18 December 2015

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 4 - Chapter 3

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 4: Yuuji Changing Jobs from “Rich Person” to “Magician of the Forest”.
Part 3 Yuuji, Requesting the Adventurers

......Good morning Yuuji-nii!(Alice)

It was the morning after their chance meeting with the adventurers yesterday evening.
Alice who had just woken up, greeted Yuuji.

Yuuji-nii, have you been in front of the computer since morning?(Alice)

Good morning Alice. Yes, only for a while though.(Yuuji)

Yuuji replied while laughing with tired expression.

Then, since Alice is awake, let’s eat breakfast! While firing such a monologue in a loud voice, Yuuji pressed the keyboard with click-clack before letting Alice pull him downstairs.


Alice was sitting on the sofa in the living room, while Yuuji was peeping at the outside from the window.
The adventurers also woke up and were preparing breakfast in front of the gate.
Alright, Yuuji made a small gut pose.

Since there was the big man Joss who had honestly asked permission to set up the camp and showed him respect, it would be unlikely for that type of person to be a liar.
It looked like Yuuji had something to request to from the adventurers.


And thus after they had finished eating their breakfast, Yuuji began to ask Alice questions.

Alice, I have something I want to hear from you......Is it okay?(Yuuji)

Yes, it’s fine. What is it Yuuji-nii? You’ve been strange since this morning?(Alice)

Alice tilted her head.
Kotarou also looked at Yuuji, with eyes that seemed to say,

“You are indeed somewhat strange today, what are you scheming?” (Kotarou)

Hm, it’s nothing. Well then, Alice. When you were living in Anfore Village, dd you know anyone else who lived outside the village? Like a relative in the city or other village?......(Yuuji)

The village where Alice lived before was attacked by bandits.
Since she survived, of course there was possibility that there were other people who manage to escape, but searching for them was not something easily done.

Alice might have acquaintances outside the village.
If he can reliably find out where they live at other village or city, then it would be easy to contact them.
Since today, there was a means to contact them.
Because, before the gates, were adventurers who came from the town.

Outside village? Hmm...... Since Papa and Mama were eloping, there is no one who can be considered as family, hmm, hmm.(Alice)

Furrowing her brow and putting both of her hand on her head, Alice pondering and humming.
It seemed that Kotarou recognized Yuuji’s intentions.
She sat beside Alice, and looked at her with her round eyes as if to say,

“That’s right Alice. Do your best to remember it.” (Kotarou)

Is that so, then is there anyone who sometimes visits the village..... anyone at all?(Yuuji)

Ah! If it someone who sometimes visits the village, Alice knows someone! The peddler ojichan!(Yuuji)

That’s right! The merchant who had taught Alice calculations to help him! Oh yeah!(Yuuji)

If you think about it, it’s obvious. The peddler of course lived outside the village.

Alice, do you know the peddler’s name? Is there only one peddler that comes to the village? Do you know where he lives?(Yuuji)

Maybe because he was excited, Yuuji barraged the young Alice with questions in rapid succession.
Kotarou moved from Alice’s side to in front of Yuuji and strike at Yuuji’s feet repeatedly with her right forepaw,

“Calm down a bit!” (Kotarou)

Different from yesterday, she didn’t use her claw, but only lightly touching with her pad.
“Ah, that’s okay Alice, you can answer slowly.” At last Yuuji amended his words.

Etto, ano nee, ano nee... The peddler ojiisan only came to village during spring and autumn. Also, the only peddler is ojiisan! He said he lives at the city! His name.... his name... Alice doesn’t know......(Alice)

That’s already plenty, Alice! Thank you! Please wait in here for a moment, Alice. Kotarou, let’s roll!(Yuuji)

With a thump, Alice sat back on the sofa, while Yuuji head towards the gate.
And Kotaro followed just behind him.


Good morning Joss-san, Irene-san. I have something to request from you. Do you have time right now?(Yuuji)

Yuuji head over the gate and greeted the adventurers.
Indifferently, he didn’t greet the man in gaudy armor, Hector.

Good morning, Forest Magician. Irene please ask Hector to tidy the place.(Joss)

Hearing the word request, he seemed to understand that it means negotiation.
As if he understood why Yuuji exclude Hector from his greeting, Joss also kept him away.

Then, what sort of request is it? We are still 8th ranked adventurers. So we can’t do a job that’s too grand......(Joss)

The large man began to speak while a bit nervous.

Which wasn’t surprising.
The magician who made an invisible wall and living in a mansion which a never before seen shape deep inside a forest where no one ever come.
It reminded Joss about legends and hero tales, so for him to be on guard was only natural.

No, it isn’t something that difficult. After this you will return to Purumie City right? In that Purumie City please search for a peddler who goes to Anfore Village twice a year, and then I want you bring him to this place.

So, a peddler is it?...... If it’s twice a year then that means a fixed route. If I asked the merchant guild then I might be able to find out the peddler’s identity, it won’t be a problem. Then, after that, just bring him here, right?......(Joss)

So you understand? Alright! Then there won’t be any problem! Alice, the girl from yesterday, do you remember her story about escaping when her village was attacked by bandits? That’s Anfore Village.(Yuuji)

Certainly, I had heard about Anfore Village being attacked by bandits in the city......(Joss)

And then, when that peddler came to the village, Alice said that she helped him. Therefore if I know who that peddler is, I think I want to tell him to come here. Alice is alive, come to meet her, please convey this to him.(Yuuji)

Fumu...... Certainly there is such possibility. However, that.....(Joss)

......Even if we are 8th ranked, we are still adventurers. If there a request there will need to be a reward. For us and the peddler.(Irene)

Irene who was silently watched Yuuji and Joss conversation until now, abruptly joined it. Currently she didn’t holding a bow, in other words unarmed.

