storage magic, he didn’t feel any flow of mana from the man. Furthermore that red liquid, it was a Magic Potion. As a Healer, he could also made magic potions, but he never saw a magic potion with such dense mana concentration. Even his best potions pale in comparison.
The young man then gestured and speak in a language that Kanoro couldn’t identify with any Midzu language that he knows. From his gesture, it seems that the young man said to use the potion for the sick people.
When Kanoro mentioned about the potions to Harima, he was overwhelmed with gratitude and showed his thanks to the young man in Soiporan way (shaking hands). But this didn’t end with just that, the young man did that mysterious dimensional magic once more and gave 29 more potions (this time inside a beautifully embroidered cloth bag) to the Harima. Then hundred of boxes that were made something similar to thick paper and contained some kind of brownish grain bread with meat and egg. In addition, a large wooden barrel that they soon found contained clean water. While Harima and the villagers were overjoyed by the unseemingly out of nowhere gift, Kanoro could only guess what the gift of this young man means. Is the gifts were just out of his compassion or he had other ulterior motives. After all, that magic potions and meat would cost a considerable amount of money.
The surprise still didn’t end, the man called out to two girls in blue clothes who then bowed in respect to the young man. Now that they remembered it, one of the girls was called Florea, whom Maya had mentioned before. The young man began to order them something and the girls in blue dress began to chant in an unknown language as they gather mana around them. Then there were lights surrounding Harima and Kanoro. Even without looking at their disappearing light wounds, Harima and Kanoro immediately recognized it as Healing Magic; furthermore, it wasn’t just a simple Healing Magic but a high ranked Healing Magic. Who can guess that amongst the young man’s retinue there were two young girls who could use magic on par with Archpriests and Archealers?
The young man seems to say that the girls will help to heal the injured people and asked Harima and Kanoro for permission. Although Kanoro didn’t know if the man understands, he spoke out his approval. But then the young man shouted. When Kanoro turned to look back at the man, he and the villagers were struck with astonishment as two winged humanoid girls of what can only be described as Fairies of the myths appeared in the sky and descended before the young man. The Fairies seemed to be obedient to the young man. Kanoro couldn’t imagine how a young man like him could make mythical creatures like Fairies subordinate to him. After all, Humanoid Spirits were the hardest to be contracted than a Bestial Spirit. This make Kanoro wanted to ask who are this man, and as the extension, this people group‘s true identity?

The Green Fairy followed the girls and Kanoro to the house where the injured were being taken care of. Although Kanoro’s healing magic and potions had mostly stopped their external bleeding, the people here lost quite a lot of blood or have their inner organs wounded. While casting their healing magic and giving the magic potions to the injured, their condition quickly stabilized and didn’t that dangerous anymore. Even someone whom Kanoro predicted wouldn’t last for the night, could heal at least in a few months. This was nothing but miraculous. Then some of the young man’s girl companions appeared and helped giving potions and food to the injured and their caretakers inside. A bunny eared Marshyel girl offered the aforementioned brown bread to Kanoro. Just for appearance sake, Kanoro only made a small bite to the bread, as it’s considered rude in Soiporan Culture to not at least made a ‘bite’ of the food that offered to you, even if you didn’t intend to eat them right away. But the bread was so rich and tasty, unlike the light bread he used to eat, and the meat was so juicy that he ended up eating the whole bread. It seems the other people also felt the same way with him. Anyway, after every injured person had been healed, the girls and the Green Fairy went outside to the square.
Meanwhile, the Blue Fairy had stopped the burning or smoldering buildings and mille-wheat fields by freezing them. The young man’s subordinates helping the villagers to rescue villagers still trapped under the rubble, living or dead, while the girls in blue dress began to cook food in large pots, sauce pans and something like a stove which suddenly appeared, using a large quantity of ingredients that also suddenly appeared.
Seeing things magically appeared in front of their eyes, the dumbfounded villagers were at a loss but at the same time entranced by the scent of their cooking. At the same time, the young man’s other girl companions began to distribute sweet beverage that had been chilled by the Blue Fairy to the villagers. Never had the luxury of tasting ice cold beverage in the middle of the day before, the villagers were greatly fascinated.

 When Kanoro met with Harima later and want to continue their plan to hire the young man to rescue people captured by the bandits ── and discussing the reward ── the young man was nowhere to see. Some of the villagers said that the young man had left the village with some of his men towards the forest.
At lost on what to do and unsure who they need to approach in the mysterious group, Harima and Kanoro gave up for the moment and just concentrate on performing an emergency wall and gate fixing. While in the square, the girls in the blue dress still cooking and distributing food to the villagers.

About an hour passed when suddenly Harima and Kanoro were called by the wall defenders again. This time, they spotted a large shadow coming from north-east. From Kanoro’s reckoning, that was the direction of Chemkla. When the shadow approached, the wall defenders were in a panic. That shadow was a large wingless magic dragon! Unlike normal dragons that flew using their wings, magic dragons flew using magic and many were wingless. If a normal flight capable dragons are a bane to a city, then magic dragons are a threat to the whole kingdom. After all, not only they need to battle something that flies in the sky, but it also can use breath attacks and magics. Harima and Kanoro were wondering what kind of unpardonable transgression that their village had done to the Gods’ Court and Holy Spirits for a magic dragon approaching their village.
Then when the distance had close enough for them to see, Kanoro and Harima noticed that what they thought as the magic dragon’s body were actually a long cylindrical thing with white and blue pattern that Kanoro felt he had seen before somewhere. The dragon placed that cylindrical thing at the northeast fallow field from the village. Then at the underside of that cylindrical thing, that possessed something similar to windows, have its one side opened in a manner of a door. There were people exiting that thing, which Kanoro guessed something similar to a flying carriage. But what surprise him was that the magic dragon then shined and disappeared.
Some of the people that exited the thing approached the village while the others stayed and began constructing something similar to a camp. The people who approached were lead by two young women. A brown haired Prena (Human) and a blue-haired Pacrux. Different from the flesh red-haired Pacrux girl inside the village who radiated a clear indifference feeling ── albeit still quite a beauty──, this new Pacrux girl radiated a divine transcendental beauty that could instantly seize the men’s heart. She even seems to have the controls over the Fairies, as they came personally to greet and kneel before her.

