03 October 2015

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 1 - Part 8

Translator Corner
This is Yukkuri demasu!

The first post in October! 
I have given Mira’s poststory 3 (~5000s word!) to my editor... While waiting for him, here another Hiki-NEET story....
After this I‘ll translate Takarakuji 23....
While slowly translating Slime 103.

Please remember, this is not so literal Japanese translation, some mistranslation might happen.

Oh yeah, from this chapter onward Kotarou will be “speaking” with “” quotation mark.

Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 1: Yuuji A “Hiki-NEET” Evolves into “Loner NEET”
Part 8: Yuuji, Magnificently Ignoring the Dangerous Situation

294: 1 desu
There is a huge spider

295: Anonymous NEET

296: Anonymous NEET
Isn't it since it in rural area?

297: Anonymous NEET
Since it Tochigi or Ibaraki right?

298: Anonymous NEET
There are also some inside my house

299: 1 desu
Its size was about my head

300: Anonymous NEET
1 perspective

301: Anonymous NEET
Close this

302: Anonymous NEET
Close this

303: Anonymous NEET
Caution: Grotesque

304: Anonymous NEET
What kind of image is it?

305: Anonymous NEET
Leveled Up Spider

306: 1 desu
No no no no
It’s real

307: Anonymous NEET
It needs great effort to tamper with every exif[1] entry
I’m sure the lens is not for close-up photography

308: Anonymous NEET
What are you proudly talking about 307

309: Anonymous NEET
Like the acorn professor
This thread has a lot of weird people
I made a mistake
Has a lot of weird NEET

310: Professor Acorn
Did someone call for me?

311: Anonymous ETNE
Name Name!
I won’t recognize it!!

□ □ ■ □ □


Yuuji was grinding his teeth from the lack of response to the spider when his ear picked up loud noises.

Is it from outside? Is someone coming...?!

He descended the stairs noisily, wearing the sandals, and then he opened the entranceway door.
What appeared in his eyes were child-sized creatures with green skin. There were 2 of them.
While saying “Gegyagugya”, they strike at the gate with thick wooden club.

However strangely, there was no sound of the club striking the metal. But “*Gago....ga....*”, as if there was an invisible wall before the gate.
Yuuji who returned to his senses, immediately returned to his room.

Those must be goblins....! Camera Camera!!

Just like a fool. He really was vexed by the lack of reaction to the giant spider.
He woke up the sleeping Kotarou with rough shaking. “Mou, what is it?”
As if she want to say that as she was taken along by Yuuji with a camera in his hand to the outside.

He set up the tripod, put the camera atop of it, and startup the camera. He rushed over to the gate while carrying Kotarou. He put Kotarou near his feet. He took out the prepared A4 paper with his ID written on it. Click the wireless shutter. Ran to the camera and checked the back display. Lastly, he made a victory pose.

Hell yeah! It’s captured splendidly!

Just like a fool. He took out the memory card from the camera, entered the house while carrying Kotarou, climbed the stairway. He was neglecting the goblins.

□ □ ■ □ □

315: 1 desu
News Flash Goblin has come!

316: Anonymous NEET
Yes yes image processing goodbye

317: Anonymous NEET

318: Anonymous NEET

319: Anonymous NEET
No, isn’t this cosplay?

320: Anonymous NEET
Just children cosplaying

321: Camera Ossan[2]
As always the timestamp and location information are THAT[3] but
There is no strangeness in the exif beside those points

322: Anonymous ETNE
Your Name! I also won’t recognize this fellow!

323: Anonymous MEAT
1-san's derpy face is annoying isn’t it?

324: Anonymous NEET
If this is CG, it will consume time and resource right?
So, it’s either cosplay or that one

325: Camera Ossan
Hey 1, that model can also record video
Go quick

326: 1 desu
Video huh?
I’ll go

327: Anonymous NEET
After that, no one see 1’s figure again.

328: Anonymous MEAT
Nuooooo, wrong feeling!

