28 December 2015

Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai. Volume 1 - Chapter 4

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The chapter 4 of the LN!

Due to reveal in this chapter, all Standard Magic Spell name will be rendered in Latin to emulate ancient language used for the spell name with their English equivalent in a bracket. So:
Torch = Facem
Fireball = Globus Ignis
Flare Lance = Lancea Flamma
Flare Arrow = Sagitta Flamma

DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee that I translate 100% correct. So any help is welcomed with open hand.

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Yukkuri Oniisan
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Volume 1
Chapter 4

*Mira’s POV*
Oh my, Mira is returning home! [1] (Oji-san A)

Who are you calling a divorced woman?[2] I never remember leaving the house as a bride, you know! I am only a 5 years old girl!

It was barely evening when I arrived at the village. The Oji-sans[3] were coming home from hunting when they said these very rude words.

The Knights are injured. I want to borrow the carriage and ask for help from Village Chief-san. Is he home?(Mira)
What! Then I’ll go and gather some help. I’ll get at least 10 people to act as the guards!(Bean Oji-san)
Ah, wait a sec-.....(Mira)

Before I could finish, Bean Oji-san already ran away. I had no time to stop him.

What an idiot. Even if he gathers everyone and leave now, they will only be able get there at night.(Oji-san A)
That’s true. However, Mira, who left this morning, managed to come back this evening. That means they’re not that far, right?(Oji-san B)
Un. Because I got sick while riding the carriage, we traveled slowly. When we were having lunch, we were attacked by a magic beast. However, since I returned using only a horse, I came back faster.(Mira)

There’s no clock and I was sleeping during the journey so I don’t know the exact time, but I think we have traveled for about 4 hours. The journey back took about 3 hours. Though the horse only carried a weight of one child and 4 Spirits (I don’t know if they have a weight or not), but the horse’s break also included in that time. If we depart from this village right now, we should arrive at the knights’ place at night, but it would be around midnight when we return to the village.

Then after saying something to the village’s chief, you should return to your house and rest since you’ve been travelling for the whole day, you must be tired.(Oji-san A)
That’s true. If you say you want to leave at early morning tomorrow, village’s chief would agree. There is no need to chase that Bean fellow.(Oji-san B)

The 2 people that remained exchange their gazes and nod to each other.
Bean oji-san is a good person, but he is careless ----- he has a tendency to do things without hearing the whole story.

Then, I’ll do as you say.(Mira)

I glance at Earth Spirit and he prompts the horse to walk forward slowly.

Ou! Have a good rest!(Oji-sans)

As I wave my hand behind me, I bid to the oji-sans farewell.


*Narrator’s POV*
What’s wrong, Zil?(Pom)

Pom called to the man who’s squinting to look at the faraway shape of a child whose hair that looks like a turtle.

Isn’t that Mira? Her leg can’t reach the stirrup, but she’s riding the horse really well.(Zil)

Pom was startled by what he’s seeing. Sure those small, slender, thin legs were on the saddle, but the stirrup was way below her. But of course that’s the case, she’s only 5 years old so her feet can’t reach the stirrup.

My goodness, you’re right. Isn’t that dangerous?(Pom)
Although dangerous, she came back safely all by herself.(Zil)
Could it be that the Magician granted her protection.(Pom)
That’s incredible.(Pom)

The magician who had come to Ilga Village was still young, as he seems in his early 20s. However, he also seems to be an influential person. For Mira and Gai to have met such a good person who can guide them like he can, both Zil and Pom gave their satisfied approval.


Mira’s sneezed and shivering as she became smaller in the distance.[4]


*Narrator POV *
Please teach me Magic!(Gai)

It was several ten minutes after Mira went to call for help. Swyn was surprised by the boy who was bowing deeply.
His childhood friend is the girl who can use Terra Magic to such extent --- using Swyn’s earth magic that she saw for the first time on a much grander scale. For a boy of his age, it’s no wonder that this had provoked his sense of rivalry. ‘Although, to compete with that girl’s magic power, is this because of his youth, no, his innocence?’ thought Swyn who is still young himself.

I am a bit older than Mira, so I thought that as a boy, I would need to protect Mira. However, Mira is very strong. She can defeat the magic beast all by herself.(Gai)
If we go with that standpoint then aren’t we, who receive help from a little girl, the shameful adult? Is that what you mean?.....(Swyn)

Spontaneously, the other adults’ eyes swam towards Gai.

