26 October 2015

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 2 - Part 10

Translator Corner
This is Yukkuri demasu!

Mira’s LN chapter 1 part 1/2 is 50% edited.
Kazura’s Chapter 25 is 33% edited.
The editors seem to be busy with their RL, so it can’t be helped. Let’s just wait for them to finish it.
In the meantime, here’s another Yuuji’s story.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee that I translate 100% correct, or my English grasp on grammar is good

Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 2: Yuuji a “Loner-NEET” Evolves into “NEET”
Part 10. Bulletin Board Yuuji, Reporting the Another World Situation by Uploading Video of Magic

Loner-NeetI finally came out after 10 years, but my home came to another-worldish place Part-2

1: Cool NEET
This is the thread to enjoy the report, images and videos of another world that 1desu has uploaded.
Is it really another world? How did he fabricate it? This is the thread to verify ths.

The next thread will be set up after this thread reaches >>980

923: Yuuji
It’s serious it’s freaking serious[1]

924: Anonymous ETNE
This Hachibe, no, that’s wrong... this Yuuji
What has made you flustered, lad?[2]

925: Anonymous NEET
>>924 What’s with the old man way of talking?

926: Yuuji
Since there’s quite a lot that I want to report
First big news is that

Alice has become my stepsister

927: YES Lolita NO Touch
A sister that’s unrelated by blood....
Something red flowed from my eyes.....

928: Anonymous NEET
Just death!
Ups a mistake
Just die![3]

929: Anonymous NEET
Oh God
Please smite Yuuji

930: Yuuji
Prepare for something intense

According to Alice there seems to be villages and city inside the forest
This is a great forest that’s being pioneered and opened
From Alice’s village to the city is about one day away waling at an adult’s pace

Also the highest ruler is the King, and the feudal lord in the city seems to be a knight

931: Well Informed NEET
The territory of a knight, right?
Did he possess the territory first then gain a peerage as a knight?
Or was the territory a part from the Knight peerage?
Or maybe, as a distinguishable service as a knight he was given a territory?[4]

At any rate, it seems there are nobles and a system of governance.

932: Cool NEET
If it’s Knights, they’ve existed since Ancient Rome until Middle Ages[5]
But the likely winners are of course the European Middle Ages

Yuuji, do you know where the city is located?
Do you know how many days Alice has wandered in the forest?

933: Anonymous MEAT
Oooo, Civilization!
But the template seems to be European Middle Age
I want more of twist on it...

934: Professor Acorn
At any rate, that’s good news!
Even for me, it’s impossible to survive only on acorns everyday!

935: Yuuji
It looks like Alice was in the forest for about 3-5 days
She seems to not remember very clearly
I‘m not sure, but it seems that the city is near the river

I still have more new information
Beastkin certainly exist, of course they have kemomimi[6]
Elf and dwarf are also mentioned in stories

936: Overwhelming Dog-Person
Hyahou! [7]

937: YES Lolita NO Touch
Are there any Loli-Elves?
Are the female dwarves also a lolis?

938: Anonymous NEET
Where’s the images!

939: Anonymous NEET
A European Medieval flavored Fantasy template...

940: Well-Informed NEET
No wait
If Dvergar[8] is mentioned in the stories
It might not be European Middle Ages but the Dark Ages
With Witch Hunt, Black Death, War, or Crusaders
I like dark fantasy stories like that.[9]

941: Anonymous NEET
Yuuji enters a mercenary troupe and then gets betrayed
Carrying a big f*cking swords on his back
With an artificial arm he then starts his journey
I can already imagine the story

942: Cool NEET
Beastkin, Elevs, Dwarves
Fantasy races exist?

Since it’s Fantasy then what about the inseparable magic?

943: Yuuji
I waiting for someone to say that 942
I have the videos

Miracles and magic do exist
Every magic that Alice can use

Daily Life Magic: Ignition[10]

Daily Life Magic: Desalination[11]

Daily Life Magic: Breeze[12]   but it’s hard to see

Fire Magic: Fireball[13]

Earth Magic: Slingshot[14]

944: Anonymous ETNE

945: Anonymous NEET
This is fine CG

946: Anonymous NEET
Isn’t this some high level CG?
Is this really an advertisement for a film trailer?

947: YES Lolita NO Touch
MagicalGirl Bombastic Birth! Right!
Alice-chan is cute Alice-chan!

948: Anonymous MEAT
Eh? What do you think?
There is no guro[15]?
Is it fine?

949: Cool NEET
It’s a video of Alice-chan making fire or water in the garden
There is no guro
She surely is cute

950: Anonymous NEET
She can use fireball and slingshot fine but
She seems to be a bit puzzled and cast it with difficulty
It’s slow and doesn’t go far, so it’s kinda cute

951: Cool NEET
It’s decided to be a Fantasy Europish with a lot of races and magic
But the time period is still unknown

952: YES Lolita NO Touch
Never mind the small details!
Yuuji, put some costume on Alice!

953: Camera Ossan
When the fire came out it also properly cast shadows
If it’s a doctored CG video then the level is very high
But since video is not my specialty I don’t really know

954: Cool NEET
If Alice can use magic then is magic widespread?
Can Yuuji also be able to use magic?

955: Anonymous ETNE
I am a wizard[16] but I can’t use magic

956: Anonymous MEAT
O, oh!
Cheer up 955!
I-I also the same....

957: Yuuji
I don’t know if magic is widespread or not.
But it seems that among the village children, only Alice can use magic

I still can’t use magic
For now, here’s a video of Alice teaching how to use magic

958: Anonymous NEET
Alright! With this I will also earn about magic!
I will think of a cool aria!

