09 December 2015

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: Mutual Difference in Interest

Eight days had passed since the day Valetta failed to go to Japan from the other world. It was in the morning,

Kazura was together with Valetta behind the Village Chief’s residence, where a fence has been erected for the two Rootcut birds. Both of them was giving the birds feed.
The type of feed given to the birds was a feed with balanced nutrition, it was something he had bought in Japan six day ago.[1]
 The Rootcut birds were pecking at the scattered feed on the ground like it was delicious, their appearance like this was very similar to chickens in Japan.

Good, good, eat a lot and lay a lot of eggs. If you can; please also lay a fertilized egg.(Kazura)

For the last few days, maybe because the feed from Japan was really effective on the Rootcut birds, in the span of 4 days they’d laid 2 eggs.
But so far, the parent birds didn’t warm any of the eggs, but before long they might lay a fertilized egg.
Because there were only 2 birds and it would be troublesome if they go weak and died, Kazura fed them with feed from Japan and just as expected their constitution had improved.

If in the future the number of Rootcut bird keep increasing, after several years I think that raising Rootcut birds can become village’s new industry...... I also need to study about poultry farming more.(Valetta)

Since establishing the fact that she couldn’t go to Japan together with Kazura, Valetta had been pursuing her studies with more zeal.
Kazura was also studying together with Valetta, however her learning rate was tremendously fast. Instead, Kazura ended up being taught on the study by Valetta as the first one who grasped the field’s subject.
Since they hadn’t learned anything about poultry farming yet, he only had the information he’d heard from the Homecenter’s employee when he purchased the feed, but not the fundamental knowledge of how to raise chickens.

The next time I return to Japan, I will buy a treatise on poultry farming..... Soon we will need a bookshelf...(Kazura)

During the last 8 days, Kazura had went back to Japan several times to purchase groceries, and while he was at it he also bought a large amount of books as a souvenir for Valetta.
However, recently the number of books had increased considerably, and they would keep piling up in the corner of Kazura’s room if they didn’t prepare a place to store them.

That’s true..... Since we felled a lot of trees to pay the taxes, let’s use some of them to build bookshelves.(Valetta)

Since we’re building it, how about building a large one...... Hm? It looks like someone is visiting.(Kazura)

The two were talking and feeding the Rootcut birds when they heard several people calling the village chief’s name in a loud voice from the house’s entrance.
It seemed that someone from the village was visiting, but for some reason they seemed to be in panic.
Both of them looked up at that unusual atmosphere, and while wondering what was happening, they shuffled their feet towards the entrance.


When both of them arrived at the residence entrance, there was Valin and ten-odd villagers in a deep talk with serious expression on their faces.
The villagers noticed that Kazura and Valetta were coming so everyone became silent. They were looking at Kazura with imploring expressions thoroughly mixed with anxiety.


Everyone, did something happen?(Valeta)

Kazura was troubled because of the sudden stares so Valetta stepped forward and asked the villagers.
The villagers kept their mouth shut and stared at the ground, so Valin who unable to let the silence continue began to speak.

......It seems that an army from Isteria is heading to Grisea Village on the eastern highway. Their numbers are 100 people.(Valin)


Hearing her father’s words, Valetta turned her head towards Kazura.
Until now, as far as Valetta knew, except for eliminating Greysior in the legend, the Isterian Army had never come to Grisea Village.
Even the 3 soldiers who visited the village for soldier conscription during the time of war with Balveile was already considered as a lot.

......Umm, I think I should go back to my room for now.(Kazura)

This time even Valetta joine in with everyone and stared at Kazura. Since he could feel the heaviness in the air, he decided to withdraw to his room.
Excluding Valetta, everyone in this place including Valin believed that Kazura was Greysior.
In that case, if he was still there then the villagers wouldn’t be able to continue their talk, that was what Kazura thought.
After Kazura said so, under the gaze of everyone, he hurriedly vanished into the residence’s interior.

After making sure that Kazura had gone inside the residence, the villagers once again turned their face to Valin.

Chief...... The army heading to the village is going to capture Kazura-sama, it’s not the usual envoy who was sent by Nelson-sama!(Villager)

No, that still hasn’t been confirmed yet....(Valin)

For what other reason is such an army coming to this village? If this is just like in the legend, then Kazura-sama...... Greysior-sama will once again leave our side!!

Although they were talking in low voices since they were anxious of Kazura who was inside the residence, the bloodcurdling appeal from the villagers made Valin unintentionally flinch.
For the villagers, Kazura was Greysior, who had came and saved them from the problems in the village.
The villagers feared that just as in the legend, the god of benevolence and harvest, who appeared in order to save them, would once again be seized and carried off by the feudal lord’s hand. That was the reason the villagers fell into panic.

