06 September 2017

Nihonkoku Shoukan. Volume 1. Prologue Part 3.

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Part 3

Japan Maritime Self Defense Force Helicopter Destroyer Izumo.[1]

When the Japanese Government realized that the communication to other countries suddenly ceased, it was impossible to detect any satellite signals, and they had been transferred to completely another planet, they launched the JMSDF anti-submarine aircraft P-3C to all direction.[2]
The Japanese Government judged that Japan can’t survive with just herself. She need to immediately enter a diplomatic relation with civilized nations and securing food is an absolutely indispensable action, so they acted in a speed that was unprecedented before.
First of all, to find out the possibility of initiating diplomatic relation with people that seemed to be civilized based on its scale, which they had discovered at the south direction, the Japanese Government decided to dispatched diplomats alongside with the largest JMSDF ship, the Helicopter Destroyer Izumo.
If a military uninformed people saw that ship, they will see it as a carrier ship. That was the largest ship in JMSDF’s history.
The reason this ship was chosen to thread the unknown waters of another world where anything could happen was since this ship could operate 14 helicopters at the most, can accommodate a large amount of personnel and its adaptability and versatility are high.
The JDF had been preparing it to sail out at any time ever since the transfer, so after the diplomat boarded, Izumo immediately depart.
Behind Izumo outside the visual radius, there were several destroyers to escort Izumo. Properly speaking, there should be several destroyers following at its surrounding, but they put the concern that the other party might get alarmed more than necessary.
Izumo planned to approach the small ship that had been caught by its radar, which they considered as the ship from their target civilization, finally they able to see a small sailing ship. It was an antiquated design that came out from a history textbook. On a closer inspection, at the ship’s deck, there was what looks like oil jars, wooden shield to ward arrows installed at regular distances, and armor wearing soldiers in formation with a dumbfounded expression.
Since this world’s structure and organization were completely unknown, they mustn’t injure the native people. Izumo carefully decelerated and lowered the boarding gate’s gangway ladder. Since there was no other native warship, unarmed crew beckoned and ushered several natives from the gangway.
The crew showed the native to Izumo’s deck where they will talk with the diplomat.


Midori was bewildered.
Is this place really the top of a ship? It was such a wide deck that made he thought that they even could perform cavalry battle at this place. At such place, there were several people who wear strange clothing and didn’t carry a single weapon, stood before him. Perhaps he was the person in charge who will talk with Midori, one of the men who wear a refined clothing stepped forward.
There were no other people at the deck, but a ship this big would have incredible number of crew. If, for example, Midori’s group kill these men, then they wouldn’t be able to return to their own ship alive. Nevertheless, since the other party seemed to have no hostile intention, Midori mustered his courage and began to talk.

I am Captain Midori of Warship Pima from Qua-Toyne Principality Navy’s 2nd Fleet. This location is the adjacent sea of Qua-Toyne Principality, if you proceed beyond this then you will enter our country’s territorial water. May you please tell me your ship nationality and the purpose for your sailing?

The person in charge and the people around him made a surprised expression.

What the‼ He understand Japanese‼

What are they marveled about, Midori couldn’t comprehend.
The person in charge then replied.

Excuse our manners. I am Tanaka, a Diplomat from a country named Japan. The Government of Japan, our country, wish to initiate a diplomatic exchange with your country, which I presumed to be called Qua-Toyne Principality. Depending on the circumstances, then we will consider establishing a diplomatic relationship. I am grateful if you can relay it to the people in charge of your country.
That means, you are a country’s envoy?
Yes, that’s true. The people behind you seems to be nervous, but we have no hostile intention, so please be at ease.

Midori’s subordinate nervousness slightly loosened, and even for just a bit, they calmed down.

I understand. I will report your intention to your country. But I want to ask you a question. The unit that appeared at the airspace above Maihark in our country several days ago, is it your country’s knight?
Knight……? If you mean our country’s P-3C, then that is correct. About that incident, then I hope you can relay the formal apology from our country.

The word “pee-tree-see” that Tanaka spoke was something that Midori never heard at all.
Midori was doubtful, but after a short pause, Tanaka began to talk an unbelievable story to Midori and his group.

Our country, suddenly arrived at this world. To ascertain about what kind of world this world is, we launched many patrol airplanes, and one of these patrol planes ended up intruded on your country’s airspace. We are terribly sorry if it had caused a major problem for your side.

The baffled Midori’s subordinates were looking at each other, but also at the JDF personnel.
It was understandable. For an entire country transferred to another world, it was a very foolish story.
However, judging from the serious expression that possessed by Tanaka and the men standing around him, it didn’t appear to be just a joke. For the moment, Midori decided to report what he had heard as it is.

…… I see, I understand your circumstances. Since I will report your intention to our country, I ask you to wait.
Yes. ――Umm, how many days should we wait?
Ah, no. I will immediately report to our country with manacom and request their decision, so it will be fine to wait for a few moment. Something like this can’t be decided by myself alone.
I see…… Since, you have a communication device, right?


Qua-Toyne Principality, 2nd Navy’s Control Room.

Commander Nouka‼ A dispatch from warship Pima has came‼
Read it‼
「『Performed on board inspection of the large ship, the other party doesn’t have a hostile intention. Furthermore, there are foreign affairs official from Japan, the nation that dispatched the ship, on board the ship, and wish to have a conference with diplomatic relation establishment with our country as their objective. The size of the ship, length 250m by eye measurement, width 40m by eye measurement, can’t confirm anything resembling sails or oars.』」

Nouka was speechless. He had heard that it was a large ship, but at that size, it was already similar to a palace.

「『About the incident with an unidentified object several days ago. It was Japan’s patrol unit who entered our country when in patrol flight. About their circumstances…… The country had been transferred to this world, is what the person in charge informed me…… Is what he reported……
A country transferred to this world!? What a nonsense, how can I report something like this to the superiors‼

As expected, he couldn’t just listen to this in silence, so Nouka shouted out. Fortunately, it seems that they understood each other language, but in this situation, it was much preferable if they still couldn’t understand the language of the other party.

A moving 250m ship, is something that is quite absurd, but it’s a fact that they have seen it with their own eyes…… In my humble opinion, to not report this will be quite bad. Furthermore, they continued Japan Government offered a formal apology to our country. So they appealed for an answer from Principality’s Foreign Affairs officials.』」

The communication operator answered in somewhat calmer attitude than Nouka and carried out his duty.

Gugh……‼ What a nonsense situation…… Ah, that’s right!
Is something wrong?
Right now, there should be a government meeting about the unidentified unit. Immediately made a report.
Yes, Sir.

The communication operator then transmitted the on board inspection report to Kwa-Toyne Principality Capital City with the Mana Communicator.


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[1] Izumo is largest ship of JMSDF. The Carrier by any other name. Could easily carry fixed-wing aircraft or V/STOL like F-35, though JMSDF only use it for helicopters... For now. It was assumed to be commissioned to counter China from encroaching their island. Has a sister ship : Kaga.
[2] It can cover 4,400 km or 2380 nmi. Good for long range reconnaissance, could be armed with missiles and Japan got hundreds of these planes.


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