03 September 2017

Nihonkoku Shoukan. Volume 1. Prologue Part 1.

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I am really hooked by this story so I want to share it with you!
Also, the novel is really thick… 300 pages. The prologue itself if 50 pages, or 27.129 characters. So I will release it in parts.
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Part 1

In the sea region that is called the Great Orient[1], far from the Three Great Civilized Lands[2], there was a continent.
Its size was about half the size of Australia, so it was too small as a continent, but also too big as an island.
This land was called Rodenius[3], where three countries exist.

·         The agricultural nation that was endowed with fertile soil and had an extensive farmland region, Qua-Toyne Principality[4]
·         The poor country with great desert expanses where it hard to grow crops, Quila Kingdom[5]
·         The human-only country who continue to discriminate the demi-races like elves, dwarfs, and beastkin, and aim to unite Rodenius Louria Kingdom[6]

Both the Quila Kingdom and the Qua-Toyne Principality, had one-third of their population composed of demi-humans like elf, dwarf, and beastkin. For that reason, they didn’t maintain good relationship with Louria Kingdom who sang the demi-human’s extermination plan, have a good relationship with each other, and together they cooperate to oppose the Louria Kingdom’s threat.


Central Calendar Year 1639, Month 1, Day 24. 8.00. Morning.

The Dragon Knight from the 6th Flying Dragon Squadron of Qua-Toyne Principality was under a patrol duty in the clear blue sky.
Clouds could only be seen at the far away horizon, so the visibility was extremely high that they even could see clearly to far distance.
In that sky, a creature that has a remarkably gallant figure flapped its wing.
A jet black body and sharp tail. If any modern Earth people see it, they might call it the creature of the fantasy, Dragon.
Atop that dragon, there was a person who wore a light armor.
The armor was of a simple design, but it was functionally stunning.

Maarpatima,[7] a Dragon Knight Qua-Toyne Principality was manipulating a flying dragon called wyvern, and was assuming the duty of patrolling the Principality’s eastern area.
Even if he went to the northeast or east from the Principality, there was nothing but a vast expanse of sea, but since at the present time the state of tension continued with the Louria Kingdom, it was hypothesized that they might perform a surprise attack from this empty region.
As a countermeasure so they could detect it early, he and his partner flew on the Principality’s northeast for patrol duty.
The sea that spread out underneath him, was the sea where countless adventurers sailed towards the east to search for new lands, but until now, no one ever returned.


He found something.

What is that!?

He found something in the sky that should be empty of anything but himself.

An ally……?

On this place that was definitely out of the cruising range of any wyvern that came from Louria Country, he came to the conclusion that it was no other than an allied wyvern. However, he should be the only one who flew at this airspace right now.
Though there were wyvern mother ships called Dragon Carrier in the Three Great Civilized Lands, there shouldn’t be any of this ship in this far away land from the Civilized Lands.
The flying object that was small as a grain, gradually became bigger, and then could be fully seen.
As it became closer, he could confirm that it was not an allied wyvern.

It doesn’t flap its wings?

He quickly used the communication magic tools, also popularly called mana communicator, and reported the situation to the headquarters.

I discovered an unidentified object. Will engage to identify. The current location……

Fortunately, there was no great difference in their altitude. To do a pass by with the unidentified object, he closed the distance.

It’s big……

He passed by with the unidentified object.

The object was absurdly big than what he thought. It didn’t have flap it wings, but have four-something attached to its wings and rotated at high speed.
The body was white and where a red circle was painted, the tip of the wings was giving blinking lights.
He made the wings of his beloved partner spread outs from side to side which then flap. The wind pressure became heavy as he flew faster. The vast distance was covered in mere second…… but he couldn’t catch up with the object.
A wyvern maximum speed is 235 km/hour. It was boasted as the fastest animal (though in the Three Great Civilized Lands there exist superior breed), faster than a horse. But this supreme champion of the sky mobility couldn’t catch up with the object.
He couldn’t comprehend at all, just what kind of animal the object was.

Kugh……‼ What is that? That thing‼

He uttered the word of shock.

HQ‼ HQ‼ Even if I want to identify the unidentified object, the speed is too different! Can’t pursue‼ The unidentified object moved towards Maihark[8] direction in the mainland. I repeat. It moved towards Maihark direction!

The Dragon Knight Maarpatima, separated from that flying object.


