26 May 2016

The Valtras Myth - Chapter 3

The Author:
Typesetter (not editor):
Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 3

'Mom! I found the limited edition blu-ray disc for that anime you like. There's three left. Let's get it before it get's sold out.'(Leo)

'And I found this limited edition figure of Tsubasa Hanekawa from Nekomo*gatari. Let's add this to the collection.'(Nitra)

'Let's wear these later. I found sizes that fit us. Let's check some of the others later.'(Mios)

We're currently shopping in Akihabara, enjoying the sight of cosplayers and maid cafe's. Basically today's itinerary is shopping in the morning, lunch at the popular maid cafe, watching the One Pi*ce movie, more shopping until dinner, then dinner at Hestia's restaurant.
Then I guess we're repeating the schedule tomorrow. But we're loaded so it's okay. Let's buy all the limited editions!
We when I thought people stared at us before when we walked from the hotel, now that we're in cosplay, everybody is openly staring at us and snapping pictures with cameras and phones.
Nitra was cosplaying as Yuuko Ichihara, Mios as Bernard Sablage, and I'm cosplaying as Callaway Risler. Funny how a pair of cat-kins are cosplaying characters from D*g Days. But hey, what works works.
We left the store and proceeded to the next one. Buying all the limited editions that we haven't gotten yet. I'm pretty sure that when we get back the first thing we're doing is expanding the basement.
Since we didn't use magic while shopping, by the end of the day, our room was already filled with all the things we bought. Luckily, Hestia had a magic cabinet installed in our room. Just like that, all the things were gone and the room was spacious again.
We all know that after an intense shopping spree, it's time for an anime marathon. And as usual, we overdid it. We sat in our giant beanbag and munched on popcorn and chips while watching Key's new anime. I was sandwiched by the two of them and we just fell asleep right there when we finished the series.


'Wake up Leo-kun, brunch is ready.'(Nitra)

Mom was poking my face as she woke me up. She was making her 'guhehehe' face again.
I greeted her as I yawned. I didn't want to part from the sweet, sweet embrance of the beanbag, but brunch smelled nice and I'm feeling hungry now. Smells like bacon.
I rolled off the beanbad then proceeded to keep rolling toward the table. I hate waking up, but food is too good to be ignored.
We ate brunch and talked about the plans for today.

'Mom, can I go explore Akihabara? I wanna look around.'(Leo)

'Just be back here by dinner time. And stay safe, you're still mortal. And have fun.'(Nitra)

'Thanks mom! See you later!'(Leo)

I finished brunch and took a shower. Today I decided to cosplay as a cat-kin version of Negi Springfield. I left and said goodbye before letting mom get a chance to see my clothes.
I ran past Hestia who was standing by the reception desk. I waved at her as I left the building. There's a lot of people walking the streets. Then again, there's always a lot of people walking in this area most of the time.

I wandered around looking for something to buy or do. Then I went past an arcade. It's been a long time since I've come to a place like this. I wanna play some of the machines they had.
I got a handful(close to 50) arcade tokens and went to check out the games. It's the typical driving games, shooting games, fighting games, music games, and the classic 'Dance Dance Revolution'. I know what I'm playing last.

I started playing the shooters and challenged highscore. Around 10-15 minutes later, a lot of people were starting to gather around me, at first I thought it was because of my ears and tail, but that was the minority. They were looking at my score, which was already twice the last high score. Maybe I'm showing off too much, but the game is just slow. After another 5 minutes, I just put the gun back in the holder and waited for the game to end. By the time I put mu name in the game, my high score was already 4 times more than 2nd place.
I'm sure that score will be untouched for a great long time. Then I switched over to the fighting arcade. The crowd also followed me. I sat on the T*kken game's chair and started selected Lili. I played a few rounds against the AI, then a new challenger entered the game. Needless to say, I beat him down. After him, more challengers kept coming, and I kept beating them down.
The challengers stopped appearing after I defeated the 57th challenger. I got bored with the fighting games so I moved on.

