30 August 2015

The Curious Girl and The Traveler - Act V


After Asari and Esuto explained where and when they meet the Mountain Bear to the villager, most of them went back to their home. While, some of them chose to stay and conduct night patrol in rotation, in case the Mountain Bear decided to visit the village. Ewanu also suggested to them that the Village Council ought to be summoned tomorrow to discuss what the action should the villager take.
After sent their farewell to the others, Asari and Ewanu guided Esuto to the village.


“Sorry Father, Asari didn’t take any medicinal herbs that Father asked for.”

Asari said this with a sullen face. She couldn’t hold back her voice to tremble. Her eyes started to get moist. But, her father just held her closer and pats her head gently. With the kindness that only father had, he softly spoke.

“It is fine Asari. What matter the most is that you came back home safely. We can gather the herbs alter when the danger has passed. My daughter is more precious than any kind of rare herbs. So it is fine, don’t be worried about it.”
“But what with Mister Uharu’s Son? He has a strong sickness right? Father can’t concoct any healing potion without the herbs as material right? How could Asari not worried?”

Ewanu gave her his smile, looks like he really proud to had such a kind-hearted daughter that still thinking about another person well-being, even after go through some unpleasant experience herself.

“That wouldn’t be a problem Asari. It is not that life threatening. After all, Father can make another type of potion that had similar medicinal effect using alternate ingredient. You surely knew that Father had ‘Potion Master’ title not for nothing right?”

Asari of course didn’t forget. Her father is an exceptional Healer. When Asari hasn’t born yet, his father was the youngest person that admitted as a member of Royal Healer Circle, which serves the Royal Family directly. On the Circle he was known as an expert on extraