17 November 2015

Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai. Volume 1 - Chapter 2

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The chapter 2 of the LN!

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Volume 1
Chapter 2

(Mira’s POV. Present tense)
I’m now inside a carriage.
My fellow passengers are Swyn Coolyard-san, Gai, and the four Spirits. The Knight Panama-san[1] is driving the carriage. Guarding the left side of the carriage and riding on top of a warhorse is Captain Rubens Kenan, on the right side is the youngest one of this knights' team, Guze-san[2]. Finally, Blum-san[3] is in charge of the rear.
The original preparation for the departure was greatly shortened, as it had been decided that Gai and I are going with the Swyn’s group, and thus we left the village three days after the examination. Ilga Village is the last village that the examination team visited during its round, and it will take 5 days for us to return to the capital. It’s not like we will always stay in the carriage, since there are villages and cities along the road, we will stopping by to buy some food or sleep at some inns.
For the time being, we will reach the next village in two days.
Despite our sudden departure, the villagers gave us various things as farewell gifts. Captain-san said that it’s good that we won’t need to eat the emergency rations. It’s something to be thankful for.[4]
The carriage clatters and jolts as it moves towards the place where we are scheduled to eat our lunch. At the beginning we are really excited with our first trip away from home, but we are currently tired of seeing the unchanging road. So inside the carriage, a lecture about foundation of magic is being held.

Magic is a phenomenon imagined by the caster and requesting the Spirits to fulfill it in exchange of their Magic power as the payment. There are 4 families of Spirits that respond to Human: Spirits of Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. Each attribute’s magic is called Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth Magic respectively.[5] (Swyn)

The Spirits, which are the subject of the lecture, are currently doing whatever they pleased after coming out of the Crystal Ball when the examination finished.

If the image is not clear then the Spirits can’t grant the caster’s wish. However, if your magical power is insufficient, no matter how clear your image is, the magic size or scope will only as big as the Magic power you can provide. Also, each Spirit family has their own Magic power preference, so this is used to classify the magic power attribute of a magician(Swyn)
Then does that means that the Fire Spirit likes my Magic power taste?(Gai)

Gai raises his hand and asks, and Swyn-san answers.

That’s correct, and someone like Mira, who is loved by every Spirits, is extremely rare. For that reason, when a magician with a fire attribute wants to use water magic, he will use a Magic Tool[6] or a Magic Stone[7] that has been filled with water attribute magic power.(Swyn)
Magic Tool and Magic Stone?(Gai)
A tool that could use magical power in a specific way is called a magic tool. For example, to make the Crystal Ball that was used in the academy selection exam, first magicians from each element fills the Crystal Ball with their magic power and then turned it into a magic tool by requesting the spirit to judge in the examination.(Swyn)

I can’t believe it. It’s a kokkurisan[8] for spirits!

If the caster wants to use the magic freely, he will use a Magic Stone. The Magic Stones are the cores of Magic Beasts and Monsters which have been filled with the Magic power from their bodies. If its magic power is depleted, it is possible to recharge it. But, there is a limit to how many times it can be recharged.(Swyn)

So it’s recyclable. How Eco-friendly. Swyn-san took his left arm out from his robe. Does he wear his robe all year long? His arm is so pale. On that pale arm are bracelets that were made from several stones of red, blue or green color.

The blue stone is water magic.(Swyn)
Then, this red stone is fire, right?(Gai)
That’s right. Then, what do you think this green one is?(Swyn)

Swyn-san smiles at Gai, who is folds his hand and seems to have a difficult time thinking. Then he looks at me, who was silent from beginning, and is startled.

