09 September 2017

Nihonkoku Shoukan. Volume 1. Prologue Part 4.

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Part 4

Qua-Toyne Principality Government Conference

Prime Minister Kanata was worried in this conference where the representative of the country gathered.
It was about the report that the Military Minister who administrated Qua-Toyne Principality’s defense and military affairs gave to him three days ago. An unidentified flying object had intruded the airspace above Maihark and then after what seemed to be scouting at the city, it turned away and left.
It invaded with a speed and altitude that couldn’t be matched by a flying dragon
Its national affiliation was unknown and its airframe was painted with a red circle, but there was no country with a red circle in their national flag in this world.
Kanata opened the conference.

Gentlemen. What do you think about this report? How do you explain it?

The Head of Information Analysis raised his hand and made a statement.

According to our analysis group, the object resembled the flying machine that is developed in the Second Civilized Land's major country, Mu. However, even Mu’s newest flying machine only has a top speed of 350 km/hour. The flying object obviously has a speed that passed 600km/hour. It is just……
It is just? …… What is it?
Yes. There is an alarming report that far west from Mu, in the west end away from the Civilized Lands, there was a new country appeared who called themselves The Eight Empire, which invaded the surrounding nations with overwhelming might. Yesterday there was a report from the intelligence section, that the Eight Empire declared war against the Second Civilized Land’s Continental Nations Alliance, but the weapon that they used was completely unknown.
There were small laughters burst out in the conference room. A newly emerging nation away from the Civilized Lands, declared war against the whole Second Civilized Land where the second strongest country of Five Major Power of the Three Great Civilized Lands was located. Even recklessness should have a limit.

However, the Eight Empire was far west from Mu. Even the distance of our country to Mu is more than 20000 km. No matter how overwhelming their military force is, it was difficult to imagine that the object this time had any relation with them.

The conference returned to their starting point.
In the end, the fact that they didn’t know anything, didn’t change. In addition, in this semi-emergency situation due to the continuous state of tension with the Louria Kingdom, there were too many reports with unknown details, “Unconfirmed this. Unidentified that”, that the ministers were greatly troubled.
If the other party were friendly then it will likely to make a contact. But since the other party deliberately took a hostile action with airspace violation, the Principality couldn’t help but be vigilant.
Just when the mood in the conference room was getting stale from deadlock, a young staff from the diplomatic section suddenly rushed into the government conference while gasping for air.
This was not normal, an emergency situation must have happened.

What happened!?

The Foreign Minister shouted.


The young staff began to give his report. In summary, the content of that report was:
This morning, in the sea north from Qua-Toyne Principality, a large sized ship, 250m in length, appeared.
When the navy performed onboard inspection, they made a contact with a diplomat from a country called Japan, who conveyed that they have no hostile intention.
As the result of the inquiries, there were several facts had been ascertained. Furthermore, these are what the person said themselves.

The country of Japan, suddenly was transferred to this world.

Since it had been completely severed from their former world, they sent patrolling units to search the surrounding. During that patrol, they discovered Rodenius Continent where our country resided. They deeply apologize for intruding our country’s airspace during their patrol.

They want to perform a diplomatic conference with Qua-Toyne Principality

It was a quite crazy story, that there was no one in the government conference could believe it.
A whole country transferred away? Even if it appeared in myths, it was impossible to happen in real world. However, the country called Japan understood decorum of politeness, and it made sense that they offer an apology and propose a diplomatic conference.
For the time being, it was decided to invite the so called diplomat to the Prime Minister’s official residence.


Qua-Toyne Principality, Capital City Qua-Toyne, Prime Minister’s Official Residence

Prime Minister Kanata was nervous in front of the reception room where the foreigners who he will meet with were waiting.
Usually, the people from the Foreign Affairs Ministry would hold preceding negotiations or preparatory conference, then the Foreign Minister will establish a diplomatic relationship, and for awhile they would carefully watch, in addition to laying numerous groundwork over another, that finally, the head of government of the Qua-Toyne Principality, the Prime Minister, would announce the treaty with the other country’s ruler.
However, under the current this semi-emergency condition due to a continuous state of tension with the Louria Kingdom, their real intention was to establish a friendship with a country with a power, even for a little bit. Furthermore, in the case that the country called Japan is a hegemonic country, then they must avert any outrageous demand to the end. If they still press an unequal treaty, then he cannot help but to comply.
It was pathetic for a head of a country was nervous like this, but the unidentified unit and the large sized ship, either of them demonstrated a great technological strength, so Japan’s national power is the real deal. Even if his opponent was just a government’s agent, he can’t stop this nervousness.
‘…… Then, shall I enter?’
Just a short time ago, the Japan’s envoy ── the diplomat, was guided into the room.
As soon as, Kanata opened the door and entered, they stood up and bowed to him.

How do you do? My name is Tanaka, a diplomat from Japan. In spite of our sudden visit today, I am glad to hear that the country’s representative will meet with us. This is such an honor for us, please let us express our utmost gratitude.