No. But, no matter how strong she is, I don’t think Mira can do everything by herself. I want to get stronger. I want to be a guy who can help Mira.(Gai)

Well said!(Knights)
Just like a man, right?(Knights)

The Knights gave their praises so the boy became embarrassed and scratched his head. Seeing that pleasant scene, Swyn smiled.

After all, I can’t lose to that Earth Spirit.(Gai)
To the Spirit?(Swyn)

Being confused, Swyn tried to reconfirm.

Yes. Earth Spirit who had became an adult after receiving magic power from Mira. At the time when the horse that Mira rode started to move, I somehow feel irritated with him.(Gai)

‘How did he do that?’ They were looking at the boy and thinking hard. With Guze and Blum as the center, since they can’t move because of their cracked ribs, the adults held a discussion.

Oi, I can’t see the little spirits...(Kenan)
That’s expected, I also can’t see the chibi spirits.(Panama)

To what Kenan said, Panama nodded affirmatively.

At that time, what really happened. Magician Kalyard?(Knights)
It doesn’t mean that I can see the spirits......(Swyn)
Do you just feel the presence of Spirit?(Knights)

Swyn became the center of Knights attentions. He doesn’t have the eyes that can see magic power or spirits, like the majority of magicians. However, if there was a large amount of magic power concentrated in one place, even if magicians couldn’t see it they could sense it. That ability is called Perception ability, while the ability to actually see them with the eye is called Spirit Vision.
Like when Mira was calling out to help the spirits, Swyn’s glance drifted to them.

When Mira-san floated up to ride the horse, I think she was held up by the Earth Spirit.(Swyn)

The Knights nodded. Although they were surprised at that time, it was well known that the Spirits can move things. The cup that someone wanted to pick up moved away; or, the last piece of a snack vanished. Those were mainly the Spirits’ pranks.

When the horse was galloping, I felt a presence that wrapped around Mira-san from behind.(Swyn)
That reminds me, although she was swinging unstably at first, she suddenly became steady.(Panama)

Panama put his finger on his chin and agreed with Swyn. When he was riding with a woman or a child, he would put his hand around them so they won’t fall from the horse.

In other words, it must be jealousy.(Panama)
Even if he can’t see it, he could feel it, that’s amazing.(Guze)
Jealousy is it?(Kenan)
How amazing. Because of his jealousy, his Perception ability increased, huh?(Blum)

Gai, who noticed that the adults were watching him with a lukewarm gaze but had no idea what they were talking about, looked straightforwardly to Swyn.

Could you teach me Magic?(Gai)

Swyn made a wry smile and nodded. Even if he said he wouldn’t, Gai won’t give up. If Swyn didn’t watch him carefully, there would be a risk that Gai would act rashly with his fire attribute magic power, so this way was better.
Earlier, with wind magic, Swyn sent a transmission bird to convey a report to the capital. He reported that, for the sake of injured knights, they would need to return to Ilga village and recover there. And because the carriage had been destroyed by the magic beast, he requested to be picked up.
He could only be able to convey the message to people he’s acquaintance with and can use wind magic, so he couldn’t contact the village. Even though every village has Spirit Society branch, Ilga Village’s Spirit Society branch doesn’t have any magician. The Wind Spirit King could act as a terminal[5], but it isn’t connected to a network, and there was no one amone the patrolling knights that he could contact to.
There were hunters among the villagers, but even after having gotten acquainted with them during his stay, there was no one with a wind attribute among them, so it couldn’t be helped.
Since active magicians with wind attribute that can use Transmission Bird are in high demand, they tend to be concentrated in urban areas. Swyn always thought that if the message was not really important, at least it will possible to send it via magic stone transceiver.
It would take time for the answer from the Capital to arrive. Although the travel from Capital to Ilga Village would have no special problem, it’s still quite far. Also, the status of the defeated Mana Eater, based on their past conducts, it will take time for the guild to confirming it. So, everything be about 2 weeks before they would be picked up. It was more than sufficient time.

Then we will teach you real combat.(Kenan)

Kenan patted Gai’s head who looked at him with a sparkling eyes.

Of course. Since I am also a fire attribute.(Kenan)
Though we will use a Knight’s teaching method.(Blum)
We can’t win against a Mana Eater, though(Guze)

Kenan stopped patting and turned his head towards his subordinate with a devilish smile.

You three bastards. After you guys recover, expect to run 10 kilometers each.(Kenan)
Wha... Demon!(Blum)
That’s cruel, Captain.(Guze)
Why am I also dragged into this?(Panama)
Joint responsibility.(Kenan)

The sparkling boy eyes were admiring the lively adults. He clenched his fist and raised it.