While Kanoro and Harima trying to guess their identity, the group had reached the village’s northern entrance and the young man’s girl companions came out to meet with them. They seemed to know each other, so it can be assumed that this new group were the same or affiliated with the young man’s group.
A Prena woman, who seems to be the current impromptu leader in the young man’s stead, was guided by the girls to approach Harima and Kanoro. The Prena woman then began to speak something in the same unknown language used by the young man. Then a man dressed in dark coat-shirt that usually wore by nobles came to forward as if the woman ordered him to. The man was followed by several men and women wearing an official’s looking uniform. Perhaps his subordinates.
The man spoke out a greeting in a broken Zekir-sounding Palisan with simple words and unusual word placement. Although effective communication hasn’t been reached yet, at least there was some kind of verbal communication right now.
Harima and Kanoro then guided the group inside the village where they then sat around a room used for discussion in the Village Hall. After, ordering something to the man, the girls left the room, leaving the man and his subordinates. The man introduced himself as Mitaharsu (Mitterherz) [1], a kanselir (Kanzler) of Ersherssoktum Unyon dea Nushuwanensi (Erzherzogtum Union der Neuschwanensee). Mitterherz then began to talk in broken-Zekir Palisan Dialect about ‘food giving’, ‘house’, ‘plants’, and ‘ask stay’. Although the details were still mainly unclear, from the broken words and many non-verbal gestures, it seems that this Mitteherz person was telling Harima and Kanoro that they their side will provide aids of food and materials for rebuilding the village and the fields. In exchange, Mitteherz want to let some of the man stay at the village. They didn’t quite grasp what Mitteherz wanted on the last point, but it didn’t seem to be a bad choice. Either way, Harima need to consult with the rest of the villagers before giving the final answer, so Kanoro with some difficulty tried to inform Mitteherz that the final decision will be given after the Village Meet.

At that time, there was a great uproar coming from the square. As Harima and Kanoro went outside they could see that the brown-haired woman that they saw before had taken out a magic staffs in a shape of entwining snakes and held the staffs over the corpse of the villagers that were lined up in the square for the night’s mourning ritual. Then without performing a chant, the brown-haired woman cast out a magic. Even Kanoro couldn’t make head or tails of it, as the mana gathered and activated instantaneously.
When the light from the magic disappeared, Kanoro, Harima, and the villagers couldn’t believe their eyes. The supposed dead villager suddenly opened eyes and sat upright. The woman offered her hand to help him to stand. While the recently-dead man stood still in confusion and swarmed by his family, the woman smiled and moved towards the next corpse and repeated her magic with the same result.
There is no doubt about it, the magic that she used was a Resurrection Magic, a Grand Magic that can only be used by selected few or needed a large number of High-Ranked Magicians and magic catalysts that only a country or a royalty could afford it. To be able to cast Resurrection Magic continuously with only a short break between the use, without any catalyst and even using that Grand Magic to revive a mere peasant they just met. Even miracles should have its limit. Was she some kind of deity wearing a mortal flesh? Some of the villagers even began to kneel and pray before the brown-haired woman.
Then Kanoro and Harima heard the shouts from the wall defenders and when they turned their head toward that directions they could saw unnatural rainbow lights dancing around beyond the walls. Kanoro left Harima, who was still stood stupefied by the Resurrection Magic, behind and went to see what happened in the fields. There he saw an unbelievable scene, the fields that should have been ruined by the bandits were restored as if nothing happened to them.  All that he could see was the blue-haired Pacrux girl accompanied by the mysterious girl group seemed to order something to the Green Fairy who then flew around the field which then glowed in rainbow colors. After the light disappeared the blackish charred plant had turned into the beautiful golden-green color of ripe mille-wheat ready to be harvested.
Kanoro was speechless. The various common sense breaking feat had already made him questioning the degree of his sanity. Perhaps this was just a really vivid dream and he still unconscious in the bandit’s attack. Then, he watched the girls’ group moved to the camp surrounding the long cylindrical thing at the northeastern field. It seemed that without he realized that place had been turned into similar to a military encampment as hundreds of Knights-looking-people in glistening silver armor, milled around the place while hundreds more came from the direction of the forest. When did they arrive? Where did they come from? Kanoro was wondering. Then he saw the flags and banners that was being hoisted around the camp. The same pattern that he saw on the cylindrical flying carriage. Ring of three circles and stars of two squares. How can he forgot! That’s the symbol of Chemkla!


“Afterward… The brown-haired girl left for the camp. All the dead people has been resurrected. We gathered all the important people in the village and were discussing the offer from Mitteherz.” (Kanoro)
“We unanimously agreed. Not a single person could say no after that miraculous event.” (Harima)

Harima and Kanoro stopped their story at this point. Nasurom and Maya couldn’t believe what they had just heard. It was as if it was ripped off from a fairy tale.

“This old man personally find this story as unbelievable.” (Nasurom)
“I am of the same opinion, but after seeing how Florea healed Sefi. I have no choice but to believe Grandpa and Master’s story.” (Maya)

Perhaps Nasurom was the type of people who only believe what he saw, so he found the story to be not that different from tall-tales. But Maya was willing to accept is as truth. After all, if not so, then how can she explain about Karusi who should have been dead and the fields who should have been burned and ruined?

“Just when we were talking to Mitteherz, the people from Chemkla suddenly left the village. Perhaps they were wary of Sir Nasurom and his men who then arrived at the village.” (Harima)

But they didn’t know that although Yuuto asked the Knights to withdraw from the village, there were still a significant number of Knights concealed their presence outside the village. Ready to strike at moment notice in case the men turned out to be hostile entities.