959: Anonymous ETNE

960: Anonymous NEET
What is this?

961: Well Informed NEET
I can’t understand what Alice or Yuuji is saying
Is the voice sped up?

962: Anonymous NEET
I can’t understand what they are talking about

963: Anonymous MEAT
I have been waiting in expectation
If the voice had been tampered, it’s really cruel!

964: Anonymous NEET
Did he forget to put subtitle?
It must be a foreign funded film, huh?

965: Yuuji
What are all of you talking about?
Alice and I are speaking normally you know...?

966: Cool NEET
Ah, I see....

The reason why they understand each other
Yuuji is also speaking in that mysterious language
It’s that kind of setting, huh?

By the way what are both of you talking about?

967: Yuuji
Eh? Eh?
Well, whatever, let’s see...

Yuuji Alice, how do you use magic?
Alice I think I want to make fire, *uun*, then put it *nnnn*, and my belly become *pokapoka* warm. And then, after it *guruguru*, move it to the hand, and thinking “fire ignite!” then “Ei!” it will happen[17]
Yuuji Indeed I don’t understand

968: Anonymous NEET
Indeed I don’t understand

969: Anonymous ETNE
It’s a matter where I understand the words but not the meaning

970: Cool NEET
Please explain it with mana or magic power or something like that....
No, perhaps it’s only because Alice-chan doesn’t know about it

At any rate, the city the city!
Yuuji, move your ass to the city!

971: YES Lolita NO Touch
Alice-chan who close her eyes and makes *uun* sound
Alice-chan who charge her hand and makes *gugu* sound
Alice-chan who wave her hand and yells *ei*

What is the child actor’s name?
She is missing from my database

972: Anonymous NEET
971 is really gross

973: Anonymous MEAT
Gentlemen let’s just be honest here
People who do the things taught by Alice-chan and make *nnnn*gugu*ei*!  sounds


974: Camera Ossan

975: YES Lolita NO Touch
I also do it with the moves!

976: Anonymous ETNE
I also do it with chanting aria!
977: Cool NEET

978: Well Informed NEET

979: Overwhelming Dog-Person

980: Yuuji

981: Professor Acorn
>> 980, ah, Yuuji-kun next thread please

982: Yuuji

983: YES Lolita NO Touch
All things considered, First, big news
Is about bringing home a stepsister....
I understand you, Yuuji


EMOJI Dictionary:
(`・ω・´) : Raise your hand, I give my motion on this, I agree, me too
(*`・ω・): Saluting *aye*aye*sir!*
(*´Д`): Raising the hand while talking
(o’Д’): Raising the hand while being embarrassed

My favorite phrase for this chapter:
"Something red flowed from my eyes"
"Indeed I don’t understand"
Naruhodo wakaran

[1] The original is てへんだ, てへんだtehenda, tehenda, a Sendai dialect variation for大変だtaihenda
[2] 924 speak in an old men way of speak with a lot of “じゃjya” Hard to render it to English
[3] Both are pronounced “しねshine”, Where the speaker command the listener to GO DIE. The first form is氏ね (is a deliberate way to write shine, but the kanji used is wrong, usually to evade being censored) the second form is 死ね the real kanji for “shine”.
[4] What 932 means: The first: Had a lot of land grant a peerage (noble is major landholder from opening new land or conquering new land – like late Rome, land belong to him from the start) like the Equites of Rome.
The second: grant a peerage à receive land or territory according to that peerage (noble receive demesne like Middle Age Britain, land belong to the peerage), like the Knights in France or England.
The third: have a peerage but bestowed with land as achievement (noble is mainly landless but maybe granted land from the country, land may or may not be inherited by the successor).
[5] Fun Fact: In Rome they are referred as Equestrian or Equites Order. Their political power is just second to the Patrician
[6] Kemomimi or kemonomimi: Have beasty ears, what the English furry term for it? Too lazy too google.....
[7] A cute way to say yahoo, yeah, etc in great glee
[8] Dvergar is the proper old Nordic name for Dwarf
[9] Just go and read Kuro no Maou.
[10]生活魔法:着火Seikatsu Mahou: Chakka. Seikatsu means daily life as like for cleaning, washing, cooking, working, etc. Chakka can also means kindling fire, but ignition sounds cooler...
Livelihood Magic sounds strange, Living Magic imply there are Dying Magic and if it just Life Magic will be confused with Healing Magic, so I choose Daily Life Magic.
Or maybe it should be Housework Magic
[11]生活魔法:造水 Seikatsu Mahou: Zousui
[12]生活魔法:微風 Seikatsu Mahou: Soyokaze
[13]火魔法:火の玉 Hi Mahou: Hinotama. I use Hi (kunyomi) and not Ka (onyomi) Since it’s not Katon no Jutsu.
[14] 土魔法:石つぶてTsuchi Mahou: Ishitsubute. Although it can be called Do Mahou (onyomi), I use Tsuchi (kunyomi) like for Hi Mahou for consistency sake. Also Ishitsubute means throwing rock/stone, since it sounds not cool, I change it to slingshot, since it sling a shot of rock, get it? Okay that’s a lame joke
[15] Guro in the meaning of grotesque, gore and blood.... Not my little brother blog (he’s translating 112 to 114 by the way)
[16] Wizard (魔法使いMahoutsukai) a slang for male virgin that was >30 years old. If >40 y.o. virgin it’s was a sage (賢者Kenja), if >50 then it’s Rafael... I mean Great Sage (大賢者Daikenja)
[17] It also doesn’t that make that much sense in Japan RAW since Alice mainly use onomatopoeia and grunting, and so much ne. Such childish and girlish way of talking is lost in translation to English.


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