30 December 2015

Our New World - Chapter 2 Part 3


Chapter 2: The Heaven Lords in the New World
Part 3: 12 Days Later

Day 8 of arrival. 24-08-0002. 08.12

나는귀요미[i]  (Kiyomi)

‘Yeah, yeah I understand, no need for that pun, Kiyomi’, Yuuto retorted inside of his heart to Kiyomi who made a pun in Korean.

“Umm... No response?” (Kiyomi)

Kiyomi tilted her head at Yuuto’s lack of response.

“Umm... Why should I? Since it’s true that Du bist süß...” (Yuuto)

Kiyomi’s face for the umpteenth times blushed red and she started fidgeting.

“Ah... No matter how often I see this... It’s really unpleasant...” (Stella)
“Why do you say that, Stella-sensei. Both of them have a really pleasant air between them, don’t they? It made me very jealous of them. Isn’t that right, shishou?” (Saki)
“...... No comment......” (Chie)

‘Umm... why are you glaring at me Chie...?’ Yuuto who become the object of the girls’ stare made a flimsy complain.

It had been one week since they arrived at this new reality. One week was quite long that it could be enough to say that the possibility for them to return was quite slim. It doesn’t mean that they had given up and didn’t do anything. Yuuto still mass producing armaments and armor in large number. This time not only to arm the Gate Knights but also for the City Guard and Volunteer Militia. It was mainly bowguns, since training for bowguns was quite simple, just aim, pull the trigger, reloads, rinse and repeat. It could be used in large number and from a distance, so it could easily devastated low DSL mobs. But Yuuto was a bit doubting of its effectiveness for higher DSL enemies. But at the very least, it could harass the enemy. After all, even if it didn’t cause any damage, flying arrows are annoying, in game and in reality.
After numerous experiments and tests, finally the Luftzeug Ein control was perfected, and the engineer was now building Luftzeug Dwei, a blimp. By the way the autonomous carriage prototype (called “Wagen” for short) was complete. Although the velocity was slow (only 30km/hour) the engineer would eventually solve the problem of how to efficiently turning the mana from the mana stone into kinetic energy to turn the wheels. The current method of using the mana to cast “Movement-type” magic on the wheel was too wasteful. So Yuuto just suggest they generate magnetic repulsion force between closed pistons and transfer the movement into a shaft that would turn the wheel axle. In other words: a magical dynamo. On other hand, Yuuto also gave the engineer the idea of using electricity for powering things. Only time would tell what kind of result that the engineers would bring in the future.
Ichiko was organizing economy and banking system in full power. If after they go outside and made contact with another party, Ichiko had already set the foundation for foreign trade like what they can export and they need to import, currency exchange value, tariffs and quotas, etc. It’s like she had found a good economy simulator game and was eager to try her hand on it. Well, as long as it didn’t make them bankrupt, Yuuto decided to leave her be, since he didn’t really understand how economy work, better leave it to the master.
Kiyomi was... fully immersing herself in cooking and domestic chores... Her cooking was slowly improving but Yuuto felt bad for Florea who was still dragged by Kiyomi everytime she wanted to cook. Fortunately, the castle cooks and the other Guardian Maids that can cook or know recipes were helping her in it. Well, immersing herself in hobbies was a good way to pass the time.
While Mizuki and Tsukimi were acting like assistants for Ichiko and Kiyomi, they also heavily interacting with the city inhabitants. So they were like the Castle's Public Relation division, Yuuto thought maybe they could be officially assigned as such. Well, he glad that they weren’t that depressed anymore.
Stella was...... Experimenting, somehow... Mostly she was just lazing around in the Central Circle Room when not doing it and hanging out with the rest of the girls. As for Chie and Saki, although they were still training routinely in the underground training room, their main occupations were Head Royal Librarian and Vice-Head Royal Librarian respectively. Neuschwanensee Castle was installed with a Grand Library that when in the game gave benefits for increasing skill proficiency learning rate for the members. The Grand Library was touted as “Containing Sum of Ancient Knowledge from the Lost Era” by the in-game text description.
However, it was all shattered on the second day...


Day 2 of arrival. 19-08-0002. 16.19

“Isn’t this just Wikipedia’s content?” (Yuuto)
“Hmm... This is indeed Wikipedia content, Dear Husband.” (Kiyomi)
“Yup... Even the cover said written by Sage Wiki... Geez... this reality creator is lazy...” (Stella)
“I agree... This supposedly sum of ancient knowledge from lost era...” (Yuuto)
“Ah... there is Citation Needed in this book, funny!” (Saki)
“You’re right... There even one in here...” (Mizuki)
“Ah even so these books are good for reference...” (Ichiko)
“I wonder why everything here is written in English and Japanese...” (Tsukimi)
“The book in that corner is about Magic...” (Chie)
“Let me see... Isn’t this just newbie knowledge? This is basic, not even covering mana essence manipu- Huh? Why I know about this?” (Stella)
“That’s from your skill proficiency, I guess... You’re a Tier 3 Magician after all...” (Yuuto)

Yuuto and the girls were visiting the library in their castle tour. Disappointingly, the majority of the books’ contents were just copy-paste of Wikipedia articles. While the rest of the books were either thing they already know due to their skills or in-game lore. Most of the book was in English written with Latin letters, but somehow above the English sentence there will be a Japanese translation written in hiragana and katakana (no Kanji) above it like furigana. Yuuto and the girls didn’t understand the reason for this. Although English was a major lingua franca, Japanese were not. Logically it should be the other lingua franca like Chinese, especially since the majority member of Neuschwanensee Guild and Guild Master was Chinese. And not to mention other guild member from other nationality. So they didn’t see the reason why the books were also written in Japanese, other than Yuuto and the girls were all Japanese. And why Japanese on top of English? Yuuto’s head hurts.

“Hey hey hey Rutii have you ever read this book before?” (Saki)

Saki who found some interesting book ran towards the waiting maids and called her assigned personal assistant maid, Rutidora. The book in her hand was titled “About Confectionaries” also by the ubiquitous “Sage Wiki Creative”.

“Unfortunately not, Lady Haimona. I completely can’t read the books in the library, after all. It all just some wriggle-sniggle for me.” (Rutidora)

Rutidora shook her head and answered in casual manner.

“Rutidora, mind your manners.” (Gemirea)

Rebuked by Gemirea, Rutidora fixed her previous slovenly posture. As if didn’t mind about it, Saki opened the books and showed Rutidora the cake’s pictures inside it. The other maids seemed interested and also took a look.
Yuuto was a bit intrigued by Rutidora’s remark, so he 'retrieved' Florea and began questioning her. Florea showed an expression that as if the heaven had fallen on top of her head and all hope is futile.

“Florea-san, are you also unable to read the book in here?” (Yuuto)
“Ah... Umm... Y-Y-Yes.... Lord Highness... I’m terribly sorry... I can’t... Please forgive me....!!” (Florea)

Somehow Florea gave Yuuto a very deep bow that even confused the nearby Kiyomi and Veniosa.