Of course there will be! Please wait a moment!(Yuuji)

After saying so, Yuuji ran off towards the house.

Kotarou remained in place.
She didn’t take her eyes off from the three adventurers, but she didn’t show her wariness like yesterday.
But then, it seemed that she didn’t trust them completely as she never took her eyes off them.


Breathing heavily, Yuuji returned and stood before the gate.
On his hand were four flat objects, it was a small board of 20 centimeters in length and 15 centimeters in width, roughly the size of A5.

One sheet is for the peddler’s reward. The other three are for each of you after the peddler has been brought to this place. Is this reward enough for you?(Yuuji)

Holding one in his right hand, Yuuji ferried it across the gate and pass the boundary.

Joss then timidly received the flat object.

This is...... What is this? It seems to be somewhat a hard and slippery strange board.

Please open it. Press the small button with your finger, like this, and it will open.(Yuuji)

Yuuji showed how to open the board in his hand

The morning light was shiningly reflected by it.

That board was a mirror.

It was a compact mirror that can be said always carried by the women in Japan inside their handbag.
On the four articles that Yuuji prepared, it was a largish compact mirror.


Sounds of swallowing saliva could be heard one after another from Joss and Irene.
In the campsite, Hector was humming a song while continuing to tidy the camp.
Near Yuuji’s feet, Kotarou swiung her tail. She rubbed her body against Yuuji’s as if to say, “Good job!” But she still didn’t part her eyes from the adventurers.

Forest Magician-dono. This is...... If we bring the peddler to this place, we will receive three of this? Then we will gladly accept it......(Joss)

It’s enough. The rewards are enough. The time limit?(Irene)

Joss was somehow hesitating, but the excited Irene roughly interrupted and replied

The time limit...... I want it as soon as possible, but......Is 10 days alright for you?(Yuuji)

Forest Magician-dono, that time limit is too short. It would take three full days to get from here to the city and there is a possibility that the peddler isn’t in the city right now.(Joss)

...... give us 20 days. If we succeed in bring him in 10 days, then we want another one.(Irene)


No, it’s fine. Because the earlier it gets done, the happier I’ll be. On the other hand, when you return I want you to not mention this mirror or this place to any person other than the peddler.(Yuuji)

Putting the condition of not a word to anyone, Yuuji accepted the proposal of additional reward.
Even if Yuuji seemed to understand its value in this another world, the mirrors were only about 1000 yen in value. If you didn’t care about the quality then it could even obtained from 100yen shop.

Last night, he made a ruckus searching his parents’ and imouto’s room, Yuuji obtained eight compact mirrors of various sizes.
Leaving aside the full-length mirror, the bathroom mirror, and the ones in his parents’ dresser, he retrieved hem all.
An additional mirrot if they could finish under 10 days was something cheap, was what Yuuji felt.

Then, I’ll look forward to your work.(Yuuji)

We understand. We will do our best.(Joss)

Yuuji bowed.

When Yuuji raised his head, what he saw was the appearance of Joss and Irene who for some reason putting their right palm on their left chest just under the collarbone.[1]
Maybe it was a custom of this other world.

Thus the second day of interaction with the adventurers concluded. The adventurer trio made sloshing sounds as they trod trough the wet soil and returned to the city at a high pace.


Yuuji and Kotarou saw them off from behind the gate.
After the adventurers’ figures vanished from his sight Yuuji let out a big sigh and squatted down.

Thank goodnesssssss, it went wellllllllll!(Yuuji)

He was exhausted and just like that lay down on the still damp garden.
Kotarou jumped on Yuuji who was lying down, in good mood.
While her tail swung furiously, Kotarou licked Yuuji’s face.

“You have been amazing since this morning, you can do it if you try, right Yuuji? I am very happy about this.” (Kotarou)

It seemed that she was expressing this with all of her body.
Though Kotarou was in excited condition, she didn’t wet herself[2]. She’s a lady after all.


All things considered.
Confirming if Alice has acquaintances outside the village.
Requesting the adventurers to search for that acquaintance and bring them along.
Preparing the compact mirrors as the reward.
Excluding Hector from the negotiation and the deciding on the time limit.
Those were things that were performed unbelievably well by Yuuji.

Would spears rain down from the sky tomorrow? Or the heavens had fallen down?
Otherwise, did he reach an awakening? Or was this just a random coincidence?

It was hard to believe that yesterday, no scratch that, that even the current Yuuji to be able to perform such feat.
Of course, it wasn’t because Yuuji had suddenly grown up.
His face had deep dark eyebags. His waist, shoulders, wrists, palms and fingers were completely stiff.

Yuuji was consulting the bulletin board all night long from last evening till this morning.

No, it wasn’t a consultation either.

Yuuji was receiving his order from the bulletin board all night long from last evening till this morning. His conduct this morning was just him executing his memorized orders....

Author note:
By the way, the peddler-san was mentioned on Chapter 2 Epilogue.
However, it was something happened three month ago (in the story), so Yuuji had already forgotten about it.


Let’s peek at the Bulletin Board that Yuuji visit last night!

[1] Just like this picture: (without the potato and the hand is on the left chest...)

[2] The word used うれション. Ureshon (ure is from ureshii and shon from tension) that refer to Excitement Urination. That is a condition when dog wet themselves while being excited. More often happened in puppies, it is hypothesized, because the puppies’ motoric control is still not fully developed.


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