22 December 2015

Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai. Volume 1 - Chapter 3

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Volume 1
Chapter 3

*Mira’s POV*
I woke up to the scent of soup. I’m alone inside the carriage. I don’t see Gai, Swyn-san, or Panama-san. Ah, but Water Spirit and Wind Spirit are sitting on top of the carriage’s stairs.
After Wind Spirit noticed that I had woken up, he beckons me to come closer. Together with the spirits, I look at the outside scenery. The group is preparing lunch. They had built an open-air stove, and have placed a pot of soup on top of fire. The person stirring the pot is Swyn-san.
A Magician and a pot. Ppfft.[1] They really fit each other.
Panama-san is skewering the bread onto a stick to grill it. Meanwhile, Gai is on standby at the table with a spoon in his hand. Un(Yes), really, your specialty is eating, right? However, I’m only a 5 year old kid too.
Earth Spirit is sitting on the stove, while Fire Spirit is looking at the burning fire and is happily performing a dance. Perhaps these children are the ones who built the stove.
Guze-san and Blum-san comes out from the tree groves, carrying dead branches in their hands. As for Captain-san, he is in the carriage’s shadow and holding a map in his hand. I wonder if he is confirming the route that we have taken.

So you have woken up, Jou-chan(Little Missy).(Captain)

He sees that I had woken up and takes me down from the carriage by carrying me in his hand.

How do you feel?(Captain)
I feel fine. I think I got better after sleeping.(Mira)

It was all thanks to the Spirits. While I was sleeping, the Spirits would gently pat me until the sickness was gone. I think they must have cast some sort of recovery spell on me even though they didn’t receive any magic power from me. What a good children they are.
I sit beside Gai and receive a wooden bowl and a wooden spoon. I dip the slightly grilled hard bread in the soup to make it soft before eating.

Then, let us began eating.(Swyn)

Immediately after Swyn-san said that, Gai starts devouring. Even though the bread in front of him is hard, he eats it immediately only after soaking it for a while.

Gai, eat slowly or you’ll burn your throat.(Mira)

I more or less remind him, as I sip the soup.
Which reminds me, I wonder if food is unnecessary for Spirits? Do they only eat magic power that magician releases when the magician request them to help perform magic? Because they had used magic on me without me requesting them to do so, should I give them my magic power as sign of thanks?
But how can I do it? Asking Swyn-san is like hitting a hornet nest. If I use magic in light novels as my references, then the magic power is type of energy(Ki/Qi)[2] that flows inside me.
Fuufuufu. I know breath control(Qigong)[3], you know. It’s something that I’ve studied for a while. However, even though I sound like I know a lot about it, I merely know it superficially. Luckily, exact knowledge is unnecessary in my case. After all, Swyn-san already said, “What's important in magic is imagination.” In the animes I’ve watch and the mangas and light novels that I’ve read, mentions many kinds of magic, so I have plenty of imagination on my disposal.
Even if my knowledge is scant, my imagination can fill in the gaps. Assuming that magic power is energy(Ki/Qi), then I had a hunch that I need to mold it inside my body before gathering them on my right index finger.
While I’m savoring the bread that I ate, I close my eyes, look down and immediately conduct a trial run.
Etto(Umm), first, take a deep breath.
I imagine a ball of magic power inside of my chest, and then I circulate it inside the center of the chest.
As I do this, I feel something warm inside me. This maybe the magic power. I stop circulating the imagined ball of magic power inside me and send the ball through my right shoulder, then to my right arm, before imagining it gathering before my index finger. The warm thing inside me moves at the same time.
I opened my eyes to confirm it. My fingertip is shining with a honeydew color.
It turned out well

!? Yes?(Mira)

Suddenly Swyn-san called me and my concentration dissolved. The light disperses.
That surprised me. Was I found out? I was found out, right?
Swyn-san gently speaks to me, who was acting suspiciously, and wonders if I’m still feeling unwell.
I'm sorry, but I was just gathering Magic Power. I absolutely can't say that.

