16 May 2016

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Prey

(Since their destination is a small village, then their cargo is food? In that case there wouldn’t be any people inside the carriage…… No, maybe there would be several people who came to Isteria from the village to appeal for food riding inside of it?)(Boss)

While the carriage was rattling as it moved forward, the man called Boss was thinking.
Currently, it was in the middle of famine and there was a guarded carriage heading to a poor village. So it seemed that there was no mistake that the carriage carried food aid.
Furthermore, there is no doubt that there were several villagers who came to Isteria to appeal for food riding inside the carriage.

The number of the guard is still 4 cavalry soldiers?(Boss)
Yeah, it’s the same like when we saw them leave for Isteria. There are 4 heavily armed cavalry soldier acting as the guard.(Lackey)

Ever since the time the carriage that Valetta and Valin was riding had left Isteria, these men had followed them.
Their aim was of course, to plunder the cargo.
Up until now, they had shadowed travelers or merchants who left Isteria and then attacked if there was any gap to exploit. They have repeated this highway robbery numerous times.
If it was the usual, they wouldn’t start a fight with a group with guard, however this time it was a bit different.

Hey, do we really attack them? If we face those veteran looking soldiers then won’t we be finished instead?(Lackey)
Our money and food is at the limit, so we have no choice but to attack. Furthermore, if we do it right, we mightn’t need to battle with the guard.(Boss)

Yes, their condition was already at the limit.
They originally came from frontier villages suffering from poverty and employed themselves as mercenaries at a noble’s private army.
However in the last war their employer fell and as a result, when the armistice was declared they had become unemployed.
Coupled with the immigration policy from other territory to Isteria and Isteria government itself reduced their fiscal spending, they who already had thrown away their previous homes and left for Isteria, couldn’t found new employers and were reduced to banditry.
However even with their livelihood as bandits, they were on the brink of bankruptcy.

Those guards would return to Isteria after they leave the cargo at the village. Afterwards, we could attack the village.(Boss)
Attacking the village?......the village ahead must also have some people who participated in the war, you know? We only have 13 people, if those people decided to counterattack then it will be us who get killed.(Lackey)

When the Boss started to say attacking a village, the rata-riding man’s expression became dissatisfied.
If the villagers were attacked, they wouldn’t simply go down without resistance.
If they were attacked then they would counterattack with the weapons in their hands, and since the villagers have a larger number, then the bandits would have an overwhelming disadvantage.
Furthermore, Arcadia is a country that adopted conscription, so it was commonplace that in the village there were people who had military experience at the last war.
If they attacked the village, then they would be surrounded by veteran soldiers before long, this would likely be the result.

Who said that we would attacked grandiosely from the front? We would attack a single village house in the middle of the night. It would be reasonable if we could attack 2 or 3 houses silently and then before dawn we flee as fast as we can towards Gregorn territory.(Boss)
……I see, then I think we could pull it off. But, what about the carriage’s contents? If it gets distributed in the village, then it would be impossible to collect it.(Lackey)
No, I don’t think they would immediately distribute it. Most likely, it would be stored temporarily at the Boss’s house and distributed bit by a bit. If it is food enough to feed all the villagers then it’s an amount that won’t be gone after 1 or 2 days, right?(Boss)

When the Boss explained, the rata riding man finally showed that he understood.
If they could steal the food cargo then they could cease their dangerous highway robbery for a while.
Furthermore, if they could escape to Gregorn territory, even if the nobles of Isteria learned about the attack of the village and sent a pursuing party, from the point of view of Grisea Village and Isteria they couldn’t be captured.

I understand. Then, I will cling to them until they reach the village and confirm which house they unload the cargo.(Lackey)
That’s right. If we don’t get our hands on the food then there is no meaning for our attack. First is the food then if it goes smoothly, we might also gout ourselves some women.(Boss)

As he talked about women, the Boss made a warped grin.
To think about it, recently not only had they hardly ate, but they had also completely not touched any women at all.
Remembering the women-less livelihood they had until now, they were excited by the events they would had next.

Alright, I will also choose a house with young woman. Please tell the guys in the carriage to have a good rest for now.(Lackey)

Maybe because he was thinking the same as the Boss, the rata riding man also had the same smile stuck on his face, as he rode towards the carriage once again.