“Yeah, this old man first thought that they are suspicious. But Master Kanoro and Chief Harima stopped me.” (Nasurom)
“And I’m glad I did it. Do you think you could win against the infamous Chemkla’s Silver Brigade? They are numbered hundreds, after all.” (Harima)
“Either way, we need to decide what to do with the offer from Chemkla’s side. The villagers had agree to it, but we might as well hear Miss Mayana’s opinion about this.” (Kanoro)

Even long after her father death, the villagers still held her family in high regards. Maya felt thankful yet burdened by their trust and loyalty. After all, she was just a mere peasant daughter and village girl right now. Even so, Maya began to logically think about the events so far.
The Chemkla which had been isolating themselves for hundreds of years suddenly appeared in this village. Not only providing healing and provision, they also resurrected the dead and restored the fields, feats that beyond mere human capabilities. And now, that elusive nation offer to provide an aid, albeit they still don’t know what the Chemkla’s side want from them. After all, there are no such thing as a free lunch.
If the old stories of the prowess of Chemkla is not just an excuse of the defeated armies, then Chemkla might be a country that can be called as the pinnacle of military and economy power at this region. The silk dress that she wore was a clear evidence of this.
Common Silk only could be harvested from insects which lived in the Hasriku Jungles and other places with moist hot climate. Because of this, silk was a luxury commodity enjoyed by the rich. However, the type of the silk that Maya wore was differed from Common Silk. The Silk on Maya’s dress was of what are called Magic Silk, that is, Silk that had been infused with magic power. A large amount of Common Silk is needed to create even a strand of Magic Silk, so Magic Silk is an exorbitant luxury that even Royalties could bankrupt themselves to obtain it. Magic Silk is usually used to make embroidery of magic circuit that then can be enchanted with magic to bring out a localized effect. Even small amount of Magic Silk is already prohibitively expensive, but the dress that Maya and Sefi wore were almost entirely from Magic Silk and some high-quality fabrics, and Kanoro confirmed the existence of not only 1 or 2 enchantments, but an unprecedented 8 different enchantments on the dress. Truthfully, even wearing the dress made Maya shivered in nervousness. After all, the dress could feed the entire village for several years.
So she thought it will be better to do this way. There was no better alternative than this.
Making up her mind, Maya then spoke out to the gathered men about her plan.

“I will come to talk with them.” (Maya)


Day 16 of arrival. 02-09-0002. 15.41

“Kugh… to be cornered like this…… (>_< )(Mizuki)
“Kuwahahaha… tremble before me, Raa-chan. Even for you, there will be no mercy!  ()(Saki)
“Curse you Mona-chan. To be able to counter me like this. I had underestimated you! (Mizuki)
“It’s your fault to underestimate me! I know more than I say, think more than I speak, and notice more than you ever realize! ()(Saki)
“Even so, I will bet all of my efforts on this card! Draw! (・`´・ )  …………NOOOOOOOOO! Darn, it all! Darn, it all! ΣΣ()(Mizuki)
 “You are light years behind to defeat me! YEEEEY‼! ٩(ˊˋ )و(Saki)
“So… It’s one win for Lady Haimona… The current score is, Lady Alciel 4 Wins, Lady Stellahymne 2 Wins, Lady Terranova 2 Wins, and Lady Haimona 1 win.” (Rutidora)
“You-you, umm, might win this battle, but I am the one who’ll win war. (。•ˇˇ•)(Tsukimi)
“You might dance upon my loss right now, but I will certainly turn this defeat into a soil bed for the seed of victory and harvest the last laugh. (•̀ω•́)(Saki)
“Come and get me, I will savor your defeat with great relish. ƪ(`´ƪ)(Mizuki)
 “Y-y-y-y-you still haven’t umm………😧 Defeat me… Um… ()” (Tsukimi)
“No-no-no Ruu-chan, you must put your heart more on it!” (Saki)
“Y-y-y-yes… *ehm*… 😈Fufufu…You can wriggle as much as you like, worms, but I could crush you even without lifting any fingers 😈……… Like this?😇(Tsukimi)
“So-so dark… (ロ゜)…” (Mizuki)
“Yes-yes just like that… Ummm, let see… I dare you to try, even a cornered worm might bite back!” (Saki)
“Um, Mona-chan… Worm can’t bite…” (Tsukimi)
“But RAHO’s worm have teeth…” (Saki)
“Oh, that’s right.” (Mizuki)

Seeing how Saki, Tsukimi, and Mizuki playing a ‘Melodramatic Reverse Old Maid’ while being observed by Rutidora, Frimari, and Rarirea, made Stella shook her head…

“What with that painful to hear chuuni lines?” (Stella)
“Eh? But this is more fun like this.” (Mizuki)
“Yeah and I am a real chuuni.” (Saki)
“…… *sigh* Just shuffle the card Haimona…” (Stella)
“Yes, Stella-senseisama. Fufufu…Fear the sight of my awesome shuffle… *ah*… sorry… (д)” (Saki)
“Everyone… Help us collect the cards, please” (Tsukimi)
“““Yes, Lady Highness””” (Maids)
“*sigh*” (Stella)

It has been almost two hours since the unknown group of men arrived. It seemed that the group was known and friendly to the villagers, so Yuuto lifted the general state of alert in the camp. Because of that, the bored girls drag Stella with them and began to play what they called ‘Melodramatic Reverse Old Maid’ where the players must make grandiose speeches.
Meanwhile, Ichiko and some parts of the staffs of Agricultural Bureau were examining and took samples of the wheat-look-a-like that will be compared with similar samples taken on previous explorations to Mittagsland and Morgendrotsland. Compared to the fully upgraded Enchanted Crops at Neuschwanensee, the wheat-look-a-like, which also called mille-wheat due to the similarity of it to millet and wheat, had much smaller projected yield. Then again, the Enchanted Crops of Neuschwanensee couldn’t be seen as normal. However understanding local crops might be important if the Enchanted Crops couldn’t thrive outside Neuschwanensee.
As for Yuuto; he received a report from Mitteherz and his staffs about the details of the aid program for the native Village of Tinirese (Mitteherz learned the name from the local Chief) and that the Village Chief need time to answer it. Considering the severe communication gap between two parties, Yuuto was rather impressed by his achievement. Well that communication gap would be bridged in relatively quick time, though.
Either way, the food and materials for the aid already been stockpiled and ready to be transported, so Yuuto left the small details to Mitteherz’s staffs, and although he know many things, as expected his knowledge of agriculture was just at layman level, so he left the matter of the mille-wheat to Ichiko and her staffs. After all, a good leader must know when to delegate the task to his subordinates.
Now, he was relaxing in the tent sipping the tea and cookies provided by Kiyomi while chatting with her about the strange box with light novel books that she found in the kitchen storeroom. He then related to her about Stella’s incident in the library just the other day. Who put the light novel books at that place and why was still a mystery for them.
Meanwhile, Chie was nearby him, sprawling on the sofa, reading La Vita Nuova by Dante Alighieri. Luckily, Neuschwanensee Grand Library is really Grand. By the way, the way Chie sprawling while reading her books reminded Yuuto of a cat. Her cat ears that moved at times and her tails who swayed back and forth only serve to reinforce this feeling.
In any case, if nothing happens, Yuuto and most of the Knights would return to the Castle in the afternoon (legally defined as when the Larger Sun – Grossesonne sunk under the horizon) leaving some staffs and Knights for the aid distribution.