“Can I ask the reason?” (Yuuto)
“T-That is....” (Florea)
“I hope this isn’t rude, but may I answer it Lord Highness.” (Veniosa)
“Please, go ahead.” (Yuuto)
“Because the majority of these books are written in ancient letter and language, so barring the senior researchers and librarian, no ordinary person could grasp the book meaning. Even when they able to read it, the meaning was beyond them as many of the words in the book escape their understanding.” (Veniosa)

This is something strange. Isn’t the book is written in English and Japanese? If the maids could speak with them in Japanese, how could they didn’t understand the meaning? Then it hit him.

“Florea, raise your face up. I understand, but I still need to punish you.” (Yuuto)

Yuuto smiled devilishly.

“E...eh? Pu-pu-pu-pu-punishhh......” (Florea)

Florea’s face went whiter than snow.

“Yes... Here are a paper and a pen, please write: ‘My name is Florea’ in all kind of languages and letters that you know.” (Yuuto)

A paper and pen appeared on Yuuto’s hand. He gave them to Florea, who began to write while half-confused-half-want-to-cry. She wrote 5 lines. The first four was something like alphabet and the last line was something blocky.
Yuuto read what she had written and then asked Veniosa

“The first line is in Loransian, the second line is in Walhest, the third line is in Ancient Promethes, the fourth line is... I guess...Hmm...” (Veniosa)
“It’s in Redont... My mother language...” (Florea)
“Thank you Florea. The fifth line is in Loransian but with the Alfarian syllabary.” (Veniosa)

By the way, on top of every Florea’s handwritten sentence, Yuuto saw Japanese kana script, like a furigana, that said: “My name is Florea” for every line, except for the last line that “My name is Flami.”

“Then what is written on top of the sentences?” (Yuuto)
“Eh?  On top of the sentences?” (Florea)
“Pardon me Lord Highness, but there is nothing written on top of the sentences.” (Veniosa)

Yuuto was confused. But he clearly saw a Japanese line on top of Florea’s handwriting. But on second view, the kana was too tidy, just like a computer font. He show the maids one of the book.

“Then do you see anything on top of the sentences in this page?” (Yuuto)
“Eh?  Eh? Eh? Is-is-is it supposed to have something on top of it... B-b-b-b-but... there is....” (Florea)
“Pardon me Lord Highness, but there is also nothing on top of the sentence.” (Veniosa)

So the maids, couldn’t see it. It must be something that Yuuto only seen. Maybe it’s just like Real Time Text Translation with AR glasses display.

“Ah is that so? Mel, could you please read this” (Yuuto)
“Certainly, dear Husband. Hmm... Florea-san, you misspelled your name as Flami on the last line. You should have written it as... Hmm... Like this I think?” (Kiyomi)

Kiyomi add several lines on the blocky text, and Yuuto saw that subtitle on top of the text had now changed to “My name is Florea.”

“How do you know about it Mel?” (Yuuto)
“Eh? When I want to write it, on my head I know how to write the letters. Amazing right?”  (Kiyomi)

Ah! So, Yuuto finally understood. Either Kiyomi was an airhead or she just a broadminded girl... Not that!
The truth was that the NPCs didn’t speak in Japanese all these time, but in their native language. Somehow even when Yuuto answer them in Japanese, they still could understand.
But how could he and the girls understand them and could speak with them? Is it the automatic translation function? But how did it work? The question remained.

By the way, Yuuto later found blueprints. One of them was blueprints for building a nuclear powered aircraft carrier. Yeah... He intended to make it airborne... It was a man’s romance after all.


Day 8 of arrival. 24-08-0002. 08.36

Returning to the current time, this was the third session of them conducting translation ability experiment. Using the girl’s English skill, Kiyomi broken foreign languages (mostly Italian and French) and Saki's a little bit of Polish, Yuuto tested the various function of the automatic translation and their limitation (or in Stella words, keep throwing pick up line). As far as he concerned, the function was flawless, a dream of many translator.

“Yup... Today experiment is done. Saki, today summary please.” (Yuuto )
“Roger that! Today summary:
1. Even if the speaker changes the language, we will still hear it in Japanese but we automatically know that they have changed the language.
2. If we concentrate, we can hear the speaker speak the original language while still understand what they mean.
3. If we wanted to, we can change the language we speak without changing what the hearer heard, and vice versa.
4. We can automatically write in any language we wanted to, ditto for reading.
5. The Language that can be translated is only Language that is supported by automatic translation back when RAHO was still a game. Polski jest obecnie.” (Saki)
“I think we get all the gist of the language translation function.” (Yuuto)
“But this function is amazing. This is way much better than the default translation function provided in the game.” (Stella)
“Agree... With this my fear of any mistranslation can be lessened.” (Yuuto)

Yes. Yuuto really concerned about the possibilities of mistranslation. No language is equal. Even different individual that had same language could have fundamental difference in their grasp of semantic or syntactic. That’s why when performing translation, there is no guarantee that all information was properly conveyed. There is always information that lost in translation process. If somehow this mistranslation cause him or the girls to receive false interpretation of a piece of information or event it could led in fatal mistake.
After all there an old tale that said that one of the impetuses for the Allied Nations decided to bomb Japan because the Premier Suzuki’s choice of ambiguous word ‘Mokusatsu’ get translated as ‘ignore’ in foreign press and give the Allied impression that Japan would ignore the Postdam Declaration and will never surrender. The end result, Japan was nuclear bombed. Yuuto hopefully didn’t hope that similar situation wouldn’t happen to the girls just because one mistranslation of word.
But fortunately by reading technical books in the library like “About Quantum Gravity”, “About Nitrogen-based Fertilizer”, or  “About Suspension Bridges”, that was still hard to translate automatically even with advance translation program, Yuuto didn’t find any blatant mistake in the translated Japanese text.
By the way, if the option setting of: Show Language is activated. There would be a small box that said: Active Translation: Language A Language B when they were speaking, listening, reading or writing. For example, when Yuuto conversing with Florea it would show Active Translation: Japanese Lorensian.

“So how about the books, Chie?” (Yuuto)
“As scheduled, the relevant people will be informed about the selection of books. Their choice of book would be released in local languages.” (Chie)

As the matter of the translation more or less confirmed, Yuuto then turned to Chie and Saki work as Head Royal Librarian. They would “translate” the books. Of course they wouldn’t be personally writing it or something. That was the librarian works.
All the 23 Librarian NPCs in Neuchwanensee’s Grand Library had Scholar job and Linguistjob (unavailable to players). They will be the one who “translate” the book, Yuuto had tested that they have more or less similar translation ability of the players.
In fact during these 2 years, the Librarians already translate several books about farming and medicine, although it was hampered by their lack of understanding on modern concept that this world didn’t have and their bad choice of book or chapter. Chie and Saki would just supervise them and guide them when they meet this impasse. After all, Chie was a real librarian girl (too bad she didn’t wear glasses) and Saki was a... (genius?) knew a lot of things  girl her age didn’t usually knew.
Of course, Yuuto won’t permit them translate every books. Not every book is currently useful, like the books about modern media or Earth nation’s history; or books that could be dangerous without proper preparation like book about explosive or nuclear weaponry. Yuuto current focus was applicative books like about agriculture, applied science like medicine, metallurgy or architecture, and basic modern science like biology or chemistry... Although Yuuto didn’t know how many of that scientific laws were still obeyed in this magic-fantasy-reality. But the books will surely brought change into this reality.