The night of the same day.
At the Nelson’s office room at Isteria, Kazura was drawing up the conclusion from the parchments that recorded the construction work of the flood levee completed in the past.
Nelson and Havel were also in the room, and they were working on their task just like Kazura had instructed them to do.
Havel would take parchments from the shelves and unfold it in front of Kazura, and then Nelson would read out the main points written in the parchment, such as the height or the width of the levee, in addition to the levee structure and the construction method.
Kazura then would record it in Japanese on a note tag in his hand and then paste it on the parchment, repeating this process.

Kazura-sama, there is something I want to discuss with you.(Nelson)

Quite some hours had passed since they had began to work and Kazura started to think that they ought to have break and dinner soon. When his hand stopped, Nelson thought that it was a good time to speak.

Yes, what is it?(Kazura)
This is something related to Kazura-sama’s stay in Isteria. Since it would cause confusion if Kazura-sama’s identity as Greysior-sama became publicly known, then it would better if Kazura-sama’s true identity was kept secret as much as possible. This would make it easier for me to deal with my friends and visitors who visit my house, and so I hope for Kazura-sama’s cooperation……(Nelson)
I don’t mind, rather, in this way I can move easier, please do so without worry.(Kazura)

Kazura readily consented to Nelson’s proposal while in his heart he nodded, of course it would become like this.
Since the story that Greysior had appeared in the present was only known by some people, hiding that existence would also be easy.

Thank you very much. Then about that, considering my position, it would be strange to attach a “–sama” behind Kazura-sama like we have been using till now. Because of that, although it is impolite, I think it would be better if I refered to you asKazura-dono from hereafter.[1](Nelson)
That is fine with me. Also, even if there aren’t any people around there is no need to attach a “–sama”. Since if you keep using it, then it might accidentally slip out.  On the other hand, would it be better for me to add a “-sama” to refer Nelson-san next time?(Kazura)
……No, I think the current way is fine. This way, other people would find it difficult to question Kazura-sa… Kazura-dono. In this way I could also give my subordinates hints that Kazura-dono is from a high-ranked noble family and to not probe too much into it. If it is necessary to introduce Kazura-dono to other people, we could deal with it without seeming unnatural, as long as our stories matched then I think it would be alright.(Nelson)
I understand…… That’s right, there’s also something that I must discuss with Nelson-san.(Kazura)

Kazura answered Nelson who showed a relieved expression, when Kazura remembered that he had something that he ought to mention to Nelson.

I wanted to borrow the construction record documents that I have summarized and the map of Isteria and surrounding region.(Kazura)
……I understand. However, the map under our safekeeping is a secret among secrets, so I earnestly hope that……(Nelson)
Of course, I wouldn’t show it to other people, so please don’t worry.(Kazura)

The hesitancy Nelson showed about the act of lending the map to Kazura was something reasonable.
The thing called “map”, no matter what the age, held an important role in the military.

Thank you very much. Please feel free in using the collected documents and the maps until the day you depart, if there still something you need then please feel free to inform me.(Nelson)
Thank you very much. Then, let us soon……(Kazura)

“Have a break”, just when Kazura was going to say this, the office’s door was knocked.

Nelson-sama, the dinner has been prepared.(Maid)
Oh, just at the right time. Let’s take a break for a moment and have a dinner.(Kazura)

There was someone called from behind the door, and so Kazura got up from the chair and spoke to Nelson and Havel, who then placed the documents on the desk.


Accompanied by the maid who was waiting beyond the office door, Kazura and Nelson entered the room where the dinner had been arranged.
In the room that would be described in Japanese terms as a 12 Jou room[2], there were 2 maids stood beside the wall, and a long table in the centre of the room where various dishes had been arranged atop it.
The candlestick atop the table and the candle stand ornamenting the wall casted a soft tender light that illuminated the room.
By the way, Havel was eating his dinner in a separate room and so was separated from them for a moment.


When Kazura entered the room, one of the maids inside the room made a small yelp when she saw Kazura’s face,
She was Lieze personal maid, Eira.


Kazura looked at Eira with confused looks.
He completely didn’t realize that he had just met with this maid before.

Is something wrong?(Nelson)
N-no! Please forgive my discourtesy!(Eira)

When Nelson asked her, Eira bowed down in panic and asked for forgiveness.
To yelp when seeing the face of someone who entered the room was an act unbecoming of a maid.

