12 September 2017

Nihonkoku Shoukan. Volume 1. Prologue Part 5.

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Part 5

Qua-Toyne Principality Foreign Affairs Ministry

This place was a building where foreign affairs related to foreign affairs officials or ambassadors to other nation was handled, but currently, this place was running a tight schedule for groundwork preparations in opening a diplomatic relationship with Japan. Documents and manacoms exchanges were fluttering around in frantic paces, dealing with securing personnel for the delegation party, adjusting the authority to be granted for the ambassador extraordinary, or other related matters.

Yagou! I heard that you will go as one of the mission delegation members to the newly emerging nation called Japan! So envious, I also want to go there too.

Yagou was called out by one of his coworkers.
It wasn’t uncommon to dispatch a diplomatic mission to another country. In this world where many countries exist, ruler replacement and country’s rise and fall were an everyday occurrence for mid-sized countries. It was also often for a large sized country to splintered into many small and medium countries, in other words, this was the evidence that the world situation wasn’t stable and indeterminate.
There were many lands where the public order worsened when the national policy was restructured and there were places where the standard of living even worse than Qua-Toyne Principality. It’s often the case that if an area had many deaths, then the sanitation will become really bad, that there might take a toll on the member of the delegation. So to be a member of a diplomatic mission was a work that was detested by everyone.
The standard of living and public order in Qua-Toyne Principality were notably higher amongst the remote countries.
As seen from the major power Papardia Empire, the closest Three Great Civilized Lands nation from the Rodenius Continent, together with the Topa Kingdom on the north, Fuen Kingdom, and Gahara Thearchy, Qua-Toyne Kingdom was at the easternmost remote region. They might look down on this country as Barbarian Lands, but it had abundant food resources that gave birth to a culinary culture that won’t lose even to the Civilized Lands. So, it was understandable why they didn’t eager to be included as a member on a diplomatic mission.
However, the target country where the mission is dispatched into this time was really extraordinary. 
Yagou had scanned the documents that had been distributed beforehand to the delegation members and it offhandedly described unbelievable information. A high-speed flying object that could fly at an altitude that is impossible to reach by a wyvern or a large 250-meter long ship, each utilized a tremendous level of technological prowess.
There even a remainder, Don’t underestimate the unidentified country, by all means, don’t be discourteous, that prudence was demanded in the current task.

How unbelievable……

Yagou racked his brain.
A wyvern was an expensive weapon. Dragon Knight is an elite amongst elite; a supreme ruler of the sky, whom any soldiers dream to be one even for a moment. Just like a Cavalry Knight is superior to an infantry, Dragon Knight is overwhelmingly superior to a Cavalry Knight. A single wyvern could play with the whole battalion (1.000 men) of Cavalry Knights like toys.
It can fly in a high speed of 230 km/hour at an altitude that couldn’t be reached by bow, Wyvern could use its own mana to create a concentrated flame ball, that couldn’t be mimicked by a human and has a power that surpassed any weapon that man has created. Furthermore, its hard scales could even resist steel arrow and tough enough that antipersonnel blade couldn’t pierce it through.
If he had to name a creature that even stronger than Wyvern, then only think Wyvern Lord that succeeded to be raised in a small amount in the Three Great Civilized Lands came to his mind.
Although, if he included ones that couldn’t be controlled by humans, then there were creatures that couldn’t be matched by wyverns like the elemental dragons, elder dragons, or divine dragons. It was unthinkable for a man to control those natural calamity-like creatures.
For an object to rival those natural calamities, furthermore to be flying with such large body size, it was impossible even for Mu from the Second Civilized Land.
Due to that repetitive unbelievable information, Yagou begin to have a strong interest in the country called Japan.

(The delegation dispatched this time…… Perhaps my name will be chiseled into the history of Qua-Toyne Principality.)

Then let’s begin the meeting. Participants assemble.

His thought was interrupted by the sudden order.


At the small conference room, the Chief of Diplomatic Missions began to give an explanation.
The number of member for the diplomatic mission this time was five people. Everyone was people who held position as a foreign affairs official, excluding general Hanki who was temporarily transferred to Foreign Affairs Ministry from Military Affairs Ministry.
The Chief began to talk.

Our first objective this time, is to judge whether or not Japan is a threat to our country. As you gentlemen already know, Japan’s metal dragon easily penetrated our country’s air defense network. At the present time, our country doesn’t have any means to counter that metal dragon. They had told that their intention is to establish a diplomatic relationship with our country, but they might conceal the fact that their country is a hegemony-seeking country, or perhaps they have an extreme discrimination against demi-humans just like Louria Kingdom, also for what reason they want to establish a diplomatic relationship with our country? It is necessary that we investigate their real intention.

Everyone nodded.

How high is Japan’s development degree is unknown, but there is no doubt that they have high technological strength, and correspondingly, high military strength. I think you understand, not only you need to interact with them with firm attitude, buy pay thorough consideration in your speech and conduct to not provoke the other side. Also another point, I want you to investigate what is the strength and weakness of Japan, and search for a field where we are more advantageous than them. Then, I want everyone to take a look at the distributed guideline.

The mission members looked down at the newly distributed documents and their expression changed into one of puzzlement.

……The entire country was transferred?』」

After he confirmed that everyone uniformly took notice, the chef then began to explain.

According to their words, one day the whole nation suddenly get transferred to this world. The veracity of this claim is not ascertained yet, but just like what I have mentioned earlier, please bear in mind to refrain from any doubting manner to not provoke the other side.

Yagou nodded, while thinking at the corner of his mind.

(An entire country get transferred…… It’s the same as Mu’s myth.)

The major power country of the Second Civilized Land, Mu. There was a myth passed down in that nation, 12,000 years ago there was a huge transfer of the continent. Since the official government record from that time still remained, the people of Mu believed in it, but the other Civilized Lands people treated it as just a fairytale.

Just like in the guideline, this time Japan will provide the ship for the travel. The departure time will be at noon one week from now, so please properly finish your preparation. The evening of the second day after the departure, you will land at the Japan’s western city Fukuoka City, where you will stay for 2 nights. During that time you will be taught Japanese etiquette in addition to common knowledge. I am told that if you walk around outside as you please then there is a possibility that you could die from being run-over by a transport vehicle called automobile. On the noon three days after the landing, you will depart Fukuoka City and by using a transport system called shinkansen, at the evening you will arrive at Japan’s capital city Tokyo, then the next day you will have a conference with the people from Japanese government.

Strange. The time table was too strange.
The distance between Japan and Qua-Toyne Principality was more than 1,000 km. This was not a distance that could be covered in just 2 days by a ship. Furthermore, the distance from Shizuoka City to Tokyo was stated to a bit more than 1,000 km. To depart at noon and arrived in the evening, just how could they possibly do this?
It might be understandable if it was the metal dragon that appeared in their country before, but there was an explanation that this Shinkansen was a land vehicle. Perhaps it was a vehicle that consumes considerable amount of mana?

(It seems that it’s a country that our common sense couldn’t apply to.)

At the questions that appeared one after another in their head, starting from Yagou, the members abandoned trying to think about it.
And thus the conference ended


Next part. Common Sense Breaker!
Also to give you comparison (and saved you from Googling this).
Most sailing ships speed is about 4 to 8 knots (7.4 to 14.8 kph), a clipper ship is 14 to 17 knots (23 to 31.5 kph).

Modern liner speed is usually above 20 knots (37 kph). Warships could reach 30 knots (55.5 kph), though their real speed is usually classified for obvious reason.


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