12 November 2015

Our New World - Chapter 2: Part 1

Now that whatever translation schedule for today is finished. Finally I had time to type the story. The second day is really too long.
Disclaimer note: A very long slice of life chapter... Since actually this is a SoL series...
The tense jumped from past and present tenses, because the narratives jumped back and forth between what Yuuto think (present tense) and the story narrative (past tense)

Chapter 2: The Heaven Lords in the New World
Part 1: Second Day in Purple Colored World

Yuuto opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling.
It was not his room’s white ceiling. Did he slept at the laboratory again? Why that Tanaka bastard didn’t wake him up? What time is it?
Oh, 09:15. He wakeup late....

Then Yuuto realized the various game like windows in his vision, and the various armaments displayed on the wall.
This was his Personal Room on the MMOFPVRPG Rage Against Heaven Online.
Although he already understood from yesterday that he had been “transported” (for the lack of better word) to this strange ‘reality’ where the game turn real. But after finding that today he was still at this ‘reality’, it leaving an even deeper impact on his mind. ‘This is REAL. Not a DREAM.’ Well, except for the game like windows that were cluttering his vision that break the sense of ‘everything is real’.
Let’s clean some of them. Yuuto opened the Window Customization Settings.
The Character Status, just leave the 3 Color Bars. Everything minimalized.
Radar and Map? Increase the transparency, adjusting the size, leave the default map scale to 10m, default indicator settings: hostile only, and done.
Chat Log? Just leave it at 2 line.
Quick Use Window isn’t needed anymore since we don’t ‘play’ this with a controller. So it closed.
Well, now the view is clearer.
Now what should he do?

For the time being let do a pointless flashback scene:


Day 1 of arrival. 20:11

After healing and resurrecting... Every member was dead tired. Even if it only Ichiko that was casting mass healing and resurrection spells nonstop, every other member invested their MP into Ankh of Life. So most of their MP bar was more than half depleted. Based on this experience, Yuuto thought that MP depletion will cause a feeling of mental lethargy, different from SP depletion that causes physical exhaustion.

So they were now resting on the Central Circle Room, or more exactly, were slouching on the sofas and couches. On the round crystal table were various leftover snacks and desserts from the welcoming party that ended prematurely since the Heaven Lords were going on healing the Knights instead. It seems that Mitteherz already seen that they will return to this room and prepared the snacks beforehand. Yuuto’s evaluation on the middle aged man was greatly improved.

The snacks were soon gobbled up by the girls. Even if they are tired, their appetite were still tremendous or is it the contrary? They eat because they tired? Or is it just because of their growing spurt?
While Yuuto was thinking this (useless) thoughts, a small young girl with a very cute face suddenly raised her voice, her twintails were swaying by her sudden moves and also her *erm* relatively huge breast for her age. That girl was Saki, she now was in her Real ID appearance, so her hair and eye color are back into black color and her tail and rabbit ear disappeared.

“I have a suggestion!” (Saki)

Her cutesy voice resounded on the room.

“It’s must be another silly proposal...” (Stella)

Nozomi... errr.... Stella grumbled. Her messy long dark hair is spread out disorderly as she sprawled face down at the bed-sofa. At some point of time she had changed her peach princess dress into an inconspicuous white jersey. But it just makes her more like some horror movie extra.
Her grumble was more or less justified, since this afternoon she had suggesting numerous thing like ‘Let’s refer each other using Game ID in public’ or ‘Let’s use our game appearance when in public’ or ‘Let’s Yuuto-san became Archduke and every of us as the Duchess’ or ‘everyone should inside one big Party since the Part maximal member is 12 person’ or ‘Let’s follow Yuuto-san and Ichiko-neesan quietly and then surprised them!’
The surprising fact was everyone easily agreed with her. It must be nice to be young, loli and big breasted! Or her real ID was some kind of mind-manipulating monster.
Stella was trashing and rolling at the bed-sofa like a child. Then she stood up, went to the crystal table and devoured the cakes with an unbelievable speed.

“What do you want to suggest Saki-chan?” (Ichiko)

Even if she was tired, Ichiko was still sitting in professional lady-like manners, like receptionists or secretaries, with her back straight, firm posture, and elegant smile. If she wears glasses and tied her shoulder long black luster hair into a ponytail, she would have an elegant teacher look and then if she wears a nurse cap she can become the stern yet caring nurse. Or so that what Yuuto thought his cousin will say. He personally thought that Ichiko is better with apron (still wearing clothes inside) or in lab coat (still wearing clothes inside) while her hair gathered in a bunch for a homely look.

“It’s about the order of us as Duchesses. Since Kiyomi-nee already took the First Duchess position, how about we assign the rest of the position?” (Saki)

The overtly intimate in-game-wife of Yuuto, Kiyomi previously proclaimed that as the wife of the Archduke Yusis, Melbiena should hold the rank of First Duchess. Since she was so insisting, the other members quickly agree. Really this girl is really frightening. Yuuto never saw she lost in argument with others. Maybe because she so obstinate and stubborn, but Yuuto think that this side of her is also cute, as long as she doesn’t turn into a yandere, that is, Yuuto read the kitchen knife since the incident in the high school.
The person herself, is savoring the multicolored ice cream cone, while sitting beside him with a very blissful expression. ‘Good grief, how much do you like the Ice Cream?’ Remarked Yuuto as he saw rows of the empty bowls and glasses. Where all the sugars and the fats went into? That’s a maiden ultimate secret.
But with her long straight black hair, well rounded face, big eyes, sensual lips that is stained with the white from the cream, her tongue that lasciviously licking the melting dripping cream, somehow eating Ice Cream Cone turned into quite sensual.
Yuuto started to recite List of Japanese Emperors according to Konjiki to divert his mind.

“What for?” (Stella)

Stella raised herself atop of her soon to be slaughtered cake...

“Well... Since it’s fun....?” (Saki)

The cute girl tilted her head to the side and put her finger on one of her cheek. Yuuto swear that Stella somehow become angrier, luckily she haven’t exposed to any Gamma Radiation so there will be no uncontrollable rampage.

“Well, it’s not a bad idea. Since fun is important how about we just do it?” (Yuuto)

Yuuto smiled. Well, since it was one of the girls own idea, he should just follow it. It’s good for the girls to be able to take initiatives by themselves. After all, it’s still unknown for how long they will be in this ‘reality’. If there is something that they wanted to do, as long as it not dangerous, Yuuto thought that it would be good for them. Having fun is important after all.

“You always strangely agree with Saki... So she’s your ty- *Humph*....” (Stella)
“What do you mean by it....” (Yuuto)

Stella stared at Yuuto with disdainful look then threw her face away. If this was a manga, Yuuto’s head will have a big sweat drop pasted on it. Man, girls is so hard to understand.... even Rubic cube have reliable video tutorial.... Girls? Well that’s really hard.