“Then I leave it in your hand.” (Yuuto)
“Yes. You can leave it to me.” (Chie)

Chie showed her rare smile to Yuuto. While Saki was showing Rutidora and the maids another book about baking food (the maids were able to reproduce most recipe), Yuuto called out to Veniosa and Florea to conduct several translation test for the NPCs. Just like what Yuuto had previously hypothesized, no matter what language Yuuto used, when he desired for Florea to understand them, she will heard it as Loransian. Yuuto even could make Florea hear it in other language that is used by the citizen Neuchwanensee like Florea’s native Redont. By the way, when Yuuto does this, NPC like Veniosa who didn’t speak Redont wouldn’t be able to understand while players like Kiyomi would still be able to hear it normally. This might be useful someday, Yuuto thought.

By the way, Neuschwanensee was a multirace multiculture city (just like the Guild was a multinational one), with its citizen composed from Remna, Theria and Alfar race on almost equal proportion.
The Remna or Human was the most heterogeneous, composed of many subraces with the majority was of Loransian descent (65%) with significant minority group like Redont (10%) or Valgard (8%) and many others. Each subraces had their own native tongue, several like Loransian and Redont can be considered as belong to the same family language but others like Agarthian, Pelucidian, or Penglaise were very different. So the general appearance of the Remna in Neuschwanensee was like Western Europe and or Mediterranean.
The Theria was also heterogeneous, with significant population came from Regina tribe (lupine 40%) or Velika tribe (feline 35%) with the rest 25% composed from many smaller tribe. Even so, unlike Remna, all Theria spoke the same tongue, the Walhest (although each tribe had different dialects) that mutually intelligible between the tribes.
The Alfar of Neuschwanensee was a bit more monolithic. 90% of Neuschwanensee Alfar population were of Avalonwahl Clan (in other words: Forest Alfar) while the 10% were composed of small Alfar family from another clan. Alfar was basically bilingual, they could speak in their own mother tongue and Ancient Promethes the language of Ancient Alfar Promethes Nation. While Remna and Theria’s languages were written in one Common Alphabet script, Alfar use their own blocky Syllabary Script that reminiscent of Japanese kana script.
Of course since the administrative language in Neuschwanensee was Loransian, every citizens of every races were fluent in this, and they also learned their neighbor language. So almost all citizen has some degree of fluency in Loransian, Walhest and Ancient Promethes. For some reason, Yuuto and the girls could hear all the NPC language without any problem, even thought the translation function only work for several Earth languages.
By the way, someone race was pretty much depending on the mother. So a Remna father and Theria mother would pretty much have Theria offspring. But in rare case, a Theria mother could also gave birth to a Remna offspring. Also, only Theria and Remna that had similar lifespan who often form multirace couple. Alfar rarely marries person from another race due to lifespan incompatibility (Alfar lifespan was generally 500 years). Discriminatory attitudes and hate crime was very rare, after all Neuschwanensee Heaven Lords came from various race and gender background.

His business finished with language experiments and books translation, Yuuto turned towards Stella who just hanging around with them since morning.

“Ah, sorry to make you wait Stella.” (Yuuto)
“Nah... It’s okay... I have nothing to do after all...” (Stella)
“Then shall we?” (Yuuto)
“Yes...” (Stella)
“Let’s go, Mel.” (Yuuto)
“I understand, Dear Husband.” (Kiyomi)

With Kiyomi, Veniosa, Mesidora and Florea tagging along behind him, Yuuto followed Stella transferring to the Southern Tower.


Day 8 of arrival. 24-08-0002. 09.05

The Southern Building of Neuchwanensee castle had two large round towers. The Western Tower was the Magic Laboratory while the Eastern Tower was an Celestial Observatory (nothing to observe for now since the sky was just Purple Fog).
The interior of Western Tower was larger than its dimension should be and had its wall reinforced with magic so it wouldn’t easily destroyed by various magic experiment going at inside. Actually, this was just because in the game the interior was indestructible and the Magic Lab installation had its own Map data that was separate from Guild’s Holy Land Map data so there bound to be dimensional discrepancy. Blame this on poor programming.

For the last week, Stella has been experimenting with “chants”, based on the theories on the books of Grand Library (curiously only magic book didn’t written with Latin script but with Common Alphabet Script or Alfarian Syllabary) and her own innate knowledge about magic that came from her own skill.

“So the cause of the disaster one week ago was caused by excessive uncontrollable magic power channeling.” (Stella)

Stella began her explanation before a board full with diagram, while Yuuto and Kiyomi sit on a chair like students. Somehow she wore a black magician robe that reminiscent of a famous wizard school series that was popular several decades ago. Too bad she didn’t wear glasses or wear pointy hat, Yuuto thought.

“Basically, to cast magic in this world, a magician must collect mana from inside of their own body and reconstructed them in such way or shape that it could cause visible change in physical world. There are many ways and method to shape mana into meaningful result, or to put it into simpler words, there are many ways to write program to give result that you want. That program IS the spell, while different school of magic was just like using different programming language, while mana or magic power was similar to input or power or doubleclick or something.” (Stella)
“Program?” (Kiyomi)
“Ah well... To put in even simpler phrase: To make fire, the magician will write lines like this:
1. Input: Magic Power
2. Transform: Heat Energy
3. Output: Fire
And voila fire came out. Different way of magic may change the words or the order or put additional lines, but the main gist is the same.” (Stella)
“Oh... Is that so? I see...” (Yuuto)
“Chanting is the way for magician to write their ‘program’ that they wanted to. But, that was only for NPC magicians. For us the players, we didn’t need to do that because when we activate a skill or magic, it automatically assembled by itself according to the already specified instruction. When we make new magic using the game Magic Creation System actually we already prepared the chanting beforehand. That way we can use chantless magic. Now the problem was if we put additional chanting to the Established Magic that we had, we won’t change anything, but that chanting only result into additional magic power. That’s why my Petite Soleil became humongous...”(Stella)
“Because of your long incessant chanting, right?” (Yuuto)
“Yeah... That’s the one part of the answer...” (Stella)

So to put it simply. The difference of the magician players like Stella and magician NPC like Florea, was in their ability to use prepackaged magic. If Florea wanted to cast magic, she needed to built her program from scratch before using it and the program will lost after one use, while Stella could just double clicked the installed program or type a new one and save them to use next time. If Florea was from the time computer didn’t have OS or internal HD, Stela was from the time when computer use OS and internal HD.

“Let me show you. Hey, flower maid...” (Stella)
“E...e...e...eh..m-m-m-me???” (Florea)

Florea seemed to be surprised that she seemed to be called out by Stella.

“Yes, yes, you. You could use Earth Magic right?” (Stella)
“Y-y-y-yes!” (Florea)
“Well, cast them... Umm... to that target.” (Stella)

Stella showed Florea a target, a floating crystal near the edge. That crystal was something that used when the magicians want to test new magic.

“Y-yes!I understand..... why me, Veni-san and Mesi-chan can also use magic......?” (Florea)

Florea took out her magic staffs from her inventory space while whining in small voice.

With this decree I command thee, forces of the Earth, be my strength and strike mine enemies. Stone Rain. I’m glad this is success(Florea)

Near Florea, dusts coalescence into several sharp rock that was floating for awhile before striking at the crystal. The Crystal shook for a few second after the stone crashing at it. The floor near the Crystal then filled with debris.
By the way, the language Florea use for casting magic was the Holy Spirit Language. She didn’t understand the words, but the players can.

