16 December 2015

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 4 - Chapter 2

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This is Yukkuri demasu!

Also please remember that Yuuji is basically a good for nothing guy. So basically he was just a sidekick to Kotarou and Alice. Also the main selling point of this novel is how wimpy Yuuji is if contrasted with Kotarou and Alice. After all, Houjou family’s women are the strongest. Yup yup yup.

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 4: Yuuji Changing Jobs from “Rich Person” to “Magician of the Forest”.
Part 2 Yuuji, Attempting a Conversation with Adventurers Trio

......Go-go-good ebenen(Yuuji)

Yuuji who somehow squeezed out a greeting with all of his might, fumbled his words.
Although the smart Kotarou would usually give him some follow up, she was currently growling menacingly at the adventurers beyond the gate.

Yuuji was confused![1]

Adventurer-san, good evening!(Alice)

The one who broke the stiff atmosphere was the bright voice of Alice.
With a friendly smile she greeted the adventurers.

Good morning cute young lady! What a marvelous building, this is the first time I’ve see a building like this! Do you both live in here? Ah, I am Hector! A 8th Rank adventurer from Purumie City, while hunting for snow hare we found an animal trail, so *uph*!(Hector)

Hector who was talking enthusiastically was punched in the jaw by the right fist of the women with bow. At the same time, a large man who had exceed 190 cm in height stepped forward.

I’m sorry for the commotion. Just like what he had said, we are adventurers from Purumie City. My name is Joss. We found an animal trail and thinking that there might be goblins or bandits, while following it we ended up at this place.(Joss)

Giving a sidelong glance at the fallen Hector, Joss began to speak with composed tone. As a large man with a solemn voice, he was the facilitator of the party.

......Irene. Same as Joss.(Irene)

Half concealed behind the large man’s shadow, Irene who held a bow gave her greetings. It seemed that she would leave the dealings to Joss.

Alice is Alice! 6 years old! Alice lived at Anfore Village, but the bandits came and Alice ran away, so now Alice is living together here with Yuuji-nii!(Alice)

While saying how great Alice was for being able give a good greeting like this, Yuuji petted Alice’s head. He watched Alice who replied with a large laugh.
Alice who was smiling brightly locking eyes with Yuuji.

‘It’s Yuuji-nii’s turn’, Yuuji finally noticed the meanings behind Alice’s gaze.
What a piece of junk.

A-ah that true, my turn, right? Umm, it’s Yuuji. And this dog is Kotarou. Nice to meet you.(Yuuji)

Yuuji finally gave off his name. However, he only conveyed Yuuji and Kotarou’s name.

After that while touching Kotaru, Yuuji grumbled in low voice, “That’s strange, Kotarou usually doesn’t get agitated like this...... Is she excited from meeting with people?”
Ignoring the adventurers, he didn’t make any eye contact with them.

That Kotarou was still glaring at the adventurers while showing her teeth and growling menacingly.

“This place belongs to Yuuji and Alice. I will protect both of you!” (Kotarou)

Her determination could be perceived.
Sometimes, while keeping her glare at the adventurers, her hind leg repeatedly kicked Yuuji’s leg.
What a skillful dog.

“You also need to be vigilant!” (Kotarou)

Was something she wanted to convey to Yuuji.
Although, Yuuji didn’t understand anything of what Kotarou wanted to say to him.

As everyone didn’t really understand the situation, the silent minutes kept continuing.
The only sounds could be heard were Kotarou’s growls and the sound of her hind limb repeatedly kicking Yuuji’s feet as she told him, “Get a hold of yourself!”

S-Say, umm, would you like to enter? There is nothing but acorn coffee or herb tea...... Since, would I like to hear some stories from you......(Yuuji)

Will it be alright? But that dog is acting very cautious towards us.(Joss)

Yuuji heard Joss’ reply and look at Kotarou. Surely enough it seemed that Kotarou was very wary on the adventurers.

I wonder what is wrong with her, she usually doesn’t bark at stranger. Ah, since I will retrain her, please enter.(Yuuji)

What a happy-go-lucky guy.

“What are you doing? Don’t let them in!” (Kotarou)

As though Kotarou wanted to say this, she kicked Yuuji harder.
It hurts, it hurts. While saying this, Yuuji kept holding Kotarou in his hand. She now didn’t use her pads anymore but start using her claw.
Alice was giving off a friendly smile. It seemed that she was an honest girl who believes in humanity.

