24 May 2016

The Valtras Myth - Chapter 2

The Author:
Typesetter (not editor):
Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 2
Nitra stood in front of the damaged wooden wall in my room and took a deep breath.


The wooden hole suddenly closed up and returned to the state it was before Zabimaru went through it. My wall was fixed in seconds. Magic works fast.

‘Now, care to explain to me how you made that hole?'(Nitra)

Suddenly my mom faced me and entered into lecture mode. I told her about how I experimented with my skills and made a sword. I then took out Zabimaru from my inventory and handed it over to her.

‘You made this with [Origin of Creation]?'(Nitra)

She took the sword as I nodded. She turned the sword around and inspected the shape and asked about how it worked. I explained to her that I got the sword from a show I used to watch and recreated it and tested if it worked like how it worked in the show.
She levitated the sword in front of her for a while then left the room. I stared at the floating Zabimaru for a while trying to figure out how that works. Then Nitra came back in dragging an eating Mios through the door.

“Honey, look at Leo’s first time using a skill. He recreated a sword using [Origin of Creation].'(Nitra)

Mios suddenly became alert with the mention of ‘sword’. He placed bag of chips on the desk and went to look at the sword. He circled around the levitating sword then grabbed it by the hilt.
He looked at me with shining eyes then carried me with one arm. The three of us went outside then he passed me to Nitra. …I feel like a bag. Mios stood a few feet away from us then began to slash at the air. I think this is the first time I saw my dad perform actual sword styles.

‘Leo! How do I make it extend again?'(Mios)

‘Just say ‘Roar Zabimaru’ then it’ll do it’s thing.'(Leo)

Mios nodded as he took his stance again. He became still for a moment, then yelled.

‘Roar Zabimaru!’

As he slashed the sword, Zabimaru extended and sliced though the air. Just before the tip finished it’s arc towards the ground, he slashed upwards then immediately spun his body and swung the sword as if slicing a person’s abdomen. As he finished his spin, the blades began retracting and returning to its sword’s original form. He did three slashes, but the moves were so beautifully done, it only looked like a single slash.
After playing with the sword for a while, Mios walked back to them and returned the sword to me.

‘You know other shows that has things like that? It’s an awesome sword.'(Mios)

I told him that he could watch it if he wants. He was already nodding even before I told him about watching the anime. I promised them that they’ll watch it after eating lunch.
Now… How can I make my parents love anime? I’m pretty sure that Mios can easily be lured with action-packed anime. The question is Nitra. Maybe I’ll start with stories with beast-kins in them. A few titles come to mind.

‘Okay, I’ll go prepare lunch then. You two go have fun for now.'(Nitra)

Mom finally put me down and walk back towards the house. I think she forgot about teaching me magic. Well, can’t be helped. She’s making fish and chips, and I can’t wait to eat it.
I gave Mios Zabimaru and let him have his fun with it. I sat down and tried to imagine basic spells from RPG’s I’ve played before. I suppose [Fireball] is a basic enough of a spell.
I imagined my mana form a ball of fire above the palm of my hand. After a few moments, a ball of fire appeared. Oooh, and I didn’t even need to say a chant or call out the name of the spell.
I willed the ball of fire to traved in a straight line in front of my hand. The fireball then began to fly forwards, I willed it faster and faster. It zoomed past Mios then hit the ground behind him creating a small circle of flame on the dried grass. Seeing the fire, I immediately sent a ball of water douse it.

‘Will you look at that. Leo, you’re using magic without trigger words. Nitra will be proud.'(Mios)

Mios picked me up then tossed me in the air in celebration. It’s times like these that I tend to forget that I have the mental age of a middle-age man and become a kid again. After the celebratory tossing, I took Zabimaru and returned it to my inventory.

‘Time for sword practice. I’ll beat all the swordstyles and martial arts I know into you and turn you into the greatest Warrior this world has ever seen! We’ll start with the basics for both. Are you ready Leo?'(Mios)


With that said, he went and drilled the basics of the lion-kin swordstyles and martial arts into me. It went on until noon when Nitra called us and said lunch was ready.
Meal time was the same as usual, extremely delicious. I’m sure I won’t be able to live without mom’s cooking anymore.

‘Thanks mom! Food was delish!'(Leo)

After saying so, I left the table and rushed to my room. I sat on my chair and opened my desktop. Computers are really convenient. And this godly internet speed. I opened up Mercury(Ebay) and put Zabimaru up for auction.
In less than ten minutes I was able to sell it for fifty gold.
From what I learned from browsing the net, Valtras currency goes like this:

10 copper coins = 1 bronze
10 bronze coins = 1 silver
10 silver coins = 1 gold
100 gold coins = 1 platinum
5 platinum = 1 adamantium plate

