07 September 2017

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 87

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すずの木くろ (Susunokikuro)
Yukkuri Oniisan
Editor, Proofreader:

Chapter 87: More Haste, Less Speed

Later that night.

At the residence’s yard that was illuminated by moonlight, Valetta was wiping her wet hair with the towel at the bath.
She had already changed her clothes and only wore a tunic, but without putting pants and still barefooted.
Since there was a board used for the bath underneath her, her feet didn’t get dirtied by the yard’s soil.
She was sweating heavily after returning from the mountain and most of her body felt sticky, but after washing her entire body with soap, she felt clean and refreshed.
She unfastened the leather strap that binds her hair and the beautiful shoulder length blond hair was shining brilliantly under the moonlight.
It was not the soap that she always use, but instead, she used the shampoo and the conditioner to wash her hair, so it felt remarkably smoother than the usual.

At times the refreshing wind that came from the yard felt comfortable on her skin and the insects at the surrounding thickets were playing a chiming beautiful music.

(I have found iron ores, so next is to learn the iron smelting technique. It’s necessary to test many things for the engineering projects, and for the farm machinery and machine tool, I want to create one piece for each of them……)(Valetta)

From now on, Valetta planned to perform any production that could be done in the village like metal smelting or machine tool.[1]
Even if she had memorized the content of every book that Kazura had brought, there was anxiousness remained unless she applies it in the real test.
First of all, based on the knowledge of engineering and smelting she obtained from the book, she chose what could possibly be performed in the village, something that could be done with just their own power.
For the next step, searching for possible efficient methods for mass production through lessons learned from the production of the mechanism of the machines and tool that they had created.
If the machines or tools were to be used just for the village, then it would be enough just by making several of them and there was no need to think about mass production.
However, Valetta decided that in the near future, by presenting the technology and knowledge that she had learned, she could hurry to join Kazura’s side in Isteria.

After she acquisition as much as the technological knowledge that she could earn right now and mastered the practical application method, surely her power would become needed by Kazura.
He wouldn’t say, “You may return first”, just like when she parted with Kazura in Isteria before.

At that time, Valetta was assailed by the foreboding that Kazura might go to a place her hand couldn’t reach and she experienced a dreadful sense of loss.
She didn’t really know why her heart was so badly damaged like that, but she didn’t want to experience it for the second time.
I will become someone who is absolutely needed by Kazura, was the strong resolution that Valetta made.

Also, I’ll need to do basic stance training every day…… Isaac-san, I wonder when will he come again?(Valetta)

At yesterday and the day before that, Isaac had taught Valletta the methods by the military for basic training.

Usually, when a recruit entered the military, they will begin with a training to improve basic physical strength with physical training like a marathon and push-ups, also living as a group to make them get used to discipline.
However, in Valetta’s case, just by her physical power, far from a new soldier (新兵 shinpei), she already reached divine soldier (神兵 shinpei) level, so she didn’t learn any method for basic physical strength improvement training.

First of all, she learned the way to hold and how to swing a sword and shield, then the basic stances, but just after two days of training, she obtained Isaac’s passing verdict, …… You passed.
This might be the result of her previously learning the way of handling weapon from Valin, despite reluctantly at that time.
In addition, since she was not reluctant this time and longed for training, she wasn’t the same person anymore.

The next training that she had informed to perform was to cut down a mock enemy, a 1.8 meter tall log.
The real sword and shield that she used were heavier than the training ones, but for the current Valletta, it wasn’t such a big problem.
Slash. Stab. She clearly remembered the attack technique that she had learned from Isaac, the next thing she had to do was to repeat this attack technique and hammered it into her body.

Then after she had familiarized with it, she would also perform javelin, archery, and horseback training.
Since her aim was to be able to protect Kazura, then wouldn’t she only need to learn melee fighting, so she tried to ask Isaac, but he immediately rejected it and informed her, It will be useless if you can’t do everything.

She didn’t know how long it would take, but to measure Valetta’s skill, there would be also mock combat inserted at times.
Actually, she wanted for Isaac to continuously eat Japanese food too and so he will also stand at the same ground like her, but Valetta couldn’t just let the secret out only by her own arbitrary decision.
In the village there were many people who had experienced war, so she could ask them to have a match with her.
Since they surely much stronger than Valetta, they wouldn’t object as a training opponent.