Mi-Mira-san, your face is very pale.....(Swyn)

I run straight to the back of the carriage, and REVERSE(vomit).[9]
After leaving the village, the carriage was rocking for 3 hours. I have splendidly become carriage-sick. Even if I wanted to watch the spirits play, even if I wanted to concentrate on the magic lectures, I couldn't. My resistance was futile, and I am completely annihilated. Because it’s shaking too much!
Because the road isn’t paved, it's extremely shaky. However even if the road was paved, I suffered from car-sickness in my previous life, so I still might get sick.
After thinking about it, I've never ridden in any carriages until now. The only carriage in the village was in Village Chief-san’s house. The people who had business in the city will choose representatives amongst themselves to go using that carriage. For me, who doesn’t have any business in the city, there weren’t opportunities to ride it. Gai is still energetic; however I can’t match that feral child. At any rate, that fellow really loves to play like Tarzan. His semicircular canals are a monster.[10]

Here. Water.(Panama)

The carriage stops. Panama-san gave me his leather canteen.

Thank you very much.

I thank him as I gasp for air. I forcibly sweep the sour taste in my mouth with the water. Even though I want more, I must endure. While travelling, water is a valuable resource.

Your mouth still sour right? Wash it completely, all right?(Panama)
Guze has water attribute, so if there isn’t enough water, he can produce it. Don’t worry, it’s fine.(Panama)

Water attribute is amazing since they can make water. I did what Panama said and rinsed my mouth, and lastly, I drank a gulp of water.

Are you all right now?(Swyn)

I nod in response to the question from Swyn as he got off from the carriage. He points his right hand at the ground where I vomited various *things*.

Then, let’s me demonstrate Earth Magic.(Swyn)

I forget my sick feeling and watched him. Gai also hung out from the side of the carriage to see.

Consume my mana, and grant me my wish.[11](Swyn)

After saying those words, a yellow ball of light appears from his palm. Seeing this, the yellow clothed spirit leaps from the carriage and eats it.

Make a trench in the ground.(Swyn)

The spirit raises one of his hands and swung it downwards according to Swyn-san chant. The ground where the vomits resided made a *zaku* sound and sank down. The ground surrounding the resulting trench was pushed to the side and made a small dirt hill. Swyn-san then pushed the dirt hill with his feet to bury the trench completely.

With this, it’s finished.(Swyn)

The ending requires human power huh? More like, the first part with the elaborate chanting was quite cool, but the later half was disappointing. This spell must be Grand Groove(Ground Trench)[12]... wait, has my chuunibyou had relapsed!?

It's a proper etiquette to bury the trash in a campsite or the blood from a hunted animals that has pooled with the method he has shown you. This is important to not attract Beasts or Magic Beasts.(Panama)

Gai and I nodded together towards Panama-san’s explanation.

But if we defeat monsters and Magic Beasts, we can get Magic Stones. That way, if we have a shortage in travelling expenses or Magic Stone, we can just call them on purpose.(Panama)


But there is a risk that we will call something unmanageable. So, I don’t really recommended it.(Swyn)

Swyn-san, who is boarding the carriage, attaches a remark. Like I thought before, that method is risky. I hope they can show some self-restraint while we are going together with them. There is no need for us to save on the travelling expense or Magic Stones.

That’s true, isn’t it? But for a Rank S Hunter it will be easy.(Panama)
Rank S you say, there only 5 people in the world have that highest rank, isn’t it?.(Guze)[13]

Guze-san gave a tsukkomi to Panama-san.[13] Maybe because he remembered it after hearing the word “S Rank”, Blum-san began to spoke.

Now that you mention it, this morning I received a report from the Transmission Bird. It’s about the multiple sightings of a Mana Eater a few days ago near the vicinity of villages, so they have put out request for S Rank Hunters to do an investigation and subjugation.(Blum)
Are you serious, Blum-senpai?(Guze)

Blum-san nods when Guze-san asked him.