“Thanks... flower maid...” (Stella)

Florea let out a big sigh... So big that it was loud enough to be heard by everyone in the room. She then returned and stand behind Yuuto.

“Now from her magic we can see that when she was chanting the magic, she was actually doing this.” (Stella)

Stella wrote something on the board. It was the Magic Creation Syntax
Choosing Magic Type: Offensive Series. Adding attributes Earth. Choosing Level Basic Tier. Adding Effect Multiple Hit: 4. Target Number Single. RangeFar】〗

“Ah... So the chant was like Magic creation?” (Kiyomi)
“Correct. So what about us then, Melbiena can you try to use the magic with the same chant?” (Stella)
“Eh? But I can’t cast Earth magic... I don’t have the skill Stella-san.” (Kiyomi)
“It’s okay, Mel. Why don’t you try it.” (Yuuto)
“Alright. If that’s what Dear Husband desire, I’ll comply.” (Kiyomi)

Kiyomi then rose from her chair, took out her magic staff from the inventory space and face the crystal.

“I hate how she so obedient to you...” (Stella)
“Well... are you jealous?” (Yuuto)
“!! Don’t speak foolish things!” (Stella)

With this decree I command thee, forces of the Earth, be my strength and strike mine enemies. Stone Rain(Kiyomi)

But what came out was just several pebbles that only weakly thrown at the crystal and missing all along.

“Ummm.... I think it’s a failure Stella-san...” (Kiyomi)
“That’s a given. In magic there is compatibility between the magician and the magic attribute. A magician with bad compatibility with a given element would most likely fail to invoke the magic. Just say that their hardware architecture didn’t support that kind of program. So to use a proper program, you also need proper hardware architecture. Even for us, we can only cast magic that we can normally use back in RAHO. So for Melbiena who didn’t have Earth attribute magic has bad compatibility no matter how much he tries. The same also apply to me. Although I can use Basic Earth attribute magic I can’t use Intermediate or Advance tier, since I didn’t took them. But it would be different if it a magic of our attribute. Melbiena try to recite this spell.” (Stella)
“Hmm.. What’s this spell will do? I can’t use any other spells other than Star Magic.” (Kiyomi)
“Well... Star magic belong to Celestial attribute magic system. This is a basic spell of Celestial Magic.” (Stella)
“I understand, Stella-san. Let me try this magic out.” (Kiyomi)

Kiyomi once again faced the Crystal and read from the paper Stella gave to her.

Hear me the forces that reside between Etheric Void, the time of covenant had arrived; bath the world in sundering light. Brightening

The Crystal was then bathed in blinding curtain of lights and after the light disappeared, the crystal and the floor were significantly scorched.

“??? It’s similar to Starburst Veil.” (Kiyomi)

Kiyomi was confused... This was her Intermediate Star Magic Starburst Veil, not a basic Celestial-type magic.

“Yeah... If it was our own attribute, we can use the chant... But the result would end up as a semi-random magic from our own RAHO jobs magic repertoire that is registered on our grimoire...” (Stella)
“So if you chanting, even randomly... It would still end as magic from your own grimoire huh?” (Yuuto)
“Yeah, and for the NPC randomly chanting only result in misfired magic, strange isn’t it? And it only works if we chant in Ancient Spirit Language. It looks like I unconsciously use it when chanting one week ago.” (Stella)
“And we didn’t recognize it since it was just like Japanese in our ears.” (Yuuto)
“Yeah... But the chanting is still useful if we want to increase the output. Also...” (Stella)

Stella stopped talking and then made grandeur pose.

Plasma RiverMICROSIZE!” (Stella)

She casted out a magic that Yuuto recognized as Plasma River, an Wide-Area Advance Tier Plasma-attribute magic common used to clear enemy from screen (the drawback was all Plasma magic also damage allies). Yuuto was almost taken out his anti-magic Spirit shields, before he realized that the only wave of superhot plasma was coming out from Stella finger tip like a small sized plasma torch.

“Surprised? I found that we can also consciously regulate the output of the magic by limiting the consumed MP. So even super-move like Plasma River can be outputted as this tiny Plasma torch... But it’s hot...” (Stella)

Stella comment before extinguishing the plasma torch.

“But this needs a lot of practice, since grasping how much MP to use is hard....” (Stella)
“I see... We maybe can think about how to use that controlled output in meaningful way... By the way... Stella you can use Nuclear-attribute magic right, then maybe we can... Fufufu....” (Yuuto)
“You’re laugh creeping me out, you know....” (Stella)

While Yuuto was thinking how to build miniature self-sustaining magic assisted nuclear reactor for the airborne aircraft carrier. Kiyomi beckoned Veniosa to come closer, whispering her something, then Veniosa took out a white bread and cheese from her inventory space, then Kiyomi put the cheese on top of the bread at the table, covered them with towel that was wetted by Veniosa’s water magic and then...

Starburst Veil cooking version!...” (Kiyomi)

A small curtain of light was hovering over the bread for several ten seconds before disappearing. What left behind was steaming hot microwaved bread with melting cheese when the towel was taken out.

“Th-this is... I have found Microwave!” (Kiyomi)
“H-H-How could this be! I even need three whole days to master it... How could...” (Stella)

Stella was agape seeing Kiyomi easily reproduce a technique of regulating magic power that Stella worked hard to perfect.

“Well, don’t be like that, she can do this because you teaching us the principle behind it right... Amazing teacher will produce amazing student.” (Yuuto)
“I know you try to console me, but it didn’t work...” (Stella)

So Yuuto chose to use his usual calming technique. He put his hand on top Stella’s head to rub her... Sadly because Stella is taller than Yuuto, his shoulders ended up in soreness for the rest of the day....

For the next several days... Kiyomi was enthusiastically made microwaved food...


Day 11 of arrival. 27-08-0002. 22.19

Another 3 days has passed.
Yuuto’s preparation has more or less completed. The mass produced armaments and armors to equip all the 2000 Knight Gates and the bowguns to mass arming the 5.000 Volunteer Militia cost so much raw materials that Yuuto practically depleted the huge stock of his inventory, the guild storage, and even the castle’s stockpile. To enchant every of them, even with the basic enchant, needed so many catalyst that Yuuto practically bankrupted himself of mid-ranked ingredients. Not to mention he synthesized healing potions in enormous quantity that enough to give every soldier 3 potions and still have surplus to spare. On Yuuto’s dictionary, excessive is better than deficient.
Well, there still unused high ranked materials and ingredients to make higher tier equipment after all only Grade 5 and 6 materials that was depleted (Yuuto didn’t had rank 4 or lower materials). If pushes come to shoves then he could supplemented the equipments with grade 4 materials or lower from the local production. When the Gate has been opened Yuuto need to find or trade for Grade 5 or 6 materials as the local production rate was too low. Even if Yuuto could use Transmutation Skill from his Alchemist Job to convert lower grade materials to higher grade, it couldn’t do it in massive quantity and to materials grade higher than 7. After all he only a Tier 2 Alchemist.
When he put the last produced bowgun to his inventory space (almost filled up with equipment to be distributed tomorrow), he noted that the clock has reach 22 in the night. Still too early to sleep, he decided to take a walk in the castle and cleared his mind from unnecessary worries, nervousness, and fears for tomorrow. In any case, there were people depending on him so he better do his best for their sake. That was the way of life he decided to tread on.