Then Veniosa and Gemirea approached and kneeled

“Lord Highness, an envoy from Tinirese Village had arrived.” (Veniosa)
“They are waiting in the conference camp. Sir Mitteherz already leave to greet them.” (Gemirea)
“I see. Thank you for your hard work.” (Yuuto)

Yuuto then put his cup and stood up. Kiyomi tidied the cups and plates before followed him, so was Chie who placed the book she read back into her inventory. Ichiko looked that Yuuto was leaving, and with an expression of ‘Oh, it’s time already?’ she picked up the girls and Stella en route and followed him towards the large tent that had been set up as the meeting place. The ground had been entirely covered using wooden platforms, that is then covered by light blue colored rugs. There was a 3 steps dais set up where 8 chairs decorated as throne, while table and chair placed at either side of the tent where Mitteherz’ Chancellery Staffs were working. There were no Knights guarding near the throne, as the one who would perform the task will be the Maid Guardians.

When Yuuto and the girl arrived, the village envoys already kneeled before eight empty thrones. The village envoys composed by 9 people. There was the Village-Chief (presumptive), the smart looking man, two normal looking man, a stern looking man and three sword armed men (perhaps these four are the bodyguard, thought Yuuto), and surprisingly, the young girl that stabbed him before who positioned herself in front of the villagers. It was unexpected that the girl was someone with a high position in the village. By the way, the girl still wore the silk dress that Yuuto gave to her and had groomed her herself well so that she couldn’t be seen as a village peasant girl anymore but as if a Young Lady from a respected family.
 Yuuto and the girls then took their usual seat followed by the Maid Guardians who then stood on their right and left side. When he gave out the command “Rise”. The girl stood up before need to be translated by Mitteherz, who then mimicked by the others envoys.
‘Hmm, it as if, the girl understand my words’
When the girl began to speak, Yuuto suspicion came true.

“I come and greet Lord Highness Yusis and companions good tidings. I will introduce myself. My name is Mayana tih Surukii peh Riorra. We come from Tinirese place to have talks. I am a person in the front of them.” (Maya)

Her pronunciation of words were rather stiff, but passable and understandable. While her choice of words was rather unique, but in general her grammar works out. But where and when did she learn Loransian from?
Yuuto quickly deduced a suspect and turned his head to his right where Florea was performing a weird small hand have towards the girl who was named Mayana. When Florea noticed that Yuuto was looking at her, she immediately made a ‘I don’t know what I had done wrong, but please don’t punish me. I’m sorry!’ expression. Yuuto then went, ‘Ah, so that’s the cause.’ and ended up praised Mayana for being able to learn a language quickly. But it didn’t like Yuuto’s side also didn’t possess someone who was similar to her.

We can understand your language as well. If talking in our language are something that is difficult yo you, you may talk in your language too.(Kiyomi)

When the smiling Kiyomi began to address the village envoys using their native language, even Mayana was surprised.
Yeah… They might be surprised, just like when Yuuto first know about this, he was surprised too. Who could imagine that Kiyomi could also learn a language that fast? But unlike Mayana who did this using her talent, in Kiyomi’s case, it was due to her Tier 2 Scholar Job, a magic support Job, especially her Linguist Passive Skill Chain which grant shorter magic activation/chant (for non-instantaneous magic) and cooldown, which as a Summoner and Oracle that had many non-instantaneous magics, this skill was essential. Linguist also increase any skills which require Communicationparameter, such as Guardian Spirits Summoning. Scholaralso had many skills that increase magic usage efficiency but didn’t have any offensive skill by itself, so only players that focused on magic take this Job.  It was Yuuto who suggest her take Scholar for this benefit. By the way, Stella and Ichiko also had Tier 1 Scholar job, but Stella focused on Magic Theory Passive Skill Chain, while Ichiko focused on Medicine Science Passive Skill Chain.
Anyway, when Kiyomi visited the village with Ichiko and heard the village chief talked for the first time, her Linguistic: Decipher  Passive Skill automatically activated. She didn’t really that surprised, after all, she had done many strange things using her skills.

Detecting New Language. Deciphering Process Begin.

There was a loading bar below the information window. The bar slowly filled as the Village Chief spoke. So Kiyomi thought that as she heard more native people talking in their language, the Skill decipher more and more about the native language. After Kiyomi parted from Ichiko and the others who were helping the Maids distributing meal and beverage, Kiyomi went to one side of the village and encountered dozens of children who were playing inside a yard of walled house. When the children saw her, they began to surround her and asking her questions. Of course, Kiyomi didn’t understand the language then. Veniosa and some old ladies there tried to interfere, but Kiyomi prevented them from doing so, gesturing to let the children came to her. The children touched her kimono-like dress or were fascinated by her nautilus-like horns. When the children spoke something to her, she just did a “Hm?” with a smile. Because the rapid pace speaking of the children and the propensity for the children to speaking at the same time. Kiyomi’s deciphering bar filled out quickly.

Identifying Language from Word-Units ─╲│╱─╲│╱─Analysis Complete
Result: Language temporarily designated as Unknown Language 1
Comparing Grammatical and Semantic Pattern to Existing Known Language
─╲│╱─╲│╱─Analysis Complete
Result: Similarities: Thalassian 46%, Valgardian 14%, Moreian 6%
Comparing Dictionaries of Thalassian words. Comparing Process Begin.

