13 October 2015

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 2 - Part 4

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Yukkuri Oniisan

There are depictions of little girl. Please note this warning if you weak to loli and stuffs.

Chapter 2: Yuuji a “Loner-NEET” Evolves into “NEET”
Part 4. Yuuji, Nursing the Little Girl from Another World

The little girl he discovered was a little dirty, emaciated, and unconscious. Yuuji called out to her to check if she was asleep, but even after shaking her, there was no response.
By looking at her chest and long red hair, it seemed to be a girl. Her height was just about 1 meter.
Because he couldn’t just leave her as it is, Yuuji picked up the little girl. Maybe because she had lost so much weight, he was surprised by how light she was. Without shaking her too much, he carried her in his arms and brought her back to his house.
“This was not a kidnapping, it’s guardianship” he persuaded himself.

Yuuji who arrived at the house, laid the red haired little girl down on the leather sofa in the living room. It wasn’t because that Yuuji was worried that his bed would get dirty or smell that he did this.
The unconscious little girl was so emaciated she was just skin and bones. She was obviously not in good condition. Even Yuuji could understand this.
To nurse the little girl, things like washing the dirt off from her, or giving her food to eat, without taking eyes from her, rather than a room in second floor, Yuuji thought that the living room was much better.

To become this thin, I wonder if it was because she was stranded. Since she was unconscious, soup is no good. For now let’s make something for her to drink from lukewarm boiled water, sugar and salt....[1]

When Yuuji went to the Kitchen to boil the water, “Is she okay?” Kotarou was worried and paced restlessly back and forth near the sofa where little girl was lying.

With a glass of lukewarm water that had been cooled to human body temperature, Yuuji straightened up the little girl.
“Start with just a little bit.” While saying those words, he poured a small amount to the little girl’s mouth.
Although a lot spilled out, with resilient patience he poured small amounts of water repeatedly.
He did this repeatedly until the glass was half-empty.

The little girl opened her eyes slightly.

Oh? Ooooh! Are you okay? Ah! It’s fine if you can’t talk, first of all, you should drink this.

He put the glass once again against the young girl’s lips, and slowly poured into her mouth.
*gulp*, the young girl made a sound when she swallowed.

After spending a lot of time drinking the glass of water, the little girl once again closed her eyes.

Will she be alright? For now, should I prepare hot water or soup? There should be still ingredients to make corn potage.....

“Today will have one heck of a long night.” Yuuji strengthened his resolution quietly.

Is it morning already?...... The sun seems to be yellow.....

Yuuji was talking to himself again. “Mou, even at this time you still talking like that?” as if saying that, Kotarou stared at him coldly.

By no means was that Yuuji an indecent person. It was just a little joke because of tension from his sleepless night. To begin with, Yuuji wasn’t a Lolicon. He was in the Big Breast faction.[2]
Leaving that(Yuuji's sexual disposition) aside.

Yuuji had been nursing the little girl all night. First he gave her boiled water with salt and sugar to replenish calorie and electrolytes. After that he fed her diluted potage soup, while cleaning her face and limbs with a hot towel. The little girl was then sleeping peacefully.
He saw that her face complexion had become little better.

Let’s make some soup, and then prepare the bath and change of clothes..... Although the clothes are too big, I think my sister’s clothes are good enough.

For the sake of the time when the girl wake up, Yuuji hastily made preparation with clattering and rattling sound.

If it was the usual days, Kotarou would follow Yuuji around as if to monitor his conduct, however, today it seemed that she was watching over the girl in the living room. “I wonder if she is okay.” She was worried and repeatedly stood up, sat down, and pacing back and forth, sometimes she put her two front legs on the sofa to take a peek at the little girl. What a kind girl. She’s a dog though.

Finished with the preparations, one guy and one animal were watching over a little girl.

Although he didn’t realize it because of the emergency situation, she was the first person that Yuuji had met in 10 years other than his family.
Gradually, rather than worrying that she won’t wake up, he began to worry about what should he do if she does woke up.

Little by little, his mental strain rose. To stabilize his mind, Yuuji held Kotarou in his arms. Some time had passed.
The little girl began to slightly open her eyes for the first time, and before long the others noticed it.

Di-did you wake up? How’s your body? A-a-a-a-are you okei.....?

“Are you okay? In the first place, can she understand your language?” Yuuji did a self-tsukkomi inside his mind.

The girl began to open her mouth.

Ano[3]...... Where is this?


The best line on this chapter: “This was not a kidnapping, it’s guardianship”.
With this I finished today triple release so that I can make some preparations (clothes, toothbrush, etc) and stuff things to my little sister’s Rilakkuma travel bag (that I borrowed).
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[1] What Yuuji make was some crude homemade “Oral Rehydration Solution” that IS IMPORTANT in WHO’s 10 Steps Severe Malnutrition Treatment. For reader who interested in this 10 steps: click here.  If you wonder why I know about this, it's because I'm a (General Practitioner) Doctor/Physician or whatever you called a guy with white coat who just love putting cold stethoscope to your chest and demand exorbitant fee for examining you.
[2] To reader that confused by the joke. The line that Yuuji use was a one liner used when you woke up in the morning after performing the “deed” last night, or something like that.
[3] my blog policy is to not translate ano from girl character.Ano means “ummm” or “errrr.” An expression to draw attention from another person.


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