18 November 2015

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 3 - Part 5

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 3: Although Yuuji is a NEET, It seems that He's a Rich Person in Japan.
Part 5 Yuuji’s, Sending Email to His Imouto, Sakura

Alright, since we’re already at outside, why don’t we play in the snow for a bit? Alice!(Yuuji)

Play in the snow?(Alice)

Yes, let’s make a snowman!(Yuuji)

Together with Alice and Kotarou, Yuuji had finished with taking a picture to send to his imouto, Sakura.
He should have sent it immediately to his imouto’s email address or so we thought, but he still continued to escape from reality.
Together with the squealing Alice who was in high spirits because she hadn’t played outside for a while, he was making a snowman from the piled up snow in the garden.

Listen Alice, we roll it like this to make the snowman. By doing this, the snow will stick on it and it will slowly go bigger.

Although there were distinct bags below his eyes and his expression looked tired out, Yuuji’s eyes were shining with joy.
Kotarou who was looking n the direction of those two people, who had started to play, made a single bark “Woof”.
It seemed that she wanted to head towards the forest outside the house. Maybe it was for a walk.

What’s wrong Kotarou? Do you want to go into the forest? But we can’t leave Alice behind by herself...... Will it be alright if Kotarou goes alone? What do you think, Alice?(Yuuji)

Since Kotarou is strong it will be alright! Kotarou is smart so she also won’t get lost. It will be alright, right Kotarou?(Alice)


“That’s true, I wish you wouldn’t lump me together with Yuuji.” (Kotarou)

Kotaro replied with powerful bark.
Come to think of it, Alice had asserted that since Kotarou is strong and smart, she would be alright.
Except for the speaker Alice, other than Kotarou there was only one other person.
Do your best, Yuuji!


Then, what I made will be the bottom part while what Alice had make will be the top part. Let’s lift it up! Here we go!(Yuuji)

So this is snowman~? It’s somehow cute~(Alice)

Alice, this is still isn’t finished. Starting from here it will be the difficult part that demands originality. Long branches to make the arms, okay. The bucket to make the hat, is also okay. But if we messed up on the face, it will become pitiful right? Alice, do you want to make the face for the snowman-san?(Yuuji)

Un, it’s the first time Alice has done it so Alice doesn’t really understand, but Alice wants to try doing it!(Alice)

Alice searched around the garage, prefab storage, and the desolate hedge that had lost all its leaves for the materials to make the face with.
“Heave-ho, heave-ho” While saying this, she carried them to the snowman’s location.

*Thud* *Woof*!

Kotarou had returned.
Yuuji looked at the opened gate and saw Kotarou’s pale brown figure shining distinctly amidst the silver world. She left something white near her feet.

Oh, Kotarou, what’s that? Isn’t that a rabbit? Did you hunt it?(Yuuji)

Ah!! Snow Hare[1]! That’s amazing Kotarou! Yuuji-nii, this is called a “Snow Hare”. You can’t catch it except in the winter. It’s really, really, delicious, you know! But since it is white it’s hard to see it, so it is difficult to catch it.(Alice)

Oh, that’s amazing Kotarou(Yuuji)

Yuuji showered Kotarou with praise as he petted Kotarou over and over again. Kotarou rubbed her body against Yuuji and looked at him with her eyes.

“You are feeling down, right? Eat meat and cheer up!” (Kotarou)

What a good thing she had spoken.
Alice quickly grasped the snow hare’s ears and brought it to the prey butchering spot in the garage.
The Houjou Family’s women were literal carnivores.[2]


Yuuji faced the computer in his room.
Finally he had resolved his heart.
First he made a free email account.

By the way, the snow hare had been smoothly dressed by the hands of Butchering(Kaitai) Little Girl(Youjo) Alice-chan[3], she ate the heart for lunch, while the MVP Kotarou get the rest of the offal.
The skinned Snow Hare, devoid from viscera, was cured in low temperature by thrusting it into the bottom part of the snowman.

“By placing it in the snow we can eat it after one day has passed, Alice can’t wait for it.” Alice said while expressing a very large smile. She didn’t have any hesitation.
Currently, in Houjou Family’s garden, a single faceless snowman (with snow hare inside it) stood alone.

Sakura, right?....... The photo is attached, so what should I write?......

While muttering in a low voice, he typed and then deleted it, he typed again and then deleted it again, Yuuji kept repeating this.
Although he was troubled by it, he had somehow finished writing the email and sent it to Sakura.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

To Sakura

This is Yuuji.

I’m sorry I’m late to contact you.
Since Niichan didn’t remember Sakura’s email address.
The phone is connected, but only weird noise comes out from it.

I think you already know about this.
Niichan also doesn’t understand it well.
The house is still here, but the surrounding is a forest.
I don’t know where this is, so I don’t know whether there are real villages or towns here.

I also don’t know whether or not I can return.

But Niichan is able to go outside.
After Dad and Mom died, the only person living in the house is me alone.
But it was sadly too late, since I only able to come out after both of them had passed away,

Now that I am able to go outside, there is Kotarou and I even got a stepsister.
Day by day, I did things by trial and error so I can continue living.
Now, after 10 years, I am happy.[4]

I want to show it to Dad and Mom.
I want to meet and show it to Sakura.

Sakura, I’m sorry if I caused you trouble.
Sakura, I’m sorry for leaving you alone over there.

Although we can’t meet, I can send emails and photos, if you like I want you to also visit the bulletin board.
I also upload videos onto it, everyone in the bulletin board taught me many things and their foolish conversations are also fun.

Then, live happily with George-kun.
Because I will also do the same here, somehow.

I will email you again.

Houjou Yuuji


By the way, when you are still little, you said you want an imouto, right?

The cute Alice has also become Sakura’s imouto.

It’s fine to give all your clothes and accessories to Sakura’s cute imouto, right?
Please say okay!
I’m honestly sorry for this!


[1] Lepus temidus. Also known as : mountain hare,  tundra hare, blue hare, white hare, alpine hare. Or this is another world’s native animal that resemble a hare.
[2] This is late, but there is a pun on this. Carnivore is肉食系 nikushokukei (literally a group who eat meat): an person who pursue success and wealth aggressively or diligently.
[3] 解体 幼女アリセちゃん. Kaitai means: dismantling, disassembling, butchering, dressing (a carcass), and dissecting (a cadaver). What should I choose? Youjo means: a little girl, a loli.
Should I turned this into Butcher Loli Alice-chan? Or Dissecting Loli Alice-chan?
[4] Seriously, what happened in Yuuji’s past...


  1. Ah... snowman-san..... at least he serves a better purpose than being a decoration.

  2. The utilities are not really connected, that means this is magic! Thanks for translating this story, I enjoy it a lot.