‘Ah, so it’s Thalassian language?’ She thought.
Then she began to say in Thalassian, “Do you understand me?”
But the children just tilt their head. Some of the old ladies then began to talk to her. Well, she hardly could understand their words. Of course ,just like the specialties of Japanese person, she just goes with “Hm?”, “Ah, I see”, “Yes”, made small nods with a smile. Even so, her deciphering bar continued to increase as the number of old ladies around her increased.

Comparing Dictionaries of Thalassian words ─╲│╱─╲│╱─Analysis Complete
Result: Unknown Language 1 is a subset of Thalassian Language Spectrum
Unknown Language 1 will be temporarily designated Unknown Thalassian Language
Compiling Phonetic Difference─╲│╱─╲│╱─Analysis Complete
Compiling Semantic Change ─╲│╱─╲│╱─Analysis Complete
Compiling Best Language Translation Algorithm  ─╲│╱─╲│╱─Analysis Complete
Unknown Thalassian Language can now be added as Target Language

When the deciphering process finished, Kiyomi could more or less understand the language used by the villagers. It appears that the Unknown Language is distantly related to Thalassian, just like modern French is distantly related to Ancient Latin. It helps that Thalassian is an analytic language, so the degree of grammar difference wasn’t that large. However, the Unknown Language lost the numerous copula words and noun-verb affixation characteristic of Thalassian, that superficially it might lead people to think that they are different unrelated language.
Now she could communicate with the children who were mostly asking her, “Where do you come from?”, “Why do you have horn in your head?”, “The dress is so pretty, where can you buy this?” While the old lady mostly complained about how the world has become a dangerous place, the ruined harvest, the hateful current feudal lord, and how the ladies worried about the children’s future. During this, the dictionary inside her mind continued adding, updating and revising the content in real time, refining the Translation Algorithm.
After quite some time passed, with a sentence, “Thank you for your time. I will do something about it”, a smile, candies and cakes for the children and fine fabrics as gifts to the old ladies for the stories, Kiyomi left the house and walked towards the outside the village.
Since the revelation about the native language happened when Mitteherz was still doing the negotiation with the villagers, Kiyomi could only inform him via message. Hopefully, the knowledge that the villagers’ language related to Thalassian language could help him and his staff in the discussion (sadly Mitteherz and his staffs hardly knew any Thalassian). Meanwhile, Kiyomi focused on repairing the dark and dull colored field that ruined the picnic scenery. En route, Saki found her which then cause the whole group, except Ichiko, to follow her. The reason was, rather than seeing Ichiko resurrecting dead villagers, seeing what Kiyomi want to do in the field is more interesting. The rest is history.

Later, when Kiyomi heard the report from Mitteherz that the name of the village is Tinirese and thought that the unknown language should be renamed Tinirese…

Unknown Thalassian Language is renamed to: Tinirese Language

How convenient! She thought. The skill even updated the name for her. Kiyomi then mentioned about her ability and the connection of the so-called Tinirese language to Thalassian language to Yuuto. Sadly, even knowing this, Yuuto and the others still don’t understand the language. Well… at least they have a convenient channel of communication.


Maya was quite surprised as the Pacrux girl who sat beside the man called Yusis, spoke to her in a rather rustic Palisan dialects. The first impression from Maya was, ‘what a beautiful person.’ While she also felt a strong divine aura from her and the others.

I will serve as the interpretator for this meeting. Let me introduce myself, I am Erste Herzogin of Neuschwanensee, Melbiena von Internacqua zu Neuschwanensee. In your language perhaps I will be called First Doukissa?(Kiyomi)

Interpretator is a really old form for an interpreter, while Doukissa is what now is called as Duchess.[2] It was as if Duchess Melbiena was substituting most words that she didn’t know with ancient-form synonyms of the words. Maya guessed that this must be because Neuschwanensee people hadn’t spoke with an outsider for a long time, so they had difficulty talking or understanding normal Palisan. After all, during this 700 years, Palisan language does undergo several changes in the language.[3]

It is an honor for me to be granted this meeting, Lady Melbiena. But if I may speak, it is interpreter and Duchess, Your Grace.(Maya)
Is that so? I am sorry, but my grasp of your language is still incomplete. I am thankful for your help. And Lady Mel is enough.(Kiyomi)
I understand, Lady Mel.(Maya)

Maya was worried if she will be considered rude, but she must correct any misinterpretation. Who know what this misinterpretation could result if she didn’t correct it immediately. Fortunately, the First Duchess seems to be a tolerant person. Although Maya didn't whether it was appropriate to call the First Duchess as 'Lady Mel', her lack of awareness about Neuschwanensee culture prohibits her from deeming whether rejection or acceptance will be considered as rude. She should have learn more about Neuschwanensee's ethics from Florea.

Let me introduce you to the others.
This Lord here is Ehrzherzog Yusis von Hauptruhe zu Neuschwanensee. His title mean is… Highest Duke... no, that’s not right…(Kiyomi)
Do you mean Archduke, Lady Mel?[4] (Maya)
Yes, I think you are correct. He is the Supreme Ruler of Erzherzogtum Union der Neuschwanensee. Umm, that’s… means ‘Archduchy Union of Neuschwanensee’ in your language perhaps? Also, this person is my Dear Husband.[5] (Kiyomi)

Maya felt that the last sentence was aimed at her, but this might be just her imagination. Anyway, just like what she thought before, this Yusis person is really the leader of Chemkla, or rather, Neuschwanensee. Maya and the others made a light bow to him to show their respect.

This Lady is Zweite Herzogin Unapietra von Ekteer zu Neuschwanensee. She can also be called as her Lady Una for short.(Kiyomi)

Lady Mel then introduced the Second Duchess, a beautiful mature-looking brown-haired woman with a white robe-like dress. She must be the woman who resurrected the villagers. If she was the Second Duchess then that means she too was Yusis, second wife. Lady Una gave a serene smile to Maya. This person too must be a kind person. Maya didn’t forget to make a bow towards her.

 “This Lady is Dritte Herzogin Stellahymne von Églisonores zu Neuschwanensee. You can call her Lady Stella.(Kiyomi)

The Third Duchess is a flesh red (pink) hair-colored young woman. She too can be called beautiful, yet she have this indifferent look on her face. She too was a Pacrux just like Lady Mel as she has two horns that went to her backside where a large ribbon rested. Compared to the others, her clothes were colorful and have lots of frills. Maya also bowed to her.

