26 September 2017

Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki. Arc 4 Chapter 2 Reminiscence

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Enlightenment Arc
Chapter 2: Let’s Create an Educational Program Reminiscence

――― 1546 Continent Era, The Last Third of Month 12

At that much more colder day, I was……

Therefore, the method of production of grain in our Juniro Province was changed and our food self-sufficiency greatly increased. Owing to the distribution network that His Majesty established, our province is more prosperous than before……(Moltov)
Y-yes, I see…….(Souma)

……standing beside the nice looking middle-aged guy talking nonstop while putting up a forced smile. The middle-age guy’s name is Moltov Juniro: one of the ten influential nobles in this country, the head of the Juniro House.[1]

At that time, I was invited to the influential nobles’ banquet almost every day. Because amongst the nobles in this country, there was a custom where they would hold a banquet from the second third to the last third of the 12th Month and invite their friends to thank them for their fellowship for the year and to wish that their fellowship would be unchanged for the following year as well. Well, in other words, an “Year’s End Party”. Then, the “number” and “rank” of the guests that they invited would become the barometer for the influence of the noble that held the banquet.

Because of that, the nobles invited as many as people as possible and as higher “ranking” people as they could. Then, who is the person with the highest rank in this country…… The answer is none other than me: The King. Of course, even if they wanted to invite me, the half-hearted nobles, without any particularly close relationship to royalty, couldn’t just invite the King. Personally, I was not good at these kinds of parties. Usually, even if I received an invitation, I would reject it with the pretext of being busy.

So the people whose banquets I could not refuse to participate in were the nobles above the half-baked ones. Even though they didn’t reach Excel’s level, they were still influential nobles. It was difficult to refuse the invitations of these nobles. It was a superior’s duty to foster amicable friendship with his subordinates. Although, usually I would have rejected this with some kind of pretext, even Hakuya said, Please participate in the Yea’s End Banquet. , so it was difficult for me to refuse. Because of that reason, for the last few days, I had been going to the influential nobles’ banquets day after day.

While changing into the clothes for the banquet, that had more fighting spirit than the usual (a really noble-looking outfit, even the sleeves were frilly), I complained How unpleasant, I don’t want to go, How bothersome. So Liscia, who was helping me change into the clothes, chided me,

This is also the work of a King. Since we are also going as fiancées, keep your guts with you.(Liscia)

For the banquet, Liscia and the others also participated as my Queen Consort candidates. Even so, Liscia and the others’ situation was still better. Excluding Juna-san, whose engagement hadn’t been announced yet, the fiancées’ group rotated amongst the three for the one who wuold accompany me to the banquet as my partner. Meanwhile, I needed to participate in every banquet. If only I could consign a doll for this task……

Such was the state of affairs in our province, it is extremely favorable……(Moltov)

If I was asked about which point that I disliked about banquets, then it would be the need to listen endlessly to the long chatter from the hosting noble in the name of so-called “hospitality”. Even when the splendorous food was lined up on the table, there was no time for me to eat or drink any. Furthermore, each and every nobles talked about the same things. First, boasting about their territory’s management. This was mostly because of my assessment policy for the nobles, including the territory’s financial situation. Most of the nobles would emphasize that there was no problem in managing their territory, while the shrewd nobles would take this chance to emphasize in all the ways that their territory management was amazing.

Since the auditor sent to their territory for the assessment would also include the opinion of the population and other points, no matter much they appealed to me at the banquets, there wouldn’t be any meaning to it. Even so, there are people who thought, if there is a chance, seize it, even if the effect is just a little. By believing that it would please the King, they made the population’s livelihood became easier, which might be a good thing in it of itself. However, if I need to listen to the same story each time I attend a banquet, as expected, I just got fed up with it.

Your Majesty, I’ll bring something for you to drink.(Aisha)

My partner for today, Aisha, said this in low voice. She was wearing a bright red dress, similar to what she wore when we hosted the music program in Amidonia. She might have been doing this out of concern, guessing that I was tired. “Yes, please. My throat is thirsty”, I said and so, Aisha silently left.

…… By the way, Your Majesty.(Moltov)

The moment Aisha parted from my side, the ambience of Moltov, who had been talking loquaciously, changed. It was as if a snake that had found its prey, his eyes were blazing. At that moment, I remembered, Ah……. This pattern, I had experienced it several times already. The moment when the Queen Consort Candidate moved from the King, it was their Prime Time.