I approached the dance platform for 'Dance Dance Revolution IX'. I'm going to play all the anisongs! I stepped up to the platform and started the game. I checked the songs, and there were a hundred anisongs!
I made the playlist and started the song. It's time to dance! I stepped on the pad and danced and stepped to the beat of the songs. This is fun! Luckily Nitra and Mios aren't here to see me like this or I'll die of embarassment.

After finishing the playlist of 12 anisongs, I finally noticed that the crowd got bigger and now taking pictures of me. People really like cat-kins huh? Or maybe I'm really just that cute since mom always does rub her face with mine when she gets the chance. Well, let's give them a bit of service.
I looked at them then smiled at them while waving my arms. I hear the girls yelling 'kyaa~', 'How cute~', I wanna take him home'. Okay that last one was kind of worrying.

Just as I was picking my next set of anisongs, a girl stepped up to the platform beside me joining my game. She looked like she was the same age as me. She had red shoulder length hair and was wearing a pink blouse. She was cute... I'm not a lolicon.

'Mind if I dance with you? I like this game too.'(Red-haired girl)

I nodded letting her play the game too. I won't prevent people from enjoying what they like just to make sure my fun won't be ruined.

'Do you want to pick too? I've only selected 6 so far.'(Leo)

She shook her head and let me finished the selection. Well, time for more dancing.
Just as the intro music starts the crowd of people started cheering. I remember the anime the songs are played to, and dance with that kind of feel to it. Though 4 of the songs were from GirlDeMo, I managed to pick upbeat songs. I dance with the red-haired girl and laughed with her as we spun and jumped around.
By the end of the set, everybody was clapping and cheering while asking for more. I was going to select the next set but I noticed the girl was going to go down the platform. Apparently she's run out of her tokens and already used her allowance for the day. Since she enjoyed it so much I asked if it'll be okay if she used some of my tokens. I had more than enough and it's more enjoyable to dance with someone else instead of being alone.
When she nodded I gave her half of the remaining tokens I had. We danced for another 3 sets but she became tired so I stopped and took a break. The crowd also dispersed after taking loads of pictures of me.

'My name is Chiyo Kansaki. You're a great dancer, you looked so awesome there that it was hard for me to catch up. But it was fun.'(Chiyo)

'I'm  Leo Ethereal. You were great too. It's fun dancing together with someone. Let's do that again sometime.'(Leo)

'Then we should remember this moment and take a picture.'(Chiyo)

She dragged me to a photo booth and we took pictures together. I looked at our purikura and we looked so cute. Luckily no one suspects that my tail and ears are real. That's going to be a bothersome thing so let's work harder keeping that under wraps.
I heard Chiyo's stomach growl. Her face reddened covered her face.

'I'm kinda hungry now. Do you know any place we can eat at Chiyo?'(Leo)

She smiled as she told me that her sister worked in a nearby maid cafe. She offered to bring me there so we went to the maid cafe.
We walked for a few minutes, then we saw the maid cafe [Doki Doki Beats]. Chiyo brought me inside.

'Welcome back mas-. Ara, Chi-chan, You're here. Are you hungry or are you here for you sister?'(Maid)

'We're here to eat and see onee-chan. Can I borrow her Aika-neesan?'(Chiyo)

'Leave it to me, just take a seat and make yourself comfortable.'(Aika)

We sat at a table and I ordered two omurice for the two of us. We talked and found out that we both like watching anime. That was also the reason why she was playing 'Dance Dance Revolution IX' was because of the available anisongs.
Then Chiyo pointed out her sister, Akane, bring our meal in.

'Here's your order Chiyo, Chiyo's friend.'(Akane)

She placed our orders on the table and began drawing hearts on the omurice using ketchup. Then she sat down beside Chiyo and began to hug her little sister's head. This looks familiar...

'Nee-chan, this is Leo-kun, I met him at the arcade. He was such a great dancer, and he even shared his tokens with me when I ran out.'(Chiyo)

'Hello. My name is Leo Ethereal.'(Leo)

'Nice to meet you Leo-kun. I'm Akane, Chiyo's big sis.'(Akane)

Akane continued to hug Chiyo's head, and from how Chiyo calmly eating, she's probably used to this. I started eating as well. It was delicious! I could eat this forever. Suddenly Akane was beside me. As she stared at me, I looked at her with a puzzled face. I think I might have involuntarily twitched my ear, because she suddenly hugged my head and grabbed my tail as she pressed it against my cheek.
I think I'm screwed...