 “So how we will choose the order?” (Ichiko)
“Just let Yuuto decide it!” (Stella)
“Huh? Why me?” (Yuuto)
“You are the one who agree with it in the first place. Be a man and take the responsibilities!” (Stella)
“Fine... fine...But do anybody objects?” (Yuuto)

“No objections.” (Ichiko)
“I agree with whatever your idea, Dear Husband.” (Kiyomi)
“No.” (Chie)
“Nay!” (Saki)
“None from us” (Mizuki)

‘Good grief, you girls are too laidback.’
Yuuto shook his head and saw at the rest of the girls.
Chie was sitting quietly near him without raising any sound since they enter the room. With her quiet demeanor, sidetailed hair, small stature, and well featured face. If she didn’t blink, Yuuto might think that she is some sort of a teen-sized human doll. But this also makes it quite hard to guess what she was thinking since she never shows overt expression on her face. But she did seem tired as her expression mellowed for abit.
While the Shirazawa twins, Mizuki and Tsukimi were sitting side by side in the large sofa. Well, although there are some really small difference (since they are fraternal twins, this is inevitable), these sisters twin really looks like a reflection of each other. Right now, Tsukimi was resting her head at Mizuki’s lap. She must be tired by the event at evening. Mizuki was gently stroking her little sister head. Seeing this heartwarming scene of the twin, Yuuto smiled.

“Is that so? Then tell me your age.” (Yuuto)
“Hah? Age? For what! That’s private information you know! Also it’s rude to ask a maiden for the age!” (Stella)

Stella raised her objections. ‘Please wipe the cake cream on your mouth before talking, Stella’ Yuuto retort in his heart.

“Well, since you let me decide how I should hand over the Duchess ranks order. I guess we should decide it by the age.” (Yuuto)
“This is tyranny by majority!” (Stella)
“Stop filibustering, Nozomi.” (Ichiko)

With a soft tone, Ichiko restrained Nozomi Stella who soon replied with ‘It’s Stella! Stella!’
Disregarding Stella, Yuuto then continue to speak.

“Well, since it would be unfair, I should be the one who tell his age first. I’m 23. Now that’s easy right?” (Yuuto)
“I’m 17. 2nd Year in Highschool.” (Kiyomi)

Kiyomi speak immediately after Yuuto. He looked at her for a moment before returned to his usual expression. But inside his heart he speak, ‘If Tanaka know I get myself a JK as a wife, he will cried out tears of blood.’ However, Yuuto didn’t realized that if Tanaka knew Yuuto, who was always cooped out in the lab in his free time, was surrounded by 7 girls for God unknown how long, he will leaked out blood from every pore of his body because of intense envy. And, in the first place Yuuto cooped himself in the lab mainly for the university high speed internet to play RAHO while waiting for the experiment data were compiled and the experimental model tested, while the Professors though Yuuto was a model student.

“I thought you still in highchool Yuuto-san.” (Saki)
“Well, I guess this reality make my face younger? But I’m really 23, a postgraduate student.” (Yuuto)

Well he was a little happy inside, ‘Thank you for inheriting me your youthful gene, Mother’. He deeply thank his youthful mother in his heart.

“What major do you take?” (Ichiko)
“Mechanical Engineering. Mechatronics to be specific.” (Yuuto)
“Do you build mecha? *eyes sparkling*” (Saki)

Saki, mechatronics is not about building Mecha, although it would be cool, sadly it’s not. Though Yuuto was more surprised about the fact that Saki seemed to like these stuffs. Well, his department also had many female students, so perhaps it’s normal.

“No... But I participated on a team that build powered exoskeleton for civilian use. Like Iron Man but without weapon.” (Yuuto)
“That’s still cool!” (Saki)
“Well... I’m only an assistant though. So it’s not like I am the one who built it personally. But we are now sidetracked.” (Yuuto)
“Tell me next time about it, okay? Yuuto-san, please” (Saki)

Well... robot is a man’s dream. Even if Saki a female, it didn’t matter. Since she’s cute and cute is justice, everything is forgiven.

“Fine, then let’s continue our topic. Ichiko, I presume you are the oldest from the girls, since you already working and graduate from University. So let’s start from you.” (Yuuto)

Well, it was very obvious. After all, the aura that Ichiko radiated was very different from the others. A ripe and mature scent that most teenagers lack (don’t ask how Yuuto know about this, blame his cousin). Also the fact that Yuuto know her real world age range based on her log in habit and guild’s chat tidbits (though he only knew her as a working adult that graduated from some university).

“I’m 24.” (Ichiko)
“That’s young.” (Stella)

Stella was surprised, due to she was thinking Ichiko was at the latter half of 20s.

“How rude. I’m still young. Well maybe not that young from the others.” (Ichiko)

She replied Stella comments with a not so serious annoyed look and wry smile.

“Hahaha.... How should I put it, maybe because you really look far more mature?” (Yuuto)
“Yeah, really like an onee-san (oneesanpoi)” (Saki)

Yuuto was laughing while Saki smiled brightly. Ichiko become a little flustered.

“Well... Maybe that’s because I’m the eldest from the girls?” (Ichiko)

She replied with a weak smile. Well the bashful Ichiko is also a nice variation from the usual tense Ichiko. Yuuto thought inside his heart.

“So, with this Ichiko will be the Second Duchess. The Third must be Stella. From your age then I’m guessing a university student?” (Yuuto)

Now that Stella is finished, Yuuto switched the target of harassment to Stella.

“20. And yes I’m a university student. Hey, isn’t you supposed guess my age from my occupation and not the other way?” (Stella)

Yuuto didn’t understand why she mad. She really looks older than Kiyomi and the rest. Well, if Yuuto said this, he 95% sure that she would hit him with Catastrophe level magic. (She’ll not.)

“What major are you, Nozomi?” (Ichiko)
“It’s Education. I studied to be a Mathematics teacher....... Wait, did you just call me Nozomi?” (Stella)

The room became silent for a while. Who can guess that this otaku-gamer chick was learning to become a teacher, moreover Mathematics. The others are speechless by this revelation, obviously since there is no speck of hint about her as a teacher or even Mathematician aura in her.
If Yuuto could choose between True and Doubt, he will immediately chose Doubt.
Well, she cherishes loli-characters, so maybe this is her reason to become a teacher? Thank God she is a girl. If she was a guy, Yuuto will keep Chie and Saki away from her to a safe distance.

“What with long pause?” (Stella)
“Woah... Stella-nee is a teacher? Should I call Stella-sensei instead?” (Saki)
‘GJ Saki!’ (Yuuto)
“Stop it!” (Stella)

Although Stella asked Saki to stop with a harsh tone, but her face was smiling.
‘You really enjoyed called as a sensei huh? Or because the one said it is a loli....’ thought Yuuto.

“Well, with this the Third Duchess will be Stella. Then the fourth after Kiyomi is Mizuki? You’re the older twin right?” (Yuuto)

Well, 4 spots to go. The next one will be the twins. It’s obvious since they are taller than Saki and Chie. Although height to age correlation is not absolute, it was an educated guess from Yuuto.

“Yes. We both are 16. 1st Year in Highschool.” (Mizuki)

Mizuki answered for herself and her sister portion. Tsukimi although opened her eyes while still lying on her sister’s lap, didn’t said anything. Well, she hasn’t talking too much since the start. She could rival Chie in the smallest number of words speaking.