No, I was just a bit absentminded.(Mira)
Are you still half asleep?(Gai)

Nice, Gai. You can be useful sometimes.
While I stuff my mouth with bread and concentrate again, in order to present my magic power to the Spirits, I look for them. Just a moment ago they were near the stove, but now they weren’t there. I shift my line of sight, and found them huddling together near the pile of firewood. I am puzzled.
Are they playing oshikuramanju[4]?
No, they’re shivering. It seemed that they are afraid of something, but......
The Fire Spirit notices that I am looking at them and speak something in hurry. But, as expected, I can’t hear his voice. He then points his tiny hand in the direction of carriage. The carriage is stopped at a hill where the horses are tranquilly eating grass after being freed from the yoke. The knights’ warhorses are doing the same.
The other spirits also joined and raised their hand to make gestures. However, I don’t understand. Noticing that I had another blank look, Swyn-san calls me for the second time. Just as I began to think about how to deceive him, letters suddenly appears inside my head. 3 Katakana letters.


The Spirits turn their head towards me who unconsciously made a voice. Their faces start to sparkle. Once again, words are float inside my head. Now there are two sets of them.


Just like how a computer monitor displayed texts one after another, the floating words start to multiply steadily and start to disturb my thoughts.



Swyn-san put his hand on my shoulder and stares directly at my face.

What’s wrong, Mira-san?(Swyn)

I want to answer Swyn-san who's worried about me, but my mind is filled with warnings so I can’t think of anything. What spilled out of me is an incoherent muttering.

......... The Spirits, are afraid....... (Mira)
Are you able to see the Spirits?(Swyn)


What’s dangerous? What’s coming?(Mira)

I am, once again forced, to read the words, so I close my eyes tightly and scream.


At the same time, an ear-deafening roar thunders. The horses’ mad whine cut through the air. Everybody turn their head towards the direction of the carriage and freeze up. However the Knights only stop moving for a while. In a moment they are ready for battle.

Holy Spirits. Mana Eater seriously showed itself here.(Panama)
Damn, that is Huge!(Guze)
I really have to send my protest to the Guild.(Blum)
Good grief.(Captain)

It lands straight on the top of the hill in the middle of the carriage wreckage. Although a little dirty, it’s black scale gave off a luster. A magic beast that surpasses 5 meters stands up while licking up its lips.

A gigantic body, sharp claw, and a thick tongue that is flickers from its mouth, where rows of saw-like teeth can be seen. Though the size is bigger than I had imagined, it is just like what Swyn-san had said; it’s a crocodile-shaped magic beast.

Most likely it’s been wounded. Perhaps it desperately came to here in order to target a person with great magic power. With our current equipment, we can, perhaps, only buy you some time, so Swyn-san please take the children and escape quickly.(Captain)

As Captain had instructed, Swyn-san pulls my and Gai’s hand.

It won’t notice you if you move slowly. Keep your eyes on it.(Swyn)

With a nod we start to move. I unintentionally catch glimpse of the Spirits on my edge of vision. They have their gazes fixed on the magic beast and are shivering. I remember that the Mana Eater will eat all kinds of magic power.
Perhaps, it also eats Spirits!?
I can’t leave these children behind! However, if I made a careless move, it may provoke the Mana Eater. That’s right. Maybe, I can also transmit a message to them using the floating letters in my head?

Come. Come this way.

Though I keenly broadcast it inside my head, the constantly afraid Spirits didn’t notice it. Or maybe it didn’t get transmitted?

Mira, what are you doing? Let’s run.(Gai)

Gai pulled my hand.

I know. But I can’t leave those children behind.(Mira)
What do you mean by those children?(Gai)

This is bad. It’s supposed to be a secret that I can see Spirits, but I had a slip of a tongue. There is no time to think of a proper follow up for this. Since I can't transmit the letters, then anything else that I do......
That’s right! Inside the carriage, Wind Spirit could hear my words in my whisper. Perhaps.....

Please come this way.(Mira)

I made a sigh, just like a whisper in prayer. The Wind Spirit snaps and turns his head around.
It reached her!
Sound is air vibrations. Just like I thought, Wind Spirit is sensitive to sound.
While shedding tears like a faucet, Wind Spirit grasp the other 3 Spirits’ clothes hem with all of her power and took flight. The Spirits soon arrived at my bosom are embraced with both of my hands, but at the same time, the magic beast make an earsplitting roar.

Here it comes!(Knight)

The Knights started to run to meet the magic beast. I’m snatched by Swyn-san who is carrying me with his hand.


Hearing Swyn’s order, Gai immediately sprints like a fired arrow. Swyn-san also starts to run.

