21 May 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 5 Part 4

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Chapter 5: Yuuji Changes Jobs from “Magician of the Forest” to “Pioneer”.
Part 4. Yuuji, Receiving the Package from the Peddler

My my, I’m glad that you are okay. I was surprised back then.(Kevin)
Ahahahaha, how embarrassing.(Yuuji)

Because he was so happy to be able to cast his first magic, Yuuji casted it continuously until he fell and collapsed, only to be awoken by the voice of Kevin the peddler.
It was his second visit after his previous visit about 2 and half months ago in the spring.
Fuu, after taking a breath and calming himself, Kevin the peddler wiped off his sweat. This time, he took the adventurer trio with him, too. As usual, they were setting up camp at a place not far from here.
This time, perhaps they would stay for quite some time, since they put up a sun-shading tarp between the trees.

Since we have arranged various preparations this time around, we will stay for about 4 to 5 days. However…well, for now, let’s hand over the goods that have been brought.(Kevin)

Perhaps he noticed Yuuji’s line sight, as Kevin immediately told him the number of days he would staying, and then quickly placed the wooden rack on the ground and unloaded the goods from it.

Is that so!? I’m glad since there are many things I want to ask. But rather than the goods, I want to hear about Alice’s family first……(Yuuji)
So about Alice-chan’s family, right? Yes, since Alice-chan is also not here right now, this might be the right time. For the time being, I haven’t heard any information about her family. However……(Kevin)
……Did something happen?(Yuuji)

Kevin showed a gloomy expression, so Yuuji asked timidly.

There was a merchant caravan heading to the capital that had been attacked by bandits, but the adventurer bodyguards fought them back and repulsed them. This was information I obtained from my merchant connections. That caravan’s schedule had some incredibly lucky circumstances as some third rank adventurers joined them as their bodyguards by chance. That party of 5 people succeeded in defeating about 30 bandits. After some examination, it was found that they were a group of bandits called the “Robber Mice”. I think that it was the “Robber Mice” that attacked Anfore Village, but……(Kevin)
Did they get all of the “Robber Mice”? Then, the hideout? Didn’t they interrogate them?(Yuuji)

Yuuji was asking breathlessly about the information that might be related to Alice’s family.

Yuuji-san, I understand your feelings, but the normal method of dealing with a bandit group is to kill all of the surviving bandits. The scent of the blood from the battlefield might attract monsters or they might be attacked again with a larger bandit group. So the caravan killed all the bandits without questioning them and then hurriedly went to the capital. By the time they reported it to the guards, it was already over.(Kevin)
Is that so…… but, did they check the surroundings afterwards? For any survivors or the hideout?...... Was it dangerous?(Yuuji)

Even though he looked despondent, Yuuji threw out another question without giving up.

Of course they did. The Capital Guards sent a group to examine the location of the attack and the surroundings area. They found a cavern that seemed to be used as the bandits’ hideout, however, it had already been abandoned for a long time now……(Kevin)
I see……(Yuuji)
They are called the “Robber Mice” because they were running around like mice and survived by continuing to rob others. It seems that they are really tenacious. However, since they suffered severe losses this time, they will lay low for awhile and do their best to conceal their whereabouts. Searching for Alice-chan’s family might have become much harder now……(Kevin)

There was new information, and although it was related to their search, it seemed that it would be anything but easy. Yuuji cast his head down and showed a gloomy expression.
Kevin took his time and watched until Yuuji regained back his composure.
Even while watching his hands move, he opened a folding chair and began to unpack the goods he brought. Although he is a kind person, he is also a tough person. But it was a given, since his job was being a peddler on the frontiers.

I understand. Well, it’s not like it’s already the end. Maybe they had already escaped in the first place! We will keep searching for them!(Yuuji)

Yuuji made a declaration as if to cheer himself up and then he ended the subject. It seemed that he had become a bit tougher.

Yes. Of course, Yuuji-san. Then, let’s start transferring the goods.

Although he understood Yuuji’s feelings, Kevin continued his previous business.

First up are these foods. Wheat and barley, vegetables and salt, I have brought them all. And this bag has clothing, while this one has the daily necessities. Since I don’t know what is necessary, for now, I brought many kinds of daily necessities in small amounts. Although, I see that for Yuuji and Alice, clothes might not be necessary……(Kevin)

Kevin sent a quick glance towards the western style clothes that Yuuji wore and the laundry that had been left out to dry by the wind in the garden.
“Thank you very much.” While saying these words, Yuuji received the packages that were handed over the gate and piled up the bags one by one, without noticing that gaze.

