30 June 2017

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 7 - Part 2

Translator Corner
This is Yukkuri demasu!

If you forget Kemona is Japanese term for Kemomimi Lovers a.k.a. Furry Fandom.

DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that my translation is 100% correct and I have very lousy English. Please correct me if I was wrong.

Bandou Tarou (坂東太郎)
Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 7. Yuuji Changing Jobs from “Farmer” to “Pioneer Group Leader”.
Part 2. Bulletin Board Yuuji, Discussing Important Points when Going to the City

It will soon beI finally came out after 10 years, but my home kinda went into another world Part 31the Kitty![1]

1 : Anonymous MEAT
This is the thread to enjoy the reports, images, and videos of another world that Yuuji has uploaded.
Is it really another world? How did he fabricate it? This is the thread to verify this.

Yuuji had zealously developed the fields together with the kemomimi slave.
When the peddler arrived, he would go to the another world’s city for the first time!
It had been 4 years since “transported to another world?” for the first city visit. Isn’t it too slow, Yuuji!
We will be expecting images from you, Yuuji!
Ah, also reposting is prohibited.

The next thread will be set up by the one who posts the 900th!

182: Anonymous NEET
It might be too late to mention this but,
Isn’t the thread title a typo?

183: Anonymous MEAT
I write city (街だ) as Kitty (町田)……[2]
To think that I will need to explain my own bad pun, it make me so embarrassed that I could dye.[3]

184: Anonymous NEET
How nice
This year too, I couldn’t go to the offline camping

185: Anonymous NEET
Me too
But if we consider that we could really be transported to another world…

186: Anonymous ETNE
There is a good news for you lot!
On the Third Yuuji’s House Offline Camping next year
There is a plan to add forest park camping site as the lodging!
Next year we will do a campfire!

Everyone would have a barbeque in the campsite
Then the usual lodging pattern
The ones who wished to go to another world will move to Yuuji’s house site and stay there!

187: Anonymous NEET
But then it will just an ordinary offline camping……

188: Anonymous MEAT
>> 187

189: Clothing Group Member A
In that case, I will participate in the next year too!

190: Infrastructure Worker
>> 189
Hey hey hey
The guys who had started working couldn’t get off from the NEET’s stage, is it?

191: Anonymous NEET
>> 190
How should I say it… that: you too?

192: Anonymous ETNE
>> 189
You can always return to our side

193: Yuuji
Everyone, I want to ask about the important points when going to the city, where I will be soon going

Only carry the clothes and baggage of this world
Carry the money as close as possible to myself
Do not separate from Kevin, Alice, and Kotarou
Always carry a weapon
Do my best to avoid talking to others

Is there anything else?

194: Anonymous NEET
>> 193
The list is on the same level as a first errand[4]

195: Former Talented Salesman
If you want to buy something, consult with Kevin-san the peddler first

196: Cool NEET
What about your fellow travel member?

197: Anonymous NEET
A speeding carriage couldn’t immediately stop

198: Professor Acorn
It will be three or four days to the city
Don’t forget anything when preparing camp on route
Especially, something otherworldly

199: Camera Ossan
Don’t forget the camera and its maintenance tools!
Of course, taking pictures!

200: Yuuji
>> 196
Me, Alice, Kotarou, are confirmed
I want the beast-kin family to look after the field, but
Lately, the monster frequently appears

201: Anonymous MEAT
>> 194
It couldn’t be helped
To begin with, Yuuji is going to the city after a 13 or 14 years of HikiNEET period

Eh, seriously?
Isn’t the hurdle suddenly seems too high?

202: Cool NEET
>> 200
You must consult with Kevin-san!
You can leave the adventurers behind as guards
Or give up this year field and trust your luck

It’s important for you to go to the city for the time when something happens

203: YES Lolita NO Touch
Carry a back mounted rack or baby carrier for Alice when she is tired from walking in the forest
Otherwise, have me go to another world to carry her!

204: Kemona MAX
Money to increase the number of beast-kin slaves
Not only the number but the variety too, make it as many as possible!

205: Cool NEET
Before you depart, check how the toilet will be in the journey itself and the city
There is possibility that your will have to sully your left hand

206: Anonymous NEET
>> 205

207: Anonymous ETNE
>> 205
The toilet function to clean the arse with water is the Best!

208: Yuuji
>> 202
That’s true, I will try to consult with the people who will take me to the city

>> 205
Aw, man!

