09 October 2015

Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai. Volume 1 - Prologue

Translator Corner
This is Yukkuri demasu...

I present you:
Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai Light Novel version.
A very kind reader had gifted me the LN. So I will stop translating the WN for now (anyone could pick them up if they want to) and retranslated this Novel from the very beginning.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee that I translate 100% correct....

The Translator:
Yukkuri Oniisan
The Editor:

Volume 1
While basking under the pleasantly warm and mild sunlight, I am strolling in the middle of village.
Mother said that she will make jam because Rabo fruits would ripen soon. I like Rabo fruits very much and I also like Rabo fruit jam very much. That’s why I’m delightfully singing an impromptu song Raran, ran. Mother also sings a song while cooking, but I never heard her sing the same song.

When she was asked,Why? Mother answered It’s improvisation.
When she was asked, What is improvisation?, Mother told my two older brothers and older sister, It’s something that come to mind without any planning.Afterwards, my mother made older brother’s cheek prominent. Punishment, for example!she said.
Mother’s punishment is peerless. Older brother what have you done?

At this time, mother, older sister and grandmother are working to dye hand-woven clothes. Father, older brothers, and grandfather are in the wheat fields. As the youngest child, I, to not disturbing their work, am also working -- by playing energetically. When I am older, I wonder if I would also need to help with the work.
When I arrived at the village outskirt, I met with Kuga-san who is carrying firewood. Good Morning, Kuga-san
I greet him while bowing my head. Father said that greetings are important.

Oh, Mira. It’s good that you always give your greetings. Even though your siblings a much older than you, you turn this well? No, Gai’s is also far younger than his older siblings.... but he’s different, huh? (Kuga)
I don’t know why, but Kuga-san pet my head with his firm hand. Waai[1], I am praised.

Kuga-san is Ilga Village’s only blacksmith. He can borrow Fire Spirit’s power, so he can use magic. When he was young, he had work like exterminating monster or gathering medicine ingredients, however, after being badly injured, he succeeded his family business.

Although I think battling with monster is scary, I want to use magic. I want to meet with the Spirits. I wonder what they are look like. Are they sparkly? It seems only those with special eyes are able to see Spirits. Kuga-san says that he can’t see them.

Are you strolling alone today?(Kuga)

Yes. Since Gai is playing a ball game in the vacant lot today.(Mira)

Gai is a boy who is my childhood friend that often plays with me.

Maybe because once in a while Gai wants to play with the boys. Will you be alright all alone?(Kuga)
I’m fine. Although my body is frail, I can take a stroll by myself. Also it’s not like Gai can always be with me.(Mira)
Is that so? However even if the sun has become warm, there is still the cold wind. Don’t go home with cold, ya hear? Bye now, since I still have my own work to be done.Said Kuga as he entered the house. The adults always paired me and Gai as a set. I wonder if it because our houses are next to each other, and that we’ve been together since we born. My older brothers and older sister used to often play with me, however now they are busy helping Father and Mother so they can’t play with me anymore....

Let’s go and see how Gai doing. It’s only a peek. After that, let’s go home.(Mira)

I, who have become a little lonely, changed my course. I’ll take a peek at the vacant lot and then go home. Because Kuga-san had said once in a while Gai wants to play with boys, I can’t become a hindrance to Gai.
If I run, breathing might become painful for me, so I just walk towards the vacant lot with a fast pace. At that place, there are 8 boys and one famous tomboy. Everyone is running around happily.
There are no girls.[2]
It’s quite interesting. However, since I can’t really run, I can’t play ball.

Let’s go home(Mira)

Just when I turned my body, I heard Gai’s words.

Watch Out!(Gai)

When I woke up, I’m confused by the grainy wood ceiling.
Aren’t hospital ceilings usually white? I mean, there are no fluorescent lights. The bed is also hard.
Apparently, I am inside a gloomy room with wood wall and placed on top of an uncomfortable bed. Feeling strange, I survey my surroundings, and see a candle on the table.
Maybe this isn’t the hospital?
However, shouldn’t I have just died after being struck very hard by that car? No matter how I was hit, I should have serious wounds. I lack physical exercise and hate milk, so my bones must be hollow. A bone might have been broken and pierced my internal organs..... That’s so unpleasant. Let’s stop imagining it.
At any rate, since I’m conscious, that must mean that I’m saved! However, I wonder why this place isn’t a hospital? Moreover, for some reason, except for my head, I feel no pain in my body.
While I was wondering and getting up from the bed, I hear a noisy footstep approaching the room. “*BAN*” With a loud noise the door is opened.

Sorry Mira!(Gai)

The very first thing that the young boy speaks is an apology. I see the young boy’s red hair and red eyes, and then I understand.

............ Reincarnation into Another World really exist.(Mira)
Is your head alright?(Gai)

For now, let’s just throw this hard pillow. Hit!


By the way, this is the first 4 pages but I spend almost 6 hours for this. There still 288 pages left.... Oh boy.... This will be long isn't it?

I will divide Chapter 1 into 2 following the WN equal story part.

[1] Expression of happiness.
[2] ED: Isn’t the tomboy a girl? TL: Well, no proper girl like Mira.


  1. thank you very much

  2. 「Are your head alright?」

    Is your head all right? (unless she has 2 heads)

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  4. hardly struck==)struck hard
    My bone==)My bones unless she has only one bone in her body.
    yjay==)that? (I think you accidentally shifted some keys here)
    This is only a quick point out. I prefer Ln to WN5A versions, so thanks for doing this. XD

    1. fixed...
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    2. Struck hardly sounds like it wasn't that hard (example;that hardly sounds fun), hence the "struck hard" or you could write "struck very hard"

  5. I see some minor (grammar) mistakes here and there, but overhaul a well done translation. Thank you for your hard work.
    Just one thing keep bugging me, in the almost last sentence; 「............ Reincarnation into Another World is really exist.」(Mira), I'd recommend replacing 'exist' with 'possible' OR remove the word 'is' as the sentence would seem more natural in one of those ways.