28 September 2017

Nihonkoku Shoukan. Volume 1. Chapter 1 Part 1

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Chapter 1
Part 1

Qua-Toyne Principality
Central Calendar Year 1639, Month 3, Day 22.

It has been one month since the Qua-Toyne Principality entered into a diplomatic relationship with the country called Japan.
This was the most transforming month in the history of the Qua-Toyne Principality.
Two months ago, Japan made contact with the Qua-Toyne Principality and its neighbor, the Quila Kingdom, and established diplomatic relationships with both countries.
The amount of food that Japan wanted to purchase was on an enormous scale, however the Qua-Toyne Principality, which possessed land blessed by the Goddess of the Land, was somehow able to answer that amount so they accepted the request ── although there were some parts of the request that was impossible for them.
The Quila Kingdom was, by nature, a barren land where it was hard to grow crops. However, there seem to be treasure-like stockpiles of underground resources in below their lands, like a large amount of ores and crude oils, according to Japan’s investigation, which would then be exported to Japan through an almost identical treaty of commerce that Japan had with the Qua-Toyne Principality, furthermore they received Japan’s technology provisions to commence mining.
On the other hand, in return for these imports, Japan exported basic infrastructures.
An evolution of the stone-paved road, a seamless road that connected major cities, then the large scale transportation system called a railway, furthermore they constructed large-scale port facilities. If these were completed, then the circulation of goods inside the country would become livelier. The preliminary calculations showed that it would result in a period of growth that would be incomparable to any other until now. This was what the Economy Ministry had reported to Prime Minister Kanata.
Although the Qua-Toyne Principality also requested an export of weapons, Japan wasn’t able to accept this request since it was prohibited by its constitution. Then, the Qua-Toyne Principality also requested various assistances in technology, but due to the new law called the New World Technology Dissemination Prohibition Law, they wouldn’t be able to transfer core technology that could have potential military uses.
Nonetheless, the useful technology that came from Japan had fundamentally changed the daily lives in both the Qua-Toyne Principality and the Quila Kingdom. The water service technology was able to provide clean drinking water at all times (although they originally had water service technology, they didn’t have the concept of clean water and only always drank freshwater), the electrical technology that illuminated the surroundings with light as bright as the day even in the dark of night and could power various machinery, and the propane gas that could create a fire just with a press of a switch and boil water in few minutes. In excess of their surplus resources, they had received these numerous new technologies.
Since only one month had passed since then, it hadn’t been spread out on a large-scale operation yet, but just seeing the sample of these technologies made the Economy Ministry officials astonished, as if their minds had been blown away.
The country will become extraordinarily affluent…… So they saod.

What an amazing country that Japan is. It’s obvious that they have surpassed the Three Great Civilized Lands. Perhaps the standard of living in our country may, too surpass that of the Three Great Civilized Lands.

Kanata said this to his secretary with an excited tone. Ever since the diplomatic mission delegation returned from Japan, he was always in such a mood.

For a fringe country outside the Civilized Land obtaining a standard of living that surpasses the Civilized Lands’ nations, from the point of view of the world’s common sense, it’s unthinkable. However, the mission’s written report…… No matter how many times I have read it, I honestly still couldn’t believe it. Perhaps if everything in the report is true, then I can believe their national affluence truly has surpassed that of the Civilized Lands.
Hahaha. I ended up becoming so thrilled. How unbecoming of my age. I felt as if my heart had returned to my time of youth. During my Premiership, the country is developing dramatically…… Is there any job worth doing more than this?

Kanata and his secretary looked towards the future of their country, their hearts were excited with hope.

However, we were really saved by their pacifism. They are prohibited by their laws to possess an army and only have the smallest required self-defense organization…… When I imagine what would have happened if they assumed a hegemony over the others with their technology and national power, it makes me shudder.
That’s true. However, it was unfortunate that they couldn’t export their weapons. If we had their weapons, then at least the fear of the threat from the Louria Kingdom could slightly decrease……

The beautiful evening sun was setting in the horizon where the farmlands stretched out. Beyond that was the Louria Kingdom.
That country was envisioning to annex the Qua-Toyne Principality and the Quila Kingdom to unite the Rodenius Continent.

How I wish to avoid a clash with the Louria Kingdom……
Their population is larger and their army size surpasses our country’s own by a wide margin, after all…… From the Intelligence Bureau, there was information that they seemed to be building a large amount of warships and that the shipbuilders were working without any rest. It’s clear that they are preparing for war, but will we use the diplomatic card as expected, or should we really war with them from the front…… Either way, I don’t feel any sign of being able to settle this peacefully.