Could we change the place a bit?(Moltov)
…… But Aisha hasn’t returned yet.(Souma)
It won’t take too long. We will return soon.(Moltov)

While saying this, Moltov took my hand and semi-forcefully guide me away. Ah…… I had no doubt that it was that pattern. For them, it might be a Prime Time, but for me it’s the Bed of Thorns Time…… While I was thinking this, just like I had thought, on a place we had moved to, a girl was waiting there. Her age was about 16. At a glance, she gave off an air of a secluded noble lady, a sweet lovely girl.

Let me introduce her to you, Your Majesty. She is my daughter Siena.(Moltov)
Nice to meet you, Your Majesty Souma. My name is Siena Juniro.(Siena)

While saying this, Siena raised the hem of her skirt and made a bow…… As I had expected. For them, this might be a Prime Time, the time to introduce their female relative to me. In every era, the nobles yearned to become a relative of the Royal Family. If they became a Queen, then that House would achieve peace and, depending on the circumstances, they might even bear a heir. Additionally, my fiancées were only three in number (Juna-san hadn’t been officially announced as one, yet). This number, excluding the previous King Albert’s unique case (he married into the Queen’s family), was too few for a King. Because of that, every noble was frantically trying to promote their female relatives to me.

Especially, in my case, where I not only annexed all of Amidonia in just half a year since I assumed the throne, but I also frequently conducted many ostentatious activities, gave them a great hope. A considerably amount of marriage proposals came in waves at the Royal Castle, but the Chamberlain Marx seemed to be able to deal with them even though it was a laborious effort. Since it will be pitiable to just refuse them, could you please meet with some of them?, said Marx, who looked at me with imploring eyes, but since it was bothersome, I ignored it. Although…… because of that, I got hit with this intense approach from the nobles like just now……

As expected, when my fiancée candidate was beside me, they couldn’t mention it, but even if Liscia or Roroa had came with me, the nobles would surely find a chance and create an opportunity like this. What I felt towards the noble’s skill had long passed disgust and became admiration instead.

Nice to meet you, Siena-dono. I am Souma Kazuya.(Souma)
Your Majesty’s renown is widely spoken of. I had heard that Your Majesty is a benevolent ruler that possesses both wisdom and courage, but when I met face to face with you like this, I am relieved that Your Majesty is kind, too.(Siena)
The rumors not only have tails and fins[2], but also grew hands and legs.(Souma)
 Araara, that seems to be really cute.(Siena)

Siena calmly smile. What a pure-type girl. In this kind of situation, her type was the most difficult one to handle. If the other side was someone with a visible greed for money and social status, then I won’t feel bad about ignoring them, but a pure person emanating goodwill like her was difficult to refuse. It was hard to see if the girl was aware of this being a marriage interview. Well, leaving aside whether or not the girl had such thoughts, her parent was certainly aiming for “that”. Moltov made Siena move away a bit and then spoke to me.

What do you think about our Siena, Your Majesty?(Moltov)
……She seems to be a pure and lovely girl.(Souma)
Is that so! Then, if Your Majesty likes to,(Moltov)
No. I already have three fiancées after all…. (though it was more accurately, four)(Souma)
What a thing to say, Your Majesty. Your Majesty is still young, just three Queens should be not enough. Even for descendant perpetuation, the number of Queens should be increased. If you feel obliged to Princess Liscia, then I won’t mind even if Siena becomes a Royal Consort……(Moltov)

Moltov kept showering me with words like a machine gun. Ah, geez, it’s really troublesome…… Aisha, please come back soon, please find me. Just as I was thinking such thoughts.


Suddenly from the hall, there was a sultry passionate laugh.

Ivan!? That fool![3](Moltov)

I looked towards the side and the calm face of the daughter that Moltov had recommended to me not long ago, suddenly changed into a sour expression as if a small bone had been lodged in her throat as she stared at the balcony of the atrium-like banquet hall. I followed her stare and there was a fool…… Er, rather, someone standing on the handrail of the balcony.

A 20-something year old man. His tall figure was sturdy and muscled. He had a thick eyebrow, shining eyes, sparkling white teeth, and a mysteriously “strong” face. A sultry young man, that once you saw him, you couldn’t forget him from your mind. The young man yelled Tou! and jumped from the balcony. At that moment,


Behind the young man, there was a big explosion. The flame burst up. From the interiorm there was an exploding sound. For a moment, I was panicked, wondering whether or not this was a terrorist act, but the surrounding guests for some reason only smiled wryly. Eh, what? What kind of situation is this?

Your Majesty!(Aisha)

Aisha finally discovered me and ran towards my direction.

Your Majesty, it might be an attack! Please get behind me!(Aisha)
Wait, something is strange……(Souma)

I looked at my surrounding and there were no panicked people. Most of them only made a wry smile or a sneer while looking at that young man. When I took a second look, the explosion behind the young man had already disappeared and even though there was fire that big, there was not a single trace of burn marks.