“So, then the Fo...” (Yuuto)
“*Objection*” (Saki)

When Yuuto was just started speaking, suddenly Saki shouted in a loud voice while standing up with her right index finger pointing straight ahead into an imaginary location on the air.
‘What with the flamboyant courtroom-like gesture, Saki-chan?’ Yuuto stared dumbfounded at Saki.

“Sorry, I always want to try it. But I think Shisou should be the Fourth Duchess. Since she... blofupherblirge.” (Saki)

Out of the blue, Chie put her hand on Saki mouth. Even with her mouth covered, Saki still trying to talk. She is really a tenacious girl.

“Chie?” (Yuuto)

Yuuto, just like the others, was confused by Chie action.

“................. I’m 18. 3rd Year Highschool” (Chie)

Chie paused for a moment, before reluctantly began to speak softly while hanging her head down as if to hide them. Saki who was liberated from Chie’s mouth hand cover, hug her while grinning broadly.
‘Wait. What? Chie is 18? I thought she was at the same age or a bit older than Saki since she as small as Chie. But she is 18? So, she is.... uhmmm... what that term again... ah, ‘Legal-Loli’? Tanaka would vomit blood if he knows this.’ Though Yuuto.
No, Yuuto, that’s wrong, Tanaka not only would vomit blood, but also expels various bodily fluids that you have no previous knowledge about it before, even every protoplasm of his cells would leaked out in magnificent and ostentatious manner.

“It’s a lie. You’re lying. Hahaha....” (Stella)

Stella stood up, made a weak laugh, took several step back, before fell sitting at a distant couch. She was shaking her head repeatedly, while her expression was as if the current reality had doomed to oblivion.
‘Why are you really that shocked?’ Yuuto confused by Stella’s grandiose reaction.

“So, Chie-san is older than me. Should I change how I refer you to Chie-senpai?” (Kiyomi)

Kiyomi was asking Chie who still doesn’t show any emote other than (〬ー〫) while even if being hugged by Saki. Chie just look at Kiyomi without any obvious response and then to Yuuto who was smiling, before sighed in capitulation. With that, the smiling Kiyomi accept that as a “Yes” response.

 “Uh... Hmm... Then the Fourth Duchess will be Chie. The Fifth will be Mizuki, the Sixth will be Tsukimi, and the Seventh will be Saki.” (Yuuto)

Yuuto concluded.
Since Tsukimi was tired, Mizuki took her back to their room. The dejected Stella also took leaves. Since it became so late and they were tired, the debriefing meeting prematurely ended. Well, Yuuto had a hard time sent Kiyomi off to her room, but she eventually dragged by Ichiko and Chie... Good grief Kiyomi, you can eat the remaining ice cream tomorrow you know, they wouldn’t run everywhere since the maids will put them into the refrigerator later (Yuuto had confirmed this with Mitteherz before) and you can continue eating them at another day.
In the end, Yuuto forget the real reason for them to gather in the room, which is to plan what they will do tomorrow. They didn’t even reach one meaningful conclusion since all they talking this night were about Duchess ordering and their real age.
Good grief these girls.... Well, most of them are just schoolgirls, so it’s not something unexpected.
Let’s just brainstorming by myself tonight.


Day 2 of arrival. 09:28

After washed his face and brushed his teeth. Yuuto changed his silk pajamas (self-made) into a casual modern white shirt and black trousers and is sitting on a chair in his room balcony that facing the rising sun direction, not that he can see the sun directly since the sky is covered by purple fog. But the pleasant morning wind was very nice.
Now Yuuto gathered his thought to plan what they should do next. In essential:
1.    Check the gate condition.
2.    Check the purple fog
3.    Check if they can enter area that previously can’t be accessed in the game or a new area that include checking the city and the castle.
4.    Check how much the difference and limitation of the game-like functions in this new reality with RAHO counterpart

This ‘reality’ have several windows, menus, and functions that cannot be found in the game, like Incarnation Mode, Limiter, orPhonecall. Even some old functions like Whisper can now be used  with the NPCs as their target. Yuuto confirmed this when he send text message to Mitteherz yesterday. Since information is very important, Yuuto decide to test other mode of communication, Phonecall and Chat.
The old function Chat were used back in the game to send message to the other Nearby Chat (defined as <10 m for game purpose), Map Chat (the range can be adjusted from 10 m to 100 km), or World Chat (every player in the server), there also Party Chat and Guild Chat that can only received by the part or guild members. To send message that will be received by the other player with Map Chat or World Chat, it will cost money since it need special item like Farspeaker or Fascaster that can be bought from the NPC. Private text conversation between players is considered as Whisper.
Well, since they can speak in this new reality, Yuuto really don’t think Chat will be of any use. Everything he or the girls speak also didn’t get recorded in the Chat Log Window so Yuuto didn’t know what this Window function for except for showing system message that only have 9 lines, 8 lines when they logged in, and 1 line: “Welcome back!” that always showed after players logged in.
Well, let’s just try it.

Nearby Chat
18-08-0002; 09:32:14 Yusis: Hello, testing.

Several second later, he got Phonecall from almost everyone, asking about his message. After telling them that he was just trying chat message and suggest that they ought to check the castle outside today, they agree to meet at 12:00 on Central Circle Room, Yuuto finished the Phonecall. Looks like it was possible to linked severalPhonecall together like a teleconference.
Well, since Chat losing it function as primary communication media, but it could serve as secondary media, since the message didn’t disappear with time. Yuuto then took a Farcaster and send a message.

World Chat
18-08-0002; 09:38:33 Yusis: If anyone could read this please wm me

If there is other players out there, Yuuto hope that they will reply back.
Since it will be the primary communication media, he try to test Phonecall message with NPC as the receiver side.

...*ring*..... *ring*..... *ring*.......*click*...... He-hello....? Ye-yes?
Is this Florea?
Do you know who am I?
Lo-Lord Highness Yusis...?
Good if you know about it. Do you have breakfast yet?
I-I have....
If that so, then come to my room quickly. Oh, and please bring me some breakfast, understand?
Ye-Yes! Right away- cer-sir!

She bitted her tongue. How cute.
Well, Yuuto need Florea to “test” various things, so he was waiting in the balcony enjoying the surreal purple sky scenery.

Yuuto snapped out from his daydreaming and go inside from the balcony to open the door.
Florea in her usual maid-café-ish attire is waiting in front of the door with a tray cart. As yesterday, her brownish yellow hair was tied into two bunches that resided on her shoulder, complementing her maid aura well. Maybe because she was a special player-purchased Guild NPC, her outer appearance was high spec, or is it just because the person in the Guild who handles the Guardian NPC creation and setting was MayDoeSueKey who was very unrelenting in pursuing what he called “The Ultimate Path of Maid” whatever that is. Oh yeah although MayDoeSueKey’s character was a watermelon-chest class onee-san, Yuuto pretty sure he is a Guy In Real Life. I mean there is no way that lecherous person that lust on maids to be a woman.
As Yuuto was reminiscing useless trivia, Florea was bowing to Yuuto and greeted him.

