31 December 2015

Isekai de 『Kuro no Iyashite』 tte Yobarete Imasu - 1st Story

New Teaser

The first story was very much Lovecraftian....

DISCLAIMER: There is no way my translation is perfect.

Yukkuri Oniisan
1st Story: Prologue

*Misuzu’s Perspective*
It was a cold night in the winter.

At that time, I, Kanzaki(神崎) Misuzu(美鈴) was in a high spirit.

It had been a long time since I met with friends and held Anime Song Karaoke Showdown. We were intensely talking about the recent addicting game’s back story or interpretation of the underplot, we exchanged farewell gifts, and afterwards we headed towards the recommended hidden pub that I visit for the first time, it was tremendously delicious.

Ugh... Cold!(Misuzu)

When I exited from the closest station to my house, I saw that the clock in my smartphone already close to 12 o’clock.
The get together was too long. I didn’t expect that I would play until this late hour, but it was fine since tomorrow was also a day off.

I was walking while thinking about the conversation of the game that was hotly talked recently, when the ground suddenly shook violently.

The shaking greatly stimulated my semicircular canals at once.
Is it an earthquake? While I was thinking about this, I found myself inside pitch blackness.

Pitch dark? No. It was black.
It was not dark caused by the lack of illumination, but it was a black, like I was enveloped by something like a black fog.

My head become heavy and dizzy like struck by a motion sickness, while I surveyed my surroundings. The black fog steadily closing, and made me don’t know if this place was wide or narrow nor was outside or inside a room.

What is this? What happen?(Misuzu)

Am I just too drunk? Is the shaking just now an earthquake?
No, it’s wrong. What is this? Where am I?

Something that is unbelievable and dangerous situation, I barely could get my head thinking about this. When I was finally aware of my surrounding, the next moment, I let out a scream.

An arm suddenly sprouted out from inside the fog and without warning latched on my left upper arm.


The Arm, as if sayingCome Here, kept pulling me forcefully to it.

No, no, no, no, let me go.
TheArm terminate and disappeared in the fog so I couldn’t clearly saw the origin of it.
The appendage that grasped me from inside the blackness was considerably a horror-like entity.


I screamed while frantically resisting it.

I kicked around the body that I think the Arm came from but it only missing in vain.

Guaaa! Go away! Gieeee!!(Misuzu)

I didn’t even realize what I say anymore and emitted piercing cries as I continue frantically made a tug of war with it.
Then one more Arm suddenly came out from inside the fog, this time it seized my upper right arm.

The other arm also pulled me to the same direction.
Even if they pulled both of my hand, I didn’t want to go! It was horrifying! It was scary!
If I went to that place then bad things absolutely would happen to me. It’s dangerous! My crisis perception sense was loudly send warnings alert.
It was a frightful emergency. Yes, it was absolutely not something good.

This was a tug of war where my life was at risk. I mustn’t be defeated!

While supported by both of my boots’ heel as a break so that I wouldn’t lurch forward, I try to step backward as much as possible.

It looks like I could do this!
Two arms were grasping on both of my upper arm. Somehow I manage to shift them to my elbow.

It was just little more and the balance could be broken, the tug of war kept continuing while somehow I could bend my right elbow.
I wanted to grab on the Arm that seized my left arm.

Just a little more,

Just a little more until I reach the Arm, when I was thinking this, this time two new Arm appeared, firmly seized my left wrist and forcefully pulling me.

The precarious balance was ruined as my body center of gravity that supported me skewed and it resulting in me fell forward.

The Arms pulled me.

Just before I was made to be plunged into the black fog, I saw by accident that the Armsthat was seizing me suddenly stopped moving.
I was twisting my body to untangle myself from the Arms, at the moment when I separated, I also fell into the Black Fog.



  1. wow. finally someone make a teaser of this. though there's many people complaining about how generic the mc and the story she made an adorably cute appearance in manga.

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