And so, their conversation continued.


Louria Kingdom, Capital City: Jin-Haag, Haag Castle. The Royal Council.

The Louria Kingdom, a country that occupied the western half of the Rodenius Continent. A major power country with a population of 38 million people.
Although it was originally a mid-sized country, as a result of continuous wars of aggression, it finally arrived at its current status as a major power.
This country was advocating human supremacy and so, only pure humans were allowed to live there. Elves, dwarves, beastkin, those who were called demihumans were persecuted as hideous creatures. Moreover, it was a national policy for them to exterminate demihumans, so it didn’t have good relationship with the neighboring countries, the Qua-Toyne Principality and the Qualia Kingdom, which both had high population ratios of demihumans to humans, and there was always tension on the borders with these nations.

the Louria Kingdom’s capital city, Jin-Haag, was a city surrounded by three layers of walls, which aroung 700,000 people called their home.
The season had turn to autumn and the air was a bit cool. It was a night with a beautiful moon, and in a certain room inside the castle dimly illuminated by torches, the swaying of the flames cast shadows to several people. In this room, an important council meeting that decided the fate of the country was happening.
It was the King’s Royal Council. The Louria’s Kingdom’s supreme council, the gathering of the topmost people who controlled the fate of the country.
With the Louria Kingdom’s 34th King, Haag Louria XXXIV, as the head, the rest were:
·         Kingdom Defense Knights Order General, Patagene,
·         Prime Minister, Maos,
·         The Three Great Generals: Pandor, Miminel, and Smark,
·         The Head of the Royal Magicians, Yamirei.
The other people who gathered were also the upper echelons of this country, they took their seats with serious expression.
Amongst them, there were people clad in dark robes who give off unpleasant vibes.

The council will start.

Prime Minister Maos moved forward and solemnly started the conversation.

First, a word from the King.

King Haag Louria XXXIV began to give his speech.

Everyone, for the preparations until now, a certain person has endured harsh training, a certain other person secured resources without any spare time for sleeping, and then another person has put his life to risk for obtaining information about the enemy country. Everyone has been working laboriously. To exterminate the demihumans ── the vile beasts, from the Rodenius Continent is the ambition handed down from our predecessors. To succeed their dying wishes, every single one  of you has been working desperately. First of all, let me state my gratitude for your work.

The King bowed his head slightly.

How very gracious

While everyone was awed by this, the King continued.

I already received the report that the preparations have been completed. Everyone ── let us begin the council.

The council room was filled with silence. This war will be different from the ones before, as if this night was the last night before the war of aggression, they were engulfed by an extreme tension.
Maos, as the one who was in charge for the current military operation, looked towards the generals and began to talk.

First…… Our aim is to unite the Rodenius Continent. However, the Qua-Toyne Principality and the Quila Kingdom have a strong bond. Although it could be outright said that they are allies. If we start a war with one of them, then there is a high possibility that the other country will come to intervene. In other words, we will need to wage war against two countries at the same time. What do the generals think about this, can we win against these two enemies?

General Patagene, a 30 year old man with a black beard and a robust muscled body that showed even when his body was covered with silver armor, replied with full confidence.

One country is a bunch of farmers and the other is a desolate poor nation. Each of them have many demihumans, so their unity is weak. There is no chance that we will lose. Even in quantity and quality, our country is unwaveringly superior. Prime Minister, do not be worries. I will explain the war plan’s outline in the latter half of the council session.
I understand

General Patagene conversely asked the Prime Minister about a concerning matter for him.

Prime Minister, do you have any information about the country called Japan that contacted us one month ago?

The Prime Minister was also the head of the foreign affairs. Japan had also made contact with the Louria Kingdom, but since they had entered into a diplomatic relationship with the Qua-Toyne Principality and the Quila Kingdom first, they were judged to be a unfriendly force and were turned away.

It’s a newly emerging nation that is located about 1,000 km northeast from the coast of theQua-Toyne Principality. From the fact there is a distance of 1,000 km, it will be unlikely that there will be any military interference. They were surprised at the wyverns of our dragon knights and said that it was the first time that they had seen it. They should be a barbarous country that doesn’t have any dragon knights. Although, there wasn’t much information about it.