If I remember correctly, the Mana Eater sightings are in a forest about a day away by carriage towards the west beyond these hills. But the 5 Rank S’s are currently are working under contract at a distant place, so they cannot accept the request immediately. But in their place, a team of 10 Rank B Hunters accepted the request......(Blum)
Hey, if you received that, then report it to me. We need to keep our distance from the sighting locations. (Captain)
I’m sorry, Captain.(Blum)

Blum-san deeply apologized.
It seems to be a serious conversation for some reason.
Nevertheless, doesn’t this world doesn’t have concept of “SPINACH”[14]? Reporting, Contacting and Consultation is important you know? Even if there are no telephones since there is means of communication using magic, I thought that they should’ve applied it.[15]
By the way Transmission Bird is one of communication magics. It will take little time for it to reach the receiver, who will receive something similar to a letter. From Swyn-san’s explanation, to maintain the accuracy of the information that is being transmitted, it can only be performed by fellow wind attribute magicians that are acquainted with each other. It can’t be casted using Magic Stone, so it is a special kind of magic.

However if there were multiple Mana Eaters then I guess it would require at least 10 Rank A Hunters. It’s different if they only want to check the authenticity of the sightings, but if they are unskillful in dealing with it, it might escape and coming this way.(Captain)
Please don’t say ominous words like that, Captain Kenan(Guze)

Guze-san’s face turns pale as he complains. In my mind, I also have the same opinion as him. Yes, he’s right. Have you ever heard about a proverb: “Speak of the devil and he shall appear.”[16]? Or how it will set a flag?[17]

I know!(Gai)

Everyone turns their glance at Gai, who suddenly shouted.

Green is Earth!(Gai)

Are you still thinking about that?

.... It should be Wind you know.(Mira)
But isn’t the earth green?(Gai)
The color doesn’t refer to the plants, Gai.(Mira)

When Swyn-san performed his “Earth Magic” a yellow colored Magic power appeared from his hand. The Spirit that respond to that Magic power also wear yellow clothes, and most importantly, what he chanting was: Consume my mana, and grant me my wish.

Mira-san is correct. By any chance, are you able to see magic power?(Swyn)

Because of Swyn-san’s question my mind goes full alert.
What should I do? Should I say that I only guessed it afterwards? No wait. Is this something that a 5 years old would think about?
My “All Attribute” cheat is already exposed, so there wouldn’t be any difference if the fact that I could see magic power is also known. Although “All Attribute” was rare, it has been more or less recorded.
Maybe it was a common trait for them to also be able to see magic power, or something like that. But if the fact that I not only could see magic power but also the Spirits, then it will cause even more trouble.
At any rate, I am only a 5 year old who is separated from her parents, and is now going to a Magic Academy. If I am caught by a mad researcher,  he will say For the future of the Magic Arts!, as he turns me into an experimental subject. Moreover, if my opponent is a noble, then I can’t give any careless resistance. I am only a daughter of poor and humble farmer after all.
As for countermeasures against that, should I accept an influential person as my guardian? Since people of influence are also weak to influence.[18]
However, if I owe them too much, I’m afraid that I could be pressed into serving as a mobile battery at the front line. I don’t want to become an experimental subject nor do I want to get treated as a weapon.

Etto.........................by intuition?(Mira)

Just as I thought, it's really scary to let the truth comes out. Is bad for being indecisive?

Intuition, is it?(Swyn)

Swyn-san doubting me; however, the interrogation is cut off by Captain-san’s authoritative pronouncement.

Since we can’t stay here forever, we’ll be departing soon. Jou-chan(Little Miss)[19] can lie down and take a rest.(Captain)