'You guys want to go somewhere after this? My shift's ending anyway. Let's all go and play.'(Akane)


'I don't know I have something I might need to do.'(Leo)

Suddenly Chiyo looked at me with big sad eyes.

'You can't join us Leo-kun?'(Chiyo)

She's too cute... I can't resist... Mom, I can understand you a little better now...

'Okay, I'll go with you guys, but I need to get back by dinner time.'(Leo)

'Okay, you guys wait for me in front. The food's on the house.'(Akane)

With that, Akane left and went to the staff room. Chiyo and I finished out food and waited for Akane at the entrance.
Akane came out from nowhere and grabbed our hands and began walking. I don't even know where we're going. But I guess it's okay since they're from here anyway.
We walked for about half an hour while we talked about food, anime, and clothes. The latter was mostly just Chiyo and Akane talking about dresses and stuff.
We stopped in front of a shop named [Another]. I don't know why, but that name doesn't sound very nice to me. Luckily it was just a costume shop, or maybe unluckily since me and Chiyo became Akane's mannequins. Apparently the store was own by Akane's friend and was happy enough to let us try out clothes, almost too happy.
Well, when in Rome, do what the Romans do. Time for a cosplay montage!

Akane and her friend, Kanami, kept passing clothes for me to wear. As I tried out each of the costumes, I could hear snaps and shutters from ther other people in the store. I became a butler, a prince, a vagabond, a soldier, a vampire, and finally a elementary uniform.
Then Chiyo suddenly appeared with cat ears. I suddenly become conscious of my tail and ears. Luckily no one attempts to stroke my ears yet. Let's hope that never happens.
I changed back to my Negi clothes and Chiyo changed back to her pink blouse but kept the cat ears. Then we saw Akane wearing a miko costume with fox tails and ears. I really think that my ears were a factor here.

'Now let's go play! I know the perfect place.'(Akane)

We said goodbye to Kanami as we left he store. We followed behind Akane while we passed other people in cosplay. She said there was a great arcade close by. Well, I can afford it so it's all good.
Akane kept challenging me to all sorts of games. Of course I held back and let her win a few rounds. Well, I'll make sure to get a lot of tickets from the other games and get both of them a giant tiger plushie.
We played around for a few hours and finally it was time to go back. As I was going to say goodbye and go back to the hotel, Akane stopped me and said that she 'won't let a cute little kid' like me go home alone. I gave in seeing as she won't change her mind.
So I brought them to the [Hestia's] and just as I was going to see them off, mom appeared out of nowhere and invited them for dinner. I'm really worried now.

'Hello. I'm Zirnitra, Leo's mom. Are you Leo's new friends?'(Nitra)

Chiyo and Akane both gasped when they saw Nitra. It's understandable since no one is more beautiful than mom. It didn't look like they were going to be able to answer so answered for them.

'This is Chiyo Kansaki and her big sister Akane. We met at the arcade and they made sure I got home.'(Leo)

Mom hugged them both then carried me like a plushie. Akane seeing this also carried Chiyo. Chiyo and I looked at each other and had a moment of understanding. Both of us just accepted it and waited for it to pass.

'Join us to our room. I just cooked dinner, and daddy is hungry. Let's not make him wait any longer.'(Nitra)

We got to the room and saw dad playing on his portable game console while waiting for us. He's probably playing 'Monster Hunter' since his tail is vigorously back and forth. Then I remembered about the two.

''Kyaa~''(Chiyo and Akane)

The sisters suddenly screamed and went towards Mios. Yeah, they saw the tail. Chiyo and Akane lunged at Mios and the three of them fell on the floor. The portable console fell a few feet from Mios so he was trying to crawl towards it. But there wasn't much progress since Akane was amusing herself with his ears and Chiyo was playing with his tail.

'Just... one more... hit...'(Mios)

Well, the cat's out of the bag. Okay, joke was bad. But yeah. This isn't good.



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