10 October 2015

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 2 - Part 1

Translator Corner
This is Yukkuri demasu!

I now am translating Kazura’s Story Chapter 24 (1000 from 7000 words) so maybe I could finished it by tomorrow?....

So here another Yuuji’s Loner-NEET diary....
Let me comment this chapter: THAT DOG IS A FREAKING NINJA!
Good grief this is the first Japanese story that had an uber Dog as one of the protagonist...
Also, Yuuji can be awesome, if only he didn’t do something stupid

DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee that I translate 100% correct, or my English grasp on grammar is good

Yukkuri Oniisan
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There are depictions of violence. Please note this warning if you weak to gore and stuffs.

Chapter 2: Yuuji a “Loner-NEET” Evolves into “NEET”
Part 1. Yuuji, Annihilating Encountered Goblins

Houjou Yuuji, 30 years old, jobless. A hiki-NEET who is living together at an isolated house somewhere in North Kanto with his beloved dog Kotarou ().
Nah, he was a hiki-NEET who resided in an isolated house somewhere in North Kanto. Using his parents’ death as his impetus, he ridding his hikikomori self and went to the outside, but what in outside was a forest in another world......

Despite living safely behind a mysterious barrier that existed on the boundary of house premise and lifeline[1] that kept connected for some reason, to secure foods he took a stroll into the forest day after day.
Although he had shed his hikikomori persona, now he was a loner. Or more precisely, he still didn’t know if in this world there is human or otherwise a sapient creatures. As for today, he was exploring the forest with a happy-go-lucky mood.

Hum, hum, hum. It gradually became warm, I wonder if it’s Spring now. How do you think Kotarou?

As if disregarding Yuuji’s question, Kotarou didn’t turn her head. Suddenly Kotarou started to run and leaped towards a tree. Kotarou jumped to a height as high as Yuuji’s head, kicked the tree trunk, and leaped once again. Then she delivered a magnificent paw punch, and a wood pigeon–ish bird[2] was knocked down from the tree.

In spite of being 15 year old dog that should have approached senility, the next day when she defeated goblins, Kotarou displayed physical strength unlike what a dog should possess.

Alright, good job Kotarou! Your Triangle Jump was awesome! As the reward, I’ll give you the viscera.

Ignoring the fact that the dog have physical strength surpassing him, Yuuji closed it with a brief comment: Awesome!
With survival knife, he took out the viscera of the wood pigeon that was brought down by Kotarou, and give it to her.
The viscera-lack wood pigeon was put into convenience store bags that have ice water inside it. He had become strong-willed.

Since we have obtain a prey, should we wrap it up for today and return to home? Hm? What’s wrong Kotarou?

He stared at a bush 5 meters ahead where Kotarou raised her growl. Yuuji took a guard stance and observed with trekking pole in his right hand and hatched in his left hand.


Rushed from the bushes, were 3 goblins.
The 3 carried a thick tree branch as a club.

Since the goblins launched an attack to his house, Yuuji hypothesized that he would meet them in the forest. Or rather, it was pointed out in the bulletin board.
However, if he kept staying in the house, his food situation would gradually get worse, and since he had came to another word he wanted to meet with Kemonomimi[3] and Elf! Since magic also surely exist, even if desire was baseless, he kept proceeded his exploration on the forest that he know was risky.

Naturally, the optimistic Yuuji was reasonably active. As for why he being a hikikomoru for 10 years, there was a reason behind it.
But now let’s return to the present.

Victory go to one who move first![4]

Although Yuuji was shouting bravely, his body didn’t move. Just like always. “Not again.” As if saying this Kotarou glanced at Yuuji and started to run towards the goblins. Just like always.

Inspired by Kotarou’s gallant figure, Yuuji also followed and went towards the goblins. Yuuji witnessed Kotarou swoop down on the goblin on the right as he checked the goblin on the center with the trekking pole that he grasped tightly on his right hand.
He moved his right hand forward, while his right feet also move. His right side body faced the opponent, while his left hand was in his back. It was an elegant fencing stance. By that Yuuji.

He aimed the trekking pole’s pointed tip into the face of goblin on the center. Did it dislike it? The goblin held up the club in front of its face, before swinging recklessly. However, it merely a feint from Yuuji.

