15 August 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Bulletin Board Interlude 2

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Interlude 2
Bulletin Board’s Verification Thread ’s “This and That” First Offline Verification Meeting

The IP?My home went to another world? Verification Thread part 4 The Mysterious Restoration?

1 : Cool NEET
Were the information, photos, and videos that Yuuji uploaded really from another world? Is it an edited image or CG? This is a thread to verify these theories.
The mystery of the video’s sound and if Alice-chan is an actress, is a fact that no one could verify.
The chat and the latest information from Yuuji is on the previous thread.
It’s prohibited to repost.

The source thread:
hungry?I finally came out after 10 years, but my home kinda went into another world Part 12NO BORDER

The photos and videos that Yuuji uploaded

The next thread will be opened by the one who posts the >>950th

211 : Yuuji
Is this the place?
I have come

212 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Yuuji arrived in this brutal thread!

213 : Anonymous MEAT
Like a summer bug flying into the flame!
It’s already autumn, though.

214 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Do you enjoy this?
Do you enjoy recklessly being lured?

215 : Anonymous ETNE
Quick, the main issue!
Quick, hammer in the usual words at Yuuji!

216 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
It’s alright, since the address is unknown

217 : Well-Informed NEET
No, in this case,
wouldn’t it be better since Yuuji knows the address?

218 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
No need to speak willy-nilly,  just begin typing now!

219 : z&r5tfv)b*hu”i9o$k
Like this?
Ah, this is Yuuji

220 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Was zur Hölle is this……

221 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Your name only changed into a text string
Are you really sure you did it correctly?

222 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
You guys…
Yuuji is also cooperating
So there’s no trap
Type the command

223 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
But does Yuuji know about the command……?

224 : Yuuji
Please tell me how to do it
Also will this be okay?
It won’t break my computer, right?

225 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
It is alright
If you’re worried, you can learn from googling

226 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
You use normal Windows, right?
Start All Programs Accessories Command Prompt
Do you understand up to this step?

227 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
I have become excited!

228 : Anonymous ETNE
Is there any excitement…?
I know that I don’t know!

229 : Anonymous MEAT
It isn’t only limited to the source thread
But this thread is also filled with deviants (hentai)
The species is different, though

230 : Yuuji
>> 226
I have done them all
Next is?

231 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
>> 230
now the real deal

tracert www.google.co.jp

type this in half-width characters[1] and press enter
wait for a moment
if Trace is completed is displayed
take a screenshot and attach it

232 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
You guys also attach your screenshot!

233 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Don’t be deceived!
It won’t just be a peeping hole!

234 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
In a sense, I have no doubt that you are a hero

235 : Yuuji
It’s done, like this?
How is it?

236 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
This guy!
He really did it!

237 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Eh? What is this?
What can you know from this?
Please tell me, Oh Great Person!

238 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
It’s another garbled text string……

239 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
If we can know the network route from a host to another host
Then we can see the IP address or the remote host
Then we can also know the internet provider and the area where he lives
If he accesses from a company or a school, then we can even know his real name

240 : Anonymous ETNE
Isn’t Yuuji a daredevil!
So, what we do know?

241 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Yuuji’s hostname and IP address are garbled text strings
The route is also a garbled text string
Is this possible?
Then how can he be connected?

242 : Camera Ossan
The screenshot image does not seem to be edited

Although it is possible for an professional expert
to tamper with white text on dark background
it would take a lot of time

243 : Yuuji
How is it?
Do you know something?

244 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
I know that I don’t know a thing!
If he is pretending to be an amateur, this is too elaborate shit

245 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Seriously, WTF is this…
Is he by any chance really in another world?

631 : Cool NEET
There are many things still unknown
But hitherto we haven’t found anything that can be denied

632 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
This is taking too much time and effort just to be luring viewers
I decided to believe this

633 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
It is too early!?
Maybe he could have prepared for this for many years!

634 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
He’s right
“This is too early” comrade!
Hasn’t this still not been confirmed to be real?!