Oh Wind, accept this magic stone. Grant us even more speed!(Swyn)

A green colored magic power is released from Swyn-san bracelet. From inside my arm, Wind Spirit reaches out desperately for the magic power and eats it. Then, suddenly, our speed increases after receiving aid from the wind.

Surround it!(Knight)
If you get hit, immediately withdraw! Stop its feet!(Knight)

Angry yells fly past each other, sound of weapons and the magic beast roar’s can be heard from a distance. I look behind over Swyn-san shoulder on that faraway scene, and make a gasp.
Guze-san who wants to draw his blade to stab at the magic beast is immediately sent flying after being hit by a swing from its tail.
To not miss up this opening, from the opposing side, Captain-san and Panama-san pierces its feet with their sword. While bursting out a scream, the magic beast raises the stabbed feet high.
If their swords are snatched away, then they don’t have means to attack. So while grasping onto their swords, both of them are being lifted high. Then they kick the magic beast’s foot that is raised up in the air, extract their swords from its feet, and came down. Then they nimbly did a roll to lessen the fall damage and avoid being trampled by the magic beast’s feet.


The magic beast roared in irritation. I saw the eye that glared at the Knights and it immediately made me shuddering.
It’s approaching.
With a blast, it suddenly kicks the earth, ramming Blum-san and sending him flying. Ignoring the pursuing knights, it approaches while roaring.
So fast.
Its whole body is covered with small cuts and is wet with blood. Its giant jaw is opened with saliva dripping out. It eyes are bloodshot without changing its sight, it is hungry.
And it target is, me.
When I notice this, my face goes pale. After that, it raises my anger.

Are you kidding me?(Mira)

As soon I opened my mouth and speak in low voice, Swyn-san turns his head to look at behind him. He then sees the approaching magic beast and his feet trips.
I twist myself and jump down from his arm, and stand facing the magic beast. The Spirits inside my arms also trying to make a stand despite their shivering.

Mira! Swyn-san!(Gai)

Gai noticed that we had stopped moving and yells.

What are you doing? Quick! Escape!(Gai)

Even while they’re wounded, Captain-san and Panama-san are pursuing the magic beast. Even with their bones broken, Guze-san and Blum-san are struggling to get up.

Are you kidding me?(Mira)

Yes, are you messing with me? At my previous life, I was struck by a car and died. In this life, will I get killed, get eaten by a magic beast? And not only will it be me. Gai will also, Swyn-san will, everyone will, everyone....

I don’t want a cheat. But, since I have it then I will defeat this scum right here! Right now!(Mira)

I spoke these words in my mouth, raise my head, and imagine what I wish for inside my mind. Was it a coincidence that I was born as a person with abnormal amount of magic power, or it was granted by someone? I don’t know which one is the true answer, but it doesn’t matter right now. Since I have a cheat then I should be able to use magic. If I’m not able to use magic, then how can it be called as a cheat?

Consume my mana and grant my wish!(Mira)
Wa-, oi! Is she imitating Swyn!?(Captain)

Maybe because he was so surprised, Captain-san fell down.

Eh? Mira? You can use magic!?(Gai)
Stop it Mira-san! The hole size that I made before is useless for it!(Swyn)

I already understand that, if it the hole is only at that size it couldn’t even catches its feet.
I ignored the frightened yelling from Gai and Swyn-san. I knead my magic in a hurry, and release that magic power from my right hand. Before my eyes, it becomes a giant honey colored light ball. Earth Spirit, who received it, starts transforming, from a 3 heads tall midget, to a tall person whom I need to raise my head to see. His golden hair is fluttering in the wind.
I raise my right hand as high as possible to the sky, and immediately swing it down.


 The earth vibrates, together with a thunderous sound, it is produced from the ground in an instant. 3 meters in width, 8 meters in height, 7 meters in thickness at the bottom and 3 meters thick at the top. It was a wall shaped like a gently sloped breakwater[6].
Because the obstacle suddenly appeared before it, the magic beast can’t shave off its charging momentum and crashed at it. However, the high density barricade didn’t even make a slight shake.

It-It stopped! But it’s still no good! No matter how strong that wall is, it will just eat the magic power in it..... (Swyn)
The true aim is not the wall.(Mira)

Swyn-san stares at me seriously. However I don’t give him any answer, I examine the magic beast condition behind the wall. Did the crash give it a cerebral concussion? It doesn’t make any move. However, it makes a snarling sound.
I make a grin on the tip of my mouth. Splendid.

