26 August 2015

Teaser Short Story : die Erzählungen von HeldenReisen - Chapter 1

Here is something that I was salvaged from my story folders (I was surprised that I once write this thing, man talk about Dark History).
This is a very old story, dated back from maybe 4-5 years ago. I write this story since a junior of mine said that someone wrote a story based on Video Game. So I decided to use Final Fantasy 1 as the template for the story, tweaked it a bit, inserting dysfunctional individuals, comedic undertone, and gratuitous German, and so this story was born.
The first part: I try to make it like a movie scenario thingy.
The second part: I try to model it like a fast paced manga panels.
The third part: Is pure purple prose and wall of text.
Each part reflecting the main focus character trait and peculiarity.
I had chapter 2 30% written.... But I lack the motivation to continue it... Blame my Attention Deficit Disorder.

die Erzählungen von HeldenReisen


Erste Geschichte - ich bin die Hauptfigur, verdammt!!!

“How could you, Head Knight! I had become a Squire for 5 years! When I will get promoted into a Knight?”

Sigurd harshly slammed the desk, leaned his body forward and staring, with frustration and fury, directly into the direction of the Captain who was still unmoving seated while crossing his arm.

“Why the hell, Otto that just joined for 6 months already promote as a Knight? This is unfair! Isn’t me more than qualified to get promoted as the new Knight?”

Sigurd once again slammed the desk that softly creaked and quivered.

“Do you really want to know about it, Sigurd Irminsur?”

The Captain’s deep baritone voice surprised Sigurd. An awkward silence sealed the room.

“Yes. I want to know. Why?”

Sigurd gulped his saliva. The sweat that was held from before start gushed out and drizzling the floor.

“It is very simple. Otto was a son of noble, you are commoner. That simple.”

The Captain answered while smiling and giving his thumbs up.

“What the....! What in the name of Demon Lord is that kind of answer? And don’t you dared to raise your thumbs as if you had answered the question perfectfully!”

Sigurd started bashing the desk repeatedly and yelled without self restraint.

“Calm down... Calm down... Otto’s father had donate a large sum of money to our Knight Order, so it was not strange that the higher-ups were preferring him as the new Knight. This is reality, the genuine world. Money and Connection, was a decisive factors in determining someone successfulness than talent or hard work.”

The Captain gently patted Sigurd back slowly.

“But.... But... But... This is not fair........... Huahuahuahuahuahuaha...”

Sigurd was crying loudly. His dammed tears started leaking out.

“There, there, you don’t need to cry anymore. Do you want a handkerchief?”

The Captain was offering him a handkerchief.

“CAPTAIN.... huahuahuahuahua...”

The afternoon that day, behind SchwarzdMond Knight Order building.
“...You damn Forest Salamender...” *swing* Sigurd swung his sword  the air.
“...Damn Mountain Slime....” *swing* he swung the sword again.
“...Damn Low Level Sewer Rat....” *swing* and swung it again.
“...You maybe a Knight....” *swing*
“...Just only because you are a Demon Lord-damn Noble....” *swing*
“...Don’t get your head too big, you ring worm...” *swing*
“...So what? I am only a Commoner?....” *swing*
“,,,Can’t become a Knight?...” *swing*
“...Damn you all! Who the hell you all think you are? HAH!...” *swing*
“... How long do you think me had become a Squire?...” *swing*
“...Five Years, dammit, five years!...” *swing*
“...In other places....”*swing*
“...I’m a Rank A Adventure....” *swing*
“...Damn... Damn... Damn it all!...”  *swing*
“...Why can’t the other Knight just eaten by wyvern and die!...” *suing*
“...Why can’t all the nobles had constipation and then died because they can’t spit shit!...” *swing*
“Ah... Why can’t just the world be annihilated....” *swing*

Sigurd saw a squirrel on a tree branch,  5 meters from him.

“What the hell are you seeing? Never saw a useless Squire huh? You are tired from living huh? Looking for trouble?”

The squirrel was immediately go inside the hole in the tree.

“Why the... What in Dragon-Language, how dare for you piece of Slime Nucleus to go inside the tree! You ignoring me huh? Insulting me? Disrespecting me? Underestimating me?”

Sigurd grasped his sword grip with all of his power....


