26 May 2016

The Valtras Myth - Chapter 5

The Author:
Typesetter (not editor):
Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 5

'Let's go visit your parents Akane-chan.'(Nitra)

'Why? I can bring Chiyo by myself. You don't have to yourselves.'(Akane)

Well, with mom like this, there's no way you can refuse. Akane is finding this out the hard way. Besides we can just send the boxes to Chiyo's house using the postal service.
As they had their exchange, we Chiyo and I just kept eating our breakfast while dad was doing his usual thing, suffer through [Dark Souls].
Here the lion god of combat, blames the controls and handling systems of the game. My dad is slowly being beaten down by a game. I'll make sure to let dad win a few times when we play.

Seems like Akane gave up and started to call their parents. I told Chiyo ready up since we're now apparently going to their parent's house.
I went to my room and cleaned myself up with magic. Then changed into the clothes that mom and Akane bought for me. short pants, a shirt and a vest hoodie jacket. Mom, for some reason, put slots for my ears in the hood.

I went back to the living room and saw dad lying down on the beanbags. He's probably sore about dying over and over in [Dark Souls]. Well, at least he's dressed already.
I sat beside dad and cheered him up. After a few minutes, he was okay again. We left the took the boxes and carried them outside the hotel entrance.
Dad called Hestia over and they talked about something for a while. I didn't really pay attention since I started play a farming sim in my portable console.

Then suddenly a car pulled up in front of us. It was one of those high-end convertibles. Then the driver got off, put our boxes in the trunk, and passed the keys to dad.
Wait, what?! I thought we were commuting! Do they even have driver licenses? Do they even know how to drive? Who's driving anyway?
Now dad's trying to act cool by leaning on the car. I mean sure, the fact that he's wearing black leather shoes, jeans, a polo shirt, a black blazer, and a black fedora, that for some reason allows his ears to poke out, makes him look like a mature person with a mysterious background doesn't mean that he is.
I guess it's fine. I'll let him have this moment. After a few minutes, mom and the sister came out the hotel.

Mom was wearing a slacks, and a white blouse and had a shawl on her shoulders. Akane wore a red and white striped knee-high socks, a red mini-skirt, and a black sleeveless shirt. Chiyo wore shorts, a shirt, and a jacket that seemed too big for her.
Mom and dad looked at each other then immediately begun acting all lovey-dovey. It's like looking at a yakusa boss falling in love with an innocent teacher. Please stop doing that in front of other people.

Akane looked beautiful as usual. She looked like your typical school idol. Chiyo, though, looked adorable in her attire.
As I went to open the car door for sisters, Chiyo tugged on my sleeves.

'H-h-how do I l-look?'(Chiyo)

I looked at her trying to averting her gaze. Really she just so adorable.

'You look really cute Chiyo.'(Leo)

I clearly saw her face turn red. Okay, let's just open the door, any more and I'll get red from embarrassment too.
I opened the door and the sisters and I got in the convertible. Dad opened the door for mom and then got in the driver's seat.
Dad asked Akane their address and entered into the GPS. We said goodbye to Hestia and left for Akane and Chiyo's parents house.


So far so good, apparently dad knows how to drive and does it properly. Mom is taking pictures of random things that we pass by. I passed the time by chatting with Akane and Chiyo.
After a few hours we got reached their house. We parked beside their gate and rang their doorbell.
A stern looking man came out the door and saw my parents and Akane by the gate.

'Kana! They're here.'(-)

The man, their father, opened the gate and let us in the house.

''We're home!''(Akane and Chiyo)

'Welcome home.'(Kana)

The sisters hugged their parents and brought their things to their rooms. Their parents brought us to the living rooms and we sat on the sofas.
I'm not used to sitting on a sofa anymore.

'I'm Kazuto, Kazuto Kansaki. Thank you for taking care of my daughters.'(Kazuto)

Their mom, Kana, came in with tea and cookies.

'And this is my wife, Kana.'(Kazuto)

We introduced ourselves and talked about each other's life. I kept quiet and let my parents handle this lest I screw things up and reveal our true identities.
Chiyo and Akane entered the living room to join us. They probably already finished settling in.

'Now that everyone is here. I would like you to listen to me.'(Nitra)

Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

'The three of us, are not from this world.'(Nitra)

Yep, bad feeling indeed. Why would you drop a bomb like this mom? Now of all times.

'What do you mean? Do you mean to say the three of you are aliens? That you're not humans?'(Kazuto)

Kazuto is taking this rather skepticly, Kana on the other hand looks stunned. The sisters should already know this so they're fine.

'No, we're not human, at least not fully. I'm a beastman, along with my son here, and Nitra is human only in the flesh.'(Mios)

'What do you mean beastman? And "human only in the flesh"? What's that supposed to mean?'(Kazuto)

'We are gods, Kazuto-san. And Leo here, our son, is a demi-god.'(Nitra)

Kazuto sat there dumbfounded along with Kana. I knew this would happen. Well, no helping it now. I might as well help convince them.

'We should invite them to our house mom.'(Leo)

'Yay, we get to visit Leo's house!'(Chiyo)

'I get to see more cute things!'(Akane)

The sisters seem happy enough.
Kazuto seems reluctant about that my idea. I would be too. The sisters appeal to their parents with destructive cuteness. That's not fair though. No father would deny her daughter's wish when faced with such a cute face.

Well, in the end, Kana and Kazuto agreed.
Nitra opened a portal behind us and invited the four to step through it. I stepped through first so that they wouldn't be scared. After me, Mios came through. The sisters came through running and Nitra brought their parents along with her.
We arrived in our living room. Our living room in all it's technological glory.

