12 September 2017

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 89

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すずの木くろ (Susunokikuro)
Yukkuri Oniisan
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Chapter 89: The Doable Thing, The Undoable Thing

Zirconia returned to her own room and then closed the door behind her, before slowly crouching down on the spot.


She was trying to forcefully suppress the leaking out sobs while hugging her slightly shaking body with both hands.

How could she improve Kazura’s impression of her? Zirconia had observed Kazura for quite some time ago.
After seeing how Lieze successfully curried up favor with Kazura, Zirconia mimicked Lieze’s action.
Perhaps because it was effective, she felt that Kazura had perceived her friendlier than before.
However, she never thought that he would make a night call for her this fast.
When she decided to take action to obtain Kazura’s favor, she should have resolved herself that one day she might be called for a night companionship.
She thought that she will do anything if it was to obtain power.
If it’s possible, even afterward, she would seduce Kazura, even if she only ended at his favorite night partner.

However, when that time came now, she had a frightening flashback scene of the past, something unbearably scary and dreadful.
Even though she was just offering her own body, her head was helplessly filled with fear.
It was different than that time.
It won’t dirtied herself like that time.
It won’t be the scene that she saw at that time.
Even when she had persuaded herself with those words, her shaking body didn’t stop.

How…… pathetic……(Zirconia)

While her tears fell down, she began to curse her own disappointing self.
The regret of having completely lost the opportunity that came unexpectedly before her very own nose started to swirl around her mind.

“I didn’t call you for a night companionship”. Herself who felt relieved when those words came out was pathetic.
She should have mustered some courage somehow and proposed for another night companionship, but she had excused herself from his room without thinking about this.
Perhaps, she might not even be called for a night companionship anymore.

From now on, she only could pray that Lieze or Eira would be successful and Kazura would take an interest in them.
She didn’t know if she could obtain powerful blessing or additional aids, but she couldn’t help but pray that it will be successful.

Father…… Mother…… Everyone…… Sorry……(Zirconia)

While speaking out words of repentance, Zirconia continued to cry for awhile.


Morning, the next day.

Kazura, who was sleeping while putting his hand on the analog clock that was placed on the small table beside the bed, was awakened by the knocking sounds from the door.
Actually, he had awakened when the alarm clock rung its metallic sound earlier.
However, since he was so tired, he stopped the alarm and slept for the second time.

While rubbing his sleepy eyes, he got up from the bed and called out to the door, Come in.
The door soon opened and Marie entered the room.
Different from Kazura who was still groggy from waking up, Marie had a neat appearance and already in her working mode.

Marie was holding a basket and inside the basket was clothes that had been ironed (the ironing used roasted hot charcoal inside a flat bronze pan).
The clothes inside the basket were a collared shirt and trousers from fine fabric.
Usually, the clothes that Kazura wore in Nelson’s residence were mostly in this fashion.
The clothes that he used as sleepwear, were plain and loose shirt and trouser.

Good morning, Kazura-sama. Please treat me well too for today too.(M)

Yes, good morning. I will be depending on you again today. Can you come here for a second?(Kazura)

Marie bowed her head and Kazura replied with smiled. Then, he went down from the bed and headed towards the refrigerator that was close to the wall.
While still carrying the basket, she followed Kazura with quick steps.

Umm, let’s see, this is a tool that is called refrigerator. I will explain how to use it, so please remember it. From now on, you will take the ingredients from this place.(Kazura)

Marie arrived at his side, so Kazura showed how to open the refrigerator door to her.
Inside, there were many ingredients filled the refrigeration space; salmon flakes, jar of pasta sauce, tube butter, retort vegetable soup and many others.

The inside of this tool always maintain a cool condition, so the ingredients placed inside it could last longer…… Umm, are you alright?(Kazura)


Marie was petrified and wide-eyed when she first observed the scene of the opened refrigerator.
Until now, she had received canned food or frozen vegetable or frozen meat from Kazura and ordered, Please use this for today, but this was the first time she looked at the contents of the refrigerator.
She had wondered how chilled ingredients could appear in this midsummer, but she never thought to shed the doubt she had by asking Kazura about it.

The reason for this was because Marie had been ordered beforehand by Havel to absolutely never investigate the secret around Kazura.
Moreover, Marie had been educated by her mother to only sincerely concentrate on the work that had been given to her.
She also had been trained daily to not do such indecent conduct like untactful meddling or participate in gossip.

The people in the Leveson House too, excluding Havel who cares about her for some reason and his brother Alrond who usually hit her hard and indiscriminately, they didn’t meddle in any particular matter about Marie.
Hence, so that she wouldn’t be stood out as much as possible, Marie made “concentrate only at the work” as her motto.
Even when she came to Kazura’s room, she never touched any of the mysterious tools that were placed inside the room.
Then this time, not only she received an explanation of the tools, but she was also ordered to remember how to use it.

At this sudden development, Marie already began to tremble.

So, this lower shelf is called ice-bin, ice will be created inside it.(Kazura)

Kazura didn’t mind the trembling Marie and pulled out the refrigerator’s ice bin/
Inside, there were several blocks of ice.

You can use these ice freely, so if you want to drink a chilled drink then you could use it as you wish. When you want to create a chilled dishes too, I won’t mind if you use it.(Kazura)


Marie frantically and repeatedly nodded while giving a strong reply like a sports club member.

Then, below this there is a freezer, inside it, there are a lot of frozen foods. The large box beside it is also a freezer.(Kazura)


I want you to freely use the contents to create dishes, but since I think you wouldn’t be able to imagine their taste until you familiar with them, for awhile, we will choose the ingredients together. If you like to, then I won’t mind cooking together with you in the kitchen.(Kazura)


Then, let’s choose the ingredients to be used for breakfast…… or rather, it will be strange to use frozen food for breakfast, so let’s use this retort soup. For the bread, let’s use the canned one.(Kazura)


Together with Marie, who repeated the same reply like a bot, Kazura began to choose the ingredients for breakfast.