Sigurd swung his sword at the direction of the tree like a flash. *swing*
A rapid air current was produced. *swoosh*
The tree in front of Siurd was cleaved cleanly into two and then fell down. *CRAAAACK*BROOOOKKK*

“HAH! See that! Not every Knight had Special Skill. This is not your ordinary skill. It need 3 years to learn it. Look at this you Noble Council with intelligence lesser than Desert Lizard! You lost your chance to recruit a talented man like me! You must be regretting this right? But I don’t give a damn to you anymore! I quit this shitty Knight! I will be a Freelance Swordman! I will finished lot of Quest, slay a Dragon, got Rare Equipments. I will become a famous person! You will taste the dirt from my shoes! I WILL BECOME A SUCCESSFUL PERSON!!! YOU HEAR ME, YOU LAME FATTY BASTARD!!!!”

Sigurd yelled his soul out at the sunset sky.

Suddenly, his bak was tapped by someone.
“Yo, bro. Ye busy?”

Sigurd was a little surprised. He turned around and found a Mustached uniformed City Guard. This is bad! Are his insults to the nobles reached the City Guards’ ear? He won’t get arrested right? It won’t be funny if he was thrown to the prison now.

“Oh no Sir.... I just.... just... practicing...for.... drama audition....”

Sigurd was answering with break in his voice here and there,.

“Oh, is that so? Then what is that? Is that also for the drama audition?”

The City Guard pointed at the fallen tree that chopped down because of Sigurd’s sword slash.

“Ah... that... that... That was lightning.. It strikes the tree.... Then it just fell down... It’s the truth Sir.... I swear it, Sir... I am willing to become a Ghoul if I tell a lie, Sir.”

Sigurd started to sweat profusely. Oh man, what the hell he was dreaming last night that he will deal with the law today. Oh yeah, he did dreamed of eaten by Whale Zombie. So that was the dreams meaning. Curse you Fates!

“Is that so? Then why your story is different from the other witnesses’ accounts?”

Witnesses? What witnesses? Plurals? More than one? Who? The squirrel?

“Oh... Oh... That... That... Maybe the witnesses saw wrongly Sir... It maybe because the glare from sunset sun, Sir?”

The City Guards were not impressed.

“Maybe they were mistaken... Because by coincidence they were struck down by a tree. See that.”

Underside the tree branches, Sigurd could see four people and a squirrel.
All four of them were moaning in pain, except the squirrel, it only had psychological trauma.
Of course there will be people who will struck by the fallen tree, since Sigurd was cutting down a tree in the front yard of Church of Light, that was neighboring SchwarzdMond Knight Order Building. Both of the building coincidentally located near a high traffic main road that connects the Markets with the Residential Area. Concurrently, this time of year and day, was after the new Knights appointing ceremony just finished so the road was filled with hundreds of people.
Sigurd was mentally unstable, so he didn’t realize that from the beginning everybody was looking at him swinging his sword and yelling like a madman.

“Sir, you are under arrest for the charges of damaging Church’s properties, inflicting bodily harm in other people, and disturbing public safety. You have the right to remain silent but everything you do or say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to your lawyer, if you didn’t had a lawyer you can call someone to defend you in the court.”

Sigurd’s hand were handcuffed, his sword was seized as evidence, and he was thrown to City Prison. The worst was, he didn’t given a dinner.

“EEE.... I am the protagonist right? Why am I go to jail when it just the first chapter????”

Sigurd yelling broke the silence of moonlight and only answered by the wolves howls and the warden yell: “Shup your flap up, Tin-Head, I want to go to sleep! Damn, do you think 15 hours shift a day was not tiring or what?”

Erste Geschichte – das Ende.

Zweite Geschichte - es ist nicht wie es ist meine Schuld

“Stop you thief! Stop or I turn you into potato mash!”
Hilda was running vigorously, while lifting up her white robe and inner skirt. It was hard to run if the ong robe and inner skirt length touched the ground. But for Hilda who was a young delicate girl, this a expensive robe, so it shouldn’t get dirtied by the ground! Of course the thief didn’t wanted to stop, since he was desperately want to keep living.

“Onee-chan.... Wait....”

Linda was running slowly behind Hilda. Her steps were hobbled. Not because the Linda’s long robe, but because her ‘Womanly assets’ had a very high ‘Investment Value’, so she had a very hard time to balance herself.