“Good Morning Lord Highness. I have come as you wished.”
“Yes quickly enter. Have you eaten breakfast yet?”
“Yes, I have, Lord Highness. Please excuse me.”

Florea entered the room and served a plate of various kinds of bread, jams, honey, cheese, meat floss, bacon, sunny side egg, salad, and fruit juice on the table on the balcony per Yuuto’s order. For a breakfast it was plentiful and luxurious, not an amount that one man can finished alone.
Yuuto took a brown rye bread and pasted it with jams, cheese and eggs. While biting it, he looked a Florea that standing flustered near him and beckoned her to also sit down. Florea showed a reluctant expression, but she abided Yuuto’s instruction albeit a bit nervous.

“You can also eat if you want.”
“N-No need for that-th-that Lord Highness....”
“Why are you fretting about?”
“N-n-n-n-n-no.... nothing...”

Florea casted her head down as if to hide herself from Yuuto’s direct line of sight. Yuuto’s impressions of her from yesterday, that she just like a frightened cute little animal was even more amplified.

“Florea, can you do something for me?”
“It’s simple Florea. I want you to perform a ‘certain service’ for me.”
“Don’t worry, it won’t hurt....”

The timid Florea became afraid of a certain glint on Yuuto’s eyes.


Day 2 of arrival. 12:20

In front of Neuschwanensee Castle Main Southern Gate, Yuuto and the other members had been gathered.
After performing some experiment with Florea, Yuuto found that the Florea can’t use Phonecall, but she can read the Chat although she can’t send any Chat message, she can also send and receive Message . Different from Yuuto that experience this as text for Florea it seems to be a kind of voice that she referred as Spirit Voice. Also she didn’t see any window in her field of view nor summon the windows to open. However, Florea seems to know by instinct about her HP MP, or SP bar and her status that Yuuto confirmed correlated well with the Guardian NPC status that he knew from MayDoeSueKey and what he the result that he get fromInstinct, a basic skill that every melee job had that can gauge the opponent’s level or strength.
Florea also can use her skills and magic, but different from what he and the others do yesterday, Florea need to chant before the magic activated. The chant was so chuuni, Yuuto doubt he would recite it in front of many people. Once again Yuuto was amazed by the strange halfway mix between Game and Fantasy World. There still a lot of mysteries about current ‘game functions’ limitations and how they applied to NPCs. But that can be tested later.

As for why they gathered in Southern Gate? Because after they had met up in the Central Circle Room, Yuuto suggested that they should check the Purple Fog, as it appearance seems to be happened coincidentally with the Neuschwanensee apparent disconnection from the World Server. He chose the South Gems Gate since it seems the enemy mainly conducted their attack from this place. This is the second objective as Yuuto wanted to check the “enemy” that the Gate Knights battle with. Maybe they are other players that he could ask for information about this ‘reality’.
It might be dangerous, so he asked everyone to put their best equipment setup and prepare for battle. Since Yesterday, they confirmed they could use skills like in the game, it would be fine. Even if turned to be dangerous, Yuuto had ordered the Gate Knights to standby nearby.

“Everyone ready?”

Yuuto asked to the girls. They were now in their Alternate ID appearance and suited in their best equipments.

Ichiko was dressed in her White Nightingale (Grade 9 Mythical) equipment set, while in her hand she carried her prized magic staff Misertus (Grade 9 Mythical) that the blue orb  top of it glitters under the sunlight.
Nozomi/Stela wore her colorful eye-catching definitely not a BeCure Horizon ripoff,Principalum Consequtio (Grade 9 Legendary)mini-skirt dress. She reluctantly wore it since it really embarrassing for a young adult wore a Mahou Shoujo outfit. In her hand was a painfully detailed love and star decorated golden Absolutio Luminensia (Grade-8 Divine) that seems to came out from an anime somewhere. Yuuto secretly take a screenshot at the flustered Stella that keeps holding her skirt down while her face is as red as cherry tomato. ‘If you that embarrassed by it, why don’t you Self Customized it?’ was something Yuuto had thought. Ups he can sense a glare from his side, his ‘wife’ was there, smiling.

Kiyomi was in her La Traviata Camelia (Grade-8 Divine)  Kimono like robe sets with flower pattern, in her hand was her simple Khakkara like staff Aria di Bravura (Grade-9 Mythical) that instead of six metal ring, it had six golden bells housed in concentric layer of semilunars that only rings if Kiyomi use summoning skill. Yuuto never get used to Kiyomi’s smile that somehow scary by itself.
The small Chie was wearing her crimson full light body armor sets with white accent that give of feelings of being crafted with dragon or the concept,Crimdottir (Grade-9 Mythical) that seems to be swallowed her even though the size of the enchanted equipment will be magically adjusted to the wearer physical appearance, a legacy from the game system, but seeing a little girl like her carry the large over than 2 meter long large blade Seventh Calibur (Grade-9 Mythical) was really a surreal scene.

Since Mizuki, Tsukimi, and Saki in-game equipment were not that really high, only using Grade 6 materials, since their level are relatively low, Yuuto and Chie loan their spare or old armor (mostly Grade 8 Legendary or higher) to them. As Yuuto and Chie didn’t use the same type weapon with them, Yuuto quick-smithing some Grade 7 Legendary weapon with basic minimal enchantment for their temporary use. But since making an Artibalista will took a long to time since there are many prerequisite parts to make it, Yuuto made a relatively simpler bowgun for Tsukimi.
Yuuto had promised that he will craft for them new Grade-8 equipments later after this with at least Legendary or higher quality grade. Since the three of them will not fight in the front rank, Yuuto thought that it will be sufficient for now.

Yuuto was wearing his best equipment, his signature dark modern military-uniform like leather armorEidwerh (Grade 9 Creation)and his trusty overenchanted (all +10 enchantment) sword Yobel (Grade 9 Creation). Well he didn’t play for over 3 years (5682 total game playing hours) for nothing. Although he didn’t step into the realm of level 100s players like the other who reached it after 2000 hours mark as he spend too much time crafting, gathering, or exploring, he can be considered as the few thousands players (out from half million players) with overenchanted equipment. Well he tends to forgot that he played is an honest to God MMORPG and not an Atelier game series.

Like what they usually do back in the game, they divide themselves into Front, Mid and Rear rank. Their party was far from ideal however, but that was something inevitable. Luckily, RAHO is an MMORPG where players were relatively easy to change their play-style.
In the front rank was Yuuto, who as the highest player with defense rating will serve as the ‘tank’, while Chie will deal damage from close melee range. In the mid rank Ichiko will give support buffs and healing, while Mizuki and Saki that will guard Ichiko and the rear rank from approaching enemy. In the rear rank was Stella that will cast offensive magic while Kiyomi will summon her Guardian Spirits or cast support magic. Kiyomi three summons will also reinforce front, mid and rear rank respectively.

“Ready.” (Chie)
“Same!” (Saki)
“No problem.” (Ichiko)
“I’m ready, dear Husband.” (Kiyomi)
“We too.” (Mizuki)
“Yes.” (Tsukimi)
“Just go already....” (Stella)

Seeing that the others nodded back to him, he then said:
“Now then, let’s go!”