Araara, it’s onii-sama……(Siena)

I looked back at Siena who made a troubled smile.

Yes, Your Majesty. The person there is my onii-sama, Ivan Juniro(Siena)
Umm…… I think I saw an explosion back there.(Souma)
That is onii-sama’s ability. Its appearance and sound are flashy, but it’s something like a phantom, it has no power at all. Fufu, he’s cool, isn’t he?(Siena)
I-I see……(Souma)

She finished her words by saying that he is cool…… This girl, in some sense, she might be a great human being. But I see, the people that were invited to this place were the ones that had close relationship with Juniro House. Of course, they should have know about this strange son. That’s why even when explosion happened, they were only smiling wryly. Then, Moltov yelled out angrily.

Ivan! You fool, how could you be such impolite in front of His Majesty!(Moltov)
Silence, Father(Oyaji)!(Ivan)

Ivan made a pose and this time there was lightning thundering behind him.

Even though Siena is that pure, to recommend her as marriage partner for your own scheme, what a foxy old man! Even if the Heavens forgive you, this brother won’t!(Ivan)

The moment he said this, Ivan’s eyes burned up. Literally, the eyes were spouting out fire…… What is this. It has become slightly entertaining. However, Moltov was enraged.

To marry a king is the greatest honor for a woman born in a noble house! What’s wrong with a father who wishes for his daughter’s happiness!?(Moltov)
The one who will decide Siena’s happiness is Siena herself! It’s not something that Father can decide by yourself!(Ivan)
You, be quiet! Just like your ability, your appearance is useless!(Moltov)
Doesn’t Old Man have also the same ability, too?! This is hereditary!(Ivan)

Both of them clashed their gazes and sparks flew out, between them, dark clouds started to gather and lightning thundered down right towards the center. This was not a poetic allegory, but something that really happened. Even so, the damage was zero. Watching this was really interesting. I asked Siena who was beside me.

Umm…… Shouldn’t we stop them?(Souma)
This always happens *smile*ッ」(Siena)
Ah, I see……(Souma)

During that time, both of them gradually heated up.

Today for sure, I will beat your character into shape!(Moltov)
Come on, Old Man!(Ivan)


Both of them approached each other, a lot of arms and feet appeared, and an exchange of punches, kicks, and guards happened. It was like seeing a live action version of Dragon Ball Z, and that made me become excited. Good, just like that, hit him more! I looked at them with high spirits for awhile, but,

Those arms and feet are mostly phantoms. The real ones are actually only lightly pounding at and missing[4] each other.(Aisha)

As a warrior, Aisha who had a kinetic vision, saw everything in the fight and then spoke up. When I heard her words, I calmed myself down a bit.

◇ ◇ ◇

Then after five minutes, at the same time, Moltov and Ivan fell face up on the spot.

Kugh…… Not bad, Old Man.(Ivan)
Humph. I still haven’t become feeble enough to be defeated by a fool like you.(Moltov)

Well, they might looked exhausted like that, but they were only lightly pounding on and missing each other, so to make a scene that is similar to the fellow rivals talking after exchanging fists act was bothering me a bit…… Well, whatever. In any case, I walked towards the collapsed Moltov.

T-this is, Your Majesty! To show something so unsightly, please accept my forgiveness!(Moltov)
I don’t mind it. It was great entertainment. By the way, there is something I want to consult with you……(Souma)
W-what shall it be?(Moltov)
Rather than your daughter, can you lend Ivan to me?(Souma)

Both Moltov and Ivan were blinking their eyes from surprise .

◇ ◇ ◇

…… And so, with that kind of meeting, Ivan Juniro becomes Exercise Onii-san.(Souma)
So you picked yet another strange person……(Liscia)

Liscia rolled her eyes at me.


A Realist Producer’s Tokusatsu Reform.

[1] モルトフ=ジュニーロ. Morutofu Juniiro. Morutofu is just one character away from morotofu: Molotov.
[2] Tail and fins = a Japanese idiom which means embelisshment or exagerration.
[3] Ivan the Fool is a stock character of lucky fool who appears in Russian folklore, a very simple-minded, but, nevertheless, lucky young man. Known in Japan as イワンのバカ (Ivan no Baka)
[4] Pokasuka is hard to explain but basically like a cartoon fight. Poka means a light pound while suka means a whoosh, missing. [E/N: Me at this fight scene: http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/001/195/575/abf.jpg. I thought they were going to summon st*nds.] I think this entire “children program arc” will be cut in LN Vol5. Too much copyright infringing materials……


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