“Don’t be sluggish, Linda! The thief could escape!”

“Stop you Cave Bat! If yoi don’t stop, I swear I will eviscerated you and hung you with your own intestine, you Shit Bug!”

Hilda yelled again at the thief that had panicky running after seeing Hilda closing in.

“Onee-cha.... hah... hah... hah... The thief started to ride.... hah... ride... hah.... hah... ride horse.... hah.... hah... hah....”

Linda running while gasping for air, her face was red, sweats bathing her entire body, drenching her outer dark blue robe, showing her inner body curves silhouette, coupled by erratic panting made the onlooker man can only be captivated by this “heavenly scenery” in front of them.

“Grrrrrrrrrhh... Damn Cheater! Who are saying Thief could ride a horse! Unfair!”

Hilda saw a passing horse carriage, then she immediately like a professional Grand Theft Carriage knocked the driver, threw him out of the carriage and then drive the carriage while yelling, “MISTER DRIVER I will borrow your carriage!” to the driver that was still confused by the hijacking that just befell him.

Linda almost left behind, but she still be able ride the back of the carriage. After regulating her breathing she said,

“Onee-chan... Onee-chan could drive carriage?”

“Of course not, dear Imouto. You know that Nee-chan never took Carriage Driver License Test.”

Hilda smiled. Linda face went paled.... because she was carriage-motion sickness.

“Linda! Use your magic. Just hit him with FireBall, IceArrow, StoneRain, ThunderBolt or whatever elemental magic you had to that thief!”

“Yes, Onee-chan.... but... *ukkk* but..... Linda is dizzy....”

Linda was woozy because she can’t stand with the carriage that keep swaying because of the rough road.

“Don’t mind it. Just aim... fire... AND DESTROY!!!! Don’t be a useless Niger Magus.”

“All right Onee-chan...” Linda start chanting her magic....
“FIREBALL!” A fireball appeared from Linda’s hand.
*swoooosh*BOOM* The fireball miss a mile and hit a house on roadside.
“ICEARROW!” Arrows of ice started to appeared near Linda and then threw them to the thi....s horse washing service stall.
“STONERAIN!” from the sky, small stones were falling.... and hit the pedestrians that were running saving themselves.
“THUNDERBOLT” A large electrical current come one from Linda’s hand and strike...... the Bell on Church Tower that then explode and collapsing the tower.

The thief start to spur his horse to escape from the city frenziedly..... To getaway.... To survive.....

“Linda, what Magus grade are you... Why you only chanted simple elementary magic and nothing hit the thief?”

“Onee-chan.... Linda is really dizzy.... Can’t aim well... Body is unwell.... Can’t stand...”

Linda was sprawled inside the carriage.

“Ah, it useless! I really had to dirty my hand. Linda drive the carriage, Nee-chan will stop he thief with magic.”

“But Onee-chan... Onee-chan is an Alba Magus.... Onee-chan can’t use offensive magic... also... Linda can’t drive a train...”

“Just do it Linda. Nee-chan need to stop the thief before he crossed King Cornelius Bridge.”

“All right, Onee-chan.”

“Hahahaha... Thief! You think you could escape from Archmage Hilda huh? Prepare to savor what taste of what the Hell will offer!

Hilda started to chant offensive magic...in a slapdash fashion... a humongous arbitrary energy started to form uncontrollably near her, materializing as a random fractal polygonal magic seal...


A large ball composed of pure magical energy shot out from Hilda’s palm, soaring high to the sky, before slowly fallen to the earth as a very large and very fast Magic Mass, crossing the plains and the forests outside the city, to the direction of great River Rhond, hit the King Cornelius Bridge and annihilated it in grand explosion of unprecedented degree accompanied with river tsunami of 5 meter high. The thief and the onlookers were standing still stupefied.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You can’t escape anymore. The Bridge is gone. No more way out. Now, become a good boy and let Hilda nee-samato teach you what the real meaning behind the word : SUFFERING.”

Hilda got down from the carriage, approached the thief, while in her background, large fire and flaming ruin raining from above, and while sporting a killer smile on her face.