While walking at the deserted castle corridor that was unilluminated to reduce unnecessary magic stone for lighting save for pale glow from the purple fog that cast the faint light from the window, Yuuto was pondering about tomorrow. What should he do if a battle began? What should he do if the enemy didn’t want to negotiate? What if the enemy had other players? What if the enemy is stronger?
He was mulling over and over with various different scenario and what ifs. He know that his meticulous personality should be rather called as paranoid, as he couldn’t settle down if he hadn’t considered all known parameters and have countermeasures prepared for unknown parameters that could appear. In the end, he just shook his head. In engineering world there was as saying: ‘If something could break, it will break.’ Even the most detailed plan could fail unexpectedly and spectacularly.
As he just decided to not worry too much and continue walking on the Eastern Building he heard a sound from faraway distance...
“... bianc...
Hm, it was a sound of someone singing, he thought. He wondered who was singing in the middle of the night. He search with his ear for the source of the singing and arrived at the Eastern Patio Garden.
Under the Patio who was softly illuminated by full moonlight and curtains of sparkling star, was a girl with white robe-like dress that covered her entire body with her long silky hair elegantly flowing by the wind. She was turned her back to Yuuto so he couldn’t saw her face clearly even when the soft moonlight gracefully made her silhouette more charming to the eyes. In the faraway horizon a soft orchestral music of strings, brass, and piano play a harmonious melodies, as the background of the girl’s song that she sing with a clear soprano voice that were pleasing to the ears. She was singing a rather hopeful yet sad song, although Yuuto heard it as Japanese, he knew that actually it was actually sang in different language, so he consciously turned the translation off to enjoy the song more.

“...lo senza dar risposta♪
Me ne staro nascosta♪
Un po’ per celia♪
E un po’ per non morire♪
Ad primo incontro♪
Ed egli alquanto in pena♪
Chiamera, chiamera♪
Piccina mogliettina♪
Olezzo di verbena♪
I nomi che mi da...”

While singing the last line, the girl make a stylish turn and then her voice stopped as she noticed Yuuto was standing, hearing her impromptu singing.

“Umm... Night, Kiyomi. Haven’t still sleeping yet? Tomorrow is the big day, right?” (Yuuto)

The girl who made a surprised expression, quickly turned into one adorned with a cheerful smile. Under the soft moonlight, her facial features casted a gentle shadow that made her more charming like a very effective instagram filter.

“I can’t sleep. I’m too nervous for tomorrow. Like waiting for a long awaited school trip tomorrow. So I came here and sing. Singing make my heart calmer. Does Dear Husband also feel the same?” (Kiyomi)

Yuuto walked further into the patio and put his hand on the railings that overlooked the river, the field and the endless stars in the horizon. He looked at the moon with a queer solemn expression, before showing a rather weak smile.

“Yeah, as expected it’s unexpectedly make me uneasy.” (Yuuto)

Kiyomi made an unrestrained chuckle and then stand directly beside Yuuto before took a peek at Yuuto’s face.

“That is a rare face that Dear Husband made. So the usually dependable Dear Husband also can feel nervous.” (Kiyomi)
“What are you talking about, Kiyomi? Don’t treat me like a robot...” (Yuuto)
“Fufufu... But it’s true... Well Dear Husband tends to worry too much. Umm... I think Dear Husband already done a great job until now, so I believe that tomorrow is also will be the same.” (Kiyomi)
“Is that so? You really trust me that much?” (Yuuto)
“Yes, it’s a given that a good wife will put trust her husband, so I believe in Dear Husband, also Dear Husband never disappointed me before, and I believe it will also be the unchanged in the future.” (Kiyomi)

Kiyomi made a very wide smile. Seeing this, Yuuto stretched his body and inhale the cool night air deeply and then let it out in one go.

“Hah... If you say so. It does make me feel better. I try to not worry much and make you worry. Thanks Kiyomi.” (Yuuto)
“No need. It’s my given duty after all.” (Kiyomi)

Yuuto turned his view at the moon on the sky that was giving a rather soft yet warm light, so was Kiyomi.

“...” (Yuuto)
“...” (Kiyomi)

The silence went for several minutes, only a soft background music played in the background.

“Hey, Kiyomi.” (Yuuto)
“Yes?” (Kiyomi)
“How are you feeling? It’s been 12 days since we are in here. Even Stella threw a short tantrum after a week has passed.” (Yuuto)

Compared to the other girls, Kiyomi didn’t show any depression or sadness when she came to this reality. Rather, Yuuto thought that she had become more cheerful than her personality in the game. Was this also her coping mechanism? So the worried Yuuto asked her.

“I will be lying that I don’t miss my family, but since I think my dream has come true, right now I am very happy.” (Kiyomi)
“Dream?” (Yuuto)
“Yes. I could do things that I couldn’t do before. The castle, the city, the field, the forest, the wall, everything is a new experiences. I could meet with so many different people. And I’m not alone, I’m with everyone and with Dear Husband, so there is nothing more that I wanted to wish. I’m happy just like this.” (Kiyomi)

Ah yeah... She was an person like this even back in the game, Yuuto remembered. Rather than diving into the instance for levels or rare item, Kiyomi more enjoying chatting with other player or visit maps with beautiful scenery, she could even spend whole day chatting and travelling rather than raising her level, that’s why her DSL was still mediocre even though she played for 2 years (although her summons level had been maxed out, she really need to get her priority straight). If not for Yuuto sometime took her out on his routine material gathering (she called it a married couple date) maybe her DSL would stay below 40s. Yuuto then snapped back to the reality and then turned to Kiyomi and stared at her eyes with serious expression and asked,

“Don’t you want to go back to RL?” (Yuuto)

Kiyomi put one finger on her cheek and tilted her head a little, with a rather uncertain expression, she answered.

“Not really. If I should go back then I will, if not then it will be so.” (Kiyomi)

Yuuto let out a sigh and then turned his head away from her and back to the moonlit sky. Unlike the other girls, this girl didn’t really bothered by it. Either she was too adaptable, just didn’t care, or her head was a bigger flower field than Keukenhof.[ii]

“You really are took this incident with nonchalant manner....” (Yuuto)
“Isn’t Dear Husband also like that? Dear Husband didn’t feel angry or sad, just indifferent curiosity...” (Kiyomi)

Well... Kiyomi’s guessing more or less correct. Yuuto didn’t feel angry, sad, or dread. Rather he was more confused about the situation and want to know what happened. So his curiosity was greater. Well, this was one bad point of him.
If someone saw a gruesome traffic accident, maybe they would focus on the victims or whatnot, but for Yuuto the first thing he thought will be what cause this? Why the vehicle became that deformed, what sort of trauma happened to the victim? And et cetera questions. It wasn’t that he didn’t feel empathy but this was drowned by his curiosity. Maybe people like him could be a mad scientist, experimenting without thinking much about ethics. Luckily he met with his cousin and stepsister, and molded him into what he is now.