South of Neuschwanensee City was a road called Royal Highway. It started from the Neuschwanensee Castle Southern Gate, Royal Gate before joined with the accessory roads that comes from the Neuschwanensee City’s West and East Gate respectively forming a trefoil junction. The road itself was an elevated road, suspended about 10 meters over the surrounding fields, supported by thick strong adorned stone pillars. Back when in the game it was the only road that the players can traverse with, since the other three roads and gates (North, West, East) only exist as a pixel on the background and couldn’t be interacted with. The road continues to the South Gems Gate in the South Golden Wall 4 kilometers south from the City, while the big Meinne River flowed on it right side and the crops fields spans as far as eye could see, interrupted by roads with carefully planted tree on it sides, ranches, and farm barns. The faraway kilometers high Barrier Cliffs can be seen circling the scenery as if they are inside a giant bowl, and just before the South Golden Wall, the Meinne River terminates into the wide Schwanensee Lake (it’s funny since Schwanensee already means Swan Lake). It was really a picturesque vista.
Of course Yuuto and others didn’t have any time to see this spectacle leisurely as they were running towards the South Gems Gate with terrifying speed. Well, since the main transportation in the game was on foot, the developers made players can run very fast (and even faster with SP penalty cost). So currently their speed was about 60 km/hour, but for high tiered player like Yuuto, he sure that he could run over 100 km/hour. The gate that was about 4 kilometer away will be reached just less than 5 minutes give or take. The sensation of wind blowing at him at high speed was exhilarating, just like riding motorcycle, but without the actual motorcycle. Yuuto didn’t know how he could run this fast, it seemed so natural for him, his breath didn’t even get heavier. It must be only because the ‘adrenalin rush’ but damn it’s really feel good!

In no time they arrived at the Gate. Although the Guardian Maids and a contingent of Gate Knights and City Guards that were following them from behind can also run pretty fast, their speed and stamina couldn’t match Yuuto and others, so they will arrived later.

“The wind ruined my hair....” (Stella)

Complain Stella, whose hair was devastated by the air resistance and wind, when they arrived at the South Gems Gate.

“Uuuu.... me too....” (Saki)

Yuuto see the rest of the girls, and except for Kiyomi, everyone had their hair disordered because of the same reason with Stella.

“Only, Kiyomi-san still has neat hair...” (Ichiko)
“What’s your secret, Kiyomi-neesama?” (Saki)

Saki who combing her hair with her hand asked the smiling Kiyomi who like usual is clinging on Yuuto.
‘Wait Saki! What are you talking about? What with ‘nee-sama’to Kiyomi? Add some –nii to my name too.’ Yuuto was thinking in pointless thing.

“When I previously running around in the castle, my hair get disordered by the wind, so the maid Veniosa suggest to cast a barrier so that the wind will not get too strong.” (Kiyomi)
“But I can’t cast barrier magic....” (Saki)
“You can ask Yuuto to create a Barrier Ring or something for that... So make me one...” (Stella)
“Yareyare... Fine, it will be done in a jiffy...” (Yuuto)

While waiting for the rest of guardian maids and the knights to arrive Yuuto create rings with basic barrier enchanted on it. While at it, Yuuto decided that he need to research about the limitation and properties of the barriers next time.
Then when the maids arrived the girls asked them to help them tidying their hair... Well although Yuuto just need to pat his hair down and it’s done, but Kiyomi insist that Yuuto’s hair need to be combed neatly by her.... There’s no way Yuuto could escape.... Nor he wanted to.


5 minutes later, on the top of the 66 meters high gigantic wall.
Yuuto was glad that the elevator function from the game was replicated in this new reality. But compared from the game, the current wall was vaster and contained background area (offices, storages, etc) that couldn’t be accessed when it was still a game. Since the wall was about 300 meters long and 10 meter wide, even when he brought 1000 people with him, there still enough space that the wall look too deserted.

The only reason the Guild choose to use this wall for their Holy Land was because this wall, although not that strong if compared with other choice of wall, was stupidly high.
“If you a man, you want for things to bigger than others” The Guild Master once proclaimed. Yuuto wonder if he was recompensating for something.
And yes the Neuschwanensee’s Guild Master’s character name was really “Guild Master”. Yuuto thought it’s funny how that set of name is permitted by the game system. When he asked Guild Master about this his answer was “Because the name Master Chief and Chief Master had already taken by someone else!”
The wall shape itself was more akin to a “Three Steps Stairs” with each “Step” is 21 meters high from the lowest position. The purpose was something like: to reach the top of the wall you must defeat the lower 2 walls first. Yuuto think that this is useless, since most high-end player can just use Flight skills or magic and bypassed the lower 2 walls. Maybe this designed heralded back from when before they implement flight mechanics.

In front of him, below the lowest wall, he could see the granite plaza with their giant guild emblem drawing on the granite floor that can only be seen properly if you watch it from the top. Beyond the granite plaza was the set of stairs that in the game will lead you to map selection screen, but now, he not so sure since it was engulfed by the purple fog that eerily waving around like it was pulsating back and forth.
From what Mitteherz said before, the purple fog sometimes get very close that it cover the entire wall, but sometimes recede very far only to show the enemy it had obscured. They hadn’t found any reliable pattern for it.

While behind the wall, he could see the Neuschwanensee City and Castle silhouette in the far distance. Behind the gate was the Schwanensee Lake. The Royal Highway bisected the 200 meter lake span with a Golden Gate like Bridge towards the South Gems Gate. On the lake he could see several civilian fishing boat and fisheries. The Gate Knights also employed several boats for lake crossings in case the bridge can’t be used or for fighting from it in the docks at the lowest level of the wall.

“Alright, let’s do test number 1, Mel, will you please.” (Yuuto)

As had Yuuto and the others previously discussed, the Purple Fog was one of the key point about the anomaly in this reality that’s different from the game. So they would conduct several tests to see what the Purple Fog real nature in first hand and then compared their result with what they had previously heard from Mitteherz. Hopefully, due to their relatively higher DSL level and stronger power, they could shed new information.

“Yes, dear Husband. Open Fifth Spirit Door: Cold Lake Fairy(Tatiana).” (Kiyomi)

Just like with her other summoned spirits, a strange door covered with ice and emitting cold fog appeared from the thin air, it opened and a blue haired blue eyed young girl that look like 10-12 years old came out from it as the door disappeared. The girl wear a checkered different hue of blue and pure white one-piece dress, a giant blue checkered ribbon in her head, and a set of insect-like wing on her back that had patterns like snowflakes.