To cut the story short, not long after Hilda and Linda was arrested by Magic Safety Bureau officers n charges of illegal magic use, damaging private properties, deliberate physically harming the others, destruction of bridges and state’s property, carriage hijacking, driving without license, and murder attempt
Hilda justification, that it all was self-defense because the thief had stolen a bag that contains her lunch money and her summer homework, was disregarded by the Magic Court.
As the sentence, Hilda and Linda were suspended from Magic Academy for 2 months and must perform public services for 2000 hours as city’s sweeper plus trashpicker (Hilda) and childcare staff (Linda).

“Why Linda duty was so easy than me, while my duty was something humiliating like this!”

Hilda slammed her broom to the ground and yell to the sky.

The problem is, the judges and jury with all Magic Safety Bureau feel ‘pity’with Linda, after seeing her ‘mountainous aspect’, so ‘flatland desert’ should just shut up...


Thus, in the next generation that explosion was called: The Catastrophe at the Rhond. Record shown that the nearby seismograph recoded this as a 4.5 Earthquake Scale, the nearby meteorological station found that the global temperature rise by 1 degree for a period of 3 days, and the change of Rhond estuaries water flow pattern is caused by this explosion. It was deemed lucky that there are no fatalities in this incident, since the bridge was actually closed down that day for yearly maintenance check, and the inspecting engineer team was out for lunch.

What about the thief?
The thief develop deep trauma from this experiences. After undergoing psychiatric treatment for 10 years he finally overcomedhis specific phobia against Black Haired Brown Eyed Young Girl with Round Face and High Nose that wore long White Robe with height of 158 cm and undeveloped female aspect. In the end he became a famous author who wrote best seller book titled: “How I Met an Insane Mage and Survived It.” But that a whole slew of different story.

Zweite Geschichte – das Ende

Dritte Geschichte - kann nicht sprechen Deutsch? nichts ausmacht.

Fafnir (not his real name) was contemplating the situation that he was facing now.
Originally, he just want to go to Gahya for his Summer Vacation. But he forgot to take his money and identity letters that he left behind in his home port in Selenia before boarding the ships to Gahya. And thus his summer’s series of unfortunate events happened.
After reaching Gahya, the port authority and Gahya Immigration Office suspect him as illegal immigrant because of his lack of money and identity. He was arrested and deported back to Selenia.
But because of some slight bureaucratic administration mistake, he was depoted to Erstland, way-way-way wrong.
After doing odd-jobs here and there, he finally got enough money to board a ship to Selenia. But because the ship had technical difficulties (broken rudder), the Ship must made emergency docking in Sigimar and must undergoing emergency repair for 2 weeks.After hearing that in Anglia there wereships that could sail to Selenia, he went to Anglia to board that ship. After reached Anglia, he heard that the Anglia and Trination Alliance just declared war with Selenia Empire, so that the ship to Selenia was cancelled. When he wanted to go back to Sigimar to board the ship he left before, he found out that the King Cornelius Bridge was blown up by a magic terrorist. He even could cross the river by other means to Sigimar for a moment, until the cleaning up of bridge debris inside the Rhond River that turned the river into series of dams and rapids suitable for river rafting. He also can’t swim the river unless he wished to swept by the current and slammed into the rock and ruin. He really can’t go to Sigimar until next week, just after the Erstland’s Ship will be repaired and will sail to Selenia, leaving him stranded.
Now he was in Port Town of Hoffnung in Anglia, waiting for a ship that could take him o Sigima. Without money, identity, and stranded in the country that was in war with your own country.
Oh... fate.... Is there nothing worse than this situation?

While he was walking hungrily in the harbor, while his eyes started to had optical hallucination, because of low level of blood sugar. He started to think if he should sell his pendant, his family heirloom for a bite of bread?
No, he shouldn’t. After all, this pendant was his mother’s namesake, before she left him, to marry with other man.
Furthermore, this pendant filled with memories of his father, before he also left him, to marry with other women.
Finally, this pendant is a remembrance for his grandfather, that raised him after his father and mother left him, but eventually his grandfather left forever, to marry his new grandmother that was really young.
After he thinking about this carefully, with these weird family memories like this, he could just sell the pendant and forget it. After all, the pendant looks like cheap imitation accessory.

Suddenly, he was surprised by a woman scream, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!”

The newly secreted adrenaline that was rapidly distributed by his blood immediately restored his consciousness, which was on stand-by mode, to full processing capabilities. His feet’s muscles exerted full power, burning the last remaining glycogen and saturating his blood with lactic acid. His eyes was alert, responsively processing each photon that strike his retina, his ears triangulating the voice source from its pitch, noise and shift. His lung exchanging oxygen.... You know... Other physiologic-anatomic trivia talk, I getting tired writing this.