And just like that, the carriage resumes its journey once more. However, I’m still groggy since I haven’t fully recovered. Doing what Captain-san had said, I lie down facing the wall, covered myself with blanket, and enter Sleep Mode. However, the swaying of the carriage doesn’t really help. No matter how many sheep I count, I can’t fall asleep.
Ah... Aren’t there any methods to stop this swaying? Wind Magic Levitation? ―― but then magic power will get depleted in a blink of an eye. Use Earth Magic to collect iron sand and form a spring ―― but I don’t know where to put suspension in a carriage. Also, I don’t even know the detailed structure of a suspension.
It oftens happens in the stories about reincarnating into another world: using modern knowledge to make great technological developments. Unfortunately, my memory is full of holes.
Not counting my previous identity, I remember many other things; but how would “how to use modern tools efficiently” be of any use right now? I think it would be impossible. Bend a wire hanger and cover it with stocking, then it can be used to clean gaps or holes. How could I implement this in another world?
To begin with, even though wire hangers can be made with magic, I have never seen a stocking in this world. Even if the people in the city wear it, it would be a high class item. How could it be used for cleaning? So wasteful! I mean, I don’t really need cleaning tools in the first place.
While I had these meaningless and long winded thoughts, Earth Spirit approaches me. He inclines his head ―― but because he was just three heads tall, his entire body inclines ―― to peek at me who had turned into a bagworm.[20] Slowly he begins to pat my head.
It’s somehow really nice~. I smell a faint strawberry scent which calms my heart. It’s like aromatherapy.
Fumu.[21] But if it’s aromatherapy, then wasn’t peppermint used for relieving carsickness? Because herbs also used for cooking in this world, then mint might exists, but I don’t know if it would have the same effect as the previous world’s peppermint.

Swyn-san, is there anything here that has a refreshing scent?(Mira)

I roll my body and separate from the wall, and then ask indirectly.

Refreshing scent?(Swyn)

He put his hand in his chin and thinks.

Children can’t start smoking cigarettes.(Panama)
I dislike smoking!(Mira)

There’s a voice from the coachman, but I deny it in a flash.

 That’s right! It’s the cigarette.(Swyn)

No, that’s wrong, Swyn-san. Didn’t you listen? I hate smoking. Also, it’s not good for 5 years old to smoke.

The mint for the cigarettes.(Swyn)

Oh my. So, in this world, mint is used in cigarettes.[22] The problem is what kind of scent the leaves will have. If it’s with shredded tobacco, then it will have a nicotine odor.
Swyn-san searches for it between the food ingredients in the cooler box. A white fog slowly floats out as it leaks from the box. The cooler box is a tool resembling refrigerator that uses a Magic Stone to keep cool. Although it could preserve things that have been put inside of it, if someone didn’t close the box quickly, the temperature inside the box will quickly become similar to the temperature of the outside air.

I found it.(Swyn)

I receive the leaves and start to sniff its scent. Un, it has the identical scent as the ones from my previous live. I tear a little piece of it and taste it. Maybe because I have a child’s tongue, but tastes bitter. I wrap the rest of the leaves in my palm and bring it to my nose.

Is it edible?(Mira)
It’s bitter, so it’s only for enjoying the scent.(Swyn)
Ah, is that so.(Mira)

Swyn-san smiles and pats my head. I return to my original position.

I close my eyes and slowly took a deep breath, the refreshing scent spreads throughout my nasal cavity. Because I suddenly felt the presence of someone near me, I open my eyes. Wind Spirit and Earth Spirit is near me, touching the mint in my palm. Just now, the minty scent becomes very strong. It also had faint scent of custard and strawberry. This scent reminds me of strawberry mille-feuille[23] with a mint garnish.
By any chance, does this the smell come from the Spirits’ magic?
The Spirits smell like sweets? That really suits their cute nature. I made a tiny smile and cough a  Thanks inside my mouth.
Earth Spirit stares blankly in confusion. Wind Spirit laughs delightfully and then conveys something to Earth Spirit. Although they are really close, somehow I can’t hear what they’re saying. Maybe you need a different skill to hear what they say.
Earth Spirit nods at Wind Spirit and suddenly smiles at my direction.
N? Could it be? Did Wind Spirit hear my thanks and then she interpreted it to Earth Spirit? Muu.[24] Let’s listen to Swyn-san again.

Now then let’s continue our lecture.(Swyn)
Yes! Before that, I have a question!(Gai)

Gai interrupted the resumption of magic foundation lecture.

What do you want to ask, Gai-kun?(Swyn)
What’s this Mana Eater that they were talking about before?(Gai)
It’s a species of Magic Beasts...... but do you know what it means to be a Magic Beast?(Swyn)

Gai shakes his head.