“Like always, your intuition is good. Well, there is old adage that ‘To success is to adapt’. So one needs to always see the situation from clear perspective, if we want to search for answer for our ridiculous situation” (Yuuto)
“So do you have the answer Dear Husband?” (Kiyomi)
“No... But I will have it.” (Yuuto)

Yuuto answered with serious expression and made a distant look as if he was staring at thousands kilometers of the night sky. Both of them then fell into silence once more. Because this topic was rather unpleasant Yuuto steered the conversation ship to another direction.

“I don’t know you can sing.” (Yuuto)

This was the truth. Yuuto didn’t know Kiyomi could sing extremely well. She didn’t have Bard job, so it wasn’t from skill proficiency correction effect. Then that means, she had singing talent in real world. From her appearance, Yuuto wouldn’t be surprised if she was an idol in training. Her looks was top class and her voice also crystal clear, so for this well polished gem not picked up by talent agencies would be a loss for the world. Man, does my in-game wife great or what? Yuuto feel a strange proud inside his chest.

“Well, it’s been some time after the last time I sing songs like this. I am in school choir in the middle school.”(Kiyomi)
“So you good at it, then?” (Yuuto)

So, she was in choir club? She never mentioned this before in the game to him, even when she tell Yuuto about her favorite food, drink, color, dog breed, dream house, literature, weeding dress designer, etc.

“We got first rank in the nationwide school competition. But we sang normal songs, but I actually want to sing Opera song like my mother.” (Kiyomi)
“Ah that reminds me the song you sing before is an opera song, right?” (Yuuto)

Even if the closest thing Yuuto experience about high culture arts was public domain orchestral song as game’s BGM, he had enough common knowledge to differentiate opera song from other high pitched song like yodel.
Even so, Yuuto learn new things about Kiyomi’s unknown side tonight. For example, she was could sang opera really well... Maybe Yuuto could ask her to sing some anisong? Some anisong have opera-like feeling, you know?

“Yes, it is an aria called ‘Un Bel Di, Verdremo.’” (Kiyomi)

Of course even if Kiyomi said it in Italian, on Yuuto could understand it in Japanese.

“’One Fine Day, We Will See’? That’s a nice title. I wonder if tomorrow will also be a fine day” (Yuuto)
“We will see...” (Kiyomi)

This girl and her love of rather poor pun.

“You just had to make that pun, right?” (Yuuto)
“Fufufu... It’s the song from an opera called ‘Madama Butterfly’, but that song is actually very sad. The singer character was hoping for her husband she loved with whole of her heart to come, but he never did truly love her and just though her as temporarily affection objects. Then he leaved her and married another woman. In the end the singer took her own life.” (Kiyomi)
“... That is...... really tragic...” (Yuuto)

Wow... this girl... Why did she have to make the talk become gloomy again.

“... Yes... Umm... But I won’t kill myself...” (Kiyomi)
“Huh?...” (Yuuto)

Yuuto was surprised by Kiyomi sudden words. Yuuto was sensitive with the word “kill” and “suicide”. Ever since that fiasco of the high school year. So he stared Kiyomi with very serious and austere expression. Seeing this, Kiyomi shook her head and smiled.

“It’s about the character. If I was her, I won’t kill myself. I just need to take him back from that woman.” (Kiyomi)
“That’s really aggressive. But if I was him, then I’m not going to hurt her butterfly wings just to have her. Just catch the sight of her fluttering is more than enough.” (Yuuto)

If you don’t think you could love her why marry her in the first place and ended up hurting the girl? Since Yuuto was strictly educated by his cousin about the “Gentleman Way”. Yuuto sincerely believed that a Man who hurt a Woman without good reason is a scum beyond redemption.

“I think that a girl that has someone think of her like that would be the happiest girl in the world.” (Kiyomi)
“Even if it was actually an elaborate farce?” (Yuuto)

If the girl knew that the relationship she cherished was a self-inflicted illusion, why still believe in it?

“Maybe they just wanted to be caught?” (Kiyomi)
“Caught?” (Yuuto)
“Yes, to be caught so that they couldn’t fly away.” (Kiyomi)

Kiyomi expression became a rather poignant and she turned her eyes away from Yuuto.

“Or caught the catcher?” (Yuuto)
“That works too, and the catchers will be hers. For life!” (Kiyomi)

Kiyomi suddenly answered with high spirits, the poignant expression she had before had been exiled away.
Yeah... Seriously... Yuuto was really bad with woman who is too aggressive. Must be his high school trauma, and his cousin.

“What an aggressive butterfly.” (Yuuto)
“Since butterflies normally have high DSL!” (Kiyomi)

Yuuto couldn’t refute this. It looks like those RAHO monster designers had a fondness for butterflies. 5 from 20 Instance Boss of DSL over 100s had butterfly like-form or have butterfly wings. Even one of the Extra Raid BossLast Part of All Dream final form was a butterfly (but for Japanese players it’s closely resemble Mothra[iii] though). Heck even normal Butterfly mobs were quite hardcore. There a reason why Silk-base materials above Grade 6 were quite hard to gather and Butterfly was RAHO slang for “*&%^& Mobs”.

“Umm... But I think it will be sad if the butterfly actually only dreaming it.” (Yuuto)

When Yuuto asked this, Kiyomi’s expression once again become poignant, before she answered while staring at the moon.

“Even if the dream is only temporary, all happiness in the world is ephemeral, so the butterfly will still be happy.” (Kiyomi)
“Even when it didn’t come true?” (Yuuto)
“What is truth? Isn’t all truth is subjective.” (Kiyomi)

Yeah... Even a lie repeated million times eventually will be considered as truth, or so Yuuto thought, even so........

“...” (Yuuto)
“...” (Kiyomi)

Once again they fell into the silence. After the moment that felt like eternity passed by, this time it was Kiyomi who spoke out.

“What would Dear Husband do if meet with the butterfly?” (Kiyomi)

Yuuto put his hand on his chin and then answered after a several second of silence.

“Me? Just like I said, as long as I can see that butterfly able to flutter innocently and happily, it would be more than enough.” (Yuuto)
“That’s really a Dear Husband-like answer. But I think the butterfly didn’t mind if the person caught her.” (Kiyomi)
“Yeah, but I prefer the butterfly to be free....” (Yuuto)
“Dear Husband, no fun. Then should I sing another song to dispel Deas Husband’s uneasiness?” (Kiyomi)

Kiyomi made a teasing smile, before parting for the railings and made a little trot to the center of the patio and made a turn before ending on a pose of a singer bowing to the audience. Seeing her like this Yuuto smiled and answered.

“Let’s make it only one song. Tomorrow is a big day, so I hope both of us will be in excellent condition and not be sleep deprived.” (Yuuto)
“Then, let me sing it...” (Kiyomi)

The BGM changed into a slow yet solemn tone. After the string intro finished, Kiyomi opened her voice.

“Mesiku na nebi hlubokem♪
Svetlo tve daleko vidi, ♪
Po svete bloudis sirokem, ♪
Divas se v pribytky lidi. ♪
Mesicku, postuj chvili♪
Reckni mi, kde je muj mily♪....”


“That a good song. ” (Yuuto)
“Thank you Dear Husband. I’m glad it’s into your liking.” (Kiyomi)

Even when Yuuto said just one song, Kiyomi sang several other songs... Some were familiar some were not. Even so, Yuuto really enjoyed her performance so he didn’t stopped her. His anxiety he felt before was nowehere to be found by now.

