06 October 2015

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 1 - Epilogue

Translator Corner
This is Yukkuri demasu!

I am really sorry, my translation speed fall down to almost abysmal level because of the lack of free time that I could use for translating (only about 1-2 hours a day), so expect delay....  
I am now translating Takarakuji 23.... (3000 words to go....)
While still slowly translating Slime 103 (I wonder when I could finish it).

DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee that I translate 100% correct, or my English grasp on grammar is good

Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 1: Yuuji A “Hiki-NEET” Evolves into “Loner NEET”

423: 1 desu
The goblins had been annihilated
I also recorded a video of it
Warning: really guro[1]

424: Well Informed NEET
I had waited for you, 1-san!

425: Anonymous MEAT
I don’t have resistance to guro...
So how do those guys look?

426: Cool NEET
There were 5 goblins
1-san began to talk something while trembling
There is no sound processing? I can’t hear anything
The goblins ignored him

427: Anonymous ETNE
1-san got cold feet

428: Anonymous NEET
As ever, like absolutely high quality CG
Why don’t you use many camera angles?

429: Overwhelming Dog-Person
Not only cute
Valiant Kotarou really cute

430: Cool NEET
Kotarou had enough of the cold feet 1 and began attacking
1 approached with a big scissors with 60 cm long handle and 20 cm long edge opened up

Ah, isn’t this hedge clippers?

431: Anonymous ETNE

432: Anonymous NEET

433: Anonymous NEET
The difficulty level is normal
However the guro level is very hard

434: Anonymous ETNE
The goblins died and scattering blue blood
1-san is deranged!

435: Cool NEET
Scattering blue goblin blood
1-san was peerless

436: Anonymous ETNE
The goblins was annihilated....!
Kotarou seems to worried about the absentminded 1-san

437: Overwhelming Dog-Person
Kotarou not only cute and valiant but also kind, mou ne[2]......

438: Cool NEET
1-san staggerd and exited to the outside

439: Anonymous MEAT
Not good
That is flag

440: Professor Acorn
Behind you!

441: Cool NEET
Isn’t this, you know
Since 1–san uploaded this without problem
I think he wouldn’t die.

442: Anonymous ETNE

443: Anonymous NEET

444: Overwhelming Dog-Person
Not only cute, valiant and kind, but also mighty, mou ne!
Mou ne!

445: Anonymous ETNE
Kotarou really give an overwhelming protagonist impression

446: Anonymous ETNE
Starring                      : Kotarou
Manservant A           : 1

447: Cool NEET
The last howling is incredible

448: Anonymous ETNE
Make a film version from this!

449: Well Informed NEET
Isn’t this already a film quality CG?
Or perhaps this is a teaser?

450: Camera Ossan
However it was impossible to shoot a film with this camera
The image quality is only at television level
In any event, the basis is still images

461: 1 desu
Disposing the body is very troublesome

462: Anonymous ETNE
The drops?
As expected is it goblin loincloth?

463: Anonymous MEAT
Isn’t that settings where the bodies disappeared?

464: Anonymous NEET
How do you will dispose them?

465: Anonymous NEET
Although it might be late, but 1's face was perfectly exposed
It’s a special effect group!

466: Cool NEET
This victory is all thanks to me who recommended the hedge scissor
It's killing power are higher than I expected

467: Anonymous NEET
No matter how I see it, it's thanks to Kotarou

468: Overwhelming Dog-Person
Kotarou cuteee!

469: 1 desu
I’ll burn it behind the house
It stinks

>> 462-463
It doesn’t disappear, and no drops either

By the way, I have a question

470: Cool NEET
What’s wrong?

471: Anonymous NEET

472: 1 desu
At the night on the day when we defeated the goblins, Kotarou lied down in pain, however the next morning she had recovered.
I think her hair become glossy and her feet become faster

What is this?
Is it some kind of dog’s physical strength?

473: Anonymous ETNE
Don’t ask me

474: Anonymous MEAT
Isn’t that Level Up?

475: Anonymous NEET

476: Well Informed NEET
The Maximal Dog’s physical ability in a greyhound
Speed 72 km/h
High Jump 1.7 m

Why don’t see the jump?
How was it?
For now, video it

477: 1 desu
Wait a moment

492: 1 desu
The impact footage
She’s a crossbreed though; she could jump a 1.5 m hedge.


The dog is level up....
Why, even the anonymous agree that Kotarou is the MC....
With this Chapter 1 end. But, really, what with this *cliffhanger*?

[1] グロ Guro: Grotesque. Contain bloody violence or severed body part. Btw my little brother site: Guro Translation come from half-romajization of Glow, not because of the mangled English
[2] もうね mou ne. A Japanese expression that is very hard to express in English, it means further, more, even or overwhelming emotion


  1. Err is this gonna stay like this for entire story?
    Thanks for the chap though

    1. No, but I choose not spoiler it too much....
      It can be said this series tone is comedic and silly in nature. And the narrator still abuse Yuuji if he can.
      And Kotarou is OP.

    2. I mean, is he gonna stay like that, or will start moving out cuz the story become boring or lack of material to progress if he stay at there and just keep entertain others like previous chapters.... Cant expect "events" always come visit him like the bird or goblins

  2. Yup, everyone agrees Koutarou is the Summoned Hero; Yuuji is comic relief, sidekick, and groundskeeper.

    1. Indeed, confirmed in 446.

    2. koutarou lvl 2
      koutarou earned the title "Yuusha"
      Yuuji earned the title "manservant A"

  3. Kotarou had a Level Up!

    Thanks for the chapter~

  4. I think guro is actually 'gore'..
    But if it's gore, the jangish/japlish/ja... whatever.. should be goru? Is it? Not sure..
    She must be a reincarnation of Amaterasu/Shiranui (Okami)!!

    1. Not quite,
      guro is an abbreviation from from "gro(tesque)".
      In actuallity "grotesqueness" implied in the term refers to things that are malformed, unnatural, or horrific.
      On later development, japanese culture associate this with blood, gore, dismembered, corpse, violence,etc.

      Oh, and I also just copy paste this...

    2. Well, gore is in there..
      Sooo, close enough? 😋
      Guro Tesuke will be a very punny name... lol

  5. I was friggin' right! The pet dog IS the MC.

  6. Mmmm... Yeah the dog is the MC? XD XD XD Also!! Thanks for explaining Guro's name, I really thought it was picked to be "gore" the hole time.... XD

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  9. So, when kotarou levels up, she'll become a dog girl humanoid in the end? I seriously hope so :D I also wish that the mc will get some more power later on to barely be able to fight by kotarou, but I wonder if that's too much to wish for. I mean, if he's too weak he will only be able to hide somewhere while kotarou fights.