03 December 2015

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 3 - Part 7

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 3: Although Yuuji is a NEET, It seems that He's a Rich Person in Japan.
Part 7 Bulletin Board Yuuji, Feeling Nervous Checking the Balance in Net Banking.

Loner-NeetI finally came out after 10 years, but my home kinda went into another worldPart-4

1: Cool NEET
This is the thread to enjoy the reports, images and videos of another world that Yuuji has uploaded.
Is it really another world? How did he fabricate it? This is the thread to verify this.

The next thread will be set up after this thread reaches >>980

780: Yuuji
This is Yuuji
She is really my real imouto
We have been exchanging emails yesterday and today

781: Anonymous NEET
Welcome back Yuuji!
It’s okay
Everyone has their own fetishes

782: Anonymous MEAT
Just leave that behind already
He’ll be reminded of it, have some pity on ‘I Love Huge Breast’-san will ya

783: Anonymous ETNE
That’s right
Keep-kun needs to stop touching on the past

784: Cool NEET
Only one day huh?
Your revival is quick
So how is it?

785: Yuuji
This time I have so many things to report
The first thing, is this
The photographs that my Imouto took in the place where the house was located

786: Anonymous NEET

787: Anonymous NEET
What is this?

788: Well Informed NEET
This is just an empty ground

789: Anonymous ETNE
To think that this is something unexpected
This is the place where the house was locatedyou say
Isn’t that just a figment of your information?

790: Cool NEET
Now now everyone
So you say that this is the place where the house was located
So how is the electricity, gas and water service?

791: Anonymous NEET
>>790 Just continue examining the topic at once
I like that position you take

792: Professor Acorn
>>791 In essence, because 790 is the chief of this thread

793: Anonymous NEET
Just like how Yuuji is an omake(freebie/ extra) of Kotarou
Even this bulletin board is an omake

794: Yuuji
It seems electricity, gas, and water service abruptly was severed
The companies were in a bad mood
So my imouto needed to hire a lawyer as her proxy

>>793 Oi!
If I am severed how have I been continuing to supply this topic?[1]

795: Anonymous MEAT
>>794 More importantly: You’re just being criticized by the real imouto

796: Anonymous ETNE
By the way, someone please give 794 a tsukkomi

797: Cool NEET
>>796 Leave it to me

1. What you mean by severed? Do you mean it was disconnected? In the view of each company, has the lifeline been stopped?
2. How bad was the companies’ mood that your imouto needed to hire a lawyer?

798: Anonymous NEET
>>797 is a reliable NEET
Please someone just give this guy a job!

799: Yuuji
1. The companies had stopped their service.
The electric cable, gas pipe, water pipe, and the house’s ground was cut off at the boundary, but even now the electricity is still connected, I can make fire, and the water still comes out

2. Since each lines were cut off en route
The electric cables were dangling in the air, the gas pipe was leaking, the water pipe sprouting
If the wind’s direction was different there might have been a gas explosion, so they were mad about it.[2]
At my imouto that is.
Even though the neighbors were 300 meters away so there won’t be any victim, it would still be a serious incident.

800: Anonymous MEAT

801: Anonymous NEET
Of course it would be bad
2 --> of course they would dispute this
1 --> please polish your settings more
If it was with magic then it will be more splendid you know, Yuuji

802: Anonymous NEET
Of course they would dispute this...
Or rather I think I have heard this story somewhere

803: Anonymous NEET
What? Are you an Infrastructure Worker[4]-san?
This is a board for NEETs you know

804: Cool NEET
Well it’s strange that the electricity, gas and water can still be used even when it isn’t connected to anywhere
As if their state in Japan is something unrelated for their usability

805: Infrastructure Worker-san
This is 802
Yuuji-san’s house previous location, in detail is at...

806: Anonymous NEET
Now you’ve done it 805!
Let’s do a BBQ offsite meeting at that empty ground

807: Anonymous NEET
Let’s invite Sakura-chan
And let her spill out Yuuji’s embarrassing stories

808: Infrastructure Worker-san
As expected, I can’t sayit
It’s work confidentiality

809: Anonymous NEET
>>808 It will be alright!
You also can come to that place

810: Yuuji
Well even if you go to that place, there will be nothing and no one there
My imouto has also returned to America

By the way, please examine this picture, what do you think?

811: Anonymous ETNE
That is really...

812: Anonymous NEET
>>811 Huh?

813: Anonymous NEET
>>812 I think you absolutely haven’t examined it

814: Professor Acorn

815: Anonymous MEAT
Is it a gore photo?
Hey, it is a gore photo, right?

