23 May 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 5 Part 5

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Chapter 5. Yuuji, Changing Job from “Magician of the Forest” into “Pioneer”
Part 5. Yuuji, Hearing the Currency Explanation from the Peddler

Yuuji-san…… That is only a magic book to be used by beginners…… Are you saying that you can’t use magic that well?(Kevin)

“Alice and I can finally use more magic”. As a response to this statement, the peddler Kevin questioned him.

N-no way, ahahaha, how can that be, I am the Magician of the Forest, you know? If it is only magic, then I can use it. It’s just that I came from another world, so I only wanted to see what kind of magic this world has, ahahahaha.(Yuuji)

Yuuji averted his eyes while answering Kevin’s question. Certainly, Yuuji can use magic. He had only acquired it just now, though. So it’s safe(not even wrong).
However, from the way Yuuji spoke about it, it was as if he had said that there are many people on Earth who can use magic. Surely enough, wizards exist, but there are no people who can use magic.[1] Maybe.

No, it isn’t really a problem after all……(Kevin)

Even though he still had some vague doubts, Kevin didn’t pry too deeply. What an adult-like way to respond.

Leaving that aside, Kevin-san, this book is popular right? Then how much is it? Well, in the first place, I don’t even know about the currency……(Yuuji)

Yuuji suddenly changed the topic. However, he really did need to know about this. So it was a fine play.

That’s right. It’s better for you to know about these things tight away, since this is also required for business transactions. Ah, Yuuji-san, please take a seat here.(Kevin)

As he spoke, while showing a wry smile, Kevin handed over a backless collapsible chair to Yuuji.
They continued on from their last conversation and Kevin began to inform Yuuji, who didn’t know anything about this world, bout the current situation.


First, I will teach you the currency. If we are able to produce the things that Yuuji-san will teach us how to make, the types and amounts of currency will also affect Yuuji-san.(Kevin)

Kevin started off his talks with this slow statement. Kevin opened his leather water canteen and took one gulp of water. By the way, Yuuji offered him a water refill some time ago.

In this Rowaim Kingdom, basically there are 6 types of currency. If we included the ones rarely used, then there are 8 types of currencies.(Kevin)

Umm…… So this place is called the Rowaim Kingdom?(Yuuji)

Yuuji quickly reacted to information that had just came out and threw out a question.
Just when Kevin’s explanation was about to begin, it was stopped at the first words. But this couldn’t be helped. “Where am I?”, if someone didn’t know this, this would incite uneasiness when thinking about the other thing.

Now that you mention it, I haven’t given any explanations about this…… Yes, this place is the Rowaim Kingdom, more precisely, its frontier region. But can we tackle this topic tomorrow? I will speak about the feudal lord who governs this area and the other nobles in the kingdom with the map.(Kevin)

I understand…… For now, please teach me about the currency.(Yuuji)

“Yes, since money is important, right?” Kevin showed his merchant side and resumed his interrupted explanation

Just like what I had said before, there are 6 types of basic currency, and if we include the rarely used ones, then there are 8 types of currency.(Kevin)

While saying this, Kevin took out a leather bag from his chest pocket and took two coins from it.

First is this, the copper coin. There are coins that have lower values than the copper coin, like this base coin, but they are not used that much. Even cheaply priced goods are not measured in base coins, but in copper coins, such as 1 copper coin for five goods. This is how many things are sold. By the way, the value of one copper coin is 100 base coins. Since you need to take large amount of coins, it will jingle, which is what I believe caused base coins to be less useful.(Kevin)

“Oh, I see” As he spoke, Yuuji received the base coin and the copper coin that Kevin passed over the gate. Yuuji looked at the surface and turned it over several times absentmindedly.

Suddenly, with an “Ah”, he remembered something. In front of the dumbfounded Kevin, Yuuji ran into the house.

Yuuji immediately returned. In his hand he held a camera. It seems that he just remembered that he should take a photograph.

Yuuji put the copper coin and the base coin in his hand, and then clicked the shutter with the other hand.
Kevin watched this strange scene, but it seems that for the moment, he wasn’t going to ask about it and just continued his explanation.

Then this is the currency with a higher value than the copper coin: the big copper coin. This has the value of 10 copper coins.(Kevin)

Kevin handed it over to Yuuji; the size of the coin was larger than the previous coins. He lined it up beside the copper coin. Not only its size was different, but the engraved design on it differed as well.

Each coin denomination has a different picture and design. In old times, it would depict the potraits of previous reigning kings. At that time, there were people that said that the value of the coin would differ depending on the king depicted on it. So the nobles in power……

“Collected every coin and then designed the current coins. It’s something that happened long before I’d been born.” Kevin earnestly narrated. To be replace all the circulated coins was something that was normally unthinkable. So as a merchant, of course, he was deeply impressed by it.

Above the big copper coin, is this silver coin. This is also has a value of 10 big copper coins. And I think you can guess the next coin, the big silver coin. It has a value of 10 silver coins. Then, 10 big silver coins equal to 1 gold coin. 10 gold coins will become 1 big gold coin. Of course, I didn’t bring any gold coins with me……(Kevin)

Kevin handed over the two dully shining silver coins to Yuuji. When Yuuji received them, he didn’t say anything and just clicked the shutters to take a photograph before he quickly returned them to Kevin.