After all, I want to live in another worldddddd‼

635 : Yuuji
This is the report about the matter of the house that you asked me for.
Consumable goods : consumed like usual

Mysterious barrier :
It is still unknown from the peddler’s story
Even if I want to test it, there are no other people…

The House’s Mysterious Restoration :
The house’s inner walls and outer walls, the prefab storeroom, garage and gate would be repaired after damaged
The garden is irreparable. Even now, the scorched mark didn’t disappear
The furniture, light bulbs and kitchen utensils would also irreparable
The electronics and computer, I don’t know
or rather, I don’t have the nerve to damage them…

636 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Eh? …
Then what about the toilet??

637 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
>> 636
Oh you are a newcomer
He already said that he cleaned it with water using the toilet’s butt cleaning function and wiped it with towel
Do a proper ROM over the past chat logs

638 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
>> 637
This guy is unexpectedly kind

639 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
You can lightly scratch the casing, right?
This won’t break it

640 : Anonymous ETNE
>> 639
A genius appeared!

641 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
After all we only checked the wall by denting it
It got restored right?
We also only lightly damaged the gate

642 : Yuuji
I see!
I will scratch it a bit using 10 yen coin!

643 : Anonymous MEAT
Don’t forget the camera, Yuuji!

644 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Since camera had the fixed timestamp
It should be a video; Video

645 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
>> 642
Yuuji quickly chose a 10 yen coin
Is this possibly a common practice?

711 : Yuuji
Sad News
The refrigerator, washer, air conditioner, and every other electronic
Didn’t get repaired after damaging the exterior

Even the computer

712 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
>> 711

713 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Is this a serious problem?

714 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Well it is alright even without the others, but…

How many years is the lifetime of a computer?

715 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
My 95 Machine is still running!

716 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Depends on luck
When it has to run, it does
When it doesn’t, it doesn’t

717 : Cool NEET
Gas, electricity and water services are usable

So it’s just maintenance of The function of the buildings inside the house plot?
This is just no more than my own thoughts though.

718 : Anonymous ETNE
Yuuji, the computer is also the House’s function!
Just think of it like that!

719 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
>> 717
That’s probable
If this is really another world

720 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
>> 717
That’s why it repels people or things that want to damage The function of the buildings inside the house plot?

Even for this hypothesis, we don’t know the evaluation criteria

721 : Well- Informed NEET
Then you need to act and print the useful information that you want
But then there’s the problem of paper and ink……

For now, do a back up
At least, you can save it with the camera

722 : Yuuji
I will take pictures using the camera
For now print those related to preserved foods

Also for now I’ll try to keep this in mind
I feel uneasy, though

723 : Infrastructure Worker
Well, I think since there is still time to prepare
You better do it quickly

You are fortunate that it didn’t happen suddenly, right Yuuji?!

724 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
As expected from a winner
He has different way of talking……

Source thread Yuuji Related Thread Community Offline Meeting Convention part 1 Verification thread community

1 : Sakura’s Friend
This is a community thread for the information of the Yuuji related thread offline meeting convention.
The chat and Yuuji’s latest information is on the source thread. Whether it is lies or truth is on the verification thread.
It’s prohibited to repost.

The source thread:
Even the long winterI finally came out after 10 years, but my home kinda went into another world Part 19will end soon
The verification thread:
HalfheartedMy home went to another world? Verification Thread part 9Can you believe it?