Valetta put the cloth towel that was used to wipe her hair dry into the basket, put the thin waistcloth and the pants, then wore the wooden sandal, placed the wooden board that she had stood on before and leaned at the residence wall.
There was a mountain of things that she needed to do tomorrow.
There was no time to spare for idling.

So that she could be together with Kazura, she had the confidence to give her best no matter what.
She also had the resolution to even do anything.
She didn’t want to experience that feeling for the second time.

……But before that, maybe I need to build a bathroom.(Valetta)

While holding her hair near her nose, Valetta muttered as her cheek slightly loosened.
There was a gentle scent of lavender drifting from Valetta’s hair, the same scent as the lavender scent of the aroma pendant that she gave to Kazura last night.



In front of the camp fire that was crackling as it burns, Kazura was having a pleasant conversation with  Isaac and Havel.
Marie also sat beside Kazura at the same bench he was sitting and holding the handle of the copper cup that contained the herb tea that Kazura brew.
Marie looked a bit apprehensive, so at times she stole a look at Kazura’s face while still holding her cup.

The surrounding soldiers and the servants of the convoy were relaxing at their preferred places, so the campsite where numerous camps had been set up was wrapped in a calm atmosphere.
On the perfectly clear night sky, the stars were shining brightly, a splendid sight worthy to be called as a starry night.

Now that you mentioned it, certainly Marie-san slightly resemble Havel-san. But, it never crossed my mind that both of you are sibling…… It will be great if you had told me this from the start.(Kazura)

I truly apologize for failing to inform this matter. I thought that this is not an especially important information for the course of my duties……(Havel)

Just now, Kazura found out for the first time that Marie is Havel’s imouto.
Kazura had thought that Marie was just a young servant, so he was surprised when he knew that Havel and Marie were a sibling.

But, leaving your parent’s home and live in Nelson’s residence should be hard, right? It might be a bit late, but I won’t mind reducing both of your working time to only until the evening, so both of you could return home together. How about this?(Kazura)

I am thankful for your consideration. However, the current condition is already fine, we wish to be near Kazura-sama’s side as siblings from hereafter. I will give my all in my work so that I could be useful to Kazura-sama even for a little bit.

Havel replied with a smile at Kazura’s concerned offer.
Isaac was looking at their conversation with an indescribable expression.

Huh? Wait, even though she is a noble’s daughter, could she work as a maid?(Kazura)

At the sudden question that came from Kazura’s mouth, Havel made a slightly sad expression
But inside his heart, Alright, here it comes! and clenched his fists.

…… Actually, Marie is a girl born of my father and a slave, she is an imouto from different mother.(Havel)


Havel spoke in a low voice as he informed Kazura, who was opening his eyes from surprise.

A slave’s child will be a slave since the time they born. Hence, Marie is not a family member, but a slave who worked at the house. Marie’s owner is my father, so I can’t do anything, Marie also faced difficulty every day and it made me grind my teeth when thinking about this…… Since by assigning her to serve Kazura-sama’s side, she doesn’t need to return back home, so her situation was improved. To grant her a much better situation than the usual, I am really grateful. Right, Marie?(Havel)

Marie, who was mentioned by Havel, was frozen with nervousness, even so she nodded many times.

Y-yes. Kazura-sama is always showing kindness towards me……(Marie)

Well, Marie-san has always worked very hard for me, so I also want to say my gratitude. Thank you very much for each and every time.(Kazura)

! N-n-n-n-not at all! T-thank y-you.(Marie)

Kazura spoke up and made a slight bow to Marie, so Marie became teary eyed with extreme nervousness and vigorously bow down while stuttering her words.

Eh? No, don’t be that nervous.(Kazura)

M-my apologies.(Marie)

Seeing Marie bowed repeatedly like a broken toy, Kazura made a wry smile.
Marie always had a neat and tense appearance while working and in anything she did, and yet, she did it with good and reliable skill.
Despite all that, she was actually a timid girl, a trivial cause could send her into a deep fluster.

Recently, he thought that this aspect of her had become somewhat better, but Marie’s nervousness today was a bit unusual.