Then, these are the requested weapons and armor. Since the type of equipment that will be used hasn’t been decided yet, I brought many kinds of weapons of reasonable quality. Also, because I don’t know the sizes for the armor, I brought armor that seems usable for the time being.(Kevin)

After saying this, Kevin handed over various types of weapons and armor. Short sword, short spear, small mace, bow and arrow, wooden and hide shield, leather breastplate, leather-reinforced pants, and then a solid and thick smallish robe. The latter seems to be meant for Alice’s use.
Afterwards, while saying, “This might also be used as a weapon.”, Kevin handed over the axe and the hammer.
Together with the food, it seemed that these were the majority of the goods. There were only the small goods remaining on the wooden rack.

Then, these are the requested items. As for the books, to understand this world’s common sense and state of affairs, first is the map of the vicinity of the area. Although, I must admit that the one I procured is rather rough, I have appended it by making use of my peddling experience. Next are the popular travel journal books that are trending right now in the capital and diaries procured from street stalls.[1] Although, the information inside them might be antiquated, however I believe that they can adequately tell about this world’s way of life.(Kevin)
Alright! Geez, to even provide a map, I’m already curious about how the people in this world live. And you even went so far as to obtain diaries? Won’t they only have embarrassing things written in them….?[2](Yuuji)

Perhaps it was because he remembered his middle school years, Yuuji suddenly trembled. The image of a sealed black diary came into his mind. Even though he wasn’t embarrassed by chanting weird spells, but a ‘Diary’ was a different story. His standards in judging things is really hard to understand…

There was many cases that when someone died, their family would sell the diary that they wrote together with their other property. There were also cases where educated people were forced to sell their diaries due to poverty. Since Purumie was a frontier city, there were only a few of these diaries; however, it was relatively easier to procure these in the capital. At the same time, there are few literate people living on the frontiers, so it was cheaper to purchase the books here rather than in the Capital.

Ah, is that so…… While mumbling this, Yuuji flipped through one of the diaries. Although the quality was poor, the paper was still made from plant materials. Then, Yuuji finally realized something.

Kevin-san…… I can’t read it……[3](Yuuji)

Yes, although he had been taught simple letters and numerals by Alice, Yuuji’s literacy skills in this world’s language were still very low.

Ahahaha, I had already predicted this, so I also purchased this. By the way, compared to the other things that I had handed over the other times, this book is much more expensive, so please be careful with it.(Kevin)

After saying this, Kevin presented a thick book with beautiful binding. Surely enough, from its cover it could be seen that it was clearly in a different league from the other books.

This is a dictionary. You know about it, right? It’s a book that explains the meanings for each word. Even though there are no pictures, I can still confidently say that it’s simple to use. Also, please use this book as well. This is a book that was also used by shop apprentices in their studies. As I couldn’t obtain it in Premie, well, it is a bit embarrassing, but this is a book that I used when I was still small……(Kevin)

As he spoke, he presented a book with pictures and singular words. The latter half of the book also showed the different writing styles.

Oh! Thank you very much! With this, Alice and I could use it to learn……(Yuuji)
Well, I think that you wouldn’t be able to understand everything with only these 2 books…… But if I have time, then I will help you. Then, the last one is…… This, a magic book for beginners.(Kevin)

The last thing he took out was a book that looked inferior to the dictionary; but also had a solid binding.

Thank you very much! Hooray, with this, Alice and I can use more magic!(Yuuji)

After Receiving the beginner’s magic book, Yuuji made a vigorous victory Guts Pose.
This is the second time today that Yuuji was this happy, the first time being his first successful magic spell.
Without noticing Kevin’s reaction to the phrase “Alice and I”, Yuuji was thoughtlessly rejoicing in high spirits.


Sorry… But I kinda busy recovering lost RAWs and data, also my editor is busy with his/her school/college so no major release for now…

[1] For the modern readers who might not understand/familiar with this. The earliest genre of books is known as the “Travel Literature” genre. Before the advent of modern transportation (train, large passenger ship, automobile, airplane), most people hardly ever went further than the next town over and long distance travel was expensive, if not dangerous. So to satisfy human curiosity about what lay beyond those hills/rivers/mountains/oceans, people read travel literature penned by travelers who claimed to visit that place or heard that place’s story. The modern form of this genre are travel guides and books about people visiting places that no one regularly visits like the deep Amazonia, Antarctica, Himalayas, and North Korea. The second type is the “Memoirs/Diaries” genre… I don’t need to explain this genre… Since every bookstore is filled with them…
[2] Also known as Dark History
[3] Typical Yuuji, just realized it now?


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