1 hour later.

After preparing the breakfast with Marie in the kitchen, accompanied with Marie, Kazura headed to the room he always used to eat.
When Kazura and Marie arrived at the room, Lieze and Nelson already took a seat inside.

Good morning.(Nelson)

Both of them gave a warm smile at Kazura who just arrived and then greeted him.

Kazura-sama, you must be tired from that long journey. How do you feel this morning?(Lieze)

Good morning. I had taken a restful sleep, so I feel completely well……  Umm, where is Zirconia-san?(Kazura)

While answering Lieze’s question, Kazura sent a glance at Zirconia’s usual seat.
There was no food prepared at that seat.

About that, it seems she doesn’t feel well this morning from overworking. Just to be on the safe side, she told me that she will rest in her room for today.(Nelson)

I…… see.(Kazura)

Kazura’s expression darkened, so Nelson’s tilted his head in confusion.
However,  he immediately realized that Kazura might be worried about Zirconia and then he prompted Kazura to take a seat.

During Kazura-dono absence, Zill was always working hard…… She is too eager that the accumulated fatigue might have come to surface all at once. It might be better for her to take a rest for several days.(Nelson)

I see…… Please tell her to do so.(Kazura)

As he took his seat, Kazura remembered the event last night and replied with an uneasy mental state.
He didn’t realize how far Zirconia was frantically working when he was away from Isteria,
However, he couldn’t think of any reason for her absence in this place other than his last night’s fault.
He might need to do a follow up to patch things one way or another after this.

I will assume responsibility for Zill share of work today, so please do not be worried. If there is anything else, then tell me by all means.(Nelson)

No, I’m fine with it. Thank you very much. (Kazura)

Based on Nelson’s behavior, it seems that Zirconia didn’t tell Nelson about last night event.
If she had told him, then surely the current situation in this room would become like a mourning vigil.

Kazura-sama, from now on, I will help you as much as I can. Since every waterwheel installation had been finished, from this day onwards, I could help you in other jobs as well.(Lieze)

As if she noticed Kazura’s gloomy face, Lieze intruded in the conversation.

Eh? Everything? You mean that the waterwheels in the eastern and southern side had been entirely installed?(Kazura)

Kazura asked with a surprised expression. Lieze smiled and answered.

Yes, since everyone did their best, the work finished earlier than we had expected. I predicted that the precision of the waterwheel too will increase in near future.(Lieze)

That’s amazing…… but, the precision will increase in the future? How do you achieve it? I believed that we should have a lack of labor so it is not possible to do so.(Kazura)

I asked the disabled soldier from previous military service to take some of the work that came to the carpenters’ workplace. I thought that since they have experience of encampment construction and equipment maintenance from their long service in the front line, they have acquired working skill to some degree.(Lieze)

Yes, at the next day after Kazura-dono departed, Lieze went to visit the citizens’ house, door to door accompanied by the carpenters. They selected people whom injury wouldn’t interfere in work, then found a new job for them and at the same time decreased the work burden for the carpenters. Because of Lieze skillful negotiation, the new worker’s wage will be paid by the carpenters, so it didn’t hurt our coffer either.(Nelson)

Nelson added an explanation and Kazura spontaneously opened his eyes wide in surprise.
To think that during his absence, Lieze was able to think that far herself, was something that never crossed his mind.
She was not only just all talk and no action, but able to think how to do things better and take initiative to do it. Even if she was still young, she was this talented.
Of course, since she had been extremely friendly in interacting with the commoners until now, it proceeded this smoothly.
It wasn’t a feat that anyone could do.

Since I ordered them to perform not only woodworking and sawing works, but routine chores like purchasing errands or cooking too, the work burden of the carpenters should be reduced to a great extent. If we assigned several people to one workshop, then they would be able to take turns in working and not overworked themselves.(Lieze)

I see, without needing to do routine chores, the craftsmen could concentrate on working…… Furthermore, a proper shift system, huh?(Kazura)

Until now, the craftsmen would perform every work by themselves from buying and delivering the goods, in addition to washing and cooking.
If they don’t need to do the majority of that trivial work in addition to routine chores, then the time that could be assigned for craftwork will increase.
The disabled soldiers who couldn’t take a proper work too, at least could obtain an employment, even if the wages weren’t that high.
In addition, since Lieze positioned herself as their guarantor, the disabled soldiers could work at ease.
To match both party’s interest, it could be said as a wonderful plan.

If the craftsmen had additional time, then their work precision naturally ought to increase. Also, there is something I want to consult with Kazura-sama…… Perhaps, if that is alright with you, can you spare me a bit of your time after the meal?(Lieze)

I understand. Is it about the carpenters?(Kazura)

Yes, since the craftsmen have modified the waterwheel blueprint, I want Kazura-sama to take a look at it…… Since the blueprint is in the reference room, let’s go there together after the meal. Father, may I?(Lieze)

Yes, if it’s Kazura-dono then you can enter any room.(Nelson)

Nelson nodded and so Lieze showed a relief.
The reference room that Lieze wanted to take Kazura into was a place where a large number of important documents related to Isteria province being stored for safekeeping.
Actually, even if Nelson disapproved, Lieze could just take the documents out from the reference room, but this will trouble Lieze.
There will be no meaning if she can’t be alone with Kazura in the reference room.
In that room, no hindrance will come.

Reference room? Now that you say it, I never went there.(Kazura)

Kazura muttered those words and Lieze smiled as lovely as always.


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