06 November 2015

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 3 - Part 1

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The Wrath of the Imouto 2: Electric Boogaloo!
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Yukkuri Oniisan

Author Note:
The point of view changed in the middle of the story

Chapter 3: Although Yuui is a NEET, It Seems that He's A Rich Person in Japan
Part 1 Yuuji’s Imouto Sakura, Going to Check the House

Two times two is four, two times three is six, two times four is eight, two times five is ten, two times six is twelve, two times eight is sixteen, two times nine, two nine......tonight eat meat!(Alice)

Alright, then I will thaw the wild boar meat. We will have steak for lunch! Also Alice, two times nine is eighteen. Did you answer it with “tonight eat meat” on purpose?(Yuuji)

Alice was bashfully giggling as she was patted by Yuuji. He was really pampering his stepsister.

“Since these two were really beyond help.” Was what her eyes said as Kotarou let both of them do what they please.
Even the dependable beloved dog was also pampering the younger sister.[1]
Would Alice’s education go well like this?

*pururururu pururururu*!

A ringtone echoed in the living room. It was the phone.
Yes, if the internet was connected, so was also the phone.

Yes, this is Houjou..... Again,  huh? I still heard nothing except for the strange sound of ‘Kyurukyuru’. Maybe this is a phone call from Japan.(Yuuji)

Yes, even though the phone was connected, he couldn’t hear anything other that the scraping *kyurukyuru* that sounded  like a fast forwarded tape.[2]

The television also didn’t receive any transmission..... If my house is here then what happened with the house in Japan? I wanted to contact my imouto but I don’t know her email address...... *sigh*(Yuuji)

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

I arrived! To sit inside a cramped space for 12 hours really is torture, Also, Japan is cold...!(Sakura)

Yuuji’s real imouto Sakura Flores (maiden name: Houjou Sakura) had just arrived at Narita International Airport.
“First things first was charter a Rental Car, right? But I wonder if I would be able to reach the house under these road and weather conditions.” Sakura grumbled her complains while heading towards the rental counter.
Her loud soliloquy was very similar to her brother.

If you’re going to Utsunomiya City[3] then it will take at least 2 hours by using the Ken-Ou Expressway[4] as it is currently clear from any dense traffics. You can enter the Ken-Ou Expressway from Taiei Junction[5], then continue to Touhoku Expressway[6] via Kuki Shiraoka JCT.(Rental Counter Oneesan)

Ooh! I see that it had been connected to Ken-Ou Expressway when I was in America. Thanks for the information, Onee-san!(Sakura)

While saying a soliloquy to herself, “Japanese people drive on left side so I need to be careful”[7], after a straight journey, Sakura arrived at Houjou Family’s house.


What the heck has happened in here!!![8](Sakura)

It was not Matsuda *saku[9].
When Sakura reached the place where Houjou Family’s house was located, what awaied her was only an empty ground.

The house was not there.
The gate was also not there.
Neither was the hedge that surrounded the house.
At the place where the Houjou house was previously located, was a gaping empty ground that about 50 cm lower than the surrounding ground.

Eh. For real. What is this. Did Oniichan move out? No, maybe I made a mistake about the address. That must be right, hahahahaha.(Sakura)

“For now, although it was a bit far, let’s go towards the neighbor Fujiwara-san’s place. Since its light is on, either it was ojisan or obasan[10], there must be someone in there. But if that place is really Fujiwara-san’s, then how could the house disappeared?”
While she was murmured her complaint, Sakura walked towards the neighbor house that was about 300 meters away, even when she came with a car.
Her mind was really lost in confusion.


The neighbor was really Fujiwara-san.
Houjou’s House had disappeared from its original location.

Ah...... I don’t have a place to stay for tonight.(Sakura)


Sorry. But no translation until Monday.
I need to take the National Medical Board’s Objective Structured Clinical Mock-Examination in Saturday
Then attending a seminar in Sunday.

There is an extreme language pun in this chapter that lost in the translation into English:
Alice is reciting the multiplication table shorthand: example ni(2)-(times)-nin(2)-ga(is)-shi(4), like saying in English: two.two is four, two.three is six, etc.
She recite it up to eight, skipping seven for some reason, the pun comes when she recite two times nine (2 ni and 9 ku), also niku also means meat. So “niku gajyuuhachi” (two.nine is eighteen) turned into “niku tabetai” (I want to eat meat)

[1] The word used in this is imoutobun... “Someone that considered as a little sister or female underling/protégée”. Sometimes it used in Gangster or Yakuza or School Gang settings.
[2] Just imagine it sound like Chipmunks in steroids, or a film dialogue you played at 10x speed.
[3] 宇都宮市(Utsunomiya-shi: Utsunomiya City)The Capital City of Tochigi Prefecture.

[4] The Ken-O Expressway (圏央道, Ken-Ō Dō), or Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway (首都圏中央連絡自動車道, Shuto-ken Chūō Renraku Jidōsha-dō) or National Highway Route 468
[5] Ken-Ou Expressway exit near Narita Airport
[6] Touhoku Expressway (東北動車道). If Sakura take this she then can get down in Utsunomiya IC that connect to Kita Utsunomiya Road (Route 119) that will take her to Utsunomiya proper. And no, I never been in Japan, how could I know this is thanks to the vast Babel Library that is called internet.
[7] Like many other Insular and Island Nations (and South Africa), Japan drive on the left side of the road. It can cause trouble for driver who had accustomed to driving on the right side. As for me, I come from a country where driving on the left is the norm, so no problem for me.
[8] Nanjakorya~!!! (literally means: What is this) mostly used as an expletive when meeting with unbelievable scene.
[9] Its the famous Japanese Actor, Matsuda Yuusaku (松田 優作). The Detective MC he played in 太陽に吠えろ (Taiyou ni hoero), is shot,  then looks at his blood covered hand and shouts なんじゃこりゃー!(Nanjakorya-!). It is one of the most famous, and thus oft quoted, lines in the history of Japanese TV.
[10] Ojisan: A rather familiar way to call an old man or middle age man. It actually means Uncle. Obasan: Same, but for woman. It actually means Aunt. So in English maybe it close to Mister and Maam, but the familiar context is lost.


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