This Lady is Vierte Herzogin Iusticia von Nisidytika zu Neuschwanensee or Lady Sia for short.(Kiyomi)

The Fourth Duchess is a Feline Marshyel based on her black furred ears and tails, compared to others she wore a simple dress with a high-waist skirt. She has this expressionless face yet she too can be considered as a beauty. She is quite small, is she Lord Yusis’ wife too. Eh? Don’t tell every girl in the rest of the seats are his wife?

 “These two Ladies are the twins. Fünfte Herzogin Terranova von Valkesoinen zu Neuschwanensee and Sechste Herzogin Alciel von Valkesoinen zu Neuschwanensee. Lady Terra and Lady Ciel respectively.(Kiyomi)

The Fifth and the Sixth Duchess were a twin Prena girls with similarly black hairs and different colored iris that mirrored each other. Both have the almost identical youthful face, but one of them seems lively, while the other looks reserved. Their age might not much older than Maya, but it was common in the aristocratic circle to marry early. Perhaps if Maya was still a noble’s daughter, she would be already be wed right now.

Finally, this Lady is Siebte Herzogin Haimona von Aulanila zu Neuschwanensee or Lady Mona.(Kiyomi)

The last one was a short Leporine Marshyel girl. Rather than ‘beautiful’, the Seventh Duchess were more appropriate to be called as ‘cute’ instead. Since Maya heard that a Marshyel have similar growth rate comparable to a Prena, she might be at the same age with Chiri or Launa. The Seventh Duchess then waved her hand and made a big smile. Un, she is indeed cute, thought Maya.

Maya’s first impression is that Archduke Yusis is quite a passionate man, to have seven wives at such young age. Furthermore, every single one is a beautiful woman. Even though polygyny in the Royalty and Nobility were common conduct in the past, such practice had been mostly went out of fashion in recent century. Although it replaced by a system of concubinage or mistresses. However, Maya could take advantage of this… ‘I needs to be careful with the First Duchess though’, was what Maya thought while she introducing the village envoy to the First Duchess.


“Umm what are you doing Mel?” (Yuuto)
“Ah, I am performing introduction.” (Kiyomi)
“Isn’t the introduction is a tad too long?” (Yuuto)
“It is fine, Dear Husband. Courtesy is important, after all. The first impression is of a paramount importance. Then let me introduce the people from Tinirese, this is Harima soi Kabarii, the village chief. This is Kanoro soi Sutoroa, the village’s healer. This is…” (Kiyomi)

After Kiyomi finished introduced the village envoys one by one, they finally began discussing the real issue at the hand.

“……We, the people of the Village of Tinirese, humbly accept the aid from the Archduchy Union of Neuschwanensee. Let me represent our village to express our sincere and deepest gratitude for the generosity and compassion that had been conferred upon us even when we couldn’t offer anything to return the favor.(Maya)
“They accept our aid and are really thankful for our help.” (Kiyomi)
“Are you really translating everything?” (Yuuto)
“…… Of course. I only put the reply in a concise manner. Or Dear Husband prefer to hear everything? They are mostly polite filler words, though.” (Kiyomi)
“Ah, no need, but please translate all the important parts. Then inform them that we will soon transport the food and materials aid to the village so ask them where to store all of them to the staff.” (Yuuto)
“Yes, Dear Husband. His Lord Majesty Archduke Yusis has accepted your response and is gladly notify the people of Tinirese Village that the relief supply will be swiftly transported to the village in due time, so we hope your side could arrange a suitable place where these supplies could be properly stockpiled before further redistribution and inform the Kanzleramt Staffs.(Kiyomi)
Certainly, Lady Mel.(Yuuto)
“Certainly, she says.” (Kiyomi)
“Tell them that we will station some people to do research and survey in the region and expect a cooperation from them. In exchange, we will also guarantee their security from bandits and monsters attack and further material support.” (Yuuto)
“Yes, Dear Husband. His Lord Majesty commend the wise and correct choice that your people had taken. Be that as it may, we would like to station several of our scholars to perform studies that we deemed necessary to do in your village and the surrounding area. We like you to cooperate with them and not hinder them in any way detrimental for their duty. In exchange, His Lord Majesty promised to provide the wellbeing People of Tinirese Village with the full might of Archduchy Union’s military from any outside threat and to share our Archduchy Union’s universal opulence with the People of Tinirese Village. Any further inquiry might be conveyed to Kanzler Mitteherz or the Kanzleramt staffs.(Kiyomi)
We will gratefully welcome the scholars and will offer our utmost assistance to them. We also are once again present our sincere and deepest gratitude for the unremitting act of mercy and benevolence that was continuously conferred upon us.(Maya)
“They say yes, Dear Husband.” (Kiyomi)
“That is quite long for a yes… But Alright then, I will leave the details to Mitteherz. We will return to the castle.” (Yuuto)

With the formalities for the aid finished up, Yuuto didn’t think there will be any needs to stay in this village, as he need to prepare for tomorrow Instance Raid. Just when Yuuto stood up, suddenly Maya kneeled once more and spoke out in a shaky Loransian.

“I really ask please to wait, Lord Highness Yusis.” (Maya)

Yuuto turned his head towards Maya who stared at him with pleading eyes. Maya bowed while placing her hands over her bellies.

“Please take a responsibility for us.” (Maya)


Or at least that was what happened inside Yuuto’s mind. The outside was sunny with low cloud coverage, so of course, there will be no thunder in reality.

‘Eh responsibility? What have I done to you? I mean, you are the one who stabbed me, Maya-shi[6]

While Yuuto was confused by what Maya’s words mean, he felt an intense look coming from his left side.

