18 November 2015

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 3 - Part 6

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 3: Although Yuuji is a NEET, It seems that He's a Rich Person in Japan.
Part 6 Yuuji’s Imouto Sakura, Replying Email from Yuuji

Since I have already gone this far, should I go a little bit further to Nasu[1]?

Yuuji’s imouto, Sakura.
She just returned from visiting the electric company, gas company and waterworks bureau. She was really tired after receiving loads and loads of complains.
She was at her favorite Japanese-style café near the prefectural office having a coffee break and lunch, while escaping from reality.

She intensely fought for her own principles and position in America, even if she was only a 28 year old woman.
Furthermore, she emphasized that it was honesty.
She didn’t especially return to Japan just to get scolded by a bunch of ossans.

Waaa. But Gunji-san will come any time now, I need to get hold of myself.(Sakura)

Oh, so you were there? Thanks for waiting, Sakura-san.(Gunji)

A male came and greeted Sakura.
His age was approximately in the fifties. His neat and stylish suit really didn’t fit with the ambience of the Japanese-style café. His black hair only had a little bit of white color mixed in. His sharp pointed metal framed glasses furthermore reinforced his neat impression.
He was really out of place.

Ah, Gunji-san. I’m sorry for making you come to this place.(Sakura)

Ah, I’m not bothered by it. Since my office is close by. It seems that my workers also occasionally come here.(Gunji)

His voice was refined. However, he was really out of place.
Actually except for the table those two sat down at right now, the other tables were filled with the Office Ladies[2] eating their late lunch or Madams[3] who were chatting with each other. In the provincial city, it was an essential part for the bourgeoisie Madams to frolick a little in the fashionable café.

Then, what do you need me to do? On the phone, you seem to be considerably troubled.(Gunji)

Yes, that was the reason Sakura called out this out of place man to this place. It was related to the “Lifeline’s Company Scolding Tour” she had done today.

Actually...... I had some dispute with the electric company, gas company, and waterworks bureau. So I was wondering if Gunji-san could became my proxy.(Sakura)

There will be no problem. Your parent’s accident, the inheritance, and also many others had been entrusted to our office. Because your family had always only use our service, anything law related on your family can be easily understood.(Gunji)

On Gunji’s suit a golden badge was giving off a shine. Yes, this man was the chief of Gunji Law Firm, the lawyer whose Houjou Family indebted to. He was the father of Sakura’s classmate, so their relationship was a lawyer that was introduced by a friend.

I’m really glad you said that. This state of affairs has really gone beyond absurd... This is something that I don’t have any courage to consult with a lawyer I’m meeting with for the first time. Actually......

While opening the laptop, Sakura began to explain.
No matter how much this is repeated, it is out of place.


Fumu..... It’s difficult to believe promptly. If we just think this pragmatically, I think the current point of issue is not whether the house unexpectedly went to another world or not. First let’s confirms the intention of each company. If we can found a pragmatic point of compromise, generally speaking I anticipate it will be under the pretext of money, will this be alright?(Gunji)

If this can be resolved with money the more or less it’s fine. Ano...... Do you believe in it?(Sakura)

In this case, I don’t think the main problem is whether I believe or not.(Gunji)

Yes, you’re right....(Sakura)

However, my hobby is reading. This appeals to my preference. Michael Ende[4], Lewis Carroll[5], J.R.R. Tolkien[6], C.S. Lewis[7], Ursula K. Le Guin[8]...... If you find the method to go to another world, please share it with me secretly.(Gunji)

Gunji winked a Sakura. He was unexpectedly playful. However, his mouth didn’t make any smile or grin. He was really a difficult to understand man.


Gunji-san was really unexpected. At any rate, I’m glad I could leave things to him.(Sakura)

Sakura then headed towards Bank of Tochi*.[9]
When they separated, she received a report from Gunji-san.
The consolation money[10] for her parent’s traffic accident had been paid to their family, so she needed to confirm it.

Ah, this is really troublesome! After confirming the account with the bank, I also need to consult with tax counselor about inheritance tax...... That’s right, what about oniichan’s certificate of residence[11]? But if the land still there but the house is gone, will there be a problem? If I discuss this with the municipal office I will completely become a suspicious person. Well, if I falsify my address in Japan it will work out in the end somehow. Ah, really! Why did oniichan just nonchalantly go to another world?! Help me out over here! I wonder if I have to extend my stay in Japan......(Sakura)

It is difficult to live in modern day Japan.


Aah, I’m really tired......

Sakura was finished with this long day. She couldn’t be a bother and stay at her friend’s house for too long, so she went to a hotel near JR Utsunomiya Station.[12] After check-in, she threw her body on the bed.

The email from cave-dwelling bear oniichan hasn’t come. I wonder if it because I excessively revealed his secret?(Sakura)


From the opened laptop, a mail ringtone sounded. She had purposely changed the email ringtone setting to sound when an email from Yuuji came.

Sakura suddenly sprung up and quickly checked the email in front of the laptop.
She had been waiting anxiously for an email from Yuuji.


  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

To Yuuji Oniichan,

This is Sakura.

I have properly received your email.
I had expected the email to arrive in the late afternoon or evening, and it is just like what I predicted!
Sorry for accidentally revealing oniichan’s embarrassing stories.

Is that so? Finally comng out from the house after 10 years.
I’m really happy for you.
I’m sure Father and Mother in the Heaven are also happy for you.

I’m glad that oniichan is healthy and happy.
I’m really glad.

Lifeline companies, municipal office, bank, tax,
Oniichan’s disappearance really, and I mean, really caused some big problems,
But I’m not troubled by it. Maybe.

I’m not alone.
There still George, and with email I’ still connected to oniichan.
I will receive the emails and the photos and also visit the bulletin board.
Last night, I had a great laugh when Emi showed me the thread.

It’s as if oniichan from 10 years ago had returned.[13]
I cried a little.

I’m so happy.
Welcome back, oniichan.

I’ll email you later.

Sakura Flores.


I was irritated by oniichan who gave away my clothes without permission,
But since Alice-chan is cute, I’ll permit it!
She can use them as she likes, to always make her lovely.
But if it’s not Alice and it’s Oniichan who touches my underwear, I will not forgive you.
I will reveal a lot of things on the bulletin board, you had been warned.
Ah, also oniichan’s bank account, the inheritance money from Dad and the consolation money has been transferred to it.
Please check it with the Net Banking tomorrow.
If there something you don’t know, you can email me.


And so Yuuji become a rich person.

[1] She could mean the Nasu City (那須) or the Nasu District both located in Tochigi prefecture. Nasu is famous for their ski resort, onsen spa,ranches, and mountains.
[2] It’s a Japanese term that refers to Female Office Worker.
[3] It’s a Japanese term that refers to affluent middle age women from bourgeoisie class.
[4] Michael Andreas Helmuth Ende. The author of “The Neverending Story”
[5] Lewis Carroll (real name: Charles Lutwide Dodgson). The author of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”
[6] John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. The author of “The Lord of the Rings”
[7] Clive Staples Lewis. The author of “The Chronicle of Narnia”
[8] Ursula Kroeber Le Guin, the author of the “Earthsea Series”.
[9] Bank of Tochigi  (栃木銀行). A real bank in Tochigi Prefecture.
[10] Either this come from the insurance or from the accident perpetrator is not clear in the raw
[11] Juuminhyou (住民票). See WIKI for more detail.
[12] A REAL Station in Utsunomiya City. JR means Japan Railways.
[13] It seems that until 10 years ago before he becomes a hikki-neet, Yuuji was ‘somehow’ a respectable oniichan for Sakura.


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