24 May 2016

The Valtras Myth - Prologue

Ah this is a guest author story that I will host on my site…
Why don’t you read it while I finish my translation… Oh and if you asking when Yukkuri Oniisan will continue his story? Please wait… Yukkuri is slow after all…. Sorry for that…

The Author:
Typesetter (not editor):  
Yukkuri Oniisan


I wake up and I find myself lying in a bed. Perfectly normal? Wrong. In the first place I'm pretty sure that this isn't my room.
The room looked like a breakroom from a normal corporate building, but instead of a sofa, they have a bed instead.

'Where... am I?"

Was I kidnapped somewhere? Probably not. If I were I'd be tied up and gagged right now.
This is weird. The last thing I remember is that I was walking home. Is this short term memory loss? Better question is how long have been asleep?
I tried to open the door but it was locked. So maybe I was kidnapped. If that's true I better find something to defend myself with.
I searched the room and all I could find useful was air freshener. I mean I don't think magazines or a pillow is helpful with protection.
I'm grateful at least that I'm wearing clothes. Though I'm sure that What I'm wearing right now are different from the ones that I was wearing before.

Suddenly a knock came from the door.
Immediately it opened and a person went inside. When I saw that person's face I immediately remembered her.

"Why? Why are you here too?"

I rushed to hug her.

"Mom, what did they do to you? Why are we here?"

She returned my embrace and gently patted the back of my head.

"Don't worry, Leo. Everything is alright. There's no need to be worried."(Mom)

She reassured and calmed me down. I know I should feel relieved but why do I feel anxious instead? Like there's something at the back of my head I should remember.

"I'm sure you have a lot of questions. But before I can answer them, I need to help you remember."(Mom)

She made me sit on the bed and she began chanting.

"As I have lived, I perish. As I have died, I fade. From what I have been, I remember. From what I have done, I learn. From times long past I have lived and died. Let what have been scattered and fragmented gather and be reborn. Divine Recall."(Mom)

That's... a spell right? Wait, why is my mom casting a spell? better yet, why is there magic?
After she casted the spell, I began glowing. There was no pain, but my head suddenly hurts.
Suddenly, a myriad of memories began flowing in my mind. From different eras, from different places. Are all those... me?
Is this my past lives? So I've been reincarnated so many times. Lived multiple times. I can suddenly remember events that happened two millenias ago. But... what happened with my last life?

I remember... I remember it all.

It was after my daily workout in the gym, I walked home. Then on the way I found my family's pet cat by the sidewalk. I tried to pick him up and he ran off.
I would have let him return on his own but mom is attached to the cat and she's probably worried. I chased after the cat and as I was crossing the street, a car hit me.
Wait... I died because of a cat?! A CAT?!
More importantly, I'm dead!

"so... I'm dead then?"

It was more a statement rather than a question. But my mom nodded and comfirmed it anyway.

"Someone wants to see you too Leo."(Mom)

When she said it, someone suddenly landed on my back and hugged me tightly.

"Leo! You're here!"(???)

I couldn't see who it was behind me but I could feel his hair. There was something else mixed in his hair. Is that... cat ears?
I pried him off me and I stood from the bed panting. Then I saw that he looked like my father, except with cat ears.


He just grinned and held his tail for me to see.


My dad is a cat?! WHAT?!

"Let's go Leo, we can't be late."(Mom)

Why are you dismissing this mom? Why is there no reaction to this? What is happening? And what could I possibly be late for? I'm already dead.

"That's right Leo, let's finish this quickly."(Dad)

Finish what? I have no clue what's happening.
Sigh... Whatever.
I'll follow them to wherever I suppose. But really, this place looks more and more like a corporate building. And... Is that an elevator? Why does the afterlife have an elevator?

"That's because this month's theme is Earth."(Mom)

And how do you know that? More importantly, are you reading my mind?

"That's because your dad and I live here."(Mom)

You live here?! How does that even work? And did you just casually shrug off my question?

"Honey, I told you mindreading is rude."(Dad)

That's right Dad, go tell her... wait. You're also reading my mind!

"You're both late.'(??)

As the elevator doors opened, someone was already waiting for us. It was a man in a black suit. He certainly looks like a person in-charge.

"Leo, come with me. My name is Hades. You two also come along."(Hades)

Did he just say Hades? You mean the god of the underworld? I have a bad feeling about this...
I follow Hades into a room filled with screens. This place really feels modernized.

"Okay Leo. Let's start your reincarnation."(Hades)

I can't even be surprised anymore. But reincarnation is leaps better than staying in hell though.

"Sorry to break to you kid, there is no hell. Just reincarnation."(Hades)

I'm going to stop mentally talking to myself now...

"Good idea. Anyway, you'll be reborn in Valtras and you'll be living with you parents there. Think of Valtras like one of those RPG games you played on Earth. Anyway, here's a catalog of skills. Your skill points are on the screen over there. I'll get back to you after I put a limiter on your parent's powers."(Hades)


Based on this book, there's a look of skills available. It's heavy. How much points do I have?


<Skill Points> 250,000

That's an absurd amount of points. And from what I see in this catalog, the most expensive ones are 50,000. And those are mostly absurd titles like <Hero>,<Demon King>,<Immortal>, and even <The Chosen One>. I'll go for the utility skills then. I'd prefer to learn the skill by myself rather than have it already.
Looks like there's resistances too. Those look useful. And armor, one never goes wrong with armor. And I just have enough for two swords.

But wait there's something that Hades said that's bugging me. I'm going to be reincarnated with my parents?

"Okay~ We're done Leo. Here's you go!"(Mom)

Why is she giving me a stub? It looks like a meal ticket. There's something on it that I can't read.


So I have two now. What are these anyway?

"Okay Leo, input whatever you chose into this laptop and I'll finalize the machine."(Hades)

I inputted the skills and gear into the laptop and waited for something to happen. Nothing happened.

"Leo, bring me that piece of paper on the printer beside the screen."(Hades)

I grabbed the piece of paper and handed it over. He looked at it then fed into his machine.

<Processing skills>
<Bestowing [Appraise lv.10]>
<Bestowing [Spatial Storage]>
<Bestowing [Thought Acceleration]>
<Bestowing [Origin Creation]>
<Bestowing [Elemental Resistance lv.10]>
<Bestowing [Physical Damage Nullification lv.10]>
<Bestowing [Mental Damage Nullification lv.10]>
<Equipment:[Flame Emperor Armor] Aquired>
<Equipment:[Atlantean Warlord Armor] Aquired>
<Equipment:[Gaian King's Armor] Aquired>
<Equipment:[Soaring Conqueror's Armor] Aquired>
<Equipment:[Blazing Sword of Hellfire] Aquired>
<Equipment:[Freezing Sword of Atlantis] Aquired>

"Where's the stubs they gave you?"(Hades)

I handed those too and he again fed it to the machine.

<Please enter authoritization code>

As soon as the machine spoke, Hades typed something in.

<Code accepted>
<Bestowing [Divine Protection of Magic's Origin]>
<Bestowing [Divine Protection of Lion Warrior]>

"Leo, this is a gift from everyone in the reincarnation department."(Hades)

<Bestowing Title [Demi-God]>

"Okay that's that. Let's transfer you guys over."(Hades)



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