03 September 2017

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 84

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すずの木くろ (Susunokikuro)
Yukkuri Oniisan
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Chapter 84: Honorable Customer

After finished with the shopping at the bookstore, Kazura arrived at the electronics store that he had visited before.
Next to Kazura was the clerk who was once explaining the power generator to him before, and right now the same clerk was explaining to him about the appliances.

Then, please get me this largest business-use refrigerator. Also, microwave oven and air conditioner. Printer, camcorder, and small projector. Ah, the projector with battery equipped one, please.(Kazura)

Certainly! Because we have every item that you asked, please this way‼(Clerk)

Starting with the 500-liter capacity large business-use refrigerator, Kazura looked at the memo that he had written during his stay in Isteria and casually recited it out.
The sudden large amount of request didn’t perturb the shop clerk, rather he began to explain the appliances to Kazura with great zeal and grandiose action.

For the printer, how about this latest inkjet printer-scanner combination? For photo-printing, it could deliver excellent result compared to other models. In the ink charge too, it had been improved and lasts 20% longer compared to the existing manufactured model……(Clerk)

Then one of this printer-scanner and 10 sets of its ink cartridges. For the printing paper, please a box of A3 and A4. Also some glossy paper for photo-printing.(Kazura)

When dealing with Isteria’s maps and documents, he couldn’t write a memo in those important documents since it will damage the original copy, so he worked by pasting written memo tags on the documents.
However, if this keeps going in the future, then the documents will end up filled with tags and if for some reason the tag that had been pasted in the document fell down, it will be useless.
He intends to rapidly increase the possibility for him to be able to write on the document itself next time, so he planned to bring the scanner-printer and makes document copies for him to write on.

He didn’t thought about printing thousand documents, but it will absurd to be run out of ink when in Isteria, so he also bought a lot of ink cartridges as spares.
The scanner-printer in the Isteria might be mostly used to print out the construction blueprint or photos for Nelson or Zirconia or to copy an important document that needs to be transcribed.
Well, he could always buy a thermal printer for business use for this usage, but he didn’t have any plan to print in a large amount for the moment, so he just buy a compact ink-jet printer for home use.
Why it’s not a laser printer was because of his personal preference.

Since the parchment sold in Isteria might not be usable for the scanner-printer, he also purchased printer paper.
If the parchment could be used, then he might try to use them after cutting them into printer paper size using a cutter or cutting machine.

Thank you very much! Then, about the small projector, here is the latest model that was just released last week, the battery that it had too, compared to……(Clerk)

Yes, that one, please.(Kazura)

Certainly! Then, for the camcorder, this was the latest model released only 2 days ago……(Clerk)

I’ll have that, please.(Kazura)

Thank you for another purchase! For the air conditioner……(Clerk)

Give me that one.(Kazura)

In this way, Kazura purchased every latest model that the clerk recommended.
He paid everything with his card and have them to be delivered to the residence by tomorrow morning.

While waiting for the purchasing procedure to complete, for some reason the store provided him with tea and even sweet jelly bean confectionaries.[1]


After he finished the purchase in the electronics store, Kazura arrived at the usual Home Centre DIY store.

What he planned to buy this time was additional drum for gasoline and large size cooler box, then numerous work tools and illumination devices.
Last time, he put frozen food in the cooler box and transport it to Isteria, but since he was too late in retrieving the frozen food from the cooler box, the ice had already melt away completely (the meat and the vegetable melt halfway).
For that reason, this time he intended to put a bit more dry ice than last time.

When he put several cooler boxes that were similar to one he bought previously to the trolley, a clerk recognized him from his sight and then came running towards him.
Perhaps, his face could be said as familiar. It was the usual head clerk.

Shino-sama, thank you for visiting our store. What are you searching for today?(Head Clerk)

Ah, good day. Today I plan to get drum and cooler box. I also want to look for other things too, so can this be transported to the register?(Kazura)

Certainly. Then I will place this at the service counter. When you finished browsing the goods, you can retrieve it at that place.(Head Clerk)

Thank you very much…… Ah, that’s right. Do you sell a centrifuge? I want to extract oil from soybean.(Kazura)

When he left the goods to the head clerk’s hand, Kazura asked him if the store have a centrifuge for sale.
Kazura had been thinking about using a centrifuge to extract oil from the bean harvested at Isteria, but the bean planting season itself hadn’t started yet.
He had heard from Lieze that the bean harvest will be just before the snowfall, so if he wanted to put the centrifuge in actual use, it will be in December this year at the fastest.
Today was still late August, so he still has a 3-month time margin.

Perhaps, if he could successfully extract the oil by using the centrifuge, then he could try to build a similar tool in Isteria.
However, for the bean container that can stand the high-speed rotation, not only he must pay great attention to its construction precision, but also need to prepare a special part called “ball bearing”.
For a tool that creates a huge rotational force like a centrifuge, if the construction wasn’t sturdy then it will have a great risk for a serious accident.
So in the case he really builds one, he must pay great attention to its design.

By the way, the ball bearing is several balls that are placed in the axle to assist the rotation of a shaft.
After fixing the ball bearing to the fixed axle, the shaft will be placed in the middle of the balls, so the friction that is generated when the shaft rotated can be reduced.
If a centrifuge is built without using a ball bearing, then the frictional heat generated during the rotation will damage the fixed axle or the shaft.

C-centrifuge? Such specialized machine is not sold in our store…… Umm, if you agree, we could order a catalog from the manufacturer on your behalf. I think the centrifuge for oil extraction will be listed in the Centrifugal Deoiling Machine.(Head Clerk)

The head clerk flinched for a moment at Kazura’s whimsical question, but he quickly proposed an alternative plan.
Kazura didn’t expect that the store could do that far, so he was a bit surprised.