The Japanese’s side representative was Tanaka, who made the greeting, while 2 other men were accompanying him.

Yes, it’s our pleasure.

For the Qua-Toyne Principality’s side, with Prime Minister Kanata as the center, the Foreign Minister Rinsui and 5 Foreign Affairs Ministry staffs took their seat.

I will serve as the conference chairperson, Qua-Toyne Principality’s Foreign Minister Rinsui. Nice to meet with you…… This might be sudden, but Honorable Sirs from Japan, may I question the purpose of your country for this visit?

Rinsui made a quick greeting and immediately cut right into the heart of matters.

Yes, first let me distribute the documents.

One of the Japanese diplomats distributed the documents. The foreign minister frowned when he looked at the document.

I am sorry, but I completely couldn’t read what is written in here……
How suprising‼ Since you are speaking in Japanese, I thought you could read it too. Which reminds me, we also couldn’t read the signboard in the city at all. However, why are your language is the Japanese language?
No, from our point of view, we heard you talking using the Continent Common Language.

Kanata who exchanged looks with the Foreign Minster, answered Tanaka.

It might be true. For this kind of mysterious phenomena to occur…… Then, let me explain the document orally. We come from a country called Japan that is located about 1000 km north of this country…… Do you understand the measurement unit?
Of course. But please wait. There shouldn’t any country located in that place. Certainly, that sea region had an island group and chaotic sea current. Some of the islands indeed had villages, so did those villages gathered and formed a country?
No, our country is an island country with a total land area of 378,000 kilometer square, so I don’t it could be called as villages.

Rinsui was bewildered by the size of the land that Tanaka mentioned. Certainly, it was plenty vast for a country, but he had never heard any report about the discovery of islands that big. Kanata and the others too was also dumbfounded similarly to him.

Though this might be difficult to explain, but we came from a planet called Earth and transferred into this world in one way or another. The cause for it was still uncertain.

Rinsui took this opportunity to pursue Tanaka’s words.

Certainly, we had received that kind of report in the government conference. But, but for a country to be transferred…… Just how many mana is needed is beyond my imagination. I’m sorry but rather than a fairy tale, I only could hear your story as a tall and bull story.
It’s natural if you can’t believe a phenomenon where a country is transferred. For our side too, we wouldn’t believe it without any objective proof. Perhaps, if on Earth, there are people appeared and say Our country had been transferred into a location 1000km from this place, we wouldn’t take them seriously. Perhaps, to make both of our countries acquainted with each other better, how about if your country dispatched a diplomatic mission to our country? If they reported from their direct observation, then your country should be able to believe it, wouldn’t you agree?

It was natural for Rinsui to demonstrate his disapproval. Even if the Foreign Affairs Ministry staff are public officials, they are still a citizen. If something happened when dispatching them to a suspicious opponent’s territory and they died, it would be clear who is the one who would be responsible for this.

Foreign Minister.

Unable to watch Rinsui vacillate in his reply, Kanata forced himself into the conversation.

I understand minister’s worry. However, they actually flew their unit atop Maihark and visited using a large sized ship. Even if the villages in the island formed a country, they shouldn’t be able to suddenly built a large ship. They possessed abilities that we don’t have, but they have proposed for us to send a diplomatic missionn and see it with our own eyes. Above all, they understand propriety. Depending on the condition, it would be even beneficial if we could establish a diplomatic relation, don’t you agree?

Kanata had been judging the situation with some composure. Then he faced towards Tanaka and continued.

Gentlemen from Japan, what do you desire from initiating diplomatic relation with our country? Surely it wasn’t only for a sightseeing.

After a brief silence, Tanaka slowly began to speak.

The foremost is food. Then, natural resource. Furthermore, we completely don’t know anything about this world. So we hope to be informed as much as possible about this world.
Hohoho! So, it’s food!
Yes, we like you to provide food as much as possible. The food requirement of our country is enormous. Of course, we don’t think it could be managed just by your country alone, so we will also perform food procurement negotiation with other countries too.
I see. How much is your country’s food self sufficiency rate?
…… I am sorry, but it’s not on a level that I could answer.

The answer couldn’t be read from Tanaka’s expression. For a person in the lower position, he was quite a skillful man. Rinsui secretly admired him and decided to concede an information of his own country.

You say that our country is the first contact since your country transferred?
Yes. This visit is our country first diplomatic activity since the transfer.
Then your country is fortunate. No, perhaps it is blessed by the gods. Our country received a blessing from the Goddess of the Land. All kind of crops and vegetable grow even without any special care. No matter how big the food requirement of your country, I believe our country could considerably satisfy most of it.

The face of Japanese delegation became brighter. Even Tanaka considerably loosened his shoulder.

Then, Japan will immediately conduct preparation for the mission. We will meet again on the settled date.
I understand. Foreign Minister, please make a preparation as fast as possible. The mission will be given power to some extent as an ambassador.
Certainly, Prime Minister.

Qua-Toyne Principality decided to dispatch a diplomatic mission to inspect Japan first hand.


Next part. Going to Japan.


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