'This is our home in Valtras. Another world separate from Earth, your world.'(Nitra)

Dad showed them around the house while mom prepared lunch. I tidied up the dining room and the living room since we're going to use it later.
When I finished the living room, mom called us for lunch.

'SUSHI!'(Chiyo, Akane, and Leo)

I missed this meal. We all sat in the table and dug in.

'Okay, I believe that you're not normal. Maybe even gods. Also this suchi is delicious.'(Kazuto)

Well, looks like they're accepting things now. Well, let's concentrate on this awesome meal.
After lunch, dad brought them to the living room. They're probably going to talk about stuff. Well, time to play!
I invited Chiyo and Akane to my room to show them my collection of anime weapons.

'Awesome! Is this a replica? Or does it actually work?'(Akane)

She was holding and aiming a recreation of the 45MW.TRG Dominator. Luckily I only set it to only work for me.

'It's real, I'll show you.'

I brought them outside while Akane brought a bunch of weapons. Good thing Kazuto and Kana wasn't looking when we passed by them to the door.
Ouside, I used magic to make a 3 feet thick wall a few feet away from us. I aimed the dominator at the wall and waited for the activation.

'Enforcement mode: Destroy Decomposer. Target will be completely annihilated. Please proceed with maximum caution.'(Dominator)

Once the dominator activated changed modes, I fired. The projectile pierced the stone wall and midway it exploded. Though I say exploded, more like disintegrated everything in it's blastzone.

'AWESOME! Everything works? How about this?'(Akane)

Akane jumping around excitedly is a cute sight. Chiyo though looks kind of bored from time to time. so I'll make sure to keep her company later. For now let's make Akane happy.
I showed her how some of the weapons work and let her use them. Of course I make sure that she doesn't hurt herself. This went for an hour or so, then we went back in.

This time it's Chiyo's turn. We went back to my room played a few games. It seems that Chiyo was happy to play any game as long as it wasn't 'scary'. Oddly though, she doesn't seem to want to play and just wants to watch me speed-run a few games. Well, as long as she's happy.
I suddenly remembered something so I left the two of them in my room. I went to the basement and used [Origin of Creation] to make 5 special phones. I went back to my room and saw Akane playing on my console and Chiyo napping in my corner beanbag.

'Here, take these.'(Leo)

I handed them two of the phones and explained to them how it works.

'The phones can connect to the other phones regardless of where it is. It can connect to one another halfway around the world, even through other worlds. This way, we can contact each other whenever and when you guys want to join us in [Supreme Arts]. Also, we already put your VR sets in the boxes along with your stuff.'(Akane)

Akane looked at me in surprise then hugged me.

'Thanks Leo-kun! You're so sweet. I'll make sure to bother you guys whenever we have time okay?'(Akane)

As Akane was hugging me, Chiyo woke up from her nap and looked at her sister with a puzzled face.

'What's going on?'(Chiyo)

I told Chiyo the same thing I told Akane and she reacted the same way as Akane, by hugging me.

I tried to pry the both of them off of me. But there was no success. So I just waited it out. When they finally let go of me, I yawned and got on my bed and took a nap.

When I woke up, the sisters were also sleeping on the bed. I carefully got off the bed and made sure I didn't wake them up when I left the room. All I know is that I'm hungry.
When I entered the kitchen, I found more jerky and cookies. Mom was also there preparing for dinner. Since I wasn't doing anything, I offered to help her.

Tonight, mom was preparing yakiniku and hotpot. So I'm cutting the beef while mom prepares the marination. Suddenly dad comes in and brings Kana-san in the kitchen. I swapped with Kana-san with the preparations.
Since I had nothing to do, I took my practice sword and went outside to practice my sword forms. Neglecting training is not good.
I went through the forms of the 8 sword styles I've managed to master. My body already mastered the forms so it was done almost unconsciously. Next is magic practice. I say practice though it's more of magic experimentation.
Since I can use conventional magic without the use of chants and trigger words, I tried create original magic. First is a laser. I tried to use magic to create a laser by imagining a concentration of super heated light. Result was a red laser that looks like it came from a laser pointer. Well, I don't really have that much in-depth knowlegde about lasers so this is to be expected.

This time I tried to manually created the concentration of light. I created discs of water and made them hover high in the sky. I adjusted the water discs so that the light passing through it would be concentrated at one point. The result was that I almost started a giant fire. Luckily I managed to douse it with multiple water balls immediately. The aftermath was a charred hole in the ground where I concentrated the light on.
Well, it was a success, kind of. It works with stationary targets, and has a destructive power. But it'll be hard to use on a moving target, also there's also the fact that it's only usable when the sun is up. I'll just make sure to remember that I can do this, though I don't think I'll ever be using it anytime soon.

Just as I was about to start on my second experiment, disposable elemental weapons, dad was calling me for dinner.
As I was running towards him, I saw Kazuto-san and Chiyo with him. They were probably curious about what I was doing. I might as well try one aspect of the experiment right now.
When I reached dad, I took a pebble and held it in my fist. I concentrated on the image of a sapphire and when I opened my hand, the pebble was now a beautifully cut sapphire. Next, I tried on the twig. Instead of putting it inside my fist, I applied magic to it while changing it's general form. When it looked like a ring, I placed it in my fist along with the sapphire and imagined an eleborate design on the wooden ring and the sapphire embedded on it.
When I opened my hand again, there it was. A beautiful ring that looked like it was bought from an expensive jewelry store.
Well, one part of my experiment was a success. I can indeed convert materials into another form. Now what should I do with this ring...
That's right. Chiyo is here.

'Chiyo. You can have this.'(Leo)

She turned red while thanking me. And I saw Kazuto-san looking at my with raised eyebrows.

'Finished now? It's time for dinner.'(Mios)

With that, we went back in for yakiniku and hotpot.


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