“The Great Me (atashi-sama) has arrived! What do you need from me, Mel-jousama?” (Tatiana)
“Ah, Tat-chan, can you go and touch the purple fog in the front?” (Kiyomi)
“Umu, that is a simple task for the great me. Just wait and be proud for me, Mel-jousama!” (Tatiana)

Previously, Mitteherz had said about the properties of Purple Fog that cause fatal rotting for the one who touch it. So to test it, Yuuto suggest using Kiyomi summon since based on the game lore summoned spirits only have temporary body when summoned so if they died it will be okay. Tatiana was chosen for this since she could fly, had low MP expenditure, and had innate resistance to Rot or Decay bad status as a Fairy.
Tatiana flew with unbelievable speed that contradicted her seemingly small body. She then soon arrived at the border with the purple fog and touched it with both of her hand. She pushed through but it seemed that there was an invisible wall that she couldn’t pass through. When she informed this to Kiyomi via inherent Summoner-Summoned telepathic link (Kiyomi didn’t get surprised as she had experience this when she first summoned Rusalka yesterday). Tatiana then fly back to the top of the wall after asked by Kiyomi to return.

“Uuhh.... Mel-jousamaaaaa.....” (Tatiana)

Tatiana landed near Kiyomi with tears on both of her eyes as she showed her hand that had turn to purple. It looked like even the Fairy that had highest resistance to Rot and Decay still get affected by the Purple Fog.

“Does it hurt, Tat-chan?” (Kiyomi)
“No.... But it makes my skin color look ugly... It doesn’t match with my two-color scheme....” (Tatiana)
“Don’t cry. After I send you back home, it will be disappeared...” (Kiyomi)
“Really really....?” (Tatiana)
“......That’s true....Stop crying okay *pat*pat*pat*?” (Kiyomi)
“Hehehehe...” (Tatiana)

Seeing Kiyomi consoling Tatiana like a mother consoling her crying daughter, made Yuuto unconsciously commented her.

“You really have talent in being a mother.......” (Yuuto)
Wh-What... are you.... talking.....” (Kiyomi)

Kiyomi put both her hand on her blushing cheek and turn her head away from Yuuto.
‘What with the cute reaction?’

“I-If...you........ want...... then...... I wounldn’t mind.....”(Kiyomi)

 ‘Why does she turn the conversation to that way? Calm down Yuuto. Calm down.... She doesn’t really mean it.... She’s just joking around like usual.... Maybe....’ Yuuto started to purge and send some parts of his mind into frigid Siberia gulag.

“I-I need to check Tatiana’s hand....”(Yuuto)

Yuuto frantically changed the subject forcefully and started his examination by usingGod’s Authority Judgment: Impartial Appraisal on Tatiana’s hand to check the purple discoloration. It was a form of higher type appraisal skill that is higher tier than the appraisal that the common players had.

Checking the resulting string of text, made him a bit surprised when he found: Causality Paradox Decay. A type of bad status he never seen before, but something with Causality Paradox in its name wouldn’t be something good. Noting the bad status unique identification number, he then turned back to Kiyomi that still fidgeting while Tatiana ooked in confusion....

“Uumm, Mel, can you use your Acashic Record to search for information related to the Unique ID: 5g3r-8s9y?” (Yuuto)

Kiyomi stopped fidgeting, regained her composure, looked at Yuuto and smiled.

“Alright dear Husband. Scholastica: Acashic Record Search for Unique ID: 5g3r-8s9y.” (Kiyomi)

Acashic Record, a skill that can be used by Tier 2 Scholar jobs, a specialized non-combat support job. In the game, by inputting Unique ID that can be gained from Appraisal Skills, Event, or Easter Eggs, players could retrieve detailed information about some game element. Its Tier 1 equivalent Dunic Record only result in less information, while its Tier 3 equivalent Semestic Record  was like search engine that can search about something even without knowing about its Unique ID (although it would be helpful as it can limit the search range). As RAHO official documentation didn’t mention much about in-game information, this Scholastica skills was very useful for players to obtain certain game information, like to know about the current info of Instance Bosses or Rare Mobs that had its stat and skills randomized each spawn, to find the use or location for some rare materials, or to know RAHO’s plethora skills or status in detail. The limitation is that Scholar can only access this record several times per day depending on their skill proficiency.

“I found it, let see...
Causality Paradox Decay: Caused by the spread of instability effect on the temporaspatial junction between two different planes with significance causality vector difference. This will make the victim’s internal chemical and physical process to go erratically due to the uncertainty in the victim’s affected quantum state as internal causality vector goes in different separate conflicting directions.
The effect: Decrease all stat gradually until it reach 0%. When all stat reach 0, the victim will die. The effect speed decay could be decreased by Decay Resistance.
This condition could be restored by reconciling the causality vector into the same direction by using Advance Tier Time-Space Magic.
Further Information is Unavailable on The Current Skill Proficiency or Levels. ” (Kiyomi)

Hearing this, the others start to think how to ruminate this piece of information.

“Uuhh.... I don’t really understand...” (Ichiko)
“I’m bad in time-space theoretical physics...” (Saki)
“So do you mean there is time-space anomaly in here?” (Stella)
“Too bad no one in here have Time-Space Magic....” (Yuuto)
“Well.... That’s Tier 3 Ability, so it can’t be helped....” (Stella)
“Can someone explain it to me? Me and Tsuu-chan don’t understand...” (Mizuki)
“*smirk*” (Stella)
“*glare*” (Mizuki)
“*cough*” (Ichiko)
“*humph*” (Stella) (Mizuki)
‘*sigh* Why can’t this two get along?’ (Yuuto)
“....... To put it simply... It looks like the Purple Fog is a manifestation of a kind of time-space instability or something similar to that... It really doesn’t mean much, but it’s something...” (Yuuto)
“So, it’s dangerous?” (Tsukimi)
“....... Something with instability on its name is dangerous.” (Stella)
“So, it might have some relationship with what happened to us?” (Ichiko)
“Most likely.... Maybe we fall through some crack in space-time for some reason and ended up in this place....” (Yuuto)
“That’s so sci-fi! *excited*” (Saki)
“Of course that’s only a conjecture for now, as we don’t have any proof to back it up.” (Yuuto)
“So does that means we found a way to go home?” (Tsukimi)
“Not really.... But it’s a good first step. It looks like if we do something about this purple fog we might find some answer.” (Yuuto)
“Dear Husband, can I send Tat-chan home? The purple is now almost reach her body and she really hate for it...” (Kiyomi)

Yuuto looked at Tatiana who began crying again and give Kiyomi a nod. With a Dismiss command from Kiyomi, Tatiana’s body engulfed by a gentle light and disappeared. Checking the Guardian Spirit information window, Kiyomi didn’t found any permanent effect on Tatiana’s condition.

“Can’t we just search about the Purple Fog with Acashic Record?” (Stella)
“We don’t have their Unique ID since we can’t appraise it.” (Yuuto)
“Even, appraisal-sama has failed us...” (Saki)
“Well... Let’s move to the second test. Tsukimi, if you will...” (Yuuto)
“Okay....” (Tsukimi)

Tsukimi took out several 2 cm diameter and 10 cm long cylinder metal canister from her pouch. It was aPierce Ammo Lv.8and a Exploding Ammo Lv.8. Although she had never seen or even use any bowguns before in real life beyond pushing buttons on the controller, she smoothly operated the rather complex mana powered mechanical bowgun. Inserting the ammo to the ammo port, pouring her mana on the magic circuit, engage the firing mechanism, drawing the bowstring, correcting the aim, and pulled the trigger, just like a professional that had doing it for years. It must be because of the weapon proficiency.