A Magic Beast is thought to have come from animals that have transformed due to the influence of magic powers that have been contaminated by large amounts of death or malice from the living. It can’t use magic, however by using magic-like enhancement on their body, their basic power is strengthened and become more ferocious. It’s quite difficult to distinguishing a Wild Beast from a Magic Beast with just your eyes. Without being attacked by it, we can’t gauge its destructive power. About Mana Eater specifically, they not only eat things with magic power, but also the magic power itself.(Swyn)
If they eat magic power, are they originally Spirits?(Gai)

As if saying that wasn’t the case, the Spirits *bun*bun*, shakes their head.

No. Although its original form is still unknown, they have a shape similar that of a crocodile, but their size is gigantic..... Most likely, they might have come from a Monster. Although it’s not know what kind of magic power attribute that they eat, because they can’t use magic, they are called Magic Beasts.(Swyn)
Different from a Magic Beast, they have the intelligence to use magic. It’s a term to call beings, other than humanoids, who can use magic. Dragons are usually classified as Wild Beasts but there are species that can use magic and species that can’t use magic. The species that can use magic are classified as Monsters. It’s quite a rough classification.(Swyn)

Swyn-san makes a wry smile.
Monster use their own magic power to cast magic, so they don’t borrow the Spirits’ powers. There are also monsters that undergo a body transformation and turns into the creatures they have killed.(Swyn)

What a spine shivering story.

Uum, what happens if we are bitten by a Mana Eater?(Gai)

Gai becomes a little pale. Even if he’s a cheeky brat, he’ll still get frightened by things like this. However, the one who is telling the story, Swyn-san smiles. Even though it’s not a pleasant story, it’s an important story that we must listen to, in order to protect ourselves.

When someone is bitten by a Mana Eater, the prey’s Magic power will be forcefully sucked out. Although the amount of magic power that is sucked out wouldn’t cause a life or death situation, the Mana Eater will not release its prey until it is dead.(Swyn)

Scary! You could die when your magic sucked dry. No, since a Mana Eater bit its prey, then the cause of death might be because of blood loss.

If it bites a magic stone or a magic tool, it would be impossible to restore the lost magic power and the tool will be destroyed. So will magic bullets, and attack magic, since to cast them you will need to clad the magic with magic power. The fire would be extinguished, the wind would scatter, and the water and the earth would collapse. The only popular method to deal with it is by using a blade, but since Mana Eaters have a large build and sharp claws and fangs, if you want to battle one, you must be prepared to throw your life away.(Swyn)

What an outrageous Magic Beast! Since I don’t know about the ranking system of the Hunters Guild, I don’t know how powerful Rank B Hunter is, but if there really are several of these monsters prowling around, could a trifling of 10 Hunters exterminate them? Since this is originally an S Rank request, I’m a bit uneasy regarding the part aout the S Rank Hunters can’t accept this request because they are still doing a request at other places. Is there a guild rule that says that they need to prioritize the contract they receive first?
Good grief. Put more priority in human lives, will ya?

Then if we meet it, can we beat it?(Gai)

Wha-! Wha-! Wha-!
The mood is frozen by Gai’s innocent question. Immature children can be scary. How could they ask such a difficult question to answer like that?

Is it impossible?(Gai)

Read the Mood(Kuukioyome)! “I can’t beat it.” How could he be able to say that!
Aa, How impolite can you be! Didn’t you hear that Knight-san’s group is scared by it!? Since you also saw them discussing it, after Swyn-san performed magic to dispose the waste. Besides you also heard Guze-san say, Please don’t say ominous words like that., right? Isn’t encountering them is something ominous? If they could beat them, they wouldn’t say that in the first place, you know.