I will defeat a Mana Eater!(Gai)
Not going to happen.(Blum)
No chance.(Guze)
That’s not possible.(Panama)

The raised fist lost its strength.

Why can’t I do it?(Gai)
Even if you’re sulking, the impossible is still impossible. Fire Magic is different from Terra Magic, it has no weight. Even if you hit it with Fire Magic there will be no damage, since it will just be eaten.(Kenan)
In Mira-chan’s case, she could just overpowered it with sheer firepower.(Panama)

That’s possible.
Everyone, at that moment, instantly agreed inside their heart.

Even with the Terra Magic that Mira-chan used, if the wall was incomplete, it would’ve be knocked down when the Mana Eater rammed it. If there was only a hole, the Mana Eater could just crawl out of it.(Kenan)
I think the result would end up like that.(Blum)

Hearing Kenan’s words, Blum made a wry smile. Swyn also agreed with him.

A wall that won’t crack even after being rammed by a magic beast that strengthened its body with magic power, and the hole that cause it to drop underground, where its body strengthening was useless. Though the strategy was simple, it was really effective against that magic beast.(Swyn)
It need an absurd amount of magic power, though.(Blum)
Good grief. Just how many magicians are needed for that magic?(Kenan)

Kenan cracked a joke, but no one replied. Gai might don’t know the standards, but the others understood that it was not something to be laughed at and sealed their lips. Perhaps it was equal to about 30 people with average magic power. Of course, a 5 year old wouldn’t have an amount of magic power that a typical magician would have either.

Gai-kun. Learn from the basics. I also want Mira to understand the basics.(Swyn)

Swyn-san returned the topic somewhat forcibly. In the first place, Gai said that he wanted to learn about magic, so he would. The Knights also didn’t continue this topic anymore.

Just like what I’ve said on the carriage, magic is imagining a phenomenon, using magic power as its fuel, and requesting the spirits to fulfill it. Fire attribute magic is called Fire Magic. Do you remember this?(Swyn)
Yes, Swyn-san.(Gai)

Hearing the energetic reply, Swyn nodded in satisfaction.
In the Academy, they will first teach how to use Standardized Magic. If a person couldn’t use magic with his own magic power; several people would recite the same chant, so it was necessary to have the same image. Otherwise the Spirits would be confused as to which magic should he executed and would result in a misfire.
 Moreover, it’s easier to teach the students Standardized Magic. That’s one of the main reason, but the demerit of Standardized Magic is that in combat situation, from its chant, the type of magic being used can be easily predicted.
As there is no opportunity to convey detailed images to the Spirits in a combat situation, to supplement the image, a chant is indispensable. Also, since the Spirits won’t be able to fulfill the request if they can’t hear the chant, the caster can’t just mumble it inside their mouth ―― but Wind Spirit was able to pick up small whisper. That’s why while researching shorter chant and more effective magic, many people had came up with original chants.

Facem(Torch)[6], which functions as a substitute for a lamp, was the foundation of Fire Magic by creating and manipulating fire. Attack magic starts with Globus Ignis(Fireball)[7]. Do your best to learn them.(Swyn)
Yeah. No I mean, Yes Sir!(Gai)

The boy was overflowing with motivation.
That’s a good thing. While comparing himself with his childhood friend, he didn’t lament at the things that he couldn’t do, but instead decided to improve on what he could do. That way he would become more mature.
Swyn thought that he also needed to work a bit harder too. By training the body, the amount of magic power a person has could be raised. His only means was to consume large amount of magic power and then let it recover. Because he didn’t think that his magic power could grow any further, he devoted himself to studying magic, but he decided to restart the training.
There’s sky above sky. He understood that, but...... The adults never thought that there would be an existence that so defied common sense.
And then, at the noon on the next day, that existence-defied-common-sense-girl came back. The boy with the straightforward personality quickly put on a demonstration of the magic he had somehow learned; although it still crude. Afterwards the girl, who saw it, performed an improvisation with an unthinkable modification to it. The men didn’t have the means to understand what she had done.


*Mira’s POV*
Receive my mana and burn to nothingness! Globus Ignis(Fireball)!(Gai)

With a “bashuuu” sound, a fire he size of an adult’s palm explodes, leaving a scorch mark on the rock surface where it hit.


Voices of admiration and applauses resounded under the blue sky. Gai proudly looks at me. While being wildly excited, his whole face is plastered with smile.