Qua-Toyne Principality. 6th Flying Dragon Squadron Base.

Kalmia[9], the base communication operator, did not believe her ears when she heard the report that came from the manacom (mana communicator).

Currently the unidentified flying object is in the airspace 130 km northeast from the base, it’s no use, can’t pursue‼ The flying object is really big and don’t flap its wing. The speed is far surpassing our own‼
Report the nationality

Kalmia was considering the possibility of an attack fromthe Louria Kingdom that was in a state of tension with the Principality during the recent years, so she asked for the nationality of the object.

The nationality is unknown!
Is there a possibility of it being an elder dragon or something else?
It’s not an elder dragon and not a Louria Kingdom’s Wyvern. It’s unknown if it’s a living being! Request urgent reinforcement‼

Kalmia quickly went to report the communication to her superior, the Base Commander.

Unidentified object, you say!?

The Base Commander asked Kalmia.

Yes. The speed extremely surpassing our own, furthermore, the object doesn’t flap its wings, these are the report from the Dragon Knight Maarpatima.

The Base Commander didn’t have any idea of what kind of creature that surpassed dragon. However, he remembered the rumor that there was a country amongst the Great Powers that use non-living object called flying machine.

Doesn’t flap its wings…… That can’t be.
The unidentified object is moving towards Maihark’s direction in the mainland. From the location of the report, it will quickly arrive at the mainland.

It seems that the unidentified object is heading towards their country at an ultrafast speed. He was panicked at the urgent prompt decision.

W-what did you say!? Launch every standby knights of the 6th Dragon Knights‼  If it only a single object then there is a high possibility that it’s a scout, but if by any chance we get an attack, our army’s pride is at stake‼

The flustered Base Commander passed the order to the whole headquarters who then became noisy like a beehive.

An unidentified object that couldn’t be pursued even by wyvern and it was heading towards Maihark, a city that was the economic center of Qua-Toyne Principality. From the object’s speed, perhaps it was already intruded the country’s airspace.
There was an order with the communication magic in the whole base area of the 6th Flying Dragon Squadron.

Every Knights of the 6th Flying Dragon Squadron, scramble! An unidentified object is believed to approach Maihark and intruded our territorial airspace. As soon as discovered, bring it down! I repeat, as soon as discovered, bring it down!

On the runway, the Dragon Knights of the 6th Flying Dragon Squadron and their wyverns soared to the sky in turns. The numbers were 12 Knights, it was a full sortie. They soared high towards the clear sky.
The 6th Flying Dragon Squadron was lucky to confront the unidentified object from the front. The unidentified object that was just a point in the sky, quickly became bigger before their eyes.

What a mysterious object……
The hell!? What’s that‼
A monster?

Each of the squadron members muttered their impression.

It’s so fast……

The unidentified object quickly closed the distance. Its speed, even after considering their own relative speed, was extremely fast.
The object was just like in the report, it could fly at an extremely high speed.
The captain of the 6th Flying Dragon Squadron ordered each of the squadron members using the manacom.

Fire a fusillade of a concentrated flame ball. There is a report that our opponent has a speed greatly surpassing our own. So there is no other chance than when it passed us. Gentlemen, let’s us show the result of our daily training!

The captain cut off the manacom and muttered.

…… What in the world is that thing?……

The 12 Wyverns were lined up side by side and opened its mouth.
It was to perform a fusillade of the concentrated flame ball. There are no flying dragon that won’t fall if this hit.
Inside the wyvern’s mouth, the fireball gradually taking form.
Perhaps it had seen through their timing, the unidentified object began to climb up. The wyvern already flew at their highest altitude at 4000 meters, so it was beyond their expectation. The object continued to increase its altitude with an absurd climbing power. The 6th Flying Dragon Squadron range of fire couldn’t reach that unidentified object and so they disengaged

This is 6th Flying Dragon Squadron, reporting to Headquarters. We discovered the unidentified object. When we prepared to attack, the unidentified object increased altitude and now moving forward to Maihark while maintaining its extra high altitude. I repeat ────────』


WOW… It’s like reading an encounter with UFO.

[1] 大東洋
[2] 三大文明圏
[4] クワ・トイネ公国
[5] クイラ王国
[6] ロウリア王国
[9] カルミア, Female? I guess, I no parents will grant a name like Kalmia to a man, right?


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