 3, 2, 1, ......0(Mira)

When the count reached zero, there was sound of soil collapsed mixed with beast’s scream. Then, a large crashing sound could be heard. I slowly walk to the other side of the barricade, and stand at the edge of the hole located immediately behind the wall. Swyn-san, Gai, and Captain-san are also carefully approaching to the hole.
They stare at it speechlessly. But that’s a given. At that place is a 5 meter gaping hole: a very deep hole. At the bottom of the hole is the convulsing Mana Eater. Maybe it’s in front of death’s door.

......Jou-chan(Little Miss), this hole is?(Captain)
The place where the soil had been taken off to construct the wall.(Mira)

To make that hole, is the reason why I made the wall.

If I only made a hole from far away, the Demon Best might avoid it. If it was close to it, it might just leap over it without difficulty. That’s why I made that wall to stop it, and then drop him into this pitfall.(Mira)

Well, I had thought about making the hole immediately below it, but here were too many uncertain factors. So, I had planned so that when my count reach zero, its foothold would be demolished, so there will be any problem. Since I don’t know the magic beast weights, one cannot be too careful, or so they said.

How dreadful.(Captain)
That’s true. It still alive, what a terrifying life force.(Swyn)
Not that, what I mean is Jou-chan’s magic.(Captain)
That’s right. To be able to create such to this extent, her magic power also, her imagination, is really something. There also learning by imitating lesion in the Academy, but just by looking at my magic once, she is able to put it into applicable situation like this. It really frightening. (Swyn)

The conversation between Captain-san and Swyn-san sounds really unpleasant, but even if I think I will get treated like a monster(bakemono), I don’t regret why I had done it. After all, the other outcome is my death you know. Although I might be reincarnated again, will I remember this life as Mira and the previous life in the next life? I think I’ll be thinking ‘If, at that time, I had done this then I’d still be alive’, or ‘Maybe I could’ve saved everyone’, and live my next life full of regret. After all, it isn’t possible to alter the past.

Ah... for now, I don’t have a hobby to letting it suffering for too long, so let give it the finishing blow.(Mira)

I look at the Earth Spirit, and he immediately replies with a delightful smile. He had become quite handsome.
Which reminds me, when he received my magic power he became bigger. His limb had become into long and slender. His cute look on his face has now become more firm. His outward appearance is like a 17-18 year old.
Fire Spirit and Water Spirit are sitting on his shoulder, while Wind Spirit is playing with his golden hair that reaches his waist. His amber eyes that are shining with glitter are staring at me. At a glance, his appearance is not that different from human. The ears are still pointy, however. He is excessively handsome.
His beauty aura is so dazzling. Where has the soul soothing chibi gone to?
Do the Spirits grow from magic power? I need to ask Swyn-san about this next time.

Consume my mana and grant my wish.(Mira)

I imagine what I wish for. I don’t need the amount of magic power as big as when I made the barricade. So, I lightly knead the magic power just about one fifth (1/5) from the before and present it on my palm. The one who will receive it is Earth Spirit.
But, how should I say it? Don’t put my hand directly into your mouth! It’s not like I am giving food to animal, so use your hand, your hand!

.... bury it with Earth and return it to origin.(Mira)

Maybe because it’s because I used too much magic power, I’m somewhat tired. But it is fine, it will end soon.
As soon as I invoke the magic with a voice that lacks vigor, with a rumble, the earth from the barricade flows back into the hole. After it had flowed in like surging waves, it was compacted as if was run over by a roller[7].
The magic beast, Mana Eater, is crushed to death.
If its dying body receive this much weight, it won’t be able to endure it and will ceased to live. So, I give it my silent prayer.


I’m currently in the carriage, or at least that what I’d like to say, but the carriage sustained serious damages from the Mana Eater attack, so it can’t be used.
Damn it. That bastard! It’s a good thing that it’s now at the bottom of that soil covered hole.
The horses are uninjured, but Captain-san and Panama-san have bruises and sprains. Although they could ride the horse, their wounds will surely get worse. If they are attacked in the midst of the journey back to the village to seek help, it will impossible for them to fight.
Guze-san and Blum-san, as expected, have broken their ribs ----- that reminds me, when we got close to that hole, only Captain-san and Panama-san came. They certainly can’t ride the horse.
The last adult, Swyn-san is unexpectedly inexperienced in riding a horse.
It’s checkmate. Even if we can produce water by using magic, the food will be exhausted sooner or later. We had previously planned to stop at the next village, so we have enough food piled up to 2 days. But when the carriage was destroyed, we lost half of them. Although there is a chance that other travelers will pass by, it’s no more than a gamble.
Since a child’s feet can’t reach the stirrup, Gai and I can’t ride the horse. But, the distance to the village is only several hours by carriage, so it’s not an unfeasible distance for a child to travel by foot. If there an enemy came out en route, there would be no problem. After all, I have a cheat.
Fuu, I’ve become serious. I don’t even think about deceiving people anymore, since I’ve already declared, “The Spirits are frightened.” In the end, I confessed in front of Swyn-san about something unbelievable like conversing with the Spirits.
I better say this first so you don’t have any misunderstandings. People who can see magic power and/or Spirits are not many, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. My teacher(shisou) also has eyes that can see magic power. I vow to the Spirits. I won’t do anything that will cause you harm. So in order for me to protect you, can you tell me everything?(Swyn)

If he willing to go this far, how could I deceive him? It seems that if he breaks his vow, he will be hated by the Spirits, and without their consent, it will be impossible to use magic. For a magician, this is a very harsh penalty.
Honestly, I want to have a person that I can consult with. Because, as you see, I’m only a 5 years old girl who doesn’t know anything outside of the village. Even if I am compensating my knowledge about magic with the magic in fantasy fiction, I lack the general knowledge of magic in this world. Things that I don’t understand, of course, make me uneasy. Actually when I found out that there are other people who can also see magic power and/or Spirits, it gave me a little peace of mind.
So, while I’m giving the first-aid to the Knights, I also confess everything to them. Of course I didn’t mention anything about my previous life. After all, my previous memories are full with holes. It’s hard to tell a story about a person without knowing his/her gender or name, so it’s difficult to make people believe it, isn’t it?
By the way, my worry that I will be treated like a monster(bakemono) was only a baseless fear. The Knights are thanking me, also when we arrive at the capital, Swyn-san wants to introduce me to his teacher.

Ee.... I don’t want to become experiment subject!(Mira)
It won’t happen!(Swyn)

It was quickly denied.

To experiment on human in our country will result in imprisonment. Who would want that?(Swyn)
I also won’t be treated as a soldier?(Mira)
For what reason would the Royal Knights and Court Magician want to do so? Although they will gladly accept the person who could defeat a magic beast, they won’t accept a 5 years old girl as soldier. Besides, it’s been a policy for countless generations of kings in our country to avoid war with other nations. Establishing an academy is also part of this grand scheme. By educating a lot of superiorly talented people, the other countries will have second thought to challenge our country.(Swyn)

Swyn-san gives his explanation fluently like water. However, since I have no practical use, it will be meaningless even if they found out about me.
Even if I have a magic cheat, I can’t use it on another person because, in my previous life’s memories, killing another person is a crime.
As a villager’s daughter in a frontier village, I more or less know about the principle of “it’s killed or be killed” and the harshness of this world. Even if I am 5 years old, reality will not be so sweet. I’ve been taught this so that I can survive.
It’s useless to show mercy to bandits. If we left them go, they will come back to exact revenge, and there will be other victims. If it possible I want to capture them alive and then turn them over to the soldiers. Even though I know that the captured bandits will be sentenced to the gallows, at least I want to let my hand stay clean.
Still, even though there aren’t any wars right now, if by some chance a war breaks out, then I might be judged as a useful pawn and be sent out. That’s what a King would do.

In Mira’s case, you also need to be vigilant for kidnapping, okay?(Swyn)

Hearing Swyn-san’s warning, I tilt my head as another negative idea comes out.

Although human experiment is a crime in Fimeria, it might not be the case in other countries. In the case of warlike country, there a possibility that they would do experiments on you to increase their country’s war potential. Since Mira-san is so small, you could be easily kidnapped.