Isn’t this amazing, Mira?(Gai)
Yes. Amazing. You’re able to use two kinds of Fire Magic just by studying overnight.(Mira)

I came back with the wagon for rescue, which included my papa Egil, Gai’s eldest brother Zack-nii[8], and former Hunter who is currently a blacksmith Kuga-san[9] as the helpers. Currently we’re taking a break. After eating our lunch, we watch Gai as shows us his newly learned Fire Magic: Facem(Torch) and Globus Ignis(Fireball).
He just showed the Globus Ignis(Fireball).
Fire Spirit, who is assisting Gai in his magic, is also waving to me from Gai’s shoulder.
How cute.
However, I noticed a problem. There is another Fire Spirit playing on top of Earth Spirit’s knee, who is sitting beside me. Both Fire Spirits are almost identical. But the tint of red is delicately different. The dagger’s scabbard’s color and patterns on their waist also differ slightly.
It’s like a spot the difference puzzle.[10] Since from now on, the Spirits and I will act together, it’s necessary for me to quickly spot the difference.
Also a name. It’s improper to call them just by their family names. Also even though there only two nameless Fire Spirits right now, but when we start studying magic in the Academy, I think there will be a lot more Spirit. If I called “Fire Spirit”, then maybe every fire spirits will turned their heads towards me. It won’t be funny.
Is it like when you called “Tanaka-san[11]” in the downtown and then Tanaka-sans that you don’t know look towards you?
How I envy people who can’t see them. ‘Where did the spirits come from’ or ‘Where do they go back to’, ‘Is it when they receive magic power?’ They could just leave these question unanswered.
But, because I can see them I can’t help but to think about ‘where have these children always been?’, ‘why do they only come when magic is used?’, and other questions. If the existence of spirits is right, then it’s right. If it left, then it’s difficult to obtain magic power[12]. There are so many things I want to tsukkomi on this.
For now, if there’s an opportunity, I’ll ask for their names. If they don’t have any, then I will just give them one.

But the image is still not enough. The one used by Captain is bigger since it used more magic power. Moreover with only magic of this level, the Mana Eater will just consume it.(Gai)

Gai smacks his lips, then uses this chance to sit down. I also return from my thoughts.

A Mana Eater, it’s the worst kind of magic beast, right? You could only win against it because of the Knight-samas.(Kuga)

Kuga-san laughed heartily and said For a chick, it’s impossibly impossible.
The Knights’ eyes were swimming away.

No, that was.....(Captain)
The one who defeat it is Mira, you know!(Gai)

Interrupting Captain-san speech, Gai tell the truth. Even if he reaches the level where he could use Magic, Gai is still Gai. His inability to read the mood was still alive and kicking.[13]
Papa, Zack-nii, and Kuga-san are startled and looks at me. It can’t be helped.

But I only dropped it into a pitfall, you know.(Mira)

I tilt my head, and spoke as childish as possible. The group from the capital seems want to say, That Onlyis the problem, but I deliberately pretend to not notice it.
Kuga-san stares at me in wonder and make a cough.

I can’t wait to see what she will be in the future. Gai, work hard so you won’t get dominated[14]. Okay?(Zack)

While saying so, Zack-nii made a complacent smile and held Gai’s head in his arms. My father patted my head unreservedly. His eyes meet with mine and made a complicated smile.

Don’t be too reckless.(Egil)

I reply with limped smile. Even though he doesn’t say much, I love my kind father very much.
That’s right. After I graduated from the academy, if I make new magic spells or magic tools, I could sell it at high price, right? Since there are possibilities that the Court Magicians could be sent to the battlefield.
With a new resolution in me to seriously use my cheat, I drink the herb tea with a gulp.

Kuga-san was a hunter right?(Gai)

Gai, who escaped from his brother arms, rushes over to Kuga-san’s side.

Yes. But my rank stopped at D, that it.(Kuga)
Is it because you’re weak?(Gai)
.....Listen Gai, you can’t said it like that. It is true that D rank is 4th rank from the bottom, and that I also didn’t have the magic power required when I was a kid to enter the Academy. However, my arm is like that of a first class master blacksmith.(Kuga)

You need to think about what will you saying. Seriously! Gai’s head is being drilled from both sides by Kuga-san’s fists.[15]

It’s punishment time!(Kuga)
Ughghgh, it hurt..., hurts..., forgive mee....(Gai)

Gai, who is finally liberated after being severely punished, always maintained a fleeing distance between himself and Kuga-san while asking him once more.