816: Well Informed NEET
My inner mental state had a browser crash
It’s a Net Banking balance for the name Houjou Yuuji
The account number is hidden
Is it real?

817: Anonymous NEET
The balance is 50 million Yen...
Yuuji, no that’s not right, Yuuji-sama[5]

818: Anonymous MEAT
I have seen it.
Yuuji DIE
Why do you show this image

819: Anonymous NEET
Why is Yuuji-nii such a rich person?

820: Yuuji
The number is so high that I got nervous and wanted someone to say something about it

My parent’s inheritance and insurance money, the consolation money from the other party
My imouto asked a lawyer for help, so I only had to press my seal[6] repeatedly like a machine
I pressed it here, then there, and then signed it
Pay the tax, and that was it

>>818 But I’m in another world so how will it serve me any purpose?

821: Anonymous ETNE
Donate it!

822: Anonymous MEAT
To us!

823: Anonymous NEET

824: Well Informed NEET
>>821-823 What’s with the enigmatic cooperation
Can’t Jungle[7] deliver there?

825: Yuuji
They couldn’t deliver to here...

826: Anonymous NEET
Are you serious? It’s the Jungle...[8]

827: Cool NEET
Since Yuuji is now in another world
Of course they couldn’t deliver there

828: Anonymous NEET
What about Sei█ Transportation![9]

829: Infrastructure Worker-san
Stop it
I feel that this will keep continuing so stop it

830: Anonymous MEAT[10]
Is dat so?
Okey, den! I’ll do it!
I wonder wher’ queer Anchan[11] lives
If it rea’ly troubles
Ah, so I stopped ‘ere

831: Anonymous NEET
Stop it!
Sop with the pseudo-Kansai dialect!
It keeps repeating inside my head!

832: Well Informed NEET
If mail delivery is impossible
But you can use it to pay for fees
Like for ebooks or web mangas
There also movies, animes, dramas and many other things

833: Anonymous NEET
>>832 is really a reliable man
Are you really a NEET like your nickname in this thread?

834: YES Lolita NO Touch
Call me?

835: Anonymous NEET
>>834 You don’t need to butt in!

836: Yuuji
>>832 Ooh! Ooh!
Y.O.U. A.R.E. A G.O.D!

Everyone please recommend me some sites
Except for the porn sites
Since I already know the porn sites

837: Cool NEET
Your imouto read this thread right?

838: Anonymous MEAT
He didn’t hesitate a bit and spilled the truth

839: Anonymous ETNE
What a tough guy
Well since this guy stopped being a HikiNEET

840: Well Informed NEET
Well, I’m curious about it
But like always we need to wait until Yuuji tell the story


And so Yuuji become a rich person.

[1] This is a pun. But I don’t know how to render it: 身を切って話題提供してるでしょーが
. The response from 795 is正しくは実の妹に身を切られて . The joke comes from the different meanings of the word身を切る.
[2] Gas Leak + Electric Spark = Instant Michael Bay movie
[3] Expression of being afraid or shocked
[4] The actual Japanese isインフラ屋 (infura ya) Infura is the acronym for infrastructure and Ya can mean a shop or or calling a worker who work at that shop.
[5] Adding –sama means that the person is superior. As always NEETs is weak to money
[6] In Japan, people mainly use a 実印  Jitsuin or personal seal and not their signature to sign something like a contract or letter
[7] Jungle as in Amazon Jungle. Get it? Amazon. *lame joke*. The original is Mitsurin 密林 that means literally Jungle
[8] Since Amazon can deliver anywhere?
[9] Seino Un’yu西濃運輸. A delivery/transportation company in Japan.
[10] He speaks in Kansai-ben... My Kansai-ben lingo is shaky (even after researching the net), so I don’t know if this is right. The original:
おるかーー?Oru ka?
よーし、おるな! いくわ!Yooshi, oruna! Ikuwa!
あんちゃんけったいなとこ住んどるなー Anchan kettaina toko sundorunaa
大変やったでホンマ Taihen yatta de honma (kansai ben ‘Yatta’ --> Standard Japanese ‘Datta’)
あ、ここやで A, koko yade (Kansai ben ‘yade’ --> Standard Japanese ‘Date’)
The Wikipedia said that I need to translate Kansai-Ben to New York English since it fit the Dialect Bustling Trade City feeling well than Southern American English. But this is way above my English capabilities. Or turn it into Glaswegian... Since Scottish sounds strange in English ear, just like Kansai-ben sound strange in Tokyo-ben.
[11] Anchan: older brother.


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