Accelerated Shot

The metal canister that had been launched by the bowstring had its velocity raised further up by Tsukimi’s Ranger Skill, after leaving the bowgun the metal canister opened up to reveal an 8 cm long thin silver colored sharp stick. This is the so called sabot, a penetrative high kinetic kill-projectile. The sabot’s speed soon reached Mach-velocity thanks to the continuous magic effect that keep accelerating it and made a quite loud sonic boom as it passed the sound barrier. In no time, the sabot arrived in front of the Purple Fog, hit an invisible wall, and made a dent on it before rebounded back like a metal ball bounced back after hitting a rubber wall.

Enhanced Shot

But Tsukimi didn’t end it there, she made a second shot, this time she was empowering the ammo with her skill to increase the ammo effect. The empowered Exploding Ammo made a trajectory arc as it was launched by the bowgun into the Purple Fog. When it touched the previous invisible wall, it made a large explosion that equal to several hundred kilograms of TNT. After the ball of fire and flash disappeared, several tens of sabots soon arrived as Tsukimi used her Barrage Shot skills that made her able to shot multiple ammo at the same time, but the sabots still being stopped by the seemingly intact invisible wall.

“Even Tsuu-chan’s shot couldn’t pierce it...” (Mizuki)
“Uuhh....I’m still low leveled...” (Tsukimi)
“Nah, it’s fine, both of you. This is only a test after all.” (Yuuto)

Yuuto pat Tsukimi’s head, before he realized it and retract his hand back.
Tsukimi seems to be taken aback by it, but Yuuto just play it cool and acted like nothing had happened.
‘I need to suppress my habit to pat a girl’s head when consoling....’
Well, this is what happened if you keep using the same gesture to console your little stepsister for more than 10 years, you’ll do it unconsciously.
‘Well, Tsukimi somehow reminded me of Yukari.... I wonder how she’s been.’ This become another reason Yuuto need to search for a way back home.

“Then the next thing is magic right?” (Stella)
“Yes, Stella, I leave it to you like what we had planned before.” (Yuuto)
“Leave it to me.” (Stella)

Stella raised her heart wand to the front and started chanting:
Crimson Flame, Cobalt Frost.
Let your radiant essence step over the darkness and brought forth the light!
Obliterate the malice and reverse the left chaos to order right!...”

Stella keep chanting while a complex magical array appeared underneath her feet and on light particles on the air in front of her wand. Yuuto really respect Stella to be able recite such chuuni chant easily.

“Stella, I know you like it, but can you please abbreviate your chanting, we should finish this before lunch you know, so can you just activate your magic with voice command?” (Yuuto)
“-er of Hope, Will of Li -....Yeah... yeah.... geez you’re no fun.... fine.... Thermal Magic: Petite Aster” (Stella)

Stella grumbled and activated her magic, a very basic Intermediate Thermal Magic. But what appeared was not 20 cm diameter fireball, but a 2 meter blue colored fireball.

“Eh?” (Stella)
“Huh?” (Yuuto)
“Is it supposed to be that big?” (Ichiko)
“Ah.... maybe because I chanting it?” (Stella)

As she can’t cancel her magic in time, the giant fireball flew from her wand towards the Purple Fog. When it hit the invisible wall, it made a great dent while having the ball deformed like a tomato splashed after hitting a concrete wall. Then like rewinding a recording, the ball was pushed back by the dent and flew back towards the caster.

“Danger!” (Saki)
“It’s coming here!” (Mizuki)
“Everyone prepare for magic attack!” (Yuuto)
“Limiter off! Awaken Angel Bloodline】『Wings of Protection!” (Chie)
“Limiter off! Barrier Magic: Wide Area Aegis Array!” (Ichiko)
“Li-lil-limiter off! Sage’s Wisdom: Aberrant Mana Dispersal!” (Stella)
“Limiter off! Oracle’s Forecast: Twist the Fate!” (Kiyomi)
“Limiter off!  Spiritsmith’s Arts: Plethora Escutcheons!” (Yuuto)

Chie activated her special job Angelic Knight that dyed her black hair with shade of purple and two giant white wing appeared on her back. Since her base Theria form didn’t change, she was now a side-tail black haired angelic nekomimi loli with wings... Too bad she didn’t wear glasses or gothic dress or have proper twintails.... The wings soon grew large and covered Chie, Tsukimi, Saki and Mizuki inside it.
Sadly, Yuuto couldn’t enjoy this sight since he was occupied to summon a wall of semi-physical spirit shield around the people in the wall using his Spirit Blacksmith’s skill.
While Ichiko erected a giant multiple layered magical barrier to somehow lessen the speed and damage from the fireball, while Stella cause the mana that maintain the shape of fireball to disperse and lessened the magic attack power, and Kiyomi manipulate the hit and damage probability using her skill.
The other knights nearby started to disperse while the Guardian maids protected knights who too slow to escape.

The giant blue fireball hit Ichiko outer layer barrier and pierced it like sandpaper, and also the second one, the third one, the fourth one, until it stopped by the fifth layer and exploded with such power that the seemingly sturdy and firm gargantuan golden wall trembled by the blast shockwaves.
After the blast settled and smoke dispersed, Yuuto found he was pinning both Kiyomi and Stella to the ground as if to protect them from the blast. He didn’t remember when exactly he was doing this, must be his innermost gentlemen instinct. Both of them were a little bit flushed when they realized that Yuuto held them closely. Like what Yuuto had known since he was young, girls surely are soft. (・ω・)
Yuuto then get up and check the surroundings as if to dispel the awkwardness. Multiple Spirit Shields are hovering and surrounding them. Both Girls are okay although a little bit singed, who then stood up quickly and dusted their clothes off from the dirt (not that it could be dirtied since it were magical equipments). Yuuto could understand why Stella is flustered, but not Kiyomi, since she was usually clinging to him. Well... He had other things to wonder about.

Ichiko was nearby them still standing with multiple defensive magic arrays still shining around her like a turtle shell. As in the game her Barrier Magics is still strong as ever. Chie retracted her wings, still pure white as if it was not burned at all, before she cancelled her Angel Awakening. Mizuki, Tsukimi and Saki were huddled near her.

Near them, the wall floor and crenel showed some crack here and some fracture there, but not to the extent it will collapse since the damage seems to be superficial. It seems that the heat didn’t reach the wall, only the shockwaves.
Some of the knights were collapse, their comrade soon run up to them to help. The guardian maids seem also to be okay although their dress became a little disheveled.

“How your condition everyone? Report your HP.” (Yuuto)
“My ear is tingling but I’m mostly okay.... 94.4%” (Ichiko)
“Let’s not do that again..... 92.5%” (Stella)
“I’m fine, Dear Husband. Nothing’s wrong. 91.1%” (Kiyomi)
“No problem. 99.4%” (Chie)
“We three are fine.... Right? Still 100%” (Saki)
“Yes. Like she said.” (Mizuki)
“Me too.” (Tsukimi)

Yuuto breathe a sigh of relief... No one seems to be injured. Now then,

“Florea?” (Yuuto)
“Ye-ye-yes....?” (Florea)

The maid Florea was a liitle bit surprised as she was tidying her uniform when Yuuto called to her, since her hairclip is missing, she just let her hair now untied and messily hanging from her shoulders.