Wyverns could be said to be the sole and only military aviation force in this world. A lack of wyverns means that there wouldn’t be any air fire support on the ground or the sea.
Although a Knights Order wouldn’t be annihilated just from an aerial attack, if they were exposed to a constant flame ball attack, their morale wouldn’t last long.
Since the Japanese diplomatic mission said that this was the first time that they had seen wyvern, they were deemed as a puny country that has no wyvern. Actually, at least for the P-3C Pilot, the Japanese already witnessed it.

Is that so. Then, even in the case Qua-Toyne Principality requested Japanese help, it wouldn’t be something significant.

Patagene lifted one corner of his mouth.

However, to think that our generation will finally unite this Rodenius Continent and exterminate the wretched demihumans, I am happy.

Haag Louria XXXIV said so happily.

Great King, on the dawn of that union, don’t forget that promise ── Kukkuku

An eerie voice entered into the conversation.
The men who was wearing the pitch black robes, were envoys that were sent by the Great Country of the Third Civilized Land, the Papardia Empire, in order to participate in this Royal Council session. The owner of the voice was an especially creepy man amongst them.
Haag Louria frowned at the man who was swaying left and right. Not only the order they gave to him was horrendous, the high-pitched voice and the ugly appearance of the man, furthermore their unpleasant behavior, got on the King’s nerves.

I know‼

The anger-tinted words of the King resounded in the council room.

(Tsk…… They are looking down at us, thinking us as barbarians outside the Three Great Civilized Lands. After we unite Rodenius, then we will invade the Phillades Continent with our national power!)

The King had already considered sending a military expedition to the Third Civilized Land, the Philades Continent, after he had united Rodenius Continent, and subjugating those countries that had looked down on the Rodenius Continent as an uncivilized nation at every opportunity.
If the king could show his true disposition, then he would immediately have had that unpleasant man executed. However, in order to receive military assistance from the Papardia Empire for the current campaign, he couldn’t treat the envoys badly.

*cough*…… General, please explain the outline strategy of the current military operation.

Maos coughed and interrupted the conversation to change the mood inside the room.

Yes, let me explain it.

Patagene stood up from his seat and walked to the middle of the council room, which was lower than its surroundings, and lined up the tabletop wargame-like pieces on the map of the Rodenius Continent that were unfolded on the table.

The total forces prepared for the current operation are 500,000 soldiers. 400,000 soldiers will be sent to the Qua-Toyne Principality as the force for the main operation, while the remaining soldiers would be left to defend the homeland. For the first wave, we will invade Gim, a city with a population of 100,000, near the border of the Qua-Toyne Principality, and gain control of it. Then, we will procure the necessary logistics locally.

There were five pieces to represent the Knights Order placed in Louria’s territory. Then, Patagene moved four of them to Gim. Qua-Toyne’s side also had similar pieces, but they were smaller.

After we control Gim, then we will attack the Fortress City, Ejei, located 55 km from Gim, with full power. Between Ejei and the capital city, Qua-Toyne, 540 km away, there are no towns with walls like in our country. So if we capture Ejei, the strongest city in the Qua-Toyne Principality, we only need to march forward and capture the rest of the towns and villages, and then it will be finished.

Then, the pieces that was placed in Gim, moved to siege the capital city. He moved to explain the piece on a tall support and the ship pieces.

Our wyverns are enough to deal with their Air Force. Then, at the same time in the sea, a great fleet of 4400 warships will travel along the north coast and land on Maihark’s north coast to control the Trade City, Maihark. The Quila Kingdom, who completely depends on food import from Qua-Toyne, will be cut off from any supplies and cease to be a threat.

Patagene then divided one piece into half and placed it on the border of the Quila Kingdom.

The Qua-Toyne Principality only has 50,000 soldiers and one can think that the force that they could deployed rapidly was less than 10,000. If we hit them with the entire force that we had prepared this time, then even the cleverest scheme wouldn’t have any meaning in front of our overwhelming numbers. Our preparations for the last 6 years will finally bear fruit.
I see……

The King was convinced that the dearest wishes of his predecessors would be achieved, and he was so elated that he was smiling from ear to ear.

This evening is the best day of my life‼ I give my approval for the war against the Qua-Toyne Principality and the Quila Kingdom.
Yes, Your Majesty‼‼

Louria Kingdom’s Royal Council session ended with the war order from the King.


Louria-kun will be spanked up very bad by Nippon-oneesama for bullying Qua-Toyne-chan……

Louria Kingdom’s invasion plan, sorry for the rather bad Ascii Art.


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    3. 3: You have the element of surprise, your soldiers are still fresh.