The collection of photos and videos that Yuuji uploaded

The next thread will be set when I sponsor the next meeting

2 : Sakura’s Friend
Convention Date                 April 12~13
Rendezvous Point               JR Utsunomiya Station West Exit, in front of Gyouza Statue[2], at 15.00
Convention Location          Yuuji’s Former House Site

Points to Note
Camping in Yuuji’s Former House Site
The convention day, is the day where Yuuji’s house is transported to another world 2 years ago.
There is a possibility to be transported to another world at night
If you want to stay, please have bring your own luggage before participating

Yuuji’s Imouto Sakura and her husband, George (American) will be staying
Her attorney lawyer-sensei will be the host, I’m sorry but I will return mid-way

The maximum number of people that will be participating in Camping at Yuuji’s Former House Site will be limited to 30 people
For the people who leave mid-way, return at the end or don’t want to face the risk of transported to another world:
Please arrange the lodging location yourself

3 : Anonymous ETNE
>> 1
It’s festival‼

4 : Anonymous MEAT
I must participate

5 : Infrastructure Worker
Sakura’s Friend-chan!
I will be sad if you forget about me!
Alright you guys, I will amply guide you lot in my hometown!

6 : Anonymous NEET
Is this serious!?
If this goes well, will we get transported to another world!?

7 : YES Lolita NO Touch
Of course I will participate!
What to bring to Alice-chan for gifts, I wonder~

8 : Infrastructure Worker
>> 7
Read the Points to Note carefully
There is a lawyer-sensei on the site you know

9 : Anonymous NEET
>> 8
No, if there are too many participants
Then I better make friends with sensei, right?

10 : Overwhelmingly Dog-Person
I give up on participating
There are those depending on me in my house
Since there are the dogs
I’m so sorry Kotarou!

11 : Camera Ossan
I cancelled my current job
Instead I will be present as the photographer

I will load the necessary spare parts and consumable goods for Yuuji in my car

12  : Verifying Thread’s Video Detective
>> 11
Since I will go with rental video equipments
will I really get transported to another world?
If I am gone then I won’t have problems with borrowing without returning!
But if I am not get transported then I will be worried about the rental cost!

Maybe I will do a net relay broadcast at the house site

13 : Sakura’s Friend
I have said this before but
Even if you place things or stay at Yuuji’s former house site
you won’t be transported

But on the meeting day…
Don’t bring your hopes up too much, though…

14 : Cool NEET
I will participate

>> 13
Well, it doesn’t mean that everyone in here really believes the story about being transported to another world

They just only want to gather, perhaps

15 : Well-Informed NEET
I will participate

What should I bring, huh?
Well, I need to prepare many things from now

16 : Anonymous NEET
>> 12
Since I am far away, it will be hard to participate…
I will enjoy the net broadcast!
So I will participate in the thread

17 : Infrastructure Worker
Wait! Everyone, wait! Wait!
Is it alright if the meeting time is 15 o’clock?
You are visiting Utsunomiya, you know?

The first group gathers at 11 o’clock!
I will treat you to delicious gyouza!

18 : Anonymous NEET
I want to go
But I am a hikiNEET so my clothes…

19 : Anonymous NEET
>> 18
I know
I also want to go
It is alright if it’s the people from the thread
But I am afraid to go and the money…

20 : Camera Ossan
>> 18-19
Where do you guys live?
I am using a car so I can pick you up as long as you’re around the Capital Area
since the opening of Ken-Ou Expressway it is easy to go anywhere
After all it is a big minivan

For now I will just expose my email

21 : Anonymous NEET
How will we travel from the station to the site?
Also I also want to purchase many things to be used in another world
Are there any Home Centers or Supermarkets?

22 : Infrastructure Worker
>> 21
Are you stupid?!
It is a suburb town!
Of course Home Center!
Doesn’t not exist!

23 : Sakura’s Friend
>> 18
Don’t mind too much about the clothes…
As long as it’s clean then I think it is alright
Since around here, there are people who are normally get outside while wearing a jersey

My friends worked in Uniclo and Shimamura[3], should I buy it together for you?
If you have 10000 yen and let me buy it then I think it is enough to purchase two sets of normal clothes

>> 21
We plan to travel by rental car or microbus
If there is a high number of participants then I will ask my friend to lend a bus
Sakura will support the cost for these!

Of course we have Home Center and Supermarket

24 : Anonymous NEET
>> 22,23
Does that Home Center sell electric generators?

