15 December 2015

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 4 - Chapter 1

Translator Corner
This is Yukkuri demasu!

Here another Yuuji’s chapter. And man... Yuuji get dished by the narrator twice in this chapter...

DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that my translation 100% correct.

Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 4: Yuuji Changing Jobs from “Rich Person” to “Magician of the Forest”.
Part 1 Yuuji, Meeting with People from Another World, Furthermore They are Adventurers

It looks like most of the snow has melted. There are also some parts of the garden that are dry from the sun. It’s going to spring soon, right Alice?(Yuuji)

That’s right, spring is coming Yuuji-nii! Nee-nee[1], since the garden has become dry, can Alice practice magic outside?(Alice)

OK! What do you think Kotarou? Do you want to go to outside together with Alice?(Yuuji)

Woof! Kotarou barked and followed Alice who was trotting outside from the living room.

“I will look after her.” (Kotarou)

Was something that Kotarou wanted to say.

Yuuji entered his room, and checked onthe girl and animal in the garden from the window.

Alrightttttttttttttt! Finally a chance! Since Alice didn’t go the outside, we have been together all the time and Alice sleeps in my room at night.... How many times have I regretted letting Alice sleep in my room because she feel lonely? How many times had I been regretting not buying a laptop? But finally, finally on this day...... Thank you, Mister Sun! Please quickly melt the snow so Alice can go outside without restraint!(Yuuji)

For some kind of reason, Yuuji made a yowl.
He turned towards the PC excitedly.

Finally, finally...... Hidden from Alice with a click...... Let’s fire up the big tits porn video that I had purchased with the money I got!(Yuuji)

What a piece of trash.[2]
Yuuji double clicked the hidden folder.

Which-one-should-I-watch-first! And. Okay, I choose you!(Yuuji)

Really, what a piece of trash.
Yuuji double clicked the hidden file.

The entire monitor started to display the video.

Oh, first is the scene with clothes on, huh? That’s fine, that’s fine. I won’t do any fast forwarding!(Yuuji)

Yuuji was speaking something inconsequential.
It seems his tension was reaching max.
His chest was filled with expectation.
There was no need to talk about his lower body

Now, this round starts from the title!


NEETI finally came out after 10 years, but my home kinda went into another world Part 8Hibernation[3]

1 : Anonymous MEAT
This is the thread to enjoy the reports, images and videos of another world that Yuuji has uploaded.
Is it really another world? How did he fabricate it? This is the thread to verify this.

The next thread will be set up after this thread reaches >>950!

167: Yuuji
I want to die
I’ve had enough with this another world

168: Anonymous NEET
The first time I’ve personally seen Yuuji post in real time!

169: YES Lolita NO Touch
>>81 Alice-chan has become plumper

170: Anonymous NEET
>>169 Why hasn’t this guy been arrested yet?

171: Well Informed NEET
>>167 What happened Yuuji?

172: Yuuji
The carefully selected big tits porn video was corrupted on playback
All the voice became “Kukyukyuru”

I want to die

173: Anonymous MEAT
Can I hear more of this?
Where is Alice-chan?
You don’t say...

174: YES Lolita NO Touch
Is she watching together beside you....?
What a shame play
But that also good

175: Anonymous NEET
>>173 But Alice-chan is sleeping right beside me you now?

176: Anonymous MEAT
It seems recently there are a lot of deviants in this thread

177: Anonymous ETNE
>>176 Since it’s spring
The students are on spring break
Also there is no exception
Since you and I are also deviants

178: Cool NEET
>>172 It seems there is a strict rule about sounds
The video that Yuuji recorded had its sound completely corrupted
The video from this world also had its sound also completely corrupted (This point need further confirmation)
The phone call from another world had its sounds completely corrupted
The phone call from his world also had its sounds completely corrupted

About the sounds, it will be corrupted when crossing the world. This is the setting right?[4]

179: Well Informed NEET
It’s interesting seeing how everything is connected...
But 178san didn’t mention anything about the porn video

180: Sakura’s Friend
>>172 Yuuji-san, what are you doing...?
Sakura-chan is also watching this thread you know?

181: Infrastructure Worker
Imouto’s Friend-chan has arrived!
By the way I believe we are neighbors

182: Anonymous NEET
Dae Sakura-chan an' a' post a message oan thes threid?[5]

183: Yuuji
>>180 I forgot
I’ve had enough
Isn’t there a space-time magic somewhere....?


Yuuji-niiiiiiiiii! Adventurer-san, it’s adventurer-sannn!(Alice)

Alice’s panicked yelling reached Yuuji’s ear.

Yuuji who was laying his head down on the PC desk suddenly jumped and rose.
He quickly closed the file with a speed of light.
He closed the folder.
And summon the home screen from a new tab
He fixed his position.
Calmed his heart.
Gasping heavily, Alice came and plunged into the room.

It was “SAFE”.[6]

What happened Alice? Why are you so panicked?(Yuuji)

With a smile on his face, Yuuji asked Alice with a softer than usual tone. It was like he had attained philosophical enlightenment.

Ummm you see, you see,[7] when Alice was practicing magic in the garden, adventurer-san came, hmmm, just, come here! Come Yuuji-nii!(Alice)

It was rare for Alice to become this panicked, as if she had become impatient in explaining to Yuuji, she pulled Yuuji’s hand towards the outside.
Yuuji was being lead by her.[8]
While still sporting a smile like Maitreya[9] on his face, Yuuji went to the outside.
*growllll* Kotarou was glaring at something beyond gate with blunt caution, seeing her like this Yuuji came back to his senses.

Following Kotarou’s glare, there were three armed people.

They were this world’s people.
Although they didn’t point their weapon in his direction, one male was holding a long blade, and another male held a blunt weapon.

Yuuji froze.

Yuuji-nii, look, it’s adventurer-san! Adventurer-san has come!(Alice)

Hearing Alice call to him, while putting both of his shaking hands together, Yuuji thawed from his frozen state, but it seemed that he was greatly confused by the sudden state of affairs.

They look at each other eyes for awhile.
Finally, Yuuji somehow was able to squeeze a voice out.

...... Go-go-good ebeneng...(Yuuji)

He fumbled.

It’s too bad that it’s hard for me to properly translated Alice cuteness from Japanese to English due to my lack of proper English literary skill.
Alice use mainly hiragana, use “nee” a lot at the beginning of her sentence and “ne” at the end, always end her sentence with a “!” as if to accentuate her childish active personality.
On the other hand, Kotarou speak with lady-like accent, with “wa” and “yo”. Even when she was just a dog...

[1] It ‘s ねえねえ in Japanese. It means, look at what I say.
[2] Yes, the narrator blatantly calls Yuuji as a piece of trash.
[3] It’s a pun. Fuyugomori 冬籠り “hibernation” and Hikikomori 引籠り “shut in” only differed in one Kanji.
[4] In case the reader forget. The Anonymous didn’t really believe at him, “SETTING” in this point means “The world/story settings”
[5] This is actually on Kansai-Ben. I don’t know how to turn this into appropriate English. So I turn this into a rough Scottish...
[6] Baseball terminology: Safe.
[7] Alice use Anoneあのね. It similar like ねえ
[8] The original word means that Alice (the superior) is guiding Yuuji (the inferior/subordiante), or a mother taking along her child. The narrator is nasty.
[9] According to Buddhist tradition, Maitreya is a bodhisattva who will appear on Earth in the future, achieve complete enlightenment, and teach the pure dharma.. Always depicted as having a great smile on his face in Japan. Like this:


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