      4: High ground between Qua-Toyne and Quila. Marching along that kind of terrain is going to severely limit the amount of men and hardware to can bring along.

    4. That would depend on the terrain as you pointed out. The map given is not a contour map so the terrain features there are a 'f-if I know'. If it's open terrain, I would actually push for an envelopment there. Hell, I might even push if it is mountains, what better way to secure your flank of march than to anchor it with mountain strongpoints. As I already mentioned, if you want to push up a narrow breakthrough to an objective, you damn well better provide flank security or you're vulnerable to getting cut off and surrounded from your main force. Just look at the map and their battle plan and imagine a force coming from the east right between their point and their back lines. Broad front advance is a lot safer. If you want to concentrate on Qua-Tonye, sure, go ahead, but you definitely need a force at the join to prevent flank attacks, even if the force is only on the Qua-Tonyean side.

    5. If you go for Qua-Toyne first, they'll be able to support reinforcements from Quila, which is a problem.

      If you go for Quila first, they won't be able to support reinforcements from Qua-Toyne, which is good.

      Quila's climate is described as arid and semi-arid, so marching the army along the coast (and being supplied from sea) is preferable to a death march through barren lands. Unfortunately, Quila knows this too, which probably requires a series of seiges and amphibious operations.

      Split the army (risky, but hey) and send a smaller, mobile Corps to secure the passes between Qua-Toyne and Quila and leave the bulk of the army and navy to reduce Quila's defenses. Hopefully, they'll have enough time do beat Quila before Qua-Toyne finds out, mobilizes an expeditionary force and breaks through the blocking force.

      Supplying the smaller blocking force operating deep in a poor land could be a problem, but still well within the capabilities of the army. The Han Dynasty managed it in its campaigns vs. the Xiongnu with less.

    6. I'm making something of an assumption, but from the description its climate, Quila's population would consist of coastal settlements and pastoral groups in the interior, based in semi-nomadic tribes and villages near water sources, similar to North Africa.

      That points to a military consisting of:

      1: Light irregular cavalry.

      2: Heavily fortified settlements.

      3: A small (small pop) but skilled navy.

      That means a lot of sieges, all the while being constantly harassed from land and sea. Sucks to be them.

      Not only that, the demihumans of Quila face slavery and extinction at the hands of the enemy, which means that surrender isn't an option. So sieges turn into nightmare battles of attrition like Zaragosa or Stalingrad.

    7. Striking Quila first might be military sound, but perhaps the economic return is not worth the expenditures.
      Even if they are crusading for the sake of Rodenius Unification and Crusade to eliminate demihumans Untermenschen, Louria Army still need to be fed and paid. Though Quila seems to be abundant in natural underground resource and there would be many mines, perhaps those ores were not worth it or those ores were located beyond the continent's mining technology. So conquering Quila might be a money sink.
      Then what if Quila's major population center was located in the eastern tip, not the western border. The Army need to march throughout who know how hundreds kilometer, at least as far as Osaka to Akita (based on the map), with supplies had to be coming from the seas, since Quila was mostly barren. If the garrison in the Western Border delay the movement of Louria Army and considering the distance that they need to cover, Qua-Toyne could send reinforcement in troops and supplies (food) from their side. In the worst case, Louria might even suffer a Gedrosian March.

      Meanwhile if you attack Qua-Toyne first, though it will be a hard fight, you will obtain a good fertile land for Lebensraum and good for the coffer.
      And if you conquer the Port Maihark or at least blockade it, then Quila would be cut off from food, and it was just a waiting time to see it fell by itself from famine (assuming it couldn't find other trade partner). Even the size of the Louria Fleet could prevent this if Quila ships need to hug coastal waters to reach the nearby countries in Philades Continent. The same fleet also could become a second front to surround Qua-Toyne's capital. After all, galleys means, they are not just simply sailors, but fighting men.
      The large size of the fleet might even be influenced by the King's plan to invade Philades Continent after he Unified the continent.

    8. Qua-Toyne is the prize; defeating Quila is a means to that end. Defeating Quila means denying Qua-Toyne skilled troops (Qua-Toyne's regular army is small and conscripts are a poor substitute for Quila's professional soldiers) and securing their flank against Quila raids through mountain passes.

      As you say, attacking Qua-Toyne will allow for better supply, but that same fecundity feeds a much denser (and hostile) population. Living off the land (aka theft, rape, enslavement and murder) is only going to enrage them and tie down units to keep lines of supply and communication open.