Kuga-san what will you do if you meet with Mana Eater?(Gai)
Run away.(Kuga)

He replies immediately.

You won’t fight with it?(Gai)
Don’t be reckless. Even if I run, it’s still a life or death situation.(Kuga)

As if hearing those words made him remember, Gai is nodding with a serious expression and then he makes a sigh.

Aaaa, as expected. If I don’t have as much magic power as  Mira, it’s impossible to roast it, huh?(Gai)

What are you talking about? What this person thinking? ----- Is it the “Cheat”?

You want to roast it, huh?(Mira)

Certainly, I think if it’s me, I could throw a gigantic Globus Ignis(Fireball). Although the Mana Eater could absorb the magic power, before the fireball get dispersed, the Mana Eater would already be engulfed by the flames. Or when the fire ball hits it, it will be blown off by the explosion. To put it shortly, it’s a brute force approach, but I think I could do it.

If it bites it, the fire will be disappear right? Then what if the fire hits it on the back?(Gai)

If that’s the case, then there must be a decoy that also prepared to be mixed up in the magic attack’s crossfire. But, will that attack be effective?

A Magic Beast’s body is strengthened by magic power, right?(Mira)
Uuuu. That’s why we need magic power, right?(Gai)

That’s true. Eventually it returns to that point again. To make the attack that can pass through those hard scales, we would need energy from magic power. Hm? Energy?

Hey, What kind of Fire Magic above Globus Ignis(Fireball)?(Mira)
I still can’t use it though, but it was Lancea Flamma(Flare Lance)[16] or Sagitta Flamma(Flare Arrow)[17].... But, it seems it won’t be effective through.(Gai)
Humm. Does that mean that even for Lancea Flamma(Flare Lance) or Sagitta Flamma(Flare Arrow), its fire power is still weak? Then what if we modified it, like making it go faster....(Mira)

I collect my thoughts and murmur, so everyone’s gaze are concentrated on me.

Um, this is just a conjecture but I think there is magic for Gai than can be used to deal with the Mana Eater......(Mira)
Is that true!?(Others)

Woah, what a bite.[18]

Because it’s not possible to conduct an experiment, I’m sorry if this can’t effective agains-.....(Mira)
No, it’s fine. It’s something that the boy could do, have fire attribute, and doesn’t need as much magic power as Jou-chan’s right?(Captain)
Ah, yes.(Mira)
Captain-san brings his face closer, so I answered while backing up a bit. Well, that’s not unexpected. A Magic Beast will go “thanks for the feast” if you use magic on it. Without having cheat level magic power, you can’t defeat it, so this is a natural reaction. If you don’t need to fight it upclose, the risk will also be lowered.

Then, I’ll try to show it a little. Fire Spirit, I’m depending on you.(Mira)

I called out to Fire Spirit that accompanied me until now. If he had a tail, he might be swinging it rapidly, while jumping on my shoulder with a smile. Perhaps he’s expecting to grow, but too bad. I don’t plan on using that much magic power.
I turn my body towards the rock wall that Gai attacked before.
Using fencing as the basis for close combat, I imagine holding a sword on my right hand while sending magic power from the inside of my chest to my left hand’s index finger.
 But since Gai didn’t knead his magic power, I don’t do it either. However, there is no problem in collecting magic power on my fingertip. Even without molding the magic power, I can still use it. However, I think the consumption is bigger. Does kneading it change something? If the magic power can be stored like a battery, then I want to do this routinely. This calls for more research.

Consume my mana and abide.(Mira)