....... I think that we will do our best to escape.(Swyn)

I know, right?.... Aaa.... Somehow, I have really bad premonition. It’s like the feeling when a flag has been set.
My head is ecoming uneasy and my stomach is starting to cramp. Without me realized it, I have forcefully grasping the mint in my hand. Then, a hand was patting my head to soothe me. It’s Water Spirit’s hand. Fire Spirit massage my back by striking it *ponpon* with his hands. My mind settles down and my body becomes nice and pleasant. This time it smells like Caramel and Milk Chocolate.
They really do smell like sweets. Water Spirit and Fire Spirit, I wonder whose scent belongs to who.
The warmness in my body is escorting me like a sandman. My 5 years old body, which is tired because of the motion sickness, quickly surrenders to the drowsiness.


Please note how I translated several terms in this chapter:
魔力 : Maryoku = Magic Power (also could mean Mana)
: Kemono = Wild Beast (‘normal’ natural wild aggressive animal)
魔獣 : Makemono = Magic Beast (or Demon Beast since Ma  can be translated as both)
魔物 : Mamono = Monster (the standard RPG one, can also mean Demon, but since they are not humanoid, monster is more correct I think.)

Neck Chapter will come out in December, since I’ll need to take a short hiatus since I need to go to the Capital City.

[1]パナマ Panama.
[2] グゼ Guze
[3] ブルム Burumu
[4] I think it is because the emergency ration that designed for long term storage before the age of cannery have unpalatable taste (too salty or too bland)
[5] Or should I use Ignis Magic, Aqua Magic, Aero Magic and Terra Magic? (Latin Version) or Pyro Magic, Hydro Magic, Aero Magic and Geo Magic? (Greek Version) or Ka Magic, Sui Magic, Fuu Magic and Chi Magic (Japan Original).
OPEN FOR SUGGESTION! Please choose carefully since it will be affect how I translate the magic name for the rest of the series. (For example: if it is in English, the spell name will be in English, if it in Latin the spell name will be in Latin, etc.)
My Editor suggest: Pyro, Aqua, Aero and Terra magic respectively.
[6] 魔道具 Madougu
[7]魔石 Maseki since Maishi sounds weird and Makoku is something else
[8] Kokkurisan, a Japanese type of divination game using a Ouija-like board to summon dead people spirits to answer things. Click HERE for more information.
[9] REVERSE is a slang for vomit in Japan.
[10] Semicircular canals, a part of inner ear that essential in body’s balance.
[11] The original line: 我が魔力を糧に成せ
[12] 大地溝(グランド グルーヴ) Written as: Daichikou. Read as Gurando Guruuve.
[13] JUST GOOGLE TSUKKOMI! or click HERE for further information
[14] It actually said 報連相Hourensou : A Japanese abbreviation for Houkoku (reporting)  Renraku (contacting) and Soudan (consultation) this refers to frequent reporting, touching base and discussing. Click HERE for more information. Funfact: hourensou also means SPINACH but the Kanji is: 菠薐草. So I translate this as SPINACH the abbreviation for: SPeak, get IN touch, And Consult with otHers. Okay the last part is too forced... Any good backronym for this?
[15] Apply in the meaning of “bring or put into operation or practical use.
[16] The original Japanese proverb: 噂をすれば影がさす
[17] The flag Mira means is like an event flag in RPG or Visual Novel scripting that triggers a particular scene or ending. Like if you take Item A to Place B then you will trigger Scene C. Or if you choose conversation option A then it will trigger Scene B, etc.
[18] Please remember this line. It’s a giant foreshadowing. But don’t post the spoiler. Let’s not ruin the other reader fun.
[19] Jou-chan: Little Miss
[20] Covered like a Bagworm: A Japanese expression if only your head that could be seen while your entire body is covered with sleeping bags or blankets or futons or kotatsu. The name come from the similarity of it with Japanese Bagworm coccoon position. Just like this picture (I don't draw this, I can't draw):

[21] Fumu. A Japanese interjection that could mean agreeing with something with a “Hmm.”
[22] It also used in our world. I don’t smoke by the way.
[23] A type of confectionary cake.
[24] Muu. An expression of displeasure or discontent at someone or something.


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