Soon, he reach the place where the voice came from. A teenage girl, who wearing red silk dress with frills of flowers of orange and blue color, was surrounded by almost a dozen of unemployed young man that seemed to not finished their elementary education (optional in that age and day). In other words: hoodlums, hooligans, thugs, ruffians.

“Yo, Miss... Sorry to scare you... No need to scream... We had no ill-will to you... We just asking if you wanted to join us drinking fruit tea on the seaside with the other girls.”

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAK!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!” The girl started to scream again, soprano like an opera singer.

“If you didn’t wanted to then it fine for us.... No need to scream.... You disturbing other people dinner time... Let us go guys.”

"Matte kudasai!"  yelled Fafnir.

The hoodlums and the girl was confused. Fafnir remembered that he should use Anglia, since the Hoodlums must be not fluent in Winglish the International Lingua Franca since they didn’t received proper education. Hmmm... How to did it go... Oh yeah... like this.... He was lucky that he once learned Anglia language and since Anglia language sounded like Erstland. So it will be easy. (Fafnir didn’t know that since there are significant linguistic drift. Erstland language sounded very formal to Anglia people).

He took a soapbox, put it in the middle of the hoodlum and then speak loudly.

“I ask for your attention, please and also let me borrow your time for a moment, dear honorable gentleman and the charming young lady over there. First let me speak out one or two sentence about the current condition that our generation is facing today.
Like all we had knew, the unemployment rate had reached a peak that had never seen before, because of the economic recession that happened because the interruption of trade route between Anglia and Sigimar after the Great Bridge atop of Rhond River was destroyed, and because of the wartime influenced food price inflation. For that reason, it was not an uncommon scene if there were a lot of people lost their employment for a while. Thus, these unemployed people, who had a lot of free time in their hand, will usually gather near the harbor, market, or fields waiting for a chance to work. Maybe there will be a person who needs service to carry a luggage or good. Although the pay may be small, but it was more than enough to buy meager food to filled the empty stomach.
But surely brothers, that even if that the fact that war exist in this world is an regrettable condition, but it also offered job opportunity since war need a lot of people in its logistical aspect. Furthermore to rebuild the King Cornelius Bridge and cleaning the Rhond River from debris to reestablish proper passenger and goods water transportation, would provide a lot of work. That means the opportunity to work is still exist! Because of that brothers, even if the sun was covered by clouds it doesn’t mean that the sun sop shining! No, my brothers, no! Precisely in that moment, on the situation that looks like misfortune, we must change it and turn it into a new opportunity. If we want to change we will be able to change.
So my brother don’t spend your precious time to bothering this lovely young lady. I know that those temptation were tremendously huge since this young lady has such attractiveness, but not let our reasoning swayed by short-term vision, but let us think in grander far-term vision. To keep thinking and moving forward! Rather than do unproductive activity or doing nothing, let us roll up our sleeves, working till our sweating, and welcoming a better tomorrow!
I think everyone here will agree. Now come on everyone, let us together proclaim: ]’FOR A BETTER TOMMOROW!’”

Fafnir smiled. He though that reading the “999 Motivational Speech in 9 World Languages” was really useful.
The hoodlum was flabbergaster, must be because of his fluent Anglia touching their heart.

“Yo, dude. What the heck are you talking? Are you insulting us as unemployed?”

The Hoodlums started to become agitated, there are someone who pick wood board, iron chain or empty treasure chest parts.

“May I take your time for a minute, everyone? If there are some of my words that offend your feeling or deemed as unacceptable, let me first to give my humblest apology. It will be more profitable for both side if use refrain from taking violent approaches. Most problem or conflicts can be solved if every involved parties keep their head cool and didn’t do something reckless in impulse. Instead, we should had sit together to a consensus that can be accepted by everyone.”
Fafnir was confused, is there any of his words that wrong? Didn’t he properly speak Anglia well?

“Stop blabbering!!!”

One of the hoodlum swung a board to Fafnir. He evade and then send an uppercut to the hoodlum so that he flung to the air, make some flips before landing several meters behind. The other hoodlums were stunned

“I am a peace loving person. I will not participate in conducting violent action to other human being! Violence is barbaric!!!”
“But, you just hit someone!!!”