なになに? *✨ * (◉∨◉)*✨*✨* なにやってんのん?” (Saki)
‘Saki calms down a bit, you are too excited that even you unconsciously forgot to translate your own sentence… Tsumiki, Mizuki, you both also don’t need to follow Saki’s example.’
“Eh? I know you do a side quest, but I never know you also perform a heroine conquer at the same time. And we; Whoa… We just, like, 4 hours since came to this village… Wow, I can only say I really respect you.” (Stella)
‘Your words and tone might show admiration, Stella, but it was clear that your eyes are as if looking at a trash. Also, 4 hours is too fast, even conception took longer than that…’
Ara ara…” (Ichiko)
‘Why do you have that amused face, Ichiko? Please help me calm the situation. *sigh*’

Even the Maids and the other people in the tent were confused by the situation. Geez, it was as if the employees heard that their boss have an illicit affair. As Yuuto made a deep sigh inside his mind at the girls’ and the NPC’s reaction, he turned towards Maya whose face became stiffened by the event happened in front of her.
‘It looks like she is misspoken. Or at least, that what I want to believe.’ Even in this situation, Yuuto could still calmly thinking and his stoic expression unbroken. This situation couldn’t even hold a candle compared to the familiar love battlefield he had engaged in High School.

“Mel, can you ask what she means by ‘responsibility’?” (Yuuto)

Yuuto asked Kiyomi who was stood unmoving in silence, who then answer Yuuto with a gentle smile before turning towards Maya and began to talk with a rather chiding tone and a questioning glare at Maya.

“Yes, Dear Husband. Miss Maya, I presume you have been using the wrong word that has different meaning from what you have in mind, so may I ask you to clarify what do you mean by responsibility’?(Kiyomi)
Ah… I mean please rule over us, am I using the wrong word?(Maya)
…… What do you mean by rule over you?(Kiyomi)
I mean we the people of Tinirese Village are asking to be annexed into the Archduchy Union of Neuschwanensee. I believe several other neighboring villages and hamlets will also agree to be annexed. We are willing to follow your law and reign. Please consider this plea.(Maya)


Maya sighed in relief. At first she afraid that the other Duchesses rejected her proposal, but it seems that she just used the wrong word. She was glad since she still couldn’t understand their language well, she afraid the other side won’t understand her words. She was glad that the First Duchess could understood Palisan. Still, in the back of her mind, she was wondering what “Responsibility” actually means in the Chemkla language that they made such grandiose reaction to that word.
The Archduke and the Duchesses then began to speak in what seems to be yet another language than the one they used before. Perhaps they switched the language because they know Maya could understand their previous language? This might be inconvenient for her gamble.
Yes, this was Maya’s gamble. The living condition under the current Feudal Lord was too oppressive to be tolerable. After all, he only thought the lands that once governed by Maya’s Father as an inexhaustible exploitable resource that he could milk dry selfishly for his territorial ambition. Even the nominal ‘independence’ that this village had right now came from Nasurom small band of ‘knights’ hard work of interfering with that Lord’s official.
But Maya wouldn’t ever know when that Lord’s will send all of his men to crush Tinirese. It will be hard for mere peasants army to win against regular soldiers. Although Nasurom believes that they will have won, Maya doubted it. After all, if they really could win, they would already defeat that Lord and restore back her Father’s realm since long time ago.
Their situation was like an egg at the tip of a horn. The slightest huff and the egg will fall. Even one organized bandits’ attack is already enough to push the whole Tinirese Village over the cliff of oblivion. Even if the bandit didn’t attack, Tinirese Village would still in the precarious situation, either from Wild Beasts, the Lord’s army, or even Army from neighboring territories.
Although she had forsaken her interest in recovering her father rule and just wanted to live her peaceful life as a common farmer daughter, she realized that she wouldn’t be able to do this if the situation still remained as it is. Yet what she can do? She was too weak to make the independence of the village possible and the other option to receive the boots of the oppressive new Lord wasn’t a desirable outcome.
Left the land? To where? For a farmer the land is their blood and soul, can they easily obtain new land in a new place? To town? A simple farmer lacks any skills needed in the town, they can only do manual labor or beg on the street and certainly ended up in the slums or worse. Leaving the village was never an option from the start.
Then the previous series of event happened and Chemkla or Neuschwanensee came to the picture and offer an out of the box solution. From the conversation she had with Florea and the Harima and Kanoro’s stories, perhaps the yoke of Neuschwanensee’s rule could be much lighter than the current yoke looming over their neck. After all, they seem not bothered by food shortage, since they gave quite a large amount of food to the village. They also seem not bothered by a dearth of wealth, since they gave out expensive objects like it was candies. Perhaps they won’t bleed a poor village dry for food or wealth and with this, the villagers could have their peaceful life back. However, there was no guarantee this might happen just like she had thought, so this was essentially, a gamble.
She had consulted this with the others and most of them see no loss from trying to let themselves being annexed by Neuschwanensee. She thought that the neighboring villages that were once ruled by her father would love to bite at any opportunity to be freed from that Lord rule, even if their new Master would be someone unknown(Chemkla) for them.[7] After all, beggars can’t be choosers.
In the worst case, based on Archduke’s many wives, perhaps she could try to obtain his nightly favor and secure Tinirese future via the womanly path. Although love might be the dream of commoner girls, someone who came from noble’s bloodline like her wouldn’t normally get their desired dream of love. Her partner would be someone decided for her or picked according to the needs of her family or her people. If her tiny sacrifice could lead her current family to a better tomorrow, then she would gladly to become even a mere mistress. She just needs be careful not to invoke the other Duchesses’ displeasure, especially the First, Lady Mel.

The First Duchess seems to explain Maya’s request towards the rest in the unknown language. Just like during the previous tumult the Archduke still didn’t change his expression much, even after hearing Maya’s request. He might be someone who had good control in managing his expression. Before he began to spoke to Maya in the Chemkla language:

“I know you can understand our words. So, let me ask: ‘Why?’” (Yuuto)

So he asked, ‘why?’ Maya knew that unlike some other nobles, the Neuschwanensee ruler might reject her offer of annexation. So she began to recite the story she had tailored before. Maya skillfully put breaks in her story, so that the First Duchess could translate the story for her. (Originally, she hope to put a simplified version of her story in Chemkla language and work from there.)

I hope I am the daughter of the previous Baron that govern this land.”
However 6 years ago my Father was fallen in the battlefield with all of my brothers in the hand of my Father’s rival Lord.
That Lord then use his influence to sentence my whole Clan to death via false charges.
I am the only one who was left behind since my Family’s loyal retainer hide me from that Lord’s eyes.
That Lord only see my Father’s territory as a property that he could exploit as much he like.”
He sets a high tax. Send the young man as soldiers to die in the battlefield. Kill everyone who opposes him.
That Lord didn’t care if we are suffering from famine, from beasts or bandits attacks, or from his own harsh tax.
There is already some villages that had been ruined beyond recovery.
That fate would eventually visit our village. If not for your timely aid, this village is done for.
Rather than him as our Lord, we want someone else to rule over us.
I hope that the Archduchy Union of Neuschwanensee can be that someone.
As I believe, your great country can grant us our blissful home back.