We don’t want to repeat the same mistake from the legend this time. So please bring out the weapons inside the residence.[2](Villager)

H-Hey, what are you talking about!? Do you want to point your blade on Nelson-sama’s army?! Don’t say such a foolish thing!!(Valin)

Bring out the weapons -- the villagers were thinking something outrageous, so Valin yelled with a loud voice.
To point a blade at the Isterian Army held the same meaning as rebelling against Arcadia.

Although the villagers shrunk back from the angry Valin for a moment, the next moment they started glarng back at Valin, and stepped forward.

Several hundred years ago, despite being their lives being saved by Greysior-sama, our ancestor let him be captured and couldn’t protect him. But Greysior-sama forgave us, the descendant of those sinners and once again lent his hand towards us. We won’t let the same mistake happen again, this time we will not abandon Greysior-sama.(Villager)

However, to battle with Nelson-sama’s army is......(Valin)

Hearing the villager’s words, Valin’s expression grew sour and he grumbled.
He could personally empathize with the villagers. Even Valin himself thought that he wanted to completely prevent Kazura from being captured.
However, if they dared defy Nelson-sama’s army then what awaited them would be capital punishment or enslavement.
If it would be finished only by sentencing Valin to death, then he would gladly do it numerous times for Kazura, however he had no doubt that the village would also receive heavy punishment.
Of course, his family would be put to the death while the villagers would be certainly be killed or turned into slaves.

I also agree with what everyone has said. I also thought that if they came to capture Greysior-sama, then even if our opponent was Nelson-sama’s army, we would raise our weapons and fight them.(Valetta)

While Valin was thinking about what he should do, Valetta, who was silent until then, personally gave out her opinion.
Valin, who never imagined that Valetta would say something like this, was very much surprised and looked intently at his daughter.
The villagers also had their resolve strengthened by Valetta’s opinion.


When Valin was about to open his mouth to remonstrate Valetta for agreeing with the villagers, she turned her position towards the villagers and continued her speech.

I’m afraid to say, even if every one of us held a weapon and went to battle, it would still be hard for us to repulse an army close to 100 people. After all, the people in this village who can fight on par with a soldier, based on my estimation is only 10 people at most.

The villagers, who were at first pleased that Valetta agreed with their view, were making noises after having that be pointed out by Valetta.

Ho-However, while that may be true we still have to battle! After all even Valetta-san had said that about going to battle just now, right?! (Villager)

An agitated male villager approached her and spoke out. Valetta looked him in the eyes and nodded.

Yes. If it is necessary then of course I will fight. However, that’s only as a last resort. Since our objective is to protect Greysior-sama, as long as this can be achieved, there is no need to fight against Nelson-sama’s Army.(Valetta)

However, to protect Greysior-sama we can only fight....(Villager)

I’m certain that there are still other options that we could take other than fighting. About the army who heading to the village, do anyone here know when they will arrive?(Valetta)

When Valetta asked that question, everyone looked at each other, then one young male villagers raised his hand.

I heard that they will arrive at the village in 1 Koku[3].(Village)

From whom did you hear this?(Valetta)

From a Rata[4] Cavalry. He said that, since the army will arrive in one hour, please tell the village chief to come out and meet with them.

After Valetta heard this, she let out a sigh of relief.
From that story she could guess the aim of the army that was coming to the village. She believed that they weren’t coming to capture Kazura.
If their aim was to capture Kazura then they wouldn’t send a cavalryman to inform the army’s time of arrival to the village.
When the villagers heard that an army will come, the very first thing came to their mind was about Kazura’s existence in the village as the Greysior in the legend, which caused them to fall into such extreme thinking.

Though Valetta had momentarily thought about explaining her reasoning to the villagers, they wouldn’t just accept it.
Rather than explaining to the agitated villagers, she thought about another way to temporarily calm them.
After deliberating for several seconds, she quickly faced the villagers and started giving several instructions to them.


While Valetta was giving instructions to the villagers, inside his own room Kazura was stuffing his clothes and various articles into the travelling bag.
From what Valin had said, it seemed that Isterian Army was getting close to the village.
Although he didn’t know what objective the Army had in coming to this place, he judged that it would be better if he disappeared from the village, at least for the time being.
If the Army was to stay at the village for several days, there was the possibility that his existence would be discovered at some time during that period.
After all, Kazura was a person that shouldn’t exist in this village, if the Army was carrying something like a citizen registry of the village, even if he’d had a similar appearance as the villagers, he would still eventually be found out.

Kazura was stuffing his personal belongings into the bag and saw the mountain of books in the corner of the room. He was thinking that he might need to bring the books back, when Valetta, who had finished the talks, entered the room.

Kazura-san...... Ah, are you already done packing up?

Finished with packing his bag, Kazura was looking at the books in the corner. Looking at him like that, Valetta displayed a smile.

Yes, for the time being, I will take refuge in Japan. The Isterian Army that Valin talked about previously, how soon will they arrive at the village?(Kazura)

No, it will be 1 Koku...... 2 hours before they arrive. In the meantime, we need to conceal everything that mustn’t be seen......(Valetta)

Hearing Valetta’s answer, Kazura once more turned his attention towards the piled up books.