The other hoodlum started to attack Fafnir again. So he evade to the backbefore countering with roundhouse kick direcly to the Thug’s face and send him flying.

“Stop this violence. Violence is useless. Human is bestowed with brain to control his muscles, and not vice cersa. I didn’t agree with action where someone hurt another person physically or mentally.”

Fafnir was then moving forward while doing sweeps and punches to the other hoodlums.

“This guy just contradicing himself!”
“I believe that if I want to change the world into a better world without war, I must first treat the others with kindness and solidarity.”
Fafnir said while gifting a hoodlum with his fist.

Not long after, almost every youth group in Hoffnung city and its surrounding villages heard that there was this foreigner guy who attack and beat the city youth out of the blue, while giving speech about, “Peace, Solidarity, and Cooperation for a better tomorrow!.”
So Fafnir found himself surrounded by more than 400 people (after knocking out almost 200 people).

“Dude, you can’t act as you please. You can’t come to other people place then beating the others without receiving repercussion. Also what are you spouting about Peace if you in the end was hitting other people.”
“I only believe in a principle of: Do to others as you would have them do to you. Because I don’t wanted to get hit, so I hit them first!”
“That logic is so wrong!!! Although it is also true. Nevermind!!! Everyone ATTACK!!!”

Fafnir started to beleaguered, since he hadn’t ate anything, his stamina was depleted, his fist was not as strong as before. In the beginning he could easily beat 5 people with 1 fist, but now it’s only 3 people A drop in efficiency of 40%. He predicted he could only held up for 10 minutes left, before his body entered red alert and must be manually recharged (with food). He didn’t had many time, he reluctantly must broke his oath to his Shifu. He must released the sealed techniques.

"飛天御津菱 (Hiten Mitsubishi- FLYING HEAVEN LIQUID DIAMOND); 天翔龍ときめき (Amakakeru Ryo no Tokimeki - HEAVENLY FLYING DRAGON HEARTBEAT)!!!"
Fafnir unleashed swirling punches while jumping that disperse everyone near him with ki. Without waiting for his opponent then he unleashed his next technique.
"判解 (Bankai - SEAL RELEASE)!!! 月蛾天歩 (Getsuga Tenho - MOONMOTH SKYSTEP)!!!"
Fafnir was soarng to the air like fling before firing series of kicks that cause shockwave, which blasted his foe away. Then while he was still in the air, he continued with:
"悪魔の美 (Akuma no Mi - DEVIL GRACE)! 五夣の拳銃 (Gomu no Kenju - FIVE DREAM CANNON FIST)!!!"
An attack that launched quick 5 compressed ki attacks that can attack enemy from afar...

In only 3 consecutives techniques, Fafnir downed...5 people...? OK.... maybe his secret technique was not that useful. So what should he do? He never tested those flashy techniques in real battle before.
He forced to just use the boring but practical, HIS FIST!

Ten minutes has passed, Fafnir couldn’t stand anymore. His arms and legs were disobeying his orders. Even he felt pain even to breath. His ribs and muscled screaming with pain.
He only could lying facing the setting sun. The dusk Sun dyed the sky with its orange color while at the far side of the sky dark hue of blue could be seen. Stars began to peeking between the sun rays.
Hah.... Fafnir never imagined and never realized that this sunset sky was this beautiful. Just light what the poet said, only after overcoming a great danger, a human can appreciate the beauty of life.

“Yo, man. Are you busy?”

Fafnir with great difficulty turned his head to the voice origin, the Bearded City Guard (he was the older brother of Mustached City Guard)

“After considering my current physical characteristic, I believe I could not do any activity other than lying, talking and breathing, Sir City Guard Officer.”

“Then what about these 700 people who were dozing along this street?”

“Regarding this matter Sir, with grieving heart I must said that this is the unfortunate result that comes from their disinclination to carry out a life free from violence and turned a new page in their life to become a productive members of society. In this matter, Esteemed Sir Officer, you must believed me that I didn’t participated in this conflicts other than offering logical suggestion verbally, visually, and physically”

“Is that so, man, I see. Oh yeah, Man. Do you not feeling cold sleeping outdoor? The night wind in this place was quite chilling.”

