26 May 2016

The Valtras Myth - Chapter 4

The Author:
Typesetter (not editor):
Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 4

'So... Leo-kun is a cat-kin, otou-san is lion god, and okaa-san is a goddess...'(Akane)

'This tastes great Nitra-neesan. Can you teach me how to make this?'(Chiyo)

So... let's recap. Chiyo and Akane kind of tackled my dad and found out about the ears and tails. After sitting the three of them for dinner, mom told them about us. How I'm a cat-kin and a demi-god, my dad, Mios, is a lion god, and she's a goddess.
As you can see, Akane is still kind of out of it and Chiyo happily accepted it and eating dinner. She's a strange girl that one.

My parents, on the other hand look, happy at the fact that there's new people sitting with us. I've become so used to the fact that it's usually only the three of us eating, that I can understand the sentiment.
Mom cleared the table when we finished and only the four of us were left. This feels awkward. I wanna go back to my room and just experiment with my figurines. Dad is back to playing with his portable console.

'Leo-kun, can you use magic?'(Chiyo)


I made a ball of light and had it float above Chiyo's head. Akane looked at it with disbelief and Chiyo just clapped happily.

'Leo-kun, so you're a cat-kin, and your parents are gods. Does that mean...'(Akane)

I looked to Mios who just shrugged. I guess they're okay with people know about reincarnation I guess.

'Yes and no. I'm a god but since I'm still mortal, I'm just a demi-god. When I die I'll be reincarnated into a god.(Leo)

'You don't live here do you?'(Akane)

'No, we live in another world. We're just here for a vacation.'(Leo)

I played with Chiyo with magic while we waited for mom to come back. Mios found out that Akane worked in a maid cafe and now they're chatting about maids and butlers. I'm happy that Akane is back to normal.

'I want you guys to sleep over.'(Nitra)

Again with mom's sudden demands. Chiyo was happy so Akane was forced to agree as well. Akane called their parents and told them that Chiyo was staying with for now and she'll bring her home in a week.
Mom made us all wait on the living room beanbags as she left to get something.

'This is heaven. I won't be able to sit anywhere else anymore!'(Akane)

As she sunk into the beanbag, mom returned with 5 boxes floating behind her. She sat on her beanbag and a box landed on each of our laps.

'Since there's 5 of us, I thought this is the perfect time to bring out the VR from one of the technologically advanced worlds, Arpegio.'(Nitra)

Well, this sounds familiar. We're not going to be trapped right? or really die? I mean that's just silly.

'And we're playing [Supreme Arts]. For a futuristic world, they sure do like fantasy theme games. Dibs on the healer role!'(Nitra)

'I call Berserker!'(Mios)

Yeah, my parent's sure love their games.
We put on our gear based on how mom told us how to. We relaxed ourselves on the beanbags and entered the game.
So we played for a few hours and logged off to go to sleep. Mios slept in my room and the two sisters slept with Nitra in the master bedroom.


Today Nitra went with Akane to the maid cafe while Mios, Chiyo and I went went shopping. This time Mios and I just wore normal clothes while Chiyo wore the clothes Nitra gave her and had cat ears and a tail. They're not fake, they're real. Nitra temporarily made her into a cat-kin while she stayed with us.
We bought food, manga, and games. We also looked for songs that Chiyo was interested in, and went to the events of her favorite idol groups.

After all that we went back to the hotel and waited for mom and Akane. When they came back we ate dinner and played more [Supreme Arts] until late night.
The next day we decided to stay in the hotel for the day since we have to be up for winter comiket the following day.

I showed Chiyo magic and watched movies from other worlds. After that we talked about the anime from the other worlds and we played co-op games in my room.
Mom was teaching Akane some of her recipies and turned dad as their food taster. Dad simply passed the time with trying to finish [Dark Souls]. As usual, little progress. Mom was also secretly showing Akane old photos of me when I was a baby, along with pictures when she and Mios were dating.
Again, gods with infinite amounts of power, able to use magic defying the limits of technology, prefers using technology.
I thought that my first friend will be in Valtras, I never expected that it'll be in Japan, my old country. But I'm happy that Chiyo is my new friend.


This place is packed. There's a lot of people attending winter comiket. At least we got here early so we had no problems getting in. There's also the fact that we had VIP tickets. We also brought Chiyo and Akane thanks to magically created tickets. Let's keep that a secret from the two of them.
The five of us went around getting autographs from the authors that attended. We also got doujins of popular mangas. There also got first pick for exclusive posters, figurines, and accessories.
There's also the trivia game event that mom, dad, and I competed in. The three of us scored perfect scores so we had entered a tie breaker. Unfortunately the last question was about an anime that only mom watched. And so mom won and got a bunch of figurines and an entrance  ticket for the new theme park that's opening soon.
I forgot to mention that now, instead of just Chiyo, mom also temporarily turned herself and Akane into cat-kins. That's why there's a lot people that keeps asking us for photos. Hell, even the authors want pictures with us. Yes, everybody wants the 5 cat-kins.

Chiyo and Akane were enjoying themselves. There's also the fact that mom and dad won't let them pay for anything. My parents bought everything in a set of 5, so the extra two sets are for the sisters.
If you're wondering how we're carrying around everything, we're not. We each put our share into our [Storage] and I also put Chiyo and Akane's shares in mine. So we're basically always walking around empty-handed.
I can say for certain that we bought everything we could and we are completely satisfied. Knowing my parents, we're probably also going to the Summer Comiket.

Amusingly, the organizers asked if the 5 of us could participate in a photo shoot. The reason was because people kept asking if the five 'cat-kins' were in a booth. So we had to stick around until the end of Comiket. Apparently a lot of people wanted to take our picture. I'm glad that people still love cats.
When the Comiket ended, we returned to the hotel and ate in with Hestia at her restaurant. Of course we didn't forget to bring her a few souvenirs.
After eating we went back to our room and took out Chiyo and Akane's stuff from my [Storage] and organized them into boxes. It all fit in 6 boxes, each the size of a moving box, making it 3 boxes for each of them.

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