13 November 2015

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 3 - Part 4

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This is Yukkuri demasu!

The Wrath of the Imouto: Anger Rising.
Poor Sakura. It will be no wonder if Sakura release another of Yuuji’s Dark History in the bulletin board in the future.

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 3: Although Yuuji is a NEET, It seems that He's a Rich Person in Japan.
Part 4 Yuuji’s Imouto Sakura, Concerning the Situation in Japan

Then what will you do for today?(Emi)

It was the dawn after the night of the shocking identity confirmation method, Sakura had finished with her breakfast when Emi had begun to ask her.

Hmm, since oniichan’s email will arrive at the best in the afternoon or night, today I want to visit several places. I don’t know whether it really another world or not, but the electricity and water service is still connected, right? I think on checking the contract, the service status, or the fee among others.(Sakura)

Guwoah~, hat’s sound interesting! But today I have my part-time job, after that I need to pickup my daughter from the kindergarten. I have no choice but to give up huh?.......(Emi)

This woman, she really wanted to accompany Sakura to electric company or waterworks bureau just out of her curiosity.’
However, it was thanks to this woman that she could contact her oniichan, was what Sakura said to herself, as her feelings of irritation began settled down.

Since I also have the rental car, I can go by myself. This is my hometown after all. Thanks for yesterday.(Sakura)

Damn. If you are still in Japan don’t forget to contact me! It’s debriefing session!(Emi)

Emi who still argue vehemently was suddenly hugged by Sakura who soon took her leave.
Bye, she lightly waved her hands.
She was completely Americanized.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

Houjou-san , right!? Finally a family member that can be contacted has come! Manager! Manager! It’s that Houjou-san!(Receptionist)

When Sakura entered the office of the electric company that had contract with her house and reported her name and address as Houjou to the female receptionist, with an intense force she went to call her superior.
The female receptionist then came back and guided Sakura to the reception office. A middle-ageman(ossan) that seemed to be the manager rushed into the room.

Houjou-san......Finally it’s possible to meet with you! It had been so long, postcards can’t be delivered, the phone call is also useless, and going to meet directly but the house is not being there. I really wondered what we should do.(Manager)

The ossan immediately talk disregarding basic businessman ethic like exchanging business card or introduce their name.[1]

Ano...... But, I don’t really understand the situation......

The situation!? The situation isn’t it! It was seriously troubling for us. Please listen Houjou-san, when you change residence please called the electric company beforehand. It’s good manners, but not only did you move the house without contacting us, we also couldn’t contact you. When we checked the problematic house, the house was already gone. Furthermore, where did you get those demolition contractors? Without contacting us, they cut the electric cable. It’s really unbelievable. Could you tell me which demolition contractors they were, because I want to teach them directly? If they do things this carelessly, a corpse would come out you know. Do you understand? When our employee visited your house, the electric cable that supposedly transmitted the electricity to your house were dangling around in the air. We were working frantically in a rush to repair it. And now you say you don’t know the situation? Hahaha...(Manager)

The ossan started to laugh dryly with serious expression. He really was fatigued. But based on the ossan’s explanation then it was something that was not unexpected.

Is-Is that so?....... Then, what about the current service contract or the fee......(Sakura)

Though Sakura receive so much pressure, she didn’t apologize for the situation.[2]
It was not because of her character, but because she knew that it would be hard to make a business lawsuit in America.[3]
If she apologized then she would lose.
Rather than losing her social standing and financial assets, it was just not her idealism.

Current service status? Of course it had been terminated. Understand? The electric cable was dangling in the air, you know? Also, with sparkly sparking sparks. How could you use it? The money? You will receive the full sum of utilization fee by our legal affairs. Please, please give us telephone number that we can contact.(Manager)

I understand. This is my telephone number and email address. Although I can be contacted, but since I was living in overseas, can I use a proxy in Japan? I will contact you about the proxy in the future.(Sakura)

Aa, that method will really helped us. Then, this is my contact address.

At last the ossan took out his business card.
Already on the first item she had met a big problem, Sakura one way or another had grasped the current situation.

When Sakura returned to the car, she let out a big sigh.
“Why is the electricity still connected to the house?” She was not sighing about this.
It was because she still needs to go to the waterworks bureau and gas company.

After this, she would get senseless complaints.

The relevant company’s content would be the same: their service was disconnected abruptly, it caused an incident at the scene, and the legal affairs would contact her about the fee.

If she had seen this coming, before exchanging emails with her Oniichan, she would have exchanging emails with lawyers first.
Sakura was swearing inside her heart.


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[1] If you meet with a businessmen or women in Japan, they would first introduce yourself and give you their business card.
[2] In case the Non-Japanese reader wondering about this line. Japanese people apologize a lot whether they really mean it or not since the normal conversation etiquette require them.
[3] Not really sure about this:  気質ではなく、訴訟大国アメリカでビジネスしているゆえのタフさである。


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