Maya stopped her story with a plea tucked in the end. She hoped that her offer would be granted. After all, Neuschwanensee wouldn’t reject a free territory, right?
But when finally the Archduke replied as translated by the First Duchess, Maya almost couldn’t believe what she heard.


On the 17th day of the Fifth Month of Dark-Half at 662nd Year of the Emperor of Holy Spirit, or the 2nd Day of the Ninth Month of Neues Zeitalter Year 2, Archduchy Union of Neuschwanensee formally annexed the former Barony of Riorra of the Kingdom of Sarai as the Margraviate of Heitersheim, which also include some parts of Great Falgara Forest (also known as Dusterenwald Forest).
The 16 years old* daughter of the previous Baron Suruki of Riorra, Mayana was then appointed as Marchioness Mayana von Suruki-Riorra zu Heitersheim with its Margraviate capital at the then small village of Tinirese. Marchioness Mayana also joined the Union Ducal Council as non-voting junior member.
However owing to slowness of information transmission characteristic of that age, this fact was only be known by the King of Sarai and the surrounding nations several days after this event happened. This territory acquisition was just the first among several territorial acquisition of Archduchy Union under the leadership of Archduke Yusis the Great, which essentially increase the territory size of Neuschwanensee by thousands fold.
* Age listed in YEHS reckoning. She is 17 years old in NZ reckoning, since YEHS is 24 days longer than NZ.

Excerpt from:
Seliosa, Russers soi. (819). “Chapter 3: Northern Soipora (124-89)”:  Midzu Continent in 600-700. (2nd ed). University of Perdient Press.


Thanks for reading this far.
The Village Arc is longer than what I had envisioned before. However with this, the first-half of the second chapter is finished.
The second-half of the second chapter, the North and South Arc, will begin…
Featuring: First Instant Raid, The Battle of Northern Aggression, and the Sarai-Archduchy 'War'.
NEXT WEEK or MONTH! If I don’t forget to write it!

Sneak peek (real chapter might differ):


[1] In Japanese, the first will be written in Hiragana (みってへあるす), while the second is in Katakana (ミッテヘアルス).
[2] In the first: Kiyomi uses “訳書者”, Maya corrects it as “通訳者”. Kiyomi then uses “”, Maya correct it as “”. Why “”? Since Kiyomi is a “” after all.
[3] Just like How Medieval Latin differed from Classical Latin
[4] In the first line, Kiyomi refers Yuuto as “エルツヘルツォーク” (Erzherzog) and she translate it as “最公” (Saikou), in the second line Maya suggest to use “大公” (Taikou, Archduke). Please note how最公rhyme with 最高.
[5] Sorry for the unclear sentence. In Japanese, this will be written as: 「其方は正しいかもしれません。このお方はエルツヘルツォークツム・ユニオン・デア・ノイシュバンエンゼーの最高指導者であります。えっと其方の言語では、『ノイシュバンエンゼー大公連合領』と呼ばれるかもしれません。さらに、このお方が妾の旦那様であります。」The first is the transliteration of the Loransian name, the second in Native Palisan name. So just like the first Union is ユニオン, while the second Union is 連合, the first “Union” is a foreign word while the second “Union” is the native word. Also, I just like make pointless footnotes.
[6] マヤ氏. (-shi) is a very generic and very polite suffix used in formal writing and speech to refer to someone whom the speaker or writer has never met but know about through writing and hearsay. So Yuuto wants to say, “Eh but I hardly knew ya, Miss Maya”
[7] Chemkla means “nameless” but also means “unknown” in the Old Palisan. Hence the pun.


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      Even if it does break the mood, I would appreciate it if it tells us something new or something important. Maybe breaking the mood was the point.

      But this break doesn't build up my anticipation, doesn't tell me anything new. It just break the flow of the story.

      There are many stories which suddenly switch scene at a cliffhanger to another unrelated scene or a scene happening in parallel and sucessfully build up my interest. I would groan and curse of the cliffhanger but hey, this another scene is also interesting and/or meaningful then they would switch around and around and I would end up hooked, wanting to read both.

      I feel like I'm coming out too damn harsh. I really do enjoy this work. I check your site everyday to check if this is updated. (Also because it doesn't show on novelupdate). But I also criticize it because I just fucking love it.

      PS: I love Stella. She is my favorite. I love to see her slip out to have serious talk with Yusis then go back to play with the younger girls like: "Hey girls, there is nothing to worry about. Big sis is here. Let's play." while also knows, thinking and worrying about the situation herself.

  20. Yukkuri Onii-san, your novel is the most waited for text along with Realist out of all your works so keep up the good work!

    I wish to ask you if the fact that Yusis and the harem are considered demi-gods will come into play, and how come no one let this fact slip to the natives considering one of them at least already committed blasphemy(stabbing) or failed to give proper reverence(woman and children free attitude)?
    Is you mentioning Yusis in future as Yusis the Great implies he will be viewed as a human conquerer and not a god?

    P.S. While I can not find any Archduchy Union, A Grand Duchy of Lithuania did exist in Europe and in fact was one of the biggest nations of the time.

    1. I wish to ask you if the fact that Yusis and the harem are considered demi-gods will come into play, and how come no one let this fact slip to the natives considering one of them at least already committed blasphemy(stabbing) or failed to give proper reverence(woman and children free attitude)?

      See one planned chapter that have really weird title? It's the "reveal" chapter :P

    2. Thanks for the reply, thought the title [The Difference between "God" and "Human"] meant it was a sarcastic one from Yusis POV. Should you get yourself a proper editor you could release it as a complete book online.

      Can not wait for more of your fiction being released.

  21. Hmm, Thalassian language is it? Are you sure they're humans, and not the high/blood elves of Azeroth (WarCraft universe)? Thalassian is the native ingame language for the Sindorei there...