Seeing this scene, Joss started to ponder.
Since the person who looked like the master of this strange mansion invited him, if he didn’t accept it, wouldn’t it be considered rude? Or so he thought.
He was really a serious man.

Joss made a step forward and extended his large hand towards the gate.
For the present, let be acquainted a bit, if he couldn’t have direct conversation with the master if he didn’t cross over the gate, so he decided to accept the invitation.


To open the gate Joss stretched out his hand but it was stopped in the empty air near the gate.

The surprised Joss became frozen.
Slowly, he made move again, and approached the empty near the gate with his palm.
It was stopped.
It as if his hand met with an invisible wall.

*bonk* With his jaw opened, Yuuji saw this scene.
Kotarou also stopped moving.
Alice tilted her head in confusion and she was watching this with marvel.

What is this?...... Is this, magic? What do you think Irene?(Joss)

...... I don’t know. Since I only can use Daily Life Magic.(Irene)

Irene who was being asked approached the gate, felt the invisible wall, and replied.

The last adventurer, who was squatting down after receiving damage on his chin, Hector started to rise, and rushed to the gate with great stride.

Whoaaa! What is this?! Cool! It’s so hard even if it can’t be seen! Whoaaa, cool, what is this, what is this?! How do you do it? Whooa *humph*(Hector)

Hector who made a great fuss, suddenly drew his sword, and struck down with all of his power.


He dropped his sword, whining “Uoo Uoo”, while holding his hand, he fell over. This man, is he on the same class with Yuuji?

Are you an idiot?...... We’re really sorry for our friend Hector here. He doesn’t have any malicious intent. Perhaps, but....... At any rate, we’re really sorry. But, we can’t go inside. Is this invisible wall magic?(Joss)

Magic......? I wonder what this is...... Do you know about this, Alice?(Yuuji)

Yuuji was asking a 6 year old little girl something that even he didn’t understand.
However, it seemed that the knowledgeable Alice also didn’t know.
She tilted her head, put her right hand to her chin and thought for awhile before brightly declared “Uun, Alice doesn’t understand! It’s Alice’s first time seeing this!”

“Ah, that’s right, Alice wasn’t here when the goblin came to attack.” Yuuji said while pondering.
The existence of mysterious barrier was confirmed when the goblins attacked.
But even if he knew about its existence, Yuuji didn’t know the answer no matter how much he was thinking about it.

Yes....... It maybe something likes a Magic? I also don’t know what I should say either.(Yuuji)

Suddenly, after receiving that answer, Joss bent his large body, he was bowing his head.

Forest Magician-dono. We apologize. Not only did we attacked the invisible wall, but we also unnecessarily pried into your magic. Please forgive us. Also since the sun had already set, although this might be impudent for us, would you please let us set up our camp in front of the gate?(Joss)

Eeeh, ah, yes, please feel free to do it. We also want to say sorry to let you sleep on the outside.(Yuuji)

Seeing the large man bow at him, Yuuji made a flustered reply.

Letting out a sigh of relieve, Joss raised his head.
“Then please excuse us” He called out to Yuuji.
It seemed that he wanted to start making the camp.

Although, Yuuji didn’t completely heard Joss’ parting words.

Is that so? I am a Forest Magician, huh? Even if I couldn’t able to become a magician in Japan, but a real magician, Forest Magician-dono...... Huhehehehehe. Sooner or later I can use magic like “Swoozh! Blaam!” Fuhehehehe!(Yuuji)

Floating grins and smiles on his face while muttering in low voice.

What a disgusting man.

It seemed that Yuuji was very happy to be calledMagician-dono by an authentic man of another world.
Even though Yuuji couldn’t use magic.

Alice was staring blankly at Yuuji who was acting like that.

Kotarou continued to kick Yuuji leg.

“Get a hold of yourself! It could had been dangerous, you stupid fool!”[2]

It looked like she was still in bad mood.

Thus in this way, Yuuji had his first meeting with adult human of this other world. The first day came to an end without much deep understanding.


My guess is:
Kotarou is the real house’s lord! Anyone Kotarou don’t permit to enter wouldn’t be able to enter!
If she didn’t turn into kemonomimi I’ll be tremendously disappointed.
Oh yeah, I have updated the sections for curious reader if you want to take a sneak peek on the unedited chapters... The link is... Somewhere in this blog... Kukukuku....

[1] This is a RPG-style after action report of a character getting bad status effect
[2] Kotarou is referring Yuuji as: “KONO OBAKA”. It’s like “Baka” but heavier since there an additional “O”. And Yuuji, seriously get called as obaka by his own dog... really?


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