“Although it will be a fortunate thing for me to get a standard accommodation, but alas, my financial capacity didn’t enough to event pay even a standard room tariff you can found in any inn. It looks like I should be satisfied to sleep while covered with wrapping papers and ragged sails that cannot be used for sailing just like my nights before.”

“Well, how about this. You should come to my workplace. It was comfortable, had roof, wall, iron bars nd floor covered with straws. Although a little dirty it is warm and free. Interested?”

“I will receive your invitation and kindness with great pleasure, Sir. But even so, I currently didn’t have any capabilities to move my body that was exhausted after the idea exchange and intellectual debate that I just participating with. If it not bothering you, kind Sir, may you called an emergency service to carry me to your place. Once again I want to thank you Sir Officer from the bottom of my heart to showing a kindness to me, a foreigner in foreign land, and giving me a place to rest my head.”

“Never mind, this is my job after all.”

Long story short, the next morning Fafnir was jailed with charges of assaulting 700 people, disturbing public order, provoking the mass, and not having legal identity.

So we back to the start of the story, Fafnir was contemplating the situation that he was facing now.
Originally, he just wants a vacation., but because of a series of unfortunate events happened, he was stranded in Anglian prison without short term possibilities to go home to Selenia, when he should had go home 3 month ago. At least he still she the silver lining of his current situation.
First his Anglia language comprehension increased drastically.
Second, he got meal times a day, and the straws in jails muc-much more warmer than wrapping paper in the street.

Incidentally, the ‘lady’ that he helped the other day is just a ‘covert cross-dresser’ that met his friends incidentally, that he was panicked his friend found is true identity so that he screamed with high pitched voice.
In the future he become a famous Tenor singer in Capital’s Opera after he found that he can sing in high pitched voice easily.

Dritte Geschichte – das Ende

Der Epilog

King Theodoric III couldn’t believe his ears

“Are you serious, Magus Volsung? You want to recruit these 4 people with criminal history?”

Volsung flicked his robe, took a cup of tea, sipped it slowly and shortly answered,

“That’s correct.”

Once again King Theodoric III read the paper that contain information of the 4 people that Volsung want to recruited.

“May I know your reason?”

Volsung sipped his tea slowly, and firmly answered.

“Because, they were interesting.”

King Theodoric III coughed loudly, took a seat beside Visung and seized a cup of tea.

“Is this had relationship with the prophecy of Kodex Geoffnen?”

Volsung only smiled while holding his empty cup

“Who will know? Are they going to fulfill the prophecy or not, they alone will decide.”

King Theodoric III smiled a little after hearing Volsung’s answer.

“Hmmm.... Is that so? Fine, I will give my approval, do as you wish.”

Volsung put his up on the table, then stood and gave a bow.

“As Your Majesty command.”

Volsung just walked to the veranda when,

“And Volsung. No failure. The fate of Anglia.... No..... The ate of AlleWelt is in your hands.”

King Theodoric III sipped the tea in his hand.

“That’s inaccurate Your Majesty.... The fate of AlleWelt is in those four youths.”

And Volsung disappear under the mantle of the night after he carved his words in the air.


S: “Hell this is very readers beloved Hero, Sigurd!”
F: “Let me introduce myself. My name is Fafnir (not real name).”
S: “This is maybe the first time I narrate preview part.”
F: “So am I. I really delighted to....”
S: “Yes, what will happen next? I mean everyone more or less is a criminal, right, some even in the jai?”
F: “That was really a shame things to happen, but the situation.......”
S: “What will happen? Will Sigurd perfecting his new sword technique? Will Sigurd save Linda from the clutch of evil old hag Hilda? Will Sigurd finally beat Fafnir? Read the next Sigurd heroic story! STAY TUNE in HeldenReisen!”
F: “Mister Sigurd.”
S: “Yes, Fafnir?”
F: “You must remember that the author was an moody author that write only once in a blue moon."
H: "Don’t meta in this... caterpillar..."
S: "What the hell Hilda doing in the preview?"


  1. Hey.. keep writing this one lol its good hehe funny, I like it!

  2. Your chapter title is gramaticaly wrong in german:

    Es begann mit Wahnsinn
    Wahnsinn war erst der Anfang

    1. This story also are wrong in so many level......

      But advice heeded... In case I ever continue this story....