“Then, until tomorrow...” (Yuuto)
“Umm.....” (Kiyomi)

Just when Yuuto wanted to leave the patio, his shirt hem’s was pulled by Kiyomi. Luckily the shirt was Grade 7 materials, so it wouldn’t stretch out.

“What is it?” (Yuuto)
“...” (Kiyomi)

Well... Yuuto had get used to her selfishness for the last several days so he didn’t bothered to much. After all, Yukari selfishness was also similar to Kiyomi. Since Kiyomi was shorter than him, Yuuto stared down at Kiyomi eyes who was strangely quiet.

“...*sigh*... Do you want to come to my room?” (Yuuto)
“!!!??” (Kiyomi)

Kiyomi suddenly released her grasp from Yuuto’s shirt hem and her face goes strawberry and cherry red. Well... Yuuto didn’t mean anything bad and have no indecent thoughts... It’s just that Yukari sometimes asked Yuuto to sleep together with her if she was afraid of lightning or too scared to sleep alone after watching scary movie. Yuuto would usually, keep her company until she asleep before went to sleep himself. So he thought maybe Kiyomi couldn’t sleep with similar reason.

“Just kidding... You better go to your room and sleep. Don’t spend too much time in the old of the night, you could get sick... At least next time wear a thicker cloth.” (Yuuto)
“......Okay.” (Kiyomi)

Well... After thinking about it... Yuuto and Kiyomi weren’t children anymore and it would be bad of man and woman of marriageable age sleep on the same room... for many reasons... Even when they were in-game marriage couple, but it just a make-believe marriage, in reality just people who happened to be friend after playing the same game. So was Yuuto’s way of thinking.
Kiyomi answered obediently and smiling although her face was still blushed red ear to ear. She quietly saw Yuuto’s walking away with a rather weak smile.
Then Yuuto stopped, turned his body towards Kiyomi, and with serious expression, Yuuto began to talk about something that he wanted to say since the very first beginning, but forgot.

“And also, say my thanks to your summons... Well, then until tomorrow...” (Yuuto)

Yuuto then disappeared into multitude of light particles as he used Instant Movement.
Yeah... Since the very beginning when Yuuto walked into the patio, there was something wrong. The moon, the starlit night sky and the soft background music, were something unnatural.

“.......” (Kiyomi)

Yeah... It was all a set up from Kiyomi. For what reason only she know. The Moon on the sky turned into a beautifully decorated round mirror that was carried by a beautiful white silver haired lady who then stepped down. The starry night sky slowly receded as if sucked into a large orb carried by also a beautiful night black haired lady who appeared from behind the cloak of darkness. The music faded as a lady with two sets of fluorescent butterfly wing stopped her microphone like staff active state. The moon and starry night sky revert back to dimly glowing purple fog sky.
Yes, they were Kiyomi’s Summon: Choral Angel(Santuzza), Star Orb Maiden(Carmen) and Moon Mirror Maiden(Rusalka). The three summoned spirits walked towards Kiyomi and made a bow.

“Rusalka, Carmen, Santuzza, thank you for your hard work” (Kiyomi)

The three summons then made a bow simultaneously and said,

“““It’s our honor, Your Lady.””” (Summons)

Then Kiyomi released the summoning.

“You may go, then until next time.” (Kiyomi)

She said as the three summon temporary physical body dissolved into magical energy that composed it giving off swirling rainbow light particle after effect.
Now Kiyomi was all alone on the rather dark patio. She looked at the purple fog sky with a very sad look on her face that she never showed to Yuuto before with a complacent smile. She made a sigh and let out a very tiny whisper.

“Maybe the butterfly just wanted to be loved....” (Kiyomi)

As the whisper dispersed away by the cool night wind.


Day 12 of arrival. 28-08-0002. 11.57

The twelfth day.
The purple fog had receded quite far away for today as if it welcomed the 4000 people who lined up behind the South Gems Gate on Southern Golden Wall.
More than 50% Neuschwanensee’s military power was concentrated on this place. 2000 Volunteer Militias were remained in the city to guard it together with the City Guard. The city itself was put in an emergency martial state so no essential personnel remained outside the city wall although there was no movement restriction inside the city although the noncombatant civilians were advised to remain at their home until further notice. The other 1000 Volunteer Militias and 500 Gate Knights guarded the other 3 gates from possible incursion.
On top of the wall were 2000 people. 1500 were from the Volunteer Militia, who were wearing blue colored Light Leather Armor with Neuschwanensee’s emblem sewed on their arm and chest, aiming their bowguns at the imaginary enemies behind the purple fog. Beside them were 500 Gate Knights Archer and Mage Corps ready to give long range support if needed.
Under the wall behind the gate, 1500 people standby on the large corridor that connect the outer Gems Gate with the interior gates. 500 of the Volunteer Militia would remained and guard the gate, while 1000 of Gate Knights fully clad in their new MoonSilver Armors and Corepressed Steel weapons that gave off lustrous gleam when light fell on their visage. The vanguard carried full bodied shield that made an appearance similar to a mobile wall of metals.
In front of that wall of metal stood 24 people, 3 who were wearing heavily decorated full body SunGold Armor they were the Three Commanders of Gate Knights. Freiheit, Lichkeit, and Gleichheit stood in front of each section of the wall leading their men. Their and the knights’ face was calm and even smile. They didn’t believe that this time the enemy would be really surprised, after all the legendary Heaven Lords were in front of them.
The other 21 people were the 12 Guardians, all still in their maid uniform and Mitteherz, while the last 8 were the 8 Heaven Lords.
The strategy was simple, they open the gate, and then they moved outside to contact the enemy for discussion. If they were still hostile then they would draw the enemy near the wall, retreated back to the gate, by using small opening on the gate they would do Thermophyllae-style battle to restrict the movement of the enemies, while the Knights supported by the girls and the Guardians would hold the enemies on the gate and the Knights and Militias on the wall do barrage shooting to whittle down the enemy numbers, Yuuto would went to the enemy rear with several elite Knights, and *BOOM*. Without their supply and command center ruined and seeing their rear rank breached, the enemies would likely to be scattered. If not then, Yuuto would selectively ‘remove’ the officers until the enemy break or surrender. If the enemies were to strong, they would retreated lure most of the enemies

Yuuto summoned the guild management window and then opened the Gate window.

Do you want to restore relative reality latency to Local Server: “קטע-٢٤٣٦”?
Warning! This will reboot and restart connection to local reality causality vector. Any remaining connection(s) will be severed.

Yuuto looked towards the other who replied back to him with a nod.
This time he pressed YES without any second thought.

Several second passed without anything happened, only a confirmation window opened.


Then suddenly there were tremors... At first the tremor were only slightly be felt then it became bigger, stronger and longer.
The Gate Knights tried to hold still and stay in formation with unfettered discipline, while some of the Militias ran for cover.
The Maid Guardians immediately surrounded the players, weapon ready, while Yuuto immediately stood beside the girls, with his limiter off and numerous spirit shields hovering near them.


The tremors stopped, Yuuto quickly check around his surroundings. It seems that the girls were okay and no one in the Knights or Militias have seriously injury (although some was surprised).
After checking that everyone was okay, Yuuto then checked the confirmation window.

Do you want to proceed?.

Well, what should Yuuto choose? It’s obviously YES.