I convey my wish to the spirits with a chant. It’s important to supplement the image, so I’m told, it’s impossible to use magic chantless. However, to freely choose the incantation words is also a popular research topic.
In case of long-range attacks, chanting for accuracy is more important than speed. If you want to increase the power, you would need several people to use the magic in synchronization. For that reason, the academy will teach the basic chants ―― for example the details of what kind of phenomenon that the specified chant will make.
Since there is no time to make an image while in close combat, it’s necessary to drill the short chant and the image into the body by doing it repeatedly. Quite Spartan. So there are a lot of simple offensive words like “burn into nothingness”. Exactly as it said, the loaded magic power would burn the target.
If it’s me, then I think that I really will be able to really burn the Mana Eater into nothingness.
And while thinking this, I laugh at myself.
For example, the earth magic that I used when I was fighting the Mana Eater yesterday was, after pronouncing the magic that is conveyed from my image, I invoke it with Kanji characters inside my mind, which is a secret from everyone,. Since it was a set of image+short chant, I think it can be used in close combat. It’s only something improvised though.[19]
On that subject, Globus Ignis(Fireball) is not spoken in the official language that is used in daily life. It seems it’s a language of a certain area at the Age of Empire.[20]
At that time there was no educational institution like the Academy and there were no Hunter Guild or Spirit Society. Each magician developed their own magic in which they would teach it to their student.
Therefore it was also a common occurrence that people developed the same magic. Among those magicians, there was one who gave his magic’s name in that area’s language. According to history it was because, It sound cooler in that language.
......Even in this world, there are people with chuunibyou.[21]
Maybe inspired by that magician, or maybe just because they didn’t bother to think, afterward, the number of magicians who named their magic in that same language increased. Then after the Spirit Society was founded, the magic system was standardized using the same languages, it said to settles on spell names that are easy to vocalize.
On the other hand, there also exists a lot of spell that uses the official language. That’s why there’s no uniformity in the chants.
But enough of that, this time I should have chant the aria specific to close combat. But, since I construct the incantation in my mind, there’s no need to speak it verbally.
I prepared the same amount of magic power that Gai used to give it to Fire Spirit.

Is this the right amount?(Mira)
Yes, it is.(Swyn)

Because I can check magic power by sight, it is really convenient for this experiment. I receive the OK sign from Swyn-san who has the Perception ability, and gave it to Fire Spirit.
Are? Since he can sense magic, wasn’t he be able to find out that I was gathering magic power yesterday at lunch?
........I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I was silent yesterday because I wholeheartedly wanted to avoid troublesome things. Ah, it goes against my real intention. Well, unless he pursues it, let’s just look the other way.

Globus Ignis(Fireball) creation. Suspend(Mira)

While making a “boooo” sound I produce a fireball. Just like Gai, it’s the size of an adult’s palm. But I make a modification to it.


As my hand draws a horizontal line, the flame start twisting and transforming thinner and thinner. The flame becomes thin like an arrow and the color turns blue.

Pierce like a flash of light!(Mira)

The flame instantly vanished and pierced the rock. Because I didn’t even hear a sound, I tilt my head in confusion.

It failed?(Mira)

Just like putting a paper at the focal point of magnifying glass under direct sunlight, it should have burned. With that in mind, I tried to converge the thermal energy into one point, so that the power might be raised. But there’s not even a “Juuu” sound.

Did I make it too thin or was the magic power is too small?(Mira)

Perhaps, the flame disappeared at the moment of impact. Kuga-san consoles the confused me with Even if it doesn’t go as you expected, at least you can use magic. Gai rushes up to the rock wall with Swyn-san following him.

Well, although I am embarrassed for failing after boasting about it, failure is just a stepping stone for success. I was verifying the steps when Gai shouts in joy.

Whoaaa, awesome!(Gai)

What do you mean? Is the scorch mark in some weird shape?
He beckons me with a sparkling smile.

Come here and see this! The rock melted and created a hole!(Swyn)

Swyn-san put his fingers on his forehead and slowly shakes his head.

Hey, you don’t mean........(Captain)

Bracing the pain, Captain-san raises himself, limps on one foot, and tries to go towards the rock wall. Seeing him, Papa hurriedly supports him. Since the other 3 Knights also started to stand up, I bent my head innocently towards them and threaten them.

Do you want to be buried?(Mira)

If they don’t rest, then what can be healed won’t be. Do I need to do what I did to the Captain-san yesterday? As I said so while swinging my right hand around, the 3 adults obediently sit down.
Umu. It’s best if you can understand.
I feel that I’m being watched. It’s Zack-nii and Kuga-san whose eyes became a dot[22].
Ah, oops! Because of the Mana Eater, I showed some of my true nature to the group from capital, but, as expected, the villagers are surprised by it.
But Gai doesn’t seems to bothered by it. Either he is dense or big hearted.[23]
Because my previous life’s personality showed up, I think I’m a little bit different from what I’m used to be.
However, if I have to say it, I want to know what kind of life it was. ―― ah yes, an otaku-petite-hikikomori[24] huh?
But in this life, I’ve made some improvements. Although, in reality, it seems that I’ll become a full-blown fantasy magic otaku. I have a hunch that if I become addicted research, I will become an even more hikikomori, huh...?[25]

Parts of the rock wall are melted and formed a hole. But I don’t know how deep it is.(Swyn)

We are now sitting in circle to receive the report, Captain-san uses his finger to show the size of the hole ―― about 1 centimeter. For a first try this is a good result.