“Check the condition of the knights and guardians and then go back to report to me.” (Yuuto)

Well.... Since it even can reduce his HP notwithstanding his relatively high-end equipment, the fireball power was quite powerful. So he worried that there could be fatalities in the relatively low leveled knight.
Who can expect just by chanting relatively nonsense words that was borrowed from a magical girl anime could result in such devastation. He needed to research more about this... Until then he should ask the girls to not use any attack magic higher than Beginner tier and never chant.
Even if it resulting in this incident, he had learn several important points. Especially about the Purple Fog was a timespace anomaly. Just like a clichéd Star Trek episode.


Sometime afterwards, Yuuto received the casualties report from Florea and Gemirea. It seems that Gemirea was considered as the unofficial leader of the Guardians. So she’s the Head Maid then, noted Yuuto in his mind. Luckily due to the distance and everyone attempt to lessen the damage, The Knights suffered no deaths. Several people had sprains or ear problems due to the resultant shockwaves but not something that couldn’t cured using Beginner tier Healing Magic.
Mitteherz then arrived from the Castle with several of his staffs, City Guards, and the rest of the Knights followed him behind. After Yuuto explained the condition and ordered everyone to stand down and not be alarmed by the explosion. Since the citizen also may heard the explosion from the city, Yuuto asked Mitteherz to explain it as “Heaven Lords testing new magic.” and calm any of the citizens’ worries.

Yuuto actually had several more tests about the Purple Fog like isolating some of them into the test tube for chemical and physical analysis, searching for the vertical fog limit, testing for what kind of EM-wavelength that could be passed since visible lights could pass without problem, and using non-living Automata to touch the Purple Fog, etc.
But since the girls seem to be shocked by the previous incident, he thought to leave it for another day.
The degree of the damage to the wall and the gate was negligible according to Mitteherz post-incident findings report, but Yuuto though that it would be better to see it himself and so he asked Mitteherz and the Three Commanders to give him a tour of the wall. The girls somehow or another also wanted to participate in the tour and so was their guardian maids that also followed by the Knights.
It wasn’t looked like a sightseeing tour anymore, but a ruler expedition to inspect a military installation. Luckily, the corridor in the wall interior is relatively wide so that even if a lot of people walking together it wouldn’t feel cramped.

They check the temporary knight barrack for wall sentry, the integrated magic sensing room that detect incoming enemy, the fire control room for anti-air autoballista, the main commanding room, the autoballista bolt storage, the power room where the various mana stone is stored to powered the machinery that generate power for the elevators, the lights, opening or closing internal gates, and the room where they maintain the giant machine that operate the giant Gems Gate. Rather than a medieval installation, this wall really looks like a modern defense facility. There even an air hangar for flying troops (Neuschwanensee don’t have one) and slits for cannons (Neuschwanensee don’t have any). Since Yuuto never seen both of them in the game, he wondered if this function is intended by the game creators.
Oh yes, the Castle lamp was looks like LED lamps that was powered by directly by magic from the mana stones. Or rather, almost every piece of technology function by using mana stone, like a giant battery. If mana stone get depleted it could be replaced by another mana stone just like battery. Yuuto wondered if electricity is exists in this world.

Since the number of mana stones in Neuschwanensee were currently limited due to various factor like the trade had been ceased due to the world server disconnection, the local mines only produce limited mana stone and the wind and water powered mana recharger was limited in number. Because of this, private mana stone usage was currently rationed and if possibly economized.
The city workshops had been tried to mass producing Wind or Water Mana Recharger, but it was hampered by the lack of specialized parts that although can be manufactured but it need a lot of time due to inadequate machinery, that could be produced if only they had enough metals and specialized craftsman. So they lack the tools to make the tools to make the tools. Just like what they said, technological sophistication needs a lot of background technology for it to work.
Actually, Yuuto, the girls, and the guild’s storehouse had tons of magic stones since it needed for many crafting recipe. He confused why the Castle people didn’t use it, he should asked Mitteherz about this later.

Then it’s the time to inspect the Gems Gate. Inside the Golden Wall, there was a giant 40 meters high corridor that connected the Gems Gate that leads to the outside world with the smaller numerous smaller toll-like gates that connected to Neuschwanensee proper, which reminds Yuuto of border checkpoint. In that Giant Corridor, there were several elevated walkways were archers could be stationed to snipe invaders that had invade inside, and various makeshift wall that could be easily deployed to make obstruction to slow the enemy progress.
The Giant Corridor was very wide that several busses could easily passed side by side. He also could saw several buildings spaces in the corridor side that look like shop stalls in a shopping mall. Yuuto really sure, that the Corridor in the game lack this or just because he didn’t remembered it in detail. The Knights said that it was the space for Immigration Office, Quarantine Office, Trade Office, inn service, stables, shops, etc. But currently those building spaces were empty as the gate didn’t admit any outsider.

Yuuto inspect the Gate that showed that the Gate’s durability is only ~32%. It was a testament about how the enemy tried to breach the Gate. Well, in the game this gate would be brought down in about 4 minutes by the high-tiered players. So Yuuto tried to restore the Gate’s durability by using the Guild Management window.

South Gems Gate
Durability: 32.56%Status: Closed〗〖Mode: Idle

Seeing “Idle” mode, Yuuto suddenly realized something. As Neuschwanensee Guild gate mode is set at Idle it means that it didn’t want to participate in “Guild Battle”, as you can’t attack a guild that is in Idle Mode. But how could the Guild is attacked when it’s in Idle? If this reality recreates the game world properly then it shouldn’t happen. But since, Yuuto had found several deviations from the game it was perhaps not something unusual.
Also what with the in the open command? It’s really suspicious.
This is definitely a face down trap card.
Should he intentionally push it?
Nothing lost, nothing gained! He pushed the button.
A confirmation opened.

Do you want to proceed?.

Well, what should Yuuto choose? Its obviously YES.


Do you want to restore relative reality latency to Local Server(s): “קטע-٢٤٣٦”? Warning! This will reboot and restart connection to local reality causality vector. Any remaining connection(s) to other local server(s)  will be severed.

Now, what we do have here? Should Yuuto press it?



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    Is the wall kilometers high or meters high??

    1. The Golden Wall is located between the gap of Barrier Cliffs (height variable between 1 to 1,5 km, imagine the Barrier Cliffs as a continuous series of cliffs of Wulingyuan).
      There were 4 of such gaps located in a cardinal direction. The gaps was not uniform anyway, between 200 to 300 meters wide.

      Now between the gaps of this kilometer high cliffs, the construct a wall that looked like a ladder. The top height of this wall is 66 meters. 66 meters is very high and uncommon for a wall in real world, hence gigantic....
      Maybe I need to draw it...

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