A-Another blind spot! Even if our King governs benevolently, he can’t do anything if I get kidnapped by another country. I must produce some crime prevention goods!
Like crime prevention buzzer[8] or perhaps stun gun also will be good. I might need to adjust the output so the at least it won’t kill anyone. It will be a necessary method, and then the next is......
Towards me who am thinking about countermeasures against kidnapping, Swyn-san makes a small laugh and adds more words.

Although it is necessary to tell His Majesty the truth, for other people, except for fact that you had enormous amount magical power and an all attribute, you ought to conceal everything else.(Swyn)

I see, conceal the information, right? And if someone imprudently laid their hand on me, then I will bite at it and intimidate them with my magic power. With crime prevention goods, my defense power will also go up. I can also win without fighting by using His Majesty for protection, right? I understand.[9]

By the way, are the Spirits beautiful?(Guze)

Because it looks like our conversation has finished, Guze-san begins to ask something suave.

They are cute. Except for Earth Spirit, they’re three heads tall.(Mira)

Hearing the shocking fact that the Spirits are three head tall, everyone drops their jaws. And then about the Earth Spirit that transformed into magnificent form after receiving my Magic Power, Swyn-san is utterly devastated.
I wonder why? If I have to guess it maybe because he thought the Spirits have a form of beautiful women?
But since the Spirits only three head tall, it’s hard to see the difference in their figures. Their garments are only a tunic that carries their attribute color and white trouser; therefore, there are no great differences between them.
If based on the accessories that they wore, then Fire Spirit, who carries a dagger on his waist, is a boy. Water Spirit, whose hair is tied with a blue ribbon, is a girl. Wind Spirit is a tomboy, it’s hard to see but on the hem of her trouser are frills, so I think she is a girl. Earth Spirit, without doubt is a boy ------ no, a man. Since he had grown into adult form, it’s hard to be mistaken. However, it seems that his character didn’t changed that much.
The grown up Earth Spirit’s eye and hair color, for some reason, are different from their chibi form. His hair, which previously resembled dandelion, is now a long, elegant, straight blond and his previous light brown eyes are now amber colored. His attire also changed: a white shirt under an olive green vest, a charcoal black trouser, and a pair of leather shoe.


After finished treating the Knights, I’m thinking about what the next move will be.
The new camp has been completed. With the help from Wind Spirit, the carriage wreckage had been blown off and salvaged. Although the tent is a bit battered, if it’s only for 1 night, I think it can still be used. However, there is no one who we can call for help. So the first step is to return to the village.

As expected, I will be the one who go.(Captain)

Please forcefully restrain Captain-san from doing something reckless ―― I request Earth Spirit. Captain-san, who tries to stand up, is buried up to his knee ―― He folds his arm and complains, then the warhorse in front of him ran lightly.

Who is riding on the horse right now?(Captain)
Well, no one, since everyone is in no condition that could ride horses.(Guze)

Guze-san gives his tsukkomi. The Knights are obediently resting. Although there is one person who is stubbornly trying to extract his feet from the ground.
Please be obedient, Captain-san. If you don’t, then it will be like playing sand on the beach, you know? That is, buried up to the neck. But, I won’t say it.
Swyn-san, who doesn’t know about my dark scheming, looks at the returning warhorse and becomes confused.

But, there is no one riding on it.(Swyn)
But I’m sure someone is holding the rein of the horse....(Captain)

I look at the horse and found no words to say. Why are you riding on the horse, Earth Spirit?

........the one who’s riding it, is Earth Spirit.(Mira)
Wahahahahahaha. Then we can call for help!(Guze)

Hearing my reply, Guze shouts with joy. That’s true, it’s somewhat strange to expect that the Spirits to ride a horse, but right now Earth Spirit is all grown up.

Good Job. Earth Spirit.(Mira)

Earth Spirit looks confused as he watches us who are being delighted. He then turns the horse back to us. As always, the other 3 spirits are attaching themselves on his shoulders and hair.

Give me a ride, and take me to the village where we came from this morning. If magic beasts or wild beasts come out, I will give you magic power, so repel them. Will you do it?(Mira)

To my rough instruction, Earth Spirit nods and nimbly dismounts from the horse. He lightly carries me in his arm, and after gently putting me on the saddle, he once again mounts the horse.

To the rest of you, could you please stay with Swyn-san?(Mira)

I asked the other spirits who are clinging onto Earth Spirit, they shake their head repeatedly. Does this mean they don’t want to?