The rock was melted at once, and then solidified.(Swyn)

Swyn-san looks at me.

The shape is similar to Sagitta Flamma(Flare Arrow), but the speed is different. It was exactly like a flash of light. However the difference is not only in the speed, right?(Swyn)
I don’t know Sagitta Flamma(Flare Arrow) so I don’t know how to answer that....(Mira)
Then how if I show it to you?(Captain)

Captain-san assumes a position and faces the rock and makes a posture as if drawing a bow.

Receive my mana and shoot, Sagitta Flamma(Flare Arrow)!(Captain)

From both of his hand, a flame is produced. It’s an arrow. As if firing an arrow with bowstring, the Flare Arrow flew to the rock, and pierced it. After leaving a small scorch mark, the flame disappears.

While its firepower is not as strong as Globus Ignis(Fireball), depending on the magic power, it is possible to fire several of them, so the power is equal. That boy’s Globus Ignis(Fireball) image is weak, so he can’t draw out the full power of the magic power invested in it. Even so, he still able to fire it. Magic power is important in Power-Type Magic. But for Sagitta Flamma(Flare Arrow), Image is more important. If you can’t imagine it properly then it won’t turn into an arrow.(Captain)

Listening to Captain’s explanation, I ask him a question.

Then, if we converge the Globus Ignis(Fireball) into one point, the penetration power be raised, right?(Mira)
Stressing an image on a Power-Type. What an idea, but I think it will be difficult for the ones who are bad with image.(Captain)
The firepower is very high, therefore you just need to keep this in your mind, right?(Blum)

Blum-san has quite the wicked tongue, but image is important huh? If I made a mistake, it could result in an explosion. Since it’s compressed, it’s considerably more dangerous. In my case, I need to pay more attention to this.

Well then, let me give it a try.(Captain)

Captain-san immediately made a basketball sized Globus Ignis(Fireball) that floats in the air. What an active person. I sense that he’s excited. I think that he likes trying out new magic.

Then, the next step is converging.....(Captain)

As Captain-san is lost in thought, the fire starts to shake. Seeing this, I spread out a handkerchief.

It’s like this.(Mira)

I made a circle from thumb and index finger on my left hand, then I push the handkerchief through that circle, and pulled it out from the other side. Seeing the handkerchief turn into a cylinder shape, Captain-san nods. The Globus Ignis(Fireball)started to transform.
The fire become thinner but the color is still red. Since “high temperature fire is blue” is something that I know about fire temperature color, I think I unconsciously made my fire color blue. Or Captain-san’s convergence ratio didn’t reach to that high temperature?

Pierce like a flash of light!(Captain)

The flying speed is a little faster than an arrow. This is inevitable. Although Captain-san has a good dynamic vision, it’s impossible for him to perceive the speed of light. Even I can’t see it. I only know that it has an enormous speed. But I think this is because of the difference in image.
As the result, the magic from Captain-san melts the surface of the rock wall and produces a small hole.

I wonder if this could pierce through the scales of a Mana Eater?(Gai)

To Gai’s question, I thought about it and then answer him.

No matter where you aim it, wouldn’t it best to aim at the center of its mouth?(Mira)
Wouldn’t it will get eaten?(Other)
Since it can’t absorb the magic power without biting into it, isn’t it good to pierce it before it can bite on it?(Mira)

Since offence is the best defense.

......Certainly, no one has ever attacked its mouth.(Other)
Since it’s a common sense that it’ll eat the magic power.(Other)
They say besides using sword, there’s no other way you can attack it(Other)

I have a hunch that I said something that implicitly opposes common sense. Can I sulk? I can, at this time, right?

If it’s about Magic Arts, you unexpectedly aggressive, Mira(Kuga)

What do you mean!? I, who has a principle to have peace at any price, am aggressive?
Kuga-san’s words became the decisive blow. I turned my back on everyone and put my head between my knees.[26]

Kuga-san, that’s not something you should say to a girl right?(Zack)
I don’t mean it like that. For a magician she’s great..... uum, Egil, don’t glare me without saying anything like that....(Kuga)

Zack-nii starts to criticize Kuga-san, but I still don’t turn my head back. I firmly give my objection on that evaluation.