Suitable arms, perhaps will be chosen from Amazon
Also I need to prepare a computer’s main unit and parts from electronic store

25 : Anonymous NEET
>> 23
What’s with that clothing purchase system?
Even a shy taciturn person is OK?
You won’t cheat us, right?

26 : Infrastructure Worker
In my hometown there are many comparatively helpful nee-san type women you know!
Well they lack grace, though
They will dominate you after marriage…

27 : Sakura’s Friend
>> 25
Since it’s my friend, it will be alright!
If there is something you need even after buying the clothes, then inform me

Buying the clothes before going
or even just for a talk
or just asking for recommendations
don’t hesitate to tell me so

28 : Cool NEET
It has become a bit disorderly
I want to add 1 point

Convention Date                 April 12~13
Rendezvous Point               JR Utsunomiya Station West Exit, in front of Gyouza Statue
Be careful not to mix it up with Tobu Utsunomiya Station[4]

Meeting Time
First Group                : 11.00 Gyoza Tour (Managed by : Infrastructure Worker)
Second Group          : 13.00 Clothing Purchase Tour (Managed by: Sakura’s Friend)
Third Group               : 13.00 Home Center Tour (Merged with First Group. Managed by: Infrastructure Worker)
All Group                   : 15.00 All groups meet and head to Yuuji’s former house site
Detached Group      : Camera Ossan’s Car Group. Confirm the meeting time with each other

How about this?
The people who will join the Detached Car Group, please name yourselves

29 : This is Gunji
This is Sakura-san’s attorney Gunji
Just now Sakura-san received an e-mail from Yuuji
Let me paraphrase the contents of the mail

Yuuji-san is being cheered-up and helped by everyone
He will cover the travel expenses for the participating hikikomori or NEET people who have money problems
If this event could become their chance in life, then he is happy
I want Gunji-san (that is me) to greet the people who arrive in Utsunomiya
From the convention day until the next morning, Yuuji will wait for everyone’s arrival

That is the contents
I will also leave my mail address,
So please mail me if you are participating but have difficulty paying the travelling express fees for the one way trip


30 : Anonymous MEAT
Is this for real?!

31 : Anonymous ETNE
Hey-hey, you are good, Yuuji!

32 : Anonymous NEET
What is this
I have hunch that there are extremely good words
But I am not moved at all...perhaps?

33: Anonymous NEET
>> 32
I want to read the original text…
But reading the original text after this is…

34 : Sakura’s Friend
Everyone, I gave you a warning

Gunji-sense is a 50 year old honest lawyer
But he also really likes fantasy and has a mischievous side
He had tried to camp in Yuuji’s former house site after receiving Sakura’s permission for the sake of travelling to another world

If there are those who want to participate but have difficulty with travelling expenses, then feel free to contact him

On the other hand, he is a serious active lawyer
If he doesn’t, then he won’t do something like camping…
In case you try to cheat the money from him, then it is possible that he will perform legal measures immediately 

Well, I believe this is what you would expect from a lawyer…

Since he is a honest dependable lawyer, please do not worry!

35: Anonymous NEET
What to do…

36: Cool NEET
Since I have a car
Then I will try to go, if it is a fail then I will return
Won’t it be nice to see everyone’s appearances inside the car while responding the bulletin board?

I think everyone will have the same circumstances

37: Anonymous NEET
Except for the groups with Infrastructure Worker and Sakura-chan!

38: Camera Ossan
Excuse me if I asking about work


Yuuji become a Japanese internet phenomena with convention and the likes… Hahahaha
It won’t be strange if someday NEETs will do annual convention in Yuuji’s former house site.

[1] There are two alphanumeric character in Japanese IME, full-width like ABC123 and half-width like ABC123. Read this for more information https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halfwidth_and_fullwidth_forms
[2] This place:
Utsunomiya residents sure love their Gyoza
[3] Both are shops that sell cheap casual clothes. If you read Hataraku Maou-sama you will recognize Uniclo as the brand of Maou Sadao's clothes
[4] There are 2 Rail Station in Utsunomiya with almost the same name from different lines.


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