23 October 2015

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 2 - Part 7

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 2: Yuuji a “Loner-NEET” Evolves into “NEET”
Part 7. Yuuji, Daily Life with Alice

Yuuji-nii, good morning!(Alice)

One week after being nursed, Alice regained her healthback, so now there were two people and one animal living together.

Yes, good morning Alice. Your physical strength hasn’t recover completely, so moving around too much is no good, okay?(Yuuji)

Alice, who was sleeping beside Yuuji, had woken up earlier than him and had finished changing her clothes. It seemed she came to wake up Yuuji. The sky outside was still dark. The default setting of Alice who was raised in a village was to wake up before dawn breaks.

Alice appearance for today was wearing Yuuji imouto’s printed T-shirt, with her favorite leather strap, which she had with her since the beginning, tied around her waist, the shirt’s length had been adjusted so that the hem reached her shin. [1]
It’s a simple T-shirt but it matched Alice’s red hair well.

However, the English phrase printed on the T-shirt Where am I? Who am I? were painful to look at now. “That’s what I want to know”, Yuuji smiled bitterly.
What was Yuuji imouto thinking when she bought this T-shirt? Also, why did Alice who didn’t understand the letters on it select this T-shirt? This would forever be an enigma.

For today’s hairstyle Alice’s chest-long hair had been braided. Since it was braided by Alice herself, it was loose in several places. She tied the hair with a giant white ribbon that was imouto’s personal effects, absolutely giving off childish-like look. The scattered freckles in her cheek, was also a charm point for a little girl. Cute.[2]

Would it suit in Yuuji’s eyes? She made a rapid turn with a very big smile. Her chestnut like eyes were sparkling, as if waiting for Yuuji’s assessment. No matter how old a girl was, even for a village girl in another world, dressing up nicely was something that made any girl happy.[3]

Uh huh, Alice is also cute today.(Yuuji)

Yuuji showed a delightful smile.

“Alice is really cute.” (Kotarou)

Maybe because Kotarou was also agreeing with Yuuji, she circled Alice around without stopping.

To cheer up Alice who was feeling down, Yuuji gave his permission If you like, everything in here can e used by Alice. for his imouto’s clothes and accessories. It was a correct decision.
Just by remembering Alice’s appearance with a smile on her face and her shaky movement as she browsed the closet in his imouto’s room, Yuuji felt a sense of accomplishment.

Then after we eat breakfast and do callisthenic[4], should we slowly talk in the living room today?(Yuuji)

Un! Alice want to hear Cinderella story!(Alice)

“But, I want to hear Alice’s story today” Yuuji muttered in small voice while going to the kitchen. Kotarou was together with Alice on the sofa in the living room.
Nowadays, Kotarou was busy accompanying Alice.

Today breakfast was bird rice gruel[5] without eggs using meat from a bird that Kotarou hunted and berry fruits that were harvested from the forest. The small berries were very sour. However Yuuji remembered that sour tasting fruits contained a lot of vitamins that are good for the body, so he had always included them in the table since the time he first picked them.
By the way, all the food was made by Yuuji. As long as there was internet, Yuuji could make anything.

Alice stuffed her small mouth with cheek-full amount, and chewed earnestly. Cute.

Just like what an elementary-schooler would do in the morning after breakfast during summer holidays, it was the familiar callisthenic.
After coming out to the garden, Alice was moving her body just like Yuuji did.
While Kotarou,

“As one would expect, I can’t do it.”

As if she was saying that, she was just running around those two. Even Kotarou wasn’t omnipotent. Maybe.[6]
Perhaps since her small body didn’t have enough stamina, she struggled with all her effort, so when they finished Alice was breathing rapidly.

Eat, exercise, and sleep. To recover her lost physical strength and obtain enough stamina to leave the forest and search for human habitation, Alice was working hard.

Yuuji and Alice who had finished their physical exercise, returned to the living room with Kotarou, and rested.
Yuuji and Alice sat down on the sofa. Yuuji drank the acorn coffee while Alice drank berry juice that Yuuji made.
It was thanks to the juicer that his mother purchased when she was enthusiastic about it. With this, even Yuuji could make juice. Now, the frequency Yuuji used it had surpassed he frequency his mother used it. Well, she was a capricious mother.

Okay, then can I hear about the forest, the village and other things? If it’s becomes painful to remember, please let me know, okay? Because Kotarou will comfort you.(Yuuji)

He entrusted the duty to the dog.

Un, I understand Yuuji-nii! Since Alice is a good girl, she will do her best!(Alice)

What a praiseworthy good girl.


By what the narrator had dropped hint (or red herring?), Kotarou will become an OP character.... maybe....
Also, Yuuji entrust yet another ask to the almighty Kotarou? Well, at least he had good judgment....

[1] Just imagine Alice use the T-Shirt as a Tunic, also imouto means little sister, I use it like this since *spoiler chapter 3*....
[2] Charm point: A Japanese Term for an attractive feature of someone. Like Kotarou charm point was that she was brave, kind, and composed, while Yuuji’s charm point was that......... he adorkable?
[3] Yes I agree.... You can’t underestimate women tendency to spend a lot of time when shopping for clothes....
[4] Do you read Yotsubato or Minami-ke or any series with elementary student characters? Taishou 体操 or callisthenic was something elementary school age children usually do in the park in the morning (where they will receive an attendance stamp)
[5]雑炊 zousui: rice gruel with soysauce or miso base with vegetables, meat, egg, fish, etc.
[6] So, Kotarou will be omnipotent???


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