329: Anonymous ETNE

346: 1 desu
Here it is

347: Anonymous NEET

348: Anonymous ETNE

349: Anonymous MEAT

350: Anonymous NEET

351: Anonymous NEET

352: Well Informed NEET
If 1 made this with CG
Hollywood Level
Go get some work

353: Professor Acorn
By the way, this 1
In front of hostile creatures, he is calm

354: Anonymous MEAT
For the first thing, whether this CG or not, just leave it
Let’s think what 1 should do next

355: Anonymous ETNE
That’s right
If about using CG, then that guy who I shall not interact with is good

356: Overwhelming Dog-Person
Kotarou, cute Kotarou
Although the Goblins swinging their club intensely
Ignoring them and play with 1, Kotarou is cute

357: 1 desu
This is real thing
What’s the best thing to do?
As expected, should I bump them off?

358: Anonymous NEET
The first thing is give a greeting

359: Anonymous NEET
Have Intelligence behavior, huh?
It have.

360: Anonymous NEET
It have.
I overwhelmingly want a woman knight

361: Anonymous MEAT
To begin with, do you have a weapon?
Copper sword?

362: 1 desu
Things that can be used
Mountain climbing ice axe
Trekking pole
Survival knife
Kitchen knife
Tree pruning shears
Hedge clippers
Old man’s golf club

>> 356
I know. Kotarou is cute. Also smart

363: Anonymous ETNE
There you have it

364: Anonymous MEAT
You have substantial mountain climbing tools
For a hiki-neet you are quite active

365: Cool NEET
What experience do 1 have?
Martial arts or hand to combat sports

366: Anonymous NEET
You can’t possibly a protagonist of ancient martial arts[5] series can you?

367: Well Informed NEET
Nah, not possible
If it ancient martial arts, you can find a lot of Dojos in Japan

368: 1 desu
No experience in martial arts
No experience in combat sports
Never been in a fight

369: Anonymous NEET
What is hedge clipper?

370: Well Informed NEET
Then I think something long
Tree pruning shears
Or golf club

The tools the gardener use to cut the hedge
That one.

371: Anonymous NEET
Daringly go barehanded

372: Anonymous MEAT
Do some grapple

373: Anonymous ETNE
Aim for the world top with JUDO

374: Cool NEET
From the gate you can aim at their neck and finish them with one hit
After thinking about the killing power, one possible choice is hedge clipper

375: 1 desu
Everyone, sorry
The goblins are gone

376: Anonymous NEET

377: Camera Ossan
For now just always video the gate
Though it will depend on the memory card capacity
Combined with that good camera then
I think it could go for four hours


What do you do when a Goblin attack your house? Posit in the buleltin board, that is....
Oh yeah this is the map of Kanto Plain, so people who don’t know where Gunma, Tochigi or Ibaraki could see it (all of them is on North Kanto).

[1] exif: exchangeable image file format, see this. Tampered image (or photoshopped image)have their exif value changed or erased. It is possible to tamper with exif value but it’s time consuming (at least that what my Google-fu said). As you can see from this site, there a lot of exif value fields
[2] Ossan is how you call a middle aged man (although it relatively rude and informal)
[3] Corrupted if you forget
[4] Yep.... It’s F***, but with the “ck” syllable omitted: ファッ
[5] Kobujutsu read this for more information I read somewhere that the difference from modern martial arts school is that Kobujutsu is geared to killing enemy less than subduing them (since it was for warfare)


  1. Kinds of people
    The who doesnt relieve
    The one who teachs the best way to kill
    The one who thinks that the MC wont return
    The people who only cares about koutarou

    And the stupid MC that doesnt think that something bad can happen if he goes near goblins.
    So hilarius!!

    1. The BBS People will become even more crazier in Chapter 2

    2. They start taking his situation seriously? :O

  2. Well if he is more than 30 years old then he can use his magic to eliminate the goblins.

    1. He should aim for a Great Sage (requirement: 50 years old virgin).
      Who know that skill can evolve into Wisdom King with an ego.... (and turn into a girl afterwards)

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  4. He did notice there's a strange field before the gate and the goblin can not cause any damage.
    So yeah, in a way posting about them is not wrong. No need to be too panic~
    But he should be worried about the number of hostiles. with Goblins around, it's not safe to go gathering fruits and nuts.

  5. Heya, just started reading this.

    His camera was a 10-years-ago item right? How could it be so good? And also, poor kotarou who has become a NEET too along with his master. How could he, the cute old dog(maybe?), still so healthy after 10 years NEET?
    Is it another fiction logic?


    1. Well, he became hikiNEET for 10 years and not coming out from the house until his parent died in traffic accident.
      So he camera is maybe not 10 years since his dad buying it while he still alive.
      Also, we don't know Kotarou age

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