01 November 2015

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 2 - Part 12

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Yukkuri Oniisan

There are depictions of violence and cruelty towards animal, please took note if you weak or sensitive to such things.

Chapter 2: Yuuji a “Loner-NEET” Evolves into “NEET”
Part 12. Yuuji, Hunting Wild Boar

Then Alice, I’m off. I’ll return when it’s time for lunch, be a good girl and watch the house, okay?(Yuuji)

Oka~y, have a safe trip, Yuuji-nii!(Alice)

After waking up at dawn, finishing breakfast and performing daily radio callisthenic, Yuuji and Kotarou went to outside.
They planned to proceed towards the west where the river was to secure some more food before the snowfall.

Because he was worried for Alice who was watched the house by herself, he had made plans to leave at early in the morning and returning by noon.


*Sniff-sniff-sniff*. Oh, these are delicious acorns! Those are berries! There’s lot of them..... (Yuuji)

Yuuji and Kotarou were treading through the rustling fallen leaves while harvesting and travelling towards the west. With the hatchet in his right hand, he brushed the branches to make a path, like in popular imagination.[1]

Maybe like Alice had say ‘after snowfall bugs appear, it will snow in 2 or 3 days’, today is unexpectedly cold. Are you fine with the cold, Kotarou?(Yuuji)

“I have fur so I’ll be fine.” (Kotarou)

Kotarou just answered with a bark like it was something trivial. She’s really an excellent dog.
The harvesting was proceeding smoothly, acorn and berry-lookalike fruits, edible mushrooms had filled 80% of the rucksack.

Good, we’re done, so let’s return to the house. Right Kotarou?(Yuuji)

Just when Yuuji called out to Kotarou,
From the right direction, he could hear something walking across on the rustling fallen leaves.

Yuuji and Kotarou became full alert.
However, it was also possible that it was a person.
Yuuji was slightly hoping for it, but nevertheless he kept the hatchet in his right hand unsheathed.
Kotarou bared her fangs, planning to intimidate with her growls.
And then,

Between the tree gaps, they could see a figure 10 meters ahead.
The figure height was about 80 cm.
While making *fugo*fugo* sound, it rummaged around the fallen leaves with its snout searching for edible fruits.

It was a wild boar.

Yuuji let a sigh of relief escape from his mouth. Since it wasn’t a mysterious creature and its wasn’t gigantic, his mental tension faded away.
Without parting his eyes from it, Yuuji slowly stepped back in an attempt to escape.

However, Kotarou didn’t make a move.
Rather, she looked back at Yuuji at close range, and made eye contact.

“Let’s kill it!”  (Kotarou)

Kotarou communicated with her eyes to Yuuji.
“Seriously?” Yuuji murmured and prepared for the worst.

Seeing Yuuji worried about the killing, Kotarou dashed out.
The wild boar who noticed the assailant tried to escape and Kotarou chased after it while sometimes changing her body direction.
She pretended to go towards the front but suddenly she jumped to the right, using the tree trunks as her footing she leaped upon the wild boar, it was an irregular movement.
Kotarou bit at the neck, and using her speed momentum she crashed into the wild boar and pushed it down.

The wild boar who had been collapsed to the side was still struggling and moving its feet, Yuuji was late to arrive, the only thing left was to deliver coup de grace.

You’re so quick Kotarou!(Yuuji)

Kotarou only made a quick glance at Yuuji.

“I know I know, just finish it quickly.” (Kotarou)

After thinking for a bit, Yuuji raised the hatchet high with his right hand.
Aiming at the collapsed wild boar’s temple, he swung it downwards with all of his strength.


It pierce through the skull and the blade continue until it reached the brain.

As expected, I can do it easily. Must be because of the level up. However, it will be hard to bring it to the home....

Yuuji was unexpectedly calm. Yes, he had improved his Gore Resistance because of the goblins. Compared to killing a humanoid creature, he didn’t feeling anything from killing the wild boar.
Kotarou released her teeth from the wild boar’s neck. ‘I ought to drain the blood’, Yuuji said it as he slit the boar’s throat. He had somehow become strong-willed.


Alice, we’re home~(Yuuji)

Yuuji-nii, what happened There a lot of blood! Are you injured? Does it hurt?(Alice)

Yuuji called from the entrance door. Alice, who quickly ran over with a pitter patter, saw Yuuji covered by the wild boar blood, and started asking in worry.

Im fine, Alice. This is the blood from wild boar. When I carried it to home the blood was dripping out.(Yuuji)

When she heard Yuujis reply, Alice made an enthusiastic smile.

You capture a wild boar! Hooray! Ah! Because other than Yuuji-Nii, Alice and Kotarou there is no one else, does that mean we not only get to eat the meat but also the heart and liver?(Alice)


“Yippee! Yippee!” Alice made small hops. After hearing that Yuuji had capture a wild boar she was immediately concerned about the giblets allotment, just like a splendid pioneer. Yuuji showed a complicated expression[2] seeing Alice’s boldness.

Ah, but I need to search for a way to dismantle the body. Since it’s in the garage, I better do it now.

Eh? Alice knows how to dismantle[3] a wild boar you know! Doni-ojisan taught Alice!(Alice)

“What the hell are you teaching, Doni-ojisan. That guy is the beastkin hunter in the village, right? How could you teach such a thing to a little girl” Yuuji grumbled in a low voice. However, it was a fact that he was helped by it.

That’s amazing Alice! Then, after we eat lunch, let’s dismantle it together!(Yuuji)

Yes! But since the liver is tastier when fresh, Alice’s will only eat a little lunch!

Once again, Yuuji showed a complicated expression.

Thus in this way, they hunted their last big animal before the winter, two people and one animal would face the approaching winter.


Kotarou is a true born hunter...

[1] Insert 1950’s Jungle Adventure Film BGM in here.
[2] Complicated expression:

[3] Actually the word used in this should be “Dressing” where the hunter will separate the skin and the viscera from the meat. But for the uninitiated person “Dressing a Carcass” means either we put cloth on the carcass, or we put seasoning on it. So I choose dismantling since I think that’s how many of the translator translated it. I myself prefer carving, since I play too much MH games.....


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