12 October 2015

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 2 - Part 2

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While waiting here another Yuuji’s Loner-NEET Kotarou’s otherworld adventure diary....
It’s the truth, this novel is hijacked by the dog...

DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee that I translate 100% correct, or my English grasp on grammar is good

Yukkuri Oniisan
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There are depictions of violence. Please note this warning if you weak to gore and stuffs.

Chapter 2: Yuuji a “Loner-NEET” Evolves into “NEET”
Part 2. Yuuji, Seeming to be Level Up

Guaaaaaaaa...! What is this! Hurts! Hurts...!

In the middle of exploring the forest, Yuuji was attacked by 3 goblins, with great efforts from Kotarou, he repulsed the enemies.
However, the flying blood and meat, the smell and the sound; the unedited experience of guro scene shocked him. After he returned home, without doing anything else, he dives to the bed.
He soundly fell asleep but in the unusual midnight.

Aaaaaaaaa! My arm hurts! My leg hurts! Whole body hurts.....! Is it because the fight! But this is not muscle sore level!

He was unexpectedly calm. On the side of the bed was Kotarou who was sleep inside Yuuji’s room. She also raise a painful agonize sound “Kuun”.

Guoooooo! Medicine, my medicine, Bu*rrin[1], Pa*ron[2], no, if it's muscle soreness then Va*telin[3]? Rather, is this curable with medicine!

He was unexpectedly calm....... Nay, Pab*n is a cold drug.
Is it because he wasn’t calm? Or only because he was a baka?[4] It was very suspicious.

He was writhing on top of bed for 4 hours. Finally the pain subsided, and fell asleep until the dawn arrived.....

Huff.... yesterday was awful. I wonder what have happened. I don’t know? Do you know something Kotarou?

“Even if you said that to me, I also don’t understand.” Kotarou looked at Yuuji and make one bark.
No matter how smart she is, this is another world where fantasy creatures reigned over the land. After all, Kotarou wasn’t omniscient. At least for now.[5]

Aaa, what should I do now? Since I was fighting against pain yesterday night, I don’t really want to go outside..... However, I ought to dispose the goblin corpses.

Today, Yuuji’s monologue was also excellent.

He prepared his outfit and together with Kotarou, Yuuji went out from the house.
Besides the usual rucksack, he carried shovel. On the shovel handle were the tip that was sharpened into what was called in the Kanto region as Shovel Sword.
In the first place, shovel was also a weapon. It was adopted by many armies, there were also doctrine that use it as the strongest melee weapon. Though Yuuji really wouldn’t know about this if he didn’t receive the information of the existence from bulletin board. It was all thanks to the kind elder brothers on the bulletin board who taught him about the existence of that. He was really a disappointing guy.

Yuuji and Kotarou were walking towards the location of yesterday's fierce battle.

For some reason today's air is tasty....

Yuuji held trekking pole in his left hand, with a good mood he was humming a song while he swung the shovel in his right hand as he was walking.

Yuuji arrived at the place where the goblin corpses were scattered around by sensing the scent of blood for 5 minutes.

Wou..... Even after one day passed, guro stuff is still guro. Let’s dispose them without watching too much. The first thing is to dig a hole. Kotarou, you can play nearby. I will call for you when I have finished.

*Za...*! *Ga...*! *Buchibuchibuchi...*!

Yuuji dug the ground while vigorously cutting through the tree roots. In a blink of an eye, a large hole had been dug.

Ok, Ok. As expected for the digging hole, the shovel is efficiently cut through the tree roots..... and then yoi! Even if I have noticed that I am awesome! My body is strange!

Just to pointing out the ridiculousness, he was doing self-tsukkomi. The reliable Kotarou was not near him now. His lonely fate was sorrowful.

Yuuji breathed heavily with a whiff. Anyhow, he had put the disposal as the first priority now. He tossed the goblin bodies to the large hole, while he was at it, he also threw the tree roots that he had cut and twigs into the hole before he buried it.

Alright. After this is the real issue. Hey, Kotarou!

Yuuji who had finished with the disposal called out to Kotarou. Now, he quickly returned to the house.
Together with Kotarou, he was checking up his own body condition on the garden.
The result was...

Vertical jump height is 1 meter. Horizontal jump is 3 meter. I can’t measure short distance and long distance run, and ball throwing... I don’t know what this is called. But, by body feeling my strength had increased. I think it has increased by 20% from my High School record. Yet, my height and weight don't seems to have changed. I wonder if it’s because I defeated a monster and leveled up. What do you think Kotarou?

As if she was replying, Kotarou bark “Woofwoof”. “Even if you asking me that, I don’t understand it, you know?” was something it seems she wanted to say.

By the way Kotarou, didn’t you get bigger? Is it just my imagination? Hm... Since no matter how I think about it I still don’t understand, for now let think this as a good think and don’t worry about it. Yes, that’s true, let’s do that.

With a monologue in a loud noise, he proclaimed his resolution to leave all the hard thinking to someone else.
Even if his physical ability increased, Yuuji was still Yuuji.
“Woof!” Kotarou was the same.


I think Yuuji INT or WIS stats are below average....
Yuuji (Lv.2?) and Kotarou (Lv.3?)

[1] Bufferin バファリン (Lion Corp. ライオン株式会社 Raion Kabushiki Gaisha) : A magnesium carbonate buffered acetylsalicylic acid drug. An analgetic.
[2] Pabron パブロン (Taisho Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd. 大正製薬株式会社, Taishō Seiyaku Kabushiki-gaisha) there are several brand of this drug. A cold drug mainly contains combination of analgesic, decongestant, and mucolytic.
[3] Vantelin バンテリン (Kowa Corp. 興和株式会社 Kōwa Kabushiki Gaisha). An antiinflamatory and analgetic topical cream, ointment, etc. that consist of oils and short-chain aliphatic alcohol, aliphatic glycerol and glycerin.
[4] Baka: Stupid, Fool. Watch Baka to test to know about this
[5] Does this mean that Kotarou will turn into one?


  1. haha awesome thanks for the chapter XD

  2. Yuuji : Loner NEET Lv 2
    Kotarou : All Mighty Hero Lvl 3

  3. Kotarou is too considerate!!! The first night she was suffering and didn't even wake Yuuji. He only noticed because this time he was in pain as well...

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  5. It's strange that even though it was Yuuji that went snip snip on the first group of goblins, it was Kotarou that lvled up and he lvled up only now.

    1. This is just my guess but maybe because Yuuji low INT stat.
      Some TRPG use INT to calculate experience needed to level up or experience bonus.
      Or, Kotarou had lower exp needed or she had a cheat or "Hero" title.... Who know?

  6. Isn't it because they came in contact with the goblin blood? And that's why the first time arounf MC didn't get stronger. This time the blood "covered" him.

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    Whole boy hurts, boy -> body
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