05 November 2015

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 3 - Prologue

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This is Yukkuri demasu!

I had finished with Kazura Chapter 26 and now continue translating Realist Kingdom Reform Chronicle and Mira’s LN Chapter 2.
I’ll be busy for some several days ahead, so expect major delay.
Until then:
Witness the Wrath of the Imouto!

DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee that I translate 100% correct, or my English grasp on grammar is good

Yukkuri Oniisan

Author Note:
It’s Yuuji’s imouto[i] point of view
In this chapter, the connection to Japan is the focus of the story

Chapter 3:

Hello? Moshimoshi? Ah, so it’s you Emi. What’s wrong? Currently it’s noon over there right?(Sakura)

It’s way beyond ‘what’s wrong?’! Sakura, don’t you know? Sakura’s house and oniisan are famous on the bulletin board!(Emi)

Eh? What’s that? Isn’t my oniichan still shutting himself in the house?(Sakura)

No, that’s not it! Ah, I don’t know anymore! That’s right. For now, just quickly open the URL I’ll mail to you. Then see you later!(Emi)

It was a night after I finished my work when my highschool friend called me on the phone.

Geez, what’s wrong with that Emi. Since she already sent it...(Sakura)

When I opened the mail from Emi, I read the bulletin board that was linked from the URL.

Eh!? What the heck is this! Oniichan, what had happened?! What do you mean by another world!(Sakura)

The content of it was something unexpected. I involuntary shouted in a loud voice.

What’s wrong Sakura? It’s rare for you to use Japanese(George)[ii]

Ah, I’m sorry George. But my brother and my house got involve in a big incident! Clear my schedule since I’ll be immediately returning to Japan!(Sakura)

Hmm, I understand. What unfinished work does Sakura have now? Please gather the data and make a document that I can understand. After that I will finish it. While you collect the data I’ll book the flight.(George)

Thanks George! I love you!!(Sakura)

I immediately opened the PC, and collected the data and materials for advertisement design that I was working on now.
Though it was vexing, the design sense of my husband George who was the manager of our corporation was higher than me.
The client was also a company that George originally handled. So I don’t think that there will be any problem.

For the time being, I called the house.
It’s connected, but I can only hear *kyurukyuru* as if it was a speeded up voice recording.
Is it broken? No matter how much I tried, the result was the same.
My irritation only continued to increase because of this impossible to understand situation and the unconnected phone.

Tomorrow, I’ll fly from L.A.[iii] to Japan, from Narita[iv] it will take hours to reach home........ I need to charter a rental car. Really.... What are you doing Oniichan! I don’t understand what you mean by another world!!(Sakura)


The TRUE Imouto have arrived. It's rather cute that although she was already in the mid twenties, Sakura still called Yuuji as oniichan.

[i] Imouto as in Younger sister. I keep it as Imouto since that’s my preference and because typing 6 letters is easier than typing 14 times. Yes I know sister is only 5 letters, but I dissent on this.
[ii] This 『』 on this chapter means that they are speaking in English.
[iii] L.A.as in Los Angles, USA. The smog filled city where more than 5 millions souls toiled under torture in its heinous concrete prisons.
[iv] Japan’s International Airport. Located in Chiba, East of Tokyo City.


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