I wonder if it will be alright, leaving these books behind.....  What’s the purpose of that army to come to this village anyway?(Kazura)

Valetta, who was asked by Kazura, put her hand near her mouth and thought for awhile.

I don’t really know their objectives, but since they sent a cavalryman to contact the village, it seems that their reason to come to this village is not Kazura-san. Maybe they will just pass through this village and head for another direction or they are just stopping by as a part of training.(Valetta)

Hearing that their objective was not him, Kazura sighed out of relief.
Previously, when he went to Isteria, there was some trouble with Nelson’s daughter. He was worried whether or not this would cause something to happen.[5]
Just like what Valetta had said, if the army’s objective was just stopping by for training or an expedition, then he would be able to return to the village before long.

I’ll be glad if that’s true. However, well... Just to be sure, it will be better if I return to Japan...... Not only these books, but the hoes and tools that I gave out to the villagers also need to be hidden.

Hearing Kazura’s words, Valetta replied that it would be alright and smiled.

Not long ago, I instructed the villagers to put all the tools that Kazura had brought and hide it below the floor. Even if they are checking the space below the floor, since it was dark they wouldn’t be able to tell them apart from bronzes hoe so I think it won’t be discovered.(Valetta)

Oooh, good job Valetta-san. Then, it would be alright to put these books into a cloth bag and then put that in the corner of the storageroom, right?(Kazura)

That’s true...... Putting the books inside the bags in the house, then just to make sure, put various things on top of the books. I think it will be alright.(Valetta)

If the objective of the army coming to the village wasn’t to capture Kazura then they wouldn’t conduct a search in the village, but there would be no problem to store things that would be troublesome if it got found out, into a place that wasn’t eye catching.
Kazura nodded at Valetta’s reply and faced the mountain of books again.

Then, should we start putting this book away quickly?(Kazura)

Yes. I will go and get the bags for the books.(Valetta)

And thus, although it differed from what they had planned at first, they began to store the piled up books in the corner.


It was about 2 hours after the villagers of Grisea village started their cover-up.
Isaac, who had taken the unit with him, ordered his aide to prepare a camp at a location 200 meters from Grisea village’s entrance.
Since the time was just before the noon, the camp preparation was really too early, however to conduct an inspection in Grisea village, Isaac as the commandant of the unit needed to separate from them. So, in the meantime he decided to make them prepare a camp.
Besides, the marchers this time had only brought along several Ratas as baggage carriers and they hadn’t brought along any attendants with them, so all the soldiers needed to prepare the camp with their own power, and since it would take a lot of time it was something good to kill time while Isaac was busy.

Since every soldier attached to Isaac’s unit had an aristocratic origin, they were used to the attendants carrying and doing things for them. So it was inevitable that it would take a lot of time since they were doing unfamiliar work, however, their bad performance far exceeded Isaac’s expectations.
Today was the third day after they’d departed from Isteria. The camp preparation on the first day had had really terrible result. They started setting up the tents before dusk but when all tents had been set up and they’d began the preparations for dinner, the sky was already sparkling with stars.
Compared to the first day, the camp preparation yesterday was more or less relatively quick, but it seemed that even today it would still take a lot of time.

Then I will go to the village and begin the inspection. Perhaps it will last until the evening, so until then I entrust the command to you.(Isaac)

I understand...... Ah, Captain, about the water supply, may we use the water channel in the village?(Aide)

While in the middle of marching, Isaac and his aide had a conversation about Grisea Village’s state of affairs or the surrounding geography and such other topics. It seemed that the aide had remembered about the newly built water channel in the village.
Since it would take a long of time to fetch water from the river, if they could take water directly from the water channel in the village, it would be very convenient for them.

Hmm, you’re right...... Alright, I’ll ask the village chief Valin-san for permission to use the water channel in the village. Select 4 men to fetch the water.(Isaac)

The aide who received hat order, although knitting his brow at Isaac’s words, replied with an “Understood” and called out to 4 soldiers who were sitting nearby.
The soldiers, who were called out, quickly rose up and ran up to the wagon and took out water buckets.

Isaac let out a sigh in his heart while watching the aide, who in turn observed the soldiers running, “After this I need to focus my attention on Grisea Village.”


What will happen?

Genjitsu 3B is finished, let’s just wait for the editor. Now I’ll start working on Mira’s LN Chapter 4 and catch up with the translated WN!

[1] Warning! Monstrous chicken warning!
[2] Remember that the weapons are stored in Valin’s house. If you forget read the Isteria Travel Arc once more.
[3] This is Koku, just like the old Roman Hour, 1 hour is equal to 2 modern hour
[4] This is how they called their horse-like animal
[5] It will cause something to happen... Just not for several net chapters.


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