(…… Ah, she might be scared that she will be fired since I found out that she is a slave.)(Kazura)

When Kazura was pondering why she was that nervous, he arrived at that conclusion.
But the true reason why Marie trembled like that was because she was feeling guilty of participating with her brother frightening plan to seduce Kazura for their convenience. Kazura was completely ignorant of this fact.

(That reminds me, the words that Havel-san had said at that time.)(Kazura)

Seeing Marie was trembling like a puppy under the rain, Kazura remembered Havel’s reply for The reason for joining the military.
Certainly, at that time, Kazura asked him, Why did you join the military?, and he answered, Since there is someone I want to protect.
Surely enough, that someone should be Marie.
He had said earlier that Marie’s ownership lies with his father, then his plan might be to promote himself to a high position in the military, so he might obtain a recognition from his father, then he could ask for Marie’s ownership and took care of Marie who was a slave.
Kazura was moved by the wonderful sibling love that ignored the difference in social position.
This was something that he can’t help but support from behind with all what he could do.
If he supported them secretly then Havel’s hard work will bear fruit sooner or later, Kazura nodded inside his heart.

Don’t worry, I am not someone who minds about social position. From now on, let’s get along well, alright?(Kazura)


Kazura said this while gently smiling at Marie, so she replied and bowed her head by reflex.

Then, this might be a different topic, but there is something I want to ask to everyone. About the medicine that is used in Isteria……(Kazura)



At the sudden change of topic, Havel who had confidence that his plan had worked out well, raised her voice in surprise.
Seeing Havel behaving like that, Kazura turned towards him and tilted his head.
Beside Kazura, Marie was still trembling.
Isaac who sat in front of Kazura and was listening in silent at the conversation also opened his mouth in great surprise.

Is something wrong?(Kazura)

Ah, no…… About Marie……(Havel)

Ah, I really don’t mind about it, so no need to worry. Just like always, from now on, let’s get along well, shall we?(Kazura)


Seeing that Kazura was smiling while saying this, Havel nodded despite being in confusion.
Why Kazura didn’t say, Then let’s release her slave status even after he knew Marie’s circumstances, it was inexplicable for Havel.
Havel thought that Kazura’s personality was someone who after seeing someone close to him troubled or in an unfortunate condition, will unconditionally lend his hand and do anything to help them.
However, Kazura’s true personality wasn’t simply a soft-hearted person.

Kazura really like people who do their best with utmost effort..
If he saw someone doing their best and work hard then he will want to assist them in one way or another, a personality that was diagonal from what Havel had in mind.

B-but, that……(Havel)

…… Ah, I see! That’s true, right?(Kazura)

Seeing Havel was tenaciously trying to repeat the conversation, Kazura seemed to notice something and then he nodded.

It’s better if we inform Marie-san too about me being Greysior, don’t you agree? I will leave the rest of the explanation in detail to Havel-san.(Kazura)

…… I understand.(Havel)

Havel felt relieved thinking that Kazura finally guessed his intention, but when Kazura remark completely went to a different trajectory, he dropped his shoulder.
It was deplorable that the conversation didn’t progress like he had intended but there was a big significance in Kazura’s permission to inform Marie that he was Greysior.
In the future, surely the distance between Kazura and Marie will become closer.
If that happens, then Kazura’s patronage of her will become stronger, so Havel felt satisfied that this was enough for now.

Beside Kazura, Marie who couldn’t understand the situation was still trembling like always.


SHOCKED. So… the content of Kazura’s aroma pendant is……………
Well… Never underestimate desperate teenage girl, I guess………
Kinda creepy, though…

[1] A machine tool is a machine for shaping or machining metal or other rigid materials, usually by cutting, boring, grinding, shearing, or other forms of deformation. Basically a machine to create parts for machine. To create new machines, Valetta want to learn metallurgy and machining. Basically, she want to become an engineer. So, she was the muscle and the brain, while Kazura is the stomach (energy provider), LoL.


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      Our culture brainwashes us into believing slavery = penal labor = bad. It's not to say it is a bad thing but sometimes it can trigger knee jerk reactions. Fortunately outright slavery is mostly eradicated in the world these days with a conformation to a common standard so there is no longer possible sources of conflict on this issue but in the past, there were serious culture clashes that cost lives when one culture tried to force another into changing their values (Look up J.W.W Birch).

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