The sounds of multiple inner lock unengaging could be heard from the gate. Then 32 large magichinery that operated one of two gigantic gate’s door leaves of 12,000 tons of each, started to pull the massive gate and rotate it on its 64 enormous hinges. The sound of the gate opened was loud like sounds of waterfalls. Then the door started opened towards the inside and Yuuto could saw what was at the outside from the created gap.
The Purple Fog that had surrounding Neuschwanensee for the last 2 years was receded as if something sucked them back and just under one minute now he could saw the vast grassland that keep continue to the horizons in front of the Marble Plaza and the endless expanse of blue sky (with some white clouds sluggishly floating by). But there was no time to admire the scenery.
5 minutes after the Gate had been opened, the gate that opening slowly sill hadn’t fully opened but 1000 Gate Knights poured out from the Gate raising their shield and sword drawn. The Knights and Militias on top of the gate started to man their post and ready to rain deadly bolts and magic if there were any enemies in ground or in the sky. Yuuto, the other players and the guardians, remained at the back as the group slowly moved towards the Marble Plaza and step down on the grass field. The soil was rather damp and the grass grew until their ankle. They were greeted by the blowing wind that swayed the grass. There were no sign of the grass had been treaded befor, they were as pristine as nature as could be.
There were no signs of enemies or their encampment. There even no signs of battle scar remained. Even though 12 days had passed, but based on Mitteherz story, there had been large magic and artillery exchange so the land surrounding the Marble Plaza riddled with craters and giant ballista bolts. But none of these could be seen. No bodies, no dropped equipment, no mark of blood, just grasses and occasionally trees that could be seen as far as eyes could see. Either the enemies loot everything cleanly or something happen when he restarted the connection, Yuuto wondered.
Then the grasses swayed by something other than wind, the fully alerted Knights pointed their blades at the grasses, so were the maid guardians and the players.
But what came from the grass was a single unlucky grass rabbit the size of small dog that stand frozen after it noticed the killer aura that the Knights emanated.

“Ah yeah.... So our enemies is a single rabbit.... How terrifying....” (Stella)

Stella spoke sarcastically as she put her magic staff back down.

“Yes... It is terrifying... terrifying cute that is....” (Kiyomi)

And now his in-game wife threw a bad pun... Yuuto swear that this girl penchant for bad pun had increased for the last several days. The other girls stand down their weapon and stored them to their inventory space. Saki, who was in her Theria form, picked up the dog-sized rabbit that didn’t dared to make any moves. A bunny-eared girl picking a bunny, how hopping. Well Yuuto also thought of a bad pun inside his mind, so he couldn’t blame Kiyomi for this...

“Yuuto-san, could I keep it as a pet? Please?” (Saki)
“I... don’t see any problem....” (Yuuto)
“Yippe! Then I christen you Falafunehutufale. You like the name right, Falafu-tan?” (Saki)

Stop Saki, stop with that weird name, the rabbit looked like it wanted to cry, you know?

Thus the gate opened without any incident.
Or did it?


662nd YEHS, Dark-Half 5th Month, 13th day, noon
Dinember Kingdom, Chemkla South Forward Secret Observation Post, 1,5 km southeast from Chemkla’s Southern Golden Wall.

“Holy Mother Emperor....”

Herlanc couldn’t believe his eyes... or maybe more correctly, his spying glass. The Gems Gate was opening and from it poured out an army dressed in glistening Silver Armor, the eponymous Silver Brigade. In front of the fully armed Silver Brigade were the legendary Three Golden General often mentioned in the stories and 12 women in a fancy uniform that looked like lady attendants. But what catch his eyes were 8 people wearing high grade equipments. One male and even female and more surprisingly, 2 of the female were of Pacrux race from their horns and another 2 were of Marshyel race from their tails. Herlanc assumed they were high-ranked nobles or something. From the looks like it they either took a stroll or something like insp-....!!!
The male in dark coat like clothes made a gesture. Several of the Brigade Knights moved out on a team of four and ran in high pace to check the surroundings. Herlanc’s instinct screaming at him at the sight of the Brigade Knight’s movement. Too fast! Didn’t they wear full body armor? How could move that fast with that heavy equipment? Remembering the Silver Brigade stories he had heard since child, his back drenched with cold sweat.
Worrying that his position would be compromised and fearing his safety, he immediately mounted his Hirma that was chewing at the grass nearby. It then made a whine at the sudden mounting by Herlanc. On the distant horizons, he could see the other intelligence agents from other countries also do the same, if they were smart that is. He activated emergency communication crystals to alert the other agents and his handler. The crystals color was triple blue, a code for something never happened since Dinember Kingdom’s founding: “The Gate has been opened.”
He whipped his Hirma so it would run faster to the safehouse and hoping that the Brigade Knights ignored him. He would then contact his handler to report what he had seen directly to the Castle. Somehow, he doubted anyone would believe his tale....

Holy Mother Emperor.... And they said that this post is good for pre-retirement tour of duty... Why they must opened the gate on this day of all the day....”

Herlanc started cussing his bad luck. With this, his retirement would be postponed indefinitely.

2 Hours later, the news reached every important people in the Midzu Continent:
“The Gate has been opened.”


Chemkla: Local name that refer to the “Nameless State” near the Eastern Plains of Zeker, that means simply “without name” in old Palisan Language. Modern Palisan Language would use its synonym Cisau to refer a “something without name”. So Chemkla is “official name” when it means literally means “no name”... Talk about irony.
Hirma: an equinoid animal similar to the modern horse in shape. But different from modern horse, it was somewhat smaller, more docile, ruminant, and have cloven hooves on their hind legs while their forelegs was single hooves.
Pacrux:  Literally means: Demonic Race. A non-human humanoid race that originated from the Northern Continent Wisreck, after defeated post Crimson Disaster, they settled on northern Midzu coast. Since then there had been cold war between Prena (human) and Pacrux nations. Highly excelling in magic, this race also famous for having horns in their head.
Marshyel : Literally means : Talking Beast. A non-human humanoid race that native in Midzu Continent, when Prena numbers increased, the Marshyel were pushed to the marginal subtropic and tropical region of Midzu Continent that the Prena didn’t want. Now mainly found in Northeastern Jungles of Hasriku and the northern coast. Some stray or travelers also wandered in the Central Wasteland, Great Plains and West Desert. They avoid Prena area if they didn’t want to end up being turned into slaves. Marshyel is physically stronger than Prena, they could easily distinguished from Prena by their ears and tail.
Emergency Communication Crystal: A magic tool that allow simple communication. It came in pair, when the transmission crystal s activated by injecting it with magic power, the receiver crystal will glow. It usually came with 3 colors. For Dinember’s Intelligence Service, triple blue means gate opened, triple red known foreign power successfully invaded, triple green unknown entity power successfully invaded, and other variants of color to report other things. Triple Blue has become not so hidden joke among the field agents that the term Triple Blue had even permeated into common people language as an idiom to describe “Something as impossible as the suns stopped shining”.

[i] “Naneun Gwiyomi” It’s literally means: “I’m a cute person” in Korean. Just one syllable different from her name.
[ii] A very large flower park that also known as Garden of Europe that have more than 1 million flowers.
[iii] Mothra is a monster from Godzilla, that have a shape of a Moth/Butterfly


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