Above the big gold coin is the white coin. However this is only used in transactions performed by large merchant houses, nobles and royalty, so I think it will be enough just to hear about it. Even big gold coins are hardly ever used.(Kevin)

As he received the coins from Yuuji, Kevin summed up his explanation. However, the main point of the talk of the money talk had only just begin.

Then…… For example, how much do the weapons and food cost? How much is the income of a normal person?(Yuuji)

Yuuji also noticed it. This man, although he is carelessly absentminded, it doesn’t mean that he has a bad head on his shoulders. But he is still carelessly absentminded.

Let see…… First, it’s said that a city guard or a low ranked soldier earns a monthly salary of 2 big silver coins. This amount is enough to support a family of 4 living in the capital. However, this is a frontier region, so there is a lot of bartering done in the newly developed areas. I believe that living in Premie city or the villages would cost less……(Kevin)

I see……(Yuuji)

Then 1 big silver coin could be imagined as 100000 yen[2], thought Yuuji. Although it was a bit problematic, it’s probably a good conversion. Putting aside the problems, anyway.

The price of the goods that I gave to Yuuji-san, right?...... Let see, I believe that even by the selling price, it will be about 1 gold coin.(Kevin)
If big silver coin is 100000 yen, then 10 times of this is…… Eh! One mi-! One million yen!?(Yuuji)

Yuuji bent his body back and let out a queer sound. He thoughtlessly received the goods, but he was surprised when discovering  the price.
However, this is predictable. Not only, was there food for Alice and Kotarou, there was also arms and armors, and although the price has not been specified, he even received the books.
After finding out the high price, right now, Yuuji was nervous. He is just a low middle class citizen, after all. Although in Japan, he has become a rich person.

Ah, please don’t worry about this. I still have assets that I collected little by little in the bank. Although I have expectations of Yuuji-san’s knowledge, if it fails, then even if I lose everything, I can start again as a peddler.(Kevin)

Kevin told Yuuji some heavy words without hesitation.

These were surely the follow up words to Yuuji, who was surprised by the price.

However, this didn’t calm Yuuji down at all.


Kinda took liberty at the coin name…
Handy conversion chart:
100 Base Coin 1 Copper Coin
10 Copper Coin 1 Big Copper Coin
10 Big Copper Coin 1 Silver Coin
10 Silver Coin 1 Big Silver Coin
10 Big Silver Coin 1 Gold Coin
10 Gold Coin 1 Big Gold Coin
10 Big Gold Coin 1 White Coin

[1] You know what wizard that the narrator means right?
[2] about ~922 dollar per 23 May 2016 exchange rate.


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      Although I "habe" expectations of Yuuji-san’s knowledge, if it fails, then even if I lose everything, I can start again as a peddler.」(Kevin)

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  2. I think that the worth of the big silver is off by a couple zeros, I mean ¥20,000 is not enough for 1 person for a year let alone 4, let's the average low income worker earns about $20,000 a year, that's ¥2,187,843.76(current exchange rate), so yeah way off

    1. Wait never mind, i was thinking yearly, it's still off though

    2. At $10/hr, 40hrs a week, let's say febuary, it'd be $1600 that month which equals about ¥174,988.52, I don't know what monthly living expenses would be for a month for 4 people would be though, all I know is ¥20,000 is not enough

    3. Another world mindset is a bit différent, dont go forget that is médiéval like time so peoples might be picking wild edible herbs or buy them extremely cheap.

    4. Nope... I tink you guys wrong... You do can live for a month with a family of 4 using just 20000 Yen in my country...
      Heck there even a case where a family of 8 living with just under 10000 yen budget...
      Don't use developed world criteria please....

    5. are you live in Indonesia? if so then it's possible but if you tried to live in any developed countries like America, you will know how hard to live in there with such budget... my friend live in Japan and have income about ¥100,000/month and it's quite hard even though he is live alone.

  3. Math is way off, should be about 100,000 yen per silver coin which equals about 2k a month.

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      大銀貨1枚で10万円 = One big silver coin is 100000 yen not 10000 yen!
      I misplaced a 0!!!

  4. It says yuuji also noticed that this man is a sent minded but isn't it supposed to be Kevin?

  5. 9000 USD and he's freaking out... One of his mirrors are probably worth at least that, due to the fact that it's "high quality" stuff(for this world) and not readily available anywhere. Did he seriously expect that all this stuff he got, such as books with valuable paper and pictures that can't be made easily along with all the other stuff(such as armor, weapons, farm equipment etc) wouldn't be worth at least that much? It's also not a big deal seeing how much his information would be worth, actually it's an extremely small amount if you consider how much can be earned just with some random information from the net. even if he got something worth dozens of gold coins it would still only be a matter of course if you consider future profits if he'll get a good relation with the mc.

    He needs to get himself together and stop overreacting over small stuff like this... It's somewhat vexing. Kotarou and alice has it hard.