209: Cool NEET
Confirm the level of the civilization
I want you to take pictures of the houses, the market, the city wall, and the soldier guarding it
If I can be greedy then I also want to know about the state of metallurgy technology,
I want pictures of weapon workshops, soldiers or knights

210: Anonymous NEET
Defense facilities, metallurgy technology, equipment
This is guy is straightly in conquest mode……
Everyone, don’t be fooled!

211: Well-Informed NEET
You will need an engineer to build the house for land development
Even if for temporary
Yaranga won’t last for long

212: Anonymous NEET
Pictures of elves, dwarfs, and other beast-kins!

213: Anonymous NEET
Bring along a dwarf!
Use metallurgy technology or liquor as a bait!

214: Anonymous NEET
>> 212
Hey-hey, don’t omit the female knight!

215: Verification Thread’s Images Detective
For now is this
When taking pictures or videos when you go to the city
Use the exterior camouflage that Camera Ossan had mentioned
Though, different from this side, taking peep pictures at that side might not get found out

216: Anonymous NEET
>> 215
Different from this side? This guy is suspicious

217: Infrastructure Worker
>> 215
There is a peeping bastard here!

218: Anonymous NEET
>> 215
It’s scary if this ended up real

219: Well-Informed NEET
The maximum priority is to apply for Pioneer Citizen and Pioneer Land
Before departing, please confirm with Kevin-san about things to note

220: Cool NEET

Consult with Kevin-san about who will be the people to take along
If it is possible, leave some people as combat force and to take care of the field
Before departing, check about the toilet and think the proper countermeasure
Don’t carry any clothes and baggage other than another world’s articles, except for camera
Don’t carelessly leave any another world’s goods for camping in the journey
Bring a back rack or baby-carrier for Alice-chan
Make sure to equip your weapon
Photographs the city using the camouflaged camera
Always consult with Kevin-san when shopping
Carry the money as close to you as possible
Never separate from Kevin-san, Alice, or Kotarou
Do your best to avoid talking to others
Ask Kevin-san to accompany you when applying for Pioneer Citizen. Let Kevin-san do the talk
Sought a craftsman to build a house, even if it only temporary

So many
But for the time being, this is it
If you able to enter and exit the city then in the future you will survive in one way or another
Since we have come this far, we can only put our trust in Kevin-san

Do your best

221: Anonymous ETNE
Yeah Yuuji
Do your best!

222: Clothing Group Member B
To go to a city after ten-odds years
Seriously impossible

B-but if it’s you Yuuji, you can do it!

223: YES Lolita NO Touch
At any rate, put Alice’s safety at the foremost!
If you sense danger, run away!

224: Overwhelmingly Dog-Person
It will be alright Yuuji!
As long as Kotarou is there, then you can manage it somehow!

225: Anonymous NEET
>> 224
I am troubled that Kotarou seems to able to do anything lately.
I mean, it is a dog, right?

226: Anonymous NEET
>> 223
You are the most dangerous thing!

227: Anonymous NEET
Return safely!
I will be waiting to enjoy the pictures and videos!

228: Infrastructure Worker
>> 227
Your real intention is leaking out too much!

229: Anonymous NEET
Afterwards, no one ever saw Yuuji again……

230: Sakura’s Friend
>> 229
Don’t say something sinister like that!

Yuuji-san, do your best!

231: Sakura
Onii-chan will be alright, since onii-chan can do it!
You are already old, after all!

232: Anonymous NEET

233: Anonymous NEET

234: Anonymous MEAT
It’s Sakura-chan’s way of encouragement. Is it?

235: Anonymous NEET
Her natural nasty tongue is vicious……

236: Anonymous ETNE
How strange
Even my chest feel the pain……


One step for Yuuji. One big step for leaving hiki-NEET lifestyle.

[1] A rather bad pun. Here’s the jokes explanation: Rather than街だ! (machi da!), it’s 町田! (machida!) . In the first form, the da is a copula to signify “to be” informal sentence. While the second form, although it’s also a da, it had the meaning of “Rice Field” and Machida is a valid Japanese surname. and could be read as “machi”, a city. Hence the pun. I couldn’t create a good pun from this…… city – Kitty… well……
[2] See above
[3] He used氏ねto write “die” not the proper 死ね
[4] Hajimete otsukai is a Japanese social concept (and also a famous TV Show) where young children would be tasked by their parents to buy something from local shop for the first time (to assess the child independency and reliability). The advice is usually: cross the road when the light turns green, don’t talk to strangers, don’t buy sweets, etc. This would be unthinkable in most US cities and other places with children unfriendly environment.
Just go and read some children manga or Yotsubato Chapter 46. This was considered as a hallmark for the children growth and development.


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    Use metallurgy technology or liquor as a bait!

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