Since these children are not the only Spirits, it’s fine for you to take them all.(Swyn)
Is that so?(Mira)
These children here are specifically called only to help with the examination. When they are called, other Spirits will come.(Swyn)

That’s reminds me, he did say about Spirit families.

Then, I’m off.[10](Mira)
Wait a moment!(Captain)

I turn my head to Captain-san who yells in a panic. He points at his feet with a bitter expression.

Please release me before you go.(Captain)

I forgot.


I release Captain-san’s feet and wave my hand to the group stay behind while holding onto the saddle. Earth Spirit rouses the horse from a slow pace to dashing speed and gradually increased its velocity. I’m rocking unstably, so Earth Spirit embraces me in his arm so I won’t fall.
His face is too near. Maybe because he’s happy at the flowing scenery, his innocent handsome face is in point blank range. My heart can’t calm down. It really can’t calm down. In front of such handsomeness, my heart can’t calm down. Is it okay for me to become a bride of this 3D handsome man?[12] No, that is something unusual...... No, no, no. Me as a bride...... it’s not possible. It’s a stupid thing for a 5 years old girl to be married.
What can I say? A handsome man like a Hollywood celebrity is in front of my eyes! What should I do? What am I feeling right now?
Although in memories as Mira, I think that I’ve never seen people who have a face that so different from Asia features before ―― although the climate is like hat of southern countries, it didn’t cause people to become tanned ―― however it’s doesn’t mean that I’m nervous about meet with a people from different country with a different language I don’t understand.
......I’m sure that I was a woman in my previous life. Furthermore I didn’t have a boyfriend = my age, so my immunity to opposite sex was nonexistent. After all his handsomeness is making my heart throb like crazy!
Without separating from him, I turn my gaze around, and see Fire Spirit jumping on the top of the horse’s head.
Please calm down, it’s dangerous, ochibi(little guy).
Fire Spirit pointed to me with a big smile full of expectation, the he pointed to himself, and then with both of his hand he makes a drinking gesture. Then he pointed to Earth Spirit.
Etto(Uumm), Me, Fire Spirit, something to drink, Earth Spirit?
I deciphered the gesture and have a bad premonition.


The Water Spirit and Wind Spirit also show their face between the locks of Earth Spirit’s hair. I have a headache after reading the words that floating inside my mind.
If these 3 people grew into adults, will they also become handsome/beautiful? ........I think they would.

Ah... As I thought, I don’t want a cheat.(Mira)

Cutting though the wind, the warhorse proceeds forwards.
Bandits, wild beasts, magic beasts, or monsters, won’t they just come out so I could cut them!? Not only I am stuck with having an enormous magic power, the number of handsome/beautiful people near me will be increased!


[1] Holding laugh.
[2] . Japanese: Ki. /Chinese: Qi.
[3] Qigong/Ch’i Kung 气功
[4] A children game, where you gathered on a circle and pushes the other with your each other back until someone goes outside the circle
[5] The Spirits originally said in Katakana, hence the different font, from now on the Spirits will use Times New Roman font until when they speak in normal way. Also Ki-Ke-N (キケン) is three letter in Katakana.
[6] Breakwater: A structure common in harbor or beach. It is used to break or reduce the wave power so when it reach the land it isn’t that powerful and prevent erosion or to make the water inside the enclosed port not to wavy even when the wave in the ocean is rough.
[7] A construction machine with a big cylinder as it wheel to flatten things. Commonly used in road construction.
[8] Japanese children always brought a buzzer. If some pedobear disturb them, they would activated it to summon bystander and beat crap out of the pedobear if the pedobear didn’t get smart and ran away like hell.
[9] Mira will soon regret this...
[10] Itekimasu!!!
[11] ED: This part made me spend a lot of time. Too much fan squealing and jumping around moments in this part. ^_^ TL: Too bad his scene is too short in the manga.
[12] This is the most funny line in this chapter.


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      Here an example of 1 head tall (yukkuri) to 9 head tall body proportion (heroic).
      In Japan they would be called as Chibi.
      An average person, is generally 7-and-a-half heads tall (including the head).
      An ideal figure, used when aiming for an impression of nobility or grace, is drawn at 8 heads tall.
      A heroic figure, used in the heroic for the depiction of gods and superheroes, is eight-and-a-half heads tall. Most of the additional length comes from a bigger chest and longer legs.

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