21 October 2015

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 2 - Part 6

Translator Corner
This is Yukkuri demasu!

Translating Kazura’s Takarakuji....
Waiting for Mira’s LN Chapter 1 from editor....
And finishing the editing that postponed due to my sudden assignment....
And other backlog that piled up due to RL....

So, here another story of Yuuji’s visit to the land of Anonymous NEETs.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee that I translate 100% correct, or my English grasp on grammar is good.
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Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 2: Yuuji a “Loner-NEET” Evolves into “NEET”
Part 6. Bulletin Board Yuuji, Uploading Alice’s Image to Bulletin Board

Loner-NeetI finally came out after 10 years, but my home came to another-worldish place Part-2

1: Cool NEET
This is the thread to enjoy the report, images and videos of another world that 1desu has uploaded.
Is it really another world? How did he fabricate it? This is the thread to verify ths.

The next thread will be set up after this thread reaches >>980

112: 1desu
Isn’t it had been one week since the last we meet?
There’s a big incident

113: Anonymous ETNE
Ou, it’s unusual for you to instigate things
So, what happened?

114: Anonymous MEAT
+0゜・・) + trembling in excitement+[1]

115: 1desu
I picked up a little girl in the forest

116: Cool NEET

117: Anonymous ETNE

118: Anonymous MEAT
Police, catch that guy!

119: Anonymous NEET
The Incident Case of Little Girl Kidnapping In the Forest by a Mysterious Person

120: Cool NEET
It’s not a case it’s a plain abduction

121: Anonymous MEAT
1, just surrender yourself....

122: Anonymous ETNE
And then please tell me if they really give katsudon[2]

123: 1desu
Her name is Alice

If by chance there are police in here, I also want to go to them!

124: Anonymous NEET
She look just like a redhead freckled village girl
But, she’s a little underweight
Feed her meat
A little girl won’t do unless she’s plump

125: Anonymous NEET
>>124 That’s....... gross

126: Anonymous MEAT
Catch 124 also!

127: Cool NEET
Wait everyone!
This thread rule is to assume everything is in another world setting

1, can you communicate with each other?
2, from the appearance and age, she seemed to be from another race, how old is she?
3, similarly, is she a real girl?

A,also send me a message with a mail
Screenshot evidence

128: Anonymous ETNE
This 127, is a praiseworthy NEET

129: 1desu
1, we somehow understand each other words. I don’t know the reason
2, she’s 6 years old. She said herself. She’s remarkable
3, she’s a girl. She went to the forest, collapsed, and dirty. After the water boils, I might found out?

130: YES Lolita NO Touch
Oh, Oh my, really, in the bath?
Do you want to take a bath together?!!
Do you forget our vow to “NO Touch”?!

131: Anonymous NEET

132: Anonymous MEAT
I knew it, this 130 and that 124 is the same person

133: Anonymous NEET

134: Anonymous ETNE
This thread has too many lolicon...
So, where’s the picture?

135: 1desu
There is no picture
Also, I’m not a lolicon
I’m big breast lover

136: Well Informed NEET
For the NEETs in this thread the problem is not about “Despite it being another world, the words can be communicated properly” but about bathing together with little girl

137: Cool NEET
4, why did she collapse in the forest?
5, after this, what do you intend to do about Alice?
6, upload the image of her local clothes. we might found out about the civilization level

I wish you would better establish the reason why your words can be communicated.[3]
No, treat this thread as another world, treat this thread as another world, treat as another world

138: Anonymous MEAT
>>137 no, the only person who says to treat it as another world is you
But, GJ!

139: 1desu
4, The village she lived at attacked by bandits, her family and brothers became decoy so she can escape to the forest, she was wandering for several days
5, she will live at the house until she recovered her physical strength, after that I plan to search for human habitation together
6, please wait, I’ll take the photo

140: YES Lolita NO Touch
The bandits who aimed at little girl are unforgivable!
Exterminate them 1!!

141: Anonymous NEET
Please change the grimdark setting[4] to something more fairytale like She want to deliver something to grandmother but got lost
It’s too grimdark

142: 1desu
Thanks for waiting
This is the clothing that Alice originally wears
I’ll upload everything

143: Anonymous ETNE
Alice-chan is a cutie
The bashful Alice-chan didn’t show her gloomy situation
Praiseworthy cutie

144: Well Informed NEET
From what I see it’s made from thread from hemp or perhaps different plant
It seems not dyed. Since it’s a village, so the civilization wasn’t that high?
Since it’s an ankle length once piece tunic, to secure it maybe it was tied in the waist using a leather strap

145: Anonymous MEAT
144-san’s analysis is too high level!

146: Cool NEET
Hemp without dye, tunic, village, bandits
Based on this information, it can range at anytime from ancient ages to middle ages.
The place can also be applicable on anywhere
I don’t understand the setting’s civilization level

147: YES Lolita NO Touch
Wait you guys!
You haven’t asked the most important question
How does Alice-chan call 1-san?
No, wait, it’s also hard to throw away Onii-sama or Nii-sama.[5]

148: 1desu
At first she called me Ojichan
But after correcting her, it’s now Yuuji-nii

149: Anonymous MEAT
This guy!

150: Anonymous ETNE
You showed your name!

151: Anonymous NEET
Yes, yes, Yuu-chan, your delusion end here
Let’s find work soon, okay?

152: Professor Acorn
Shows the face, shows the name, shows the house
Despite kidnapping a little girl, there is no hesitation, is there 1?

153: Yuuji (1desu)
Yeah, well, since it looks like I won’t return immediately from this other world
I think that there will be no problem even if my identity gets found out.


Well... the board is more concerned about is Yuuji bathes with the little girl or if Yuuji had kidnapped a little girl......
I think after this, the thread will spiral down to factional war between “Big Breast” vs “Loli”....
Next: Yuuji, Alice and Kotarou’s Daily Life!

[1] The original isワクワクテカテカ  wakuwakutekateka or wktk
[2] It’s a stereotype Japanese scene that a suspect will receive a katsudon in cross-examination/interrogation room. Like in Hataraku Maou-sama LN volume 1 (anime episode 1)
[3] The “Cool NEET” poster is still thinking that Yuuji made this all up, so he criticize Yuuji to make his “background settings” more make sense  about why he could speak with a girl from another world
[4] Setting in this means “backstory setting”
[5] Personally I like Nii-sama better....


  1. Cute is justice! Kemonomimi is jusice!

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      Kotarou might become one, though.

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    Thanks for the chapter. and lol this thread, they don't believe that 1san is in a different world.

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  5. YES Lolita NO Touch
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  6. 129 seems a little off. Shouldn't it be from 1desu?

    1. According to the raw, 129 is supposed to be 1desu.

    2. Sorry.... My bad.... Since I make the user name by Copy Paste and then changed it afterwards, it seems I miss 129....
      I already fixed it.... Thanks for pointing it out...
      Now back to reading my daily dose of novels.....

  7. Now NEET army will be able to find the portal to the other world and help other little girls escape from bandits. That's why we don't go around spreading private info on the internet.

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    152: Professor Acorn
    Shows the face, shows the name, shows the house
    Despite kidnapping a little girl, there is no hesitation, is there 1?
    153: Yuuji (1desu)
    Yeah, well, since it looks like I won’t return immediately from this other world
    I think that there will be no problem even if my identity gets found out.

    I have a great idea, how about you go ahead and tell them your actual address and then ask them to check if something happened to the house over there. It's really something worth exploring.