Mira-chan, Mira-chan. We warmly welcome the magic beast measure that you thought, you know?(Knight)
If possible please think about the other attributes so the chance of returning alive from the subjugations could rise.(Knight)

Hearing about other attributes, inside my mind, water cutter or wind rapier appears. Because it doesn’t have a destructive power like the fire’s high temperature, perhaps the power would be lower if the method of use is the same. However, I just need to...... eh? Isn’t this exactly like what Kuga-san has said? This won’t do, me! But, but, since this is for the sake of helping people, then..... While I’m in the middle of my own inner conflict, I took a glimpse behind my back. Kuga-san is supplicating to me. I’m not a Jizou[27]. No, but I think he’s apologizing to me.
Ah, un. Should I back down on this? Since, at any rate, my principle is peace-at-any-price after all!


With this I officially have retranslated the LN up until the last WN.
Just a little bit more and I will surpass the Manga... Keep going me!
Next chapter was a bit of filler (in the WN it’s the prologue) but it had been expanded with a cute scene of Mira and Gai.

[1] The Japanese word for this is Demodori (出戻り). It is used to describe a woman who returns to her parents’ home after divorcing from her husband. Or a ship that returns to the port after sailing.
[2] It’s a pun based on Notes no. 1. The pun lost in translation to English, and I don’t know how to localizing it, since I’m not a native English.
[3] Oji-san: Mean Uncle (blood related) or just uncle like when you greet an older man casually.
[4] In Japan there is a belief that you sneeze if someone is talking about you.
[5] This is NOT referring to computer terminal. In the context of telecommunications, a terminal is a device which ends a telecommunications link and is the point at which a signal enters and/or leaves a network. So it means, Swyn can contact the Wind Spirit King, but he can’t connect Swyn to others. Since the Wind Spirit King is not phone operator.
[6] The original is 灯火(トーチ). The Kanji read: Touka (a light, lamp or torch).The Katana read: Touchi (Torch).
[7] The original is 火球(ファイヤーボール). The Kanji read: Kakyuu (a Fireball, a burning pieces of meteor). The Katakana read Faiyaa Bouru (Fire Ball).
[8]ザクZaku Zack. You know the robot things that blew up on every Gundam episode? nii= means older brother. Since Mira call Zack with only “nii” that means Mira is close to him. In English the equal will be: Bro’ Zack.
[9]クーガーKuugaaKuga. Cougar is also valid and more macho, you’re call.
[10]You know a game where you compare and find the difference from two photos.
[11]A generic surname in Japanese. Just like if you yelling John or Mary in Medieval England (where the majority had name John or Mary) or yelling Maria in a Mexican church.
[12] In other words, the Magicians just take Spirit existence as something axiomatic granted. If it exists, then it exists, since if it not exists, then there will be a problem. Just like unproven theoretical physics.
[13] ED: I wonder if Gai will become a Steph (NGNL).
[14]尻に敷かれるshirinishikareru. Have a subtext meaning of a woman dominating her husband.
[15]Well... It’s a common punishment in Japan’s manga...
[16] The original is 火槍(フレアランス). The Kanji read: Hiyari (Fire Spear). The Katakana read as Furea Ransu (Flare Lance).
[17] The original is 火矢(フレアアロー). The Kanji read: Kasen/Hiya (Fire Arrow). The Katakana read as Furea Arou (Flare Arrow).
[18] Just like fishing, but with words.
[19] What Mira means is, by using Kanji character as shorthand she could shorten the chant in her head (somehow). Maybe just like Shin-kun’s enchantment system from Magi’s Grandson.
[20] Because of this line I need to render all spell into Latin. Since for Japanese the spell name is in English... Hoo... boy...
[21] Chuunibyou is....  (Quoting tvtropes: Chuunibyou -> Literally "Middle School Second-Year Syndrome", more figuratively "Teenage delusions of grandeur". Refers to a person who acts as if they are somehow special or superior to those around them, exhibiting behaviour like cultural appropriationacting smarter than they really are, or living in an elaborate fantasy world of their own invention. The most stereotypical type of chuuni is a Hipster who claims to have otherworldly traits like a Magic EyeMark of the Supernatural orSuperpowered Evil Side, and may insist on being referred to by odd pseudonyms.)
[22]Remember manga expression? A character eyes turn into dot means that they are surprised.
[23] Both are wrong... Mira is also dense...
[24]Otaku: Label for people obsessed or heavily interested in popular culture like anime, manga, game, website, etc. Petite-hikkikomori: A shut-in that still go out from house to do something like shopping or for hobby, but usually stay inside the house. Mira’s previous life existence likes to go to library for her hobby (maybe reading).
[25] Another Bakarina has descended.
[26]This pose:

[27]Small statue of bodhisattva Ksitigarbha that usually placed in the roadside in Japan. Traveler usually prayed to him for safe journey.


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