      If the invaders think they can beat Qua-Toyne in a straight fight and just carry out their pogroms at will, they're dumber than I thought. What's more likely is either military stalemate or guerrilla war of the ugliest sort, another Napoleon in Spain.

      Finally, the King must always watch his back; it's politically dangerous to be absent from the capital. At some point, he'll have to return with a part of the army to remind his "friends" who's in charge. This means the campaign must end ASAP and the lords awarded conquered lands be able to hold them with a much smaller army.

    9. Quila already knows Rodenius is hostile and knows that any force large enough to take their fortified cities must approach along the coast. That makes there will be a number of strongholds blocking that route. Even if the Quilan population is concentrated on the far side of the continent, the bulk of their defense should be close if not on the border.

      The Quilans on the coast should be excellent sailors and engineers, which means fleets and forts. It's the forts that are going to be the big problem, as reducing them will take time that the Army may not have.

    10. These days, it's not politically correct to suggest genocide but an army moving along while 'sweeping' everyone alive in the area of operations actually works. It's not good image these days but scorched earth campaigns have been successful in the past.

      Either way, as we can see, there are quite a few ways to skin this cat. Though I still say the amphibious segment is just fodder to show off 'Japan's' naval/aerial powers.

    11. Scorched earth tactics have shown limited success, mostly intended to weaken enemy armies, invading or defending.

      Despite the ideological foundation of this war, wars must also be profitable, politically and financially. In light of this, Rodenius is more likely to opt for enslavement of demihumans instead of genocide.

      History also shows us that people always manage to survive, especially in a milieu where the administrative and technological means of industrial-scale murder is not available, be it death camps or nerve gas.

      I strongly suspect this is a plot device intended to force the Japanese government's hand. They will have little choice but to intervene once news of the inevitable atrocities leaks out.

    12. "Kill Everyone" is the Nuclear Option when dealing with insurgencies, but it's like torture. On a fundamental level, it simply doesn't work, even discounting the immense blowback that would result in a world with long distance instantaneous communication systems. Sure, the other nations couldn't stop Rodenius in time, but they'll make damn sure they won't be the next in line. Given that Rodenius is at best a second-rate regional power, that's really not a wise move on its part.

    13. As I said, bad PR. But you don't really need them dead, just frightened enough to keep away from your forces for the duration of the war and have no way to hide without a 'civilian population' to give them cover.

      If this was a firearms society I'd rate this as a low chance of success since 1-you can hit from long range or IED and 2-the difference between being hit by someone trained vs someone untrained in firearms is moot. In a muscle weapon powered society, professional soldiers have a massive advantage over partisans.

  12. Ok, couple of things here as of Chapter 1:

    - No satellite. Modern internets isn't going to work unless the country gets its adhoc wifi together. Radio and TV comms will fallback to the older standard because no satellite. Technically, this means manacom is better :S

    - Geology: this isn't earth. The active volcanoes that run your hot springs and make your lands fertile may or may not be there anymore. If they aren't, well your hot springs instantly go cold. Your fertile land can last longer, but still... on the flip side, you don't have to worry about earthquakes anymore since the fault line is in the old world :3

    1. Japan already relies heavily on wireless due to some rather outdated telecomm regulations. The Event shouldn't disrupt domestic service too much.

      The real problem lies in the severing of links outside of japan. The telecomm infrastructure works fine (for the most part), but they now have nothing to connect to (e.g. Internet).

      It's been a very long time since people depended on volcanoes for agricultural fertility, but yeah - i'm guessing it's just one more blow to the luxury onsen industry.

    2. Well, at least they could still connect to 2chan and NND.

    3. Even when your country is mysteriously transported to another world, you can't escape the memes and flamewars...

  13. By far with the plot, that invasion will fail, miserably.
    A jet fighter with proper equipments loadout can provide both air and ground attack for a short span, until they can reload again. That when i wasn't count the Heli divison SDF owned, and yet the armored vehicle division( that including howtizer/ artillery and tanks). So... that conclude it.
    But how long until Japan can deploy since the attack report, is another mattter.
    Still, thanks 4 the chap, as always

    1. Well, yes. Numbers mean nothing if the means of moving and fighting them is unable to function. Modern armies can concentrate force at those weak points and destroy them faster than primitve armies can react. In game terms, a 21st century military can stunlock an army like that until it is forced to retreat or runs out of supply.

  14. Foolish barbarians. Japan will nuke them.