To prevent it from attacking Kotarou from right flank, he attracted the attention of the middle goblin with the trekking pole in his right hand so
That it couldn’t make a move, but his real target was the left goblin.

Sure enough, the only free goblin went to attack Yuuji. The fencing (kinda) pose was only served as an invitation. Since his right side of body faced the middle goblin, the left goblin was on Yuuji’s plain sight.


With club raised high, the single goblin rushed towards Yuuji.


Yuuji step firmly on the ground with his left foot without make a new step. The energy born from it, transferred from the waist, to the shoulder, to the arm and finally to the hatchet.

* Guchaa... *[6]!
The reformed Yuuji attack!

The violently swung hatchet landed on the goblin’s head and cut through half of the head.
“Really?” Yuuji was surprised by his attack that work too well above his expectation. However, the hatchet couldn’t come off.
He looked at the panicked middle goblin as it went berserk and slipped through the pushed out trekking pole. It had already approached Yuuji.

Yuuji quickly lose his mind. But at that time.
Unexpecedly, the goblin disappeared from Yuuji’s line of sight. “Did it tripped? Lucky!” Thought Yuuji as he shifted his sight lower.....

And found Kotarou. After easily dispose one of the goblin, Kotarou returned and tripped the goblin with her right foreleg.
She put her right foot on the fell prone goblin’s back and pinned it down, Kotarou looked at Yuuji, “Mou[7], what are you doing?”

Good job Kotarou! So reliable!

Yuuji was delighted and petted Kotarou’s head, however she unusually disliked it. She bark once and then stared at Yuuji as if she was saying “Listen up. Quickly finished them off!”[8]

Yuuji finally recovered his mind, and gave a sidelong glance at the goblin that was pinned down by Kotarou while shouting “Gegyagegya” the first thing he need to do was extracting the hatchet that was stuck on the left goblin’s head.

He put both of his hand on the handle, and put his left feet on the goblin’s head, and then pull the hatchet out.
*Guchu*[9] With a sound, the extracted hatchet was covered in goblin’s blue blood and some white spongy thing.
Immediately, Yuuji’s face turned blue.

Since I can handle the images and cut the bird, I have guro resistance however as expected this stuff is on different level. The sound and the feedback was really strong. I might dream about this tonight.

As if it was for calming himself, Yuuji perform a soliloquy with a loud voice.
He suppressed his discomposure with a deep breath, and returned to the last goblin.
He aimed at the back of the neck of the prone goblin and swung the hatchet down to its medulla oblongata.

“Gegyagegyage....” *dan*[10]! *Gorogorogoro*[11]

“Ah... this is too excessive” with those words, Yuuji vomited.
“Are you okay?” Kotarou approached with a gentle eye.

After vomiting for a while, he rose up unsteadily, and rinsed his mouth with water from PET bottle.

Huff. I guess it’ll good for the time being. Let’s go home Kotarou.

To make up for Yuuji who walk with unsteady gait, Kotarou took leadership while being vigilant on the surrounding. She was more closer to Yuuji than usual, maybe because she was worried about Yuuji whose face was as blue as goblin’s blood? What a reliable girl. She’s a dog though.

While spending time twice than usual, one man and one animal safely reach the home at last. Yes, only the house that is safe.

That night, Yuuji’s body was assailed by intense pain.


Yuuji finally is leveling up....
Also I forget to add "No" in Kemo"NO"mimi before... Luckily Guro noticed it.... Blame my dyslexia...

[1] For reader who forget: LIFELINE is: GAS, ELECTRICITY, WATER and the most important: INTERNET (and telephoneline by collateral)
[2]森バト Moribato: Columba palumbus: Common wood pigeon
[3] Kemonomimi: Beast girl, just like Raftalia, Firo, Pochi, Tama, Liza, Rem, etc
[4]It’s a proverb: 先手必勝 Sentehisshou: The first one move, win. Early bird got the worm.
[5] Japanese Warcry
[6] Sfx: Splat...
[7] An interjection used to show exasperation. Seriously, watch some anime...
[8] Kotarou used formal imperative verb-form in this. That means Kotarou is ORDERING Yuuji.
[9] Sfx: something soft ripped off
[10] Sfx: loud strike
[11] Sfx: something rolling down....


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