So Zil hasn’t arrived yet…… Kazura-dono, my wife and daughter will also joining the dinner, would this be alright for you?(Nelson)
I don’t mind it……Ah(Kazura)

While answering Nelson, Kazura behaved just like Eira previously.
While making a small yelp, he looked once more at Eira’s face.
When Nelson mentioned Daughter, he realized the meaning of Eira’s reaction.
Eira who was looked by Kazura, became uncomfortable and so she bowed to Kazura.

(This maid-san, might she be the person I crashed into in the city last time? Even though it happened 20 days ago, does she still remember my face?)(Kazura)

Since his meeting with Nelson, Kazura had hypothesized that he would meet again with Lieze in Isteria.
However, when he crashed into Lieze’s maid, she had only seen him for a few seconds and he was also wearing a completely different type of clothing at that time.
Because of this, at any rate they wouldn’t be able to remember his face, so he had underestimated that he wouldn’t be recognized by them.
Even so, his face was immediately recognized.

Is there something wrong?(Nelson)

Nelson observed Kazura and Eira’s reaction with a confused expression.

…… No, nothing is wrong.(Kazura)
Fumu…… Eira, please call Lieze.(Nelson)

Although Nelson seemed unsatisfied by the answer, he seemed hesitatant to scrutinize it, turned to Eira and gave her an order.

Certainly, Sir.(Eira)

Eira immediately replied and bowed before leaving the room.


Eira exited the room where dinner had been served, walking slowly, then she looked at her surroundings to make sure that that no one was near her.
And then she started half running towards Lieze’s room.

Lieze-sama, this is Eira! Please excuse me!(Eira)

As soon as she said this, just like what she had done before, Eira opened the door without waiting for Lieze’s reply, and then rushed into the room.

Lieze-sama! Big news……!(Eira)

As Eira treaded her feet into the room and began to speak, her words were immediately cut short and her body became stiffened.
Inside the room, there was Lieze and also, Zirconia.
Eira who had suddenly intruded into the room, was looked by Zirconia with a blank look at one side and Lieze with a shocked expression on the other side.

Did something happen? You seem to be in a great panic.(Zirconia)
Ah, no, that……I-I came to inform that the dinner preparation had been completed!(Eira)
I see, but, you can’t enter the room without knocking first, alright?(Zirconia)
I am terribly sorry……(Eira)

Zirconia was chiding Eira just like gently warning a naughty kid and so Eira dropped her shoulder and bowed deeply while apologizing.
Maybe because Zirconia was in a good mood, she didn’t scold Eira who had just done something unbecoming of a maid any further. Zirconia exited the room and walked in front of Eira who stood by the door, Lieze walked beside her and when she passed Eira, Lieze whispered in small voice.

What are you doing……?(Lieze)


Lieze, this person is my friend, Kazura-dono. It was planned that he would stay for awhile in the house, but this is the first time Kazura-dono visited our house. Since he might have something that he still doesn’t know, if the time comes, lend him your help.(Nelson)

When Lieze’s group entered the room, Nelson introduced Kazura to Lieze.
Although this introduction method was frankly direct, since Kazura haven’t prepared any of the fine details such as Kazura’s social status and the likes, it was inevitable to let Nelson handle the introductions.

My name is Kazura. Nice to meet you.(Kazura)
Lieze. I had heard about Kazura-sama from Mother. To lend help to Isteria territory domestic affairs, I am truly grateful. If there is anything that I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to tell me.

With a light bow and simple greeting to Kazura, Lieze showed a perfect smile like a blossoming flower while expressing her thanks to him.
That smile’s loveliness made Kazura unconsciously fascinated by it.

Ah, m-me too……(Kazura)

While somehow being blushed, he replied with a response that was completely like a naïve young man.
He was bothered by the mood she gave when she said the phrase about hearing about him from her mother, however Kazura didn’t care much about it since he was doing all he could to suppress himself from blushing.

(……N-not good, this girl is terrifically beautiful.)(Kazura)
……Ano, is something wrong?(Lieze)

Because Kazura didn’t shift his eyes away from looking at her, Lieze tilted her head and asked him in confused tone.
Looking at these two, Zirconia had a faint smile in the corner of her lips.


Zirconia: I activate my trap card!
Kazura: *shocked*

Will Kazura activated his counter trap card in the next chapter?
Keep tuning guys!

[1] English equivalent. Referring to Kazura not as Lord Kazura but as Sir Kazura. I prefer Japanese way better though…
[2] ~20 meter square. Really big…


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