Eh? You can do that kind of service?(Kazura)

Of course. Shino-sama is a special person, so if it something that we could help then we will surely help…… However, there will be some commission fee, will this be fine?(Head Clerk)

Then, I leave this in your hand. Since I don’t need the item in hurry, it will be fine if I can get it in 2 or 3 months. Since I will visit tomorrow morning to see the catalog, I intend to make my order at that time.(Kazura)

I understand. Then I will quickly inquire the manufacturer and arrange for the catalog. We will select several of the devices that are suitable for soybean oil extraction in advance.(Head Clerk)

I understand. Thank you for the help.(Kazura)

Kazura had unexpectedly made arrangement for the deoiling machine, and so he parted with the head clerk and lightly walk towards the next sales floor.
The next goods to buy was illumination devices to be used in Isteria and several work tools that Valetta had asked this morning.

Hmm, silicone tube, aluminum tape, large glass bottle…… What is Valetta intend to do with these?(Kazura)

While looking at the memo that had been reviewed together with Valetta at the morning 2 days ago, he threw the goods one after another into the cart.
Though he didn’t understand the purpose of several foods that Valetta asked, she only said, A secret, when he asked her this morning and left him in the blank.
Kazura was curious about what she intended to, but since it was Valetta, then it shouldn’t be something strange.
Because he forgot to ask her how many he should buy, he just put the likely amount needed, 5 meters of silicon tube and 5 large glass bottles.

When he was throwing goods into the cart while loitering in the commodity shelves, his eyes caught sight of drawing boards that were lined up in a place not far from him.
He pushed the cart until he arrived at the drawing board and then stared unblinkingly at the good.

Ah, a drawing board. Until now, I had been drawing in the notebook, so perhaps it will be easier if I have this……(Kazura)

A drawing board is a wide board used when drawing a plan.
The drawing board that this store sell was a portable model with rulers attached, so it was something mainly used by architects.[2]
Though he thought to buy one since it might be useful when drawing a plan in Isteria, when he asked the nearby clerk, he bought 2 pieces, as expected.
The other one was, of course, a present for Valetta.
Since Valetta seemed to try making many things in the village, she will surely be happy.
In addition, he also threw several small articles like scale ruler for drafting and compass into the cart.


After his shopping in the Home Centre finished, Kazura arrived at a drugstore.
Since he believed that he might be going to Isteria for quite some time, he needs to purchase daily necessities and other sundries in large amount.

So that his nutritional balance wouldn’t go out of balance, he threw vitamin pills from the nutritional supplement shelve into the shopping basket.
Other than that, he also threw several portable nutrition supplements, like CalorieMate or energy bar, and non-essential luxury goods, like fancy vegetable soup powders that can be used just by adding hot water and gelatin powder to make jelly, into the shopping basket.
Because last time, the large amount of Lipo-D that he purchased had been transported to Isteria, he decided to not buy it this time.

He confirmed that he had bought quite a lot and so headed towards the register when he happened to saw the cosmetics corner.

Ah, cosmetic…… If I buy a hand cream or something perhaps Valetta-san might be delighted?(Kazura)

He picked one hand cream in a pure white container from the shelf and looked hard at it
This was a cream used mainly to prevent rough hand, but on the shelf, there was a bunch of various cream lined up, from cutting UV effect to preventing dry skin.
Other than hand cream, there were beauty lotion, moisturizing gel, various skin care products were crowding in the shelf.
Each of the container lined up on the shelf had various designs to show it as a high-grade product or to give a sense of transparency.
Each of their design was beautiful, coupled with the illumination effect on the shelves, it made someone unconsciously wants to take it from the shelf.

That reminds me. Nelson-san had said that Lieze-san somehow used mud for her skin care, right?(Kazura)

Previously, when they were talking about well-digging, Nelson had said that Lieze purchased a special mud from the well-diggers to be used for her skin care.
Though Zirconia said that she didn’t usually pay attention to such thing, on the other hand, it didn’t mean she was uninterested in this matter either.

…… Perhaps I should buy some for Zirconia-san too. Recently, she had been working hard, after all.(Kazura)

When Kazura first went to Isteria, he had the impression that Zirconia was the type who is quite pushy around the conversation to acquire his support, but for some reason, it seemed during these several days she wasn’t quite as lively and Kazura felt that she had become considerably unenthusiastic.

However, it wasn’t like she was not putting herself in her usual work. Kazura knew this just by looking how she was putting her best effort. Every day she was busy and moved around places to negotiate for the administrative work or the subordinate.
Seeing such extremely overworked appearance, at times Kazura had called her out, but she always said Thank you very much. I am fine. and smiled.
If it was the previous Zirconia, then it wouldn’t be strange if she used this situation to get close to Kazura and acquire his support, but recently Kazura felt that she was doing her best as if saying, “Let’s do it with my own power”, so she wouldn’t be a bother to him.
Since Zirconia had been quite pushy on him up until now, Kazura was a bit on guard to her, but she had become so unenthusiastic that made him worried for her instead.

Should I also buy something like bath salts? It should relieve tiredness a bit and put an ease on the mind.(Kazura)

He thought that whether or not to give her LipoD to recover her physical strength right away, but he felt that the problem is not the physical fatigue, but the mental fatigue instead, so he decided on products that can be received by women to sent some to Zirconia.
Though if she returned to become pushy, he might distance himself from her, but on the other hand, it was hard to completely act indifferent to her.
Using this occasion as the start, Kazura thought about wanting their relationship to reach a level where their conversation could be a bit more lighter.
He ended up purchasing cream and moisturizing gel combination and two sets of origami paper.


That’s it for today. Wait for tomorrow!

[1] Mizu Youkan.
[2] Wait… I thought every architect now use AutoCAD.


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