A portal appeared in my room and a fairy wearing a Mercury uniform appeared. Its name said <Mia> so I assumed that she was a female fairy. Mia said that she was there to pick up the auctioned item and will transfer the money as soon as the item was verified. After Mia inspected the sword for a few minutes, she asked if I already had a card. I told her that I didn’t have one. She had me fill up a form, but since this part was magic, I didn’t need to write anything. Then she converted the form into a card. Apparently it was something like an atm card.
Well, given that Mercury made his own website, I suppose that this was to be expected. I took the card and thanked Mia and bid her safe travels.
I returned to my desktop and open up Hermes(Amazon) and look for the blu-ray discs for the shows. I bought all the Studio Ghibli movies and seasons of different anime. Ble*ch, Sam*rai X, Sword of the Str*nger for dad, and Cl*nnad, Ang*el Beats!, An*hana, and Gold*n Time for mom. Definitely should schedule a movie night for the Ghibli movies.
After buying all the discs, I was left with seven gold. Then I saw a limited copy of latest release of my favorite game back on earth came out. Exactly seven gold. I’m back to having no money and no Zabimaru but I got a lot of things to watch and play. Being a kid feels nice.
Again, a portal appeared in my room. The fairy this time wore Hermes uniforms, wore a hat with wings on them and carried a package. The fairy was <Mai> and she asked for my card. She swiped it through a card reader, and everything was paid. Gotta say, service is fast. She returned my card then passed me the package she was carrying. I thanked her and also bid her safe travels.

I sat on the corner beanbag and opened my package. It was anime, glorious anime. I looked for the one I wanted. There it was, F*nal Fant*sy **. Looks like everybody is going to be busy for a while.
I brought the dad his anime, and gave mom her anime. And while they’re busy I’m going to go play my game and sink into the depths of my beanbag in my room.
Nothing was accomplished for a week. Note to self, anime and games in moderation. That also went for my parents. Henceforth all anime and FF games are now locked with tight security only to be opened once a week after certain conditions. That’s right.
The most affected one was mom. Every night during that week she would cling to the dad and me crying. I mean mom is cute and all but a smiling mom is still the best.
After properly fixing our schedules so we can do all the things without overdoing it, three years went by without any problems.


Deep breaths. Haaa~ Huuu~ Haaa~ Huuu~
Focusing my strength beyond the boulder that I stood upon. I visualized my punch not as hitting the boulder and let the force go through the boulder towards the ground, but instead as simply letting my force flow through the boulder to hit the ground.


I punched the boulder and instead of cracking and splitting, the ground became a crater below the boulder. Freaking awesome! This is the eighth martial arts style that I’ve mastered. A lot more to go.

‘Congratulations Leo. That’s the eighth, how about mastering your eighth swordstyle too?'(Mios)

I’ve been training for three year, and I’m pretty sure that I’m gaining exp somehow. But since the day I made Zabimaru, I haven’t check them yet. But I promise to look at it when I turn eight. I mean, next week is my ‘birthday’ hmm but since I was teleported does that mean it’s technically a ‘birthday’, but I was a baby so I guess that still counts as a ‘birthday’.
I was getting dark, that means it’s almost dinner time.

‘Let’s head back, we can’t miss dinner.'(Mios)

I followed behind Mios but his tail kept distracting him. It just won’t stop moving. Its low on the ground, now it’s on the left, then back down, then center, then right, then left, then right… Can’t resist… urge… to catch… tail… screw it.
I jumped around behind Mios trying to grab his tail, but it was just so damn hard to grab. I try to follow it with my eyes, I miss. I try to predict where it’ll be next, I miss. I’m frantically trying to get the tail that I never even noticed Mios looking back and smiling with a red face.
I finally grabbed the tail and Mios ran while dragging me. As much as I don’t want to admit it, this is fun. I know why yarn is banned from this house. Well, let’s not dwell on that. What’s important is that I caught the tail.
Mios detached me from his tail as we entered the house, then carried me onto the living room beanbags. It feels like sitting on a cloud.

‘We still need to beat the Maou. Leo let’s go.'(Mios)

‘I still need to work on my levels. I’m not strong enough yet. Even you’re not strong enough yet dad.'(Leo)

‘But if we don’t hurry, what’ll happen to the princess and her kingdom? She’s the one that asked for our help. We can’t just let her die.'(Mios)

‘But if we go with just the two of us, we might not make it. We need mom here, she’s our healer. Without her, our potions and gear won’t last.'(Leo)

‘Yeah, you’re right. Then let’s just watch some anime while waiting.'(Mios)

During the past three years, our anime collection grew. Now our basement looks like a dvd store. And we organize it by genre and year. I’m sure pretty soon we’ll have to expand the basement since a quarter of the space is occupied with figurines I’ve been making with [Origin of Creation]. Magic come handy during those times.
So we’re watching Gurr*n Lag*nn. While he’s watching that, I’m going to dive in deeper in this beanbag and take a nap.



I sliced my sword against the rock face. The power of the slash sliced through the rock and smoothly parted the rock in half.

‘And that’s the eighth too! Right on schedule.'(Mios)

Mastering swordstyles is hard. Don’t even get me started about trying to differenciate between the other styles. I mean they all use swords anyway. I’d rather learn combat skills, like firing off ten slashes simultaneously. Stuff like that. But I guess with slashed that can go through rocks is a high enough level.

‘Let’s head home. Try to keep up.'(Mios)

Just as Mios started running, I started after him. While running, I attempt to pounce on his tail, but he’s too fast. As we approached the house, Mios slowed down. That was enough for me to reach the tail. I jumped and wrapped the tail around him.

‘Leo-kun, Honey. Dinner!'(Nitra)

”Yakiniku!”(father and son)

Meat is nice too. Everything Nitra makes is awesome. Once again, I feel stuffed.



‘Happy birthday! You’re 8 now.'(Nitra)

‘Happy birthday Leo.'(Mios)

‘Thanks mom, dad. You guys are the best.'(Leo)

‘Guess what we got you for your birthday?'(Nitra)

‘Hmm, a pet?'(Leo)

‘Wrong. We got tickets for the winter comiket that’s happening in four days.'(Mios)

Winter comiket?! The one on earth? I get to meet authors of the manga I love reading? When are we going? I’m excited.

‘Let’s go right now!'(Leo)

Seeing how excited I am, my parents laugh and hug me. They cleared the dishes and Nitra put a spell around the house to make sure that no one suddenly finds the house.
Nitra opened a portal and we stepped through. Suddenly we were in the middle of a city, a modern 21st century city.

‘Tada! We’re going to live here for a week. Think of it as a vacation.'(Nitra)

We look like foreigners standing here. A beautiful Lady with black hair wearing a kimono, a handsome blonde haired man with cat-ears and what looks like a tail, then a little kid with brown hair also has cat-ears and a tail. If people look at us they’ll just assume that we’re tourists.

‘Let’s look around tomorrow, for now let’s get to the hotel.'(Mios)

We started walking towards a hotel named [Hestia’s]. Apparently we’re staying there for a week. Wait. Isn’t Hestia a goddess? Do you mean she’s living in earth? And has a business?

‘Zirnitra! Mios! Welcome to my place. And there’s Leo. happy birthday kid.'(Hestia)

There stood a Busty woman with black hair wearing a white long-sleeved shirt with a black vest, black slacks, and high heels.
I was embraced by Hestia suddenly and I suffocated in her bust.

‘You’re cuter than how your mom and dad describes you. If they weren’t there I’ll keep you all for myself.'(Hestia)

Then Nitra made a grab for me and is now engaged in a tug-of-war with Hestia. This went on for a while. Mios finally broke up the two and put me down. Hestia converted our Valtras coins into Yen. With my savings of 4 platinum coins, it became 4 million Yen. Turns out making anime figurines and selling them online was worth it.

‘Here’s your room key. It’s room 242, there’s enough space there for ten people. Also, your requested items are in your rooms.

As we entered our room, I found out what the requested item was. Beanbags. I ran inside and immediately flopped into one. I feel tired now, so I stood up and grabbed one beanbag and went into my bedroom.

‘Goodnight mom, dad. Let’s go play tomorrow!'(Leo)

I yawned and closed the door behind me.


<Leo Ethereal>

Race: Cat-kin
(Sub-race: [Demi-God])

Gender: Male
Age: 8
Level: 14

Strength: 2555
Endurance: 2920
Intelligence: 2190
Magic: 4380
Agility: 3285
Wisdom: 1825
Charisma: 500
Luck: 310

<Racial Bonus>

<Unique Skills>
[Divine Protection of the Original Magic]
[Almighty Spell-weaver]
[Divine Protection of the Lion King]
[Supreme Warrior King]

[Soul Memory Recall]
[Cook for the Gods]
[Hephaestus’s Protege]
[All-seeing Eye of the gods]
[Origin of Creation]
[Elemental Resistance]
[Dark Resistance]
[Holy Resistance]
[Interdimensional Storage]




  1. Cats do love beanbags~

    It's either they don't get off it.... it they're shredded to pieces~

    Better to have a scratching post beside it....

  2. It feels like you shoved everything you want all at once together. A 12 year old dream come true I guess. Too OP for my taste.

  3. Yeah... the settings are different...
    For me, all i see is the same stupid death, reincarnated tensionless OP MC in an over-used game-like world setting only with more western culture mixed into it.
    Sorry if i sound kind of harsh but i'm so sick of these kind of stories.
    Nevertheless, i wish you good luck for yours story.

    1. Posted the other one comment instead of replying here because I'm not very bright. But yes, I perfectly understand and thank you for your support regardless.

  4. Thank you for the support and criticism. I'll make sure to read your comments and try my best to make it enjoyable of you guys without compromising the story and my idea for the plot.

    @unknown yes this is another of those reincarnated stories, simple reason is that I've been reading too much of it days before I decided to write stories again. Its not harsh, it's actually understandable.

  5. Hmm. For another anime that'd link both parents' interest, perhaps Inuyasha? So far, the series seems interesting. While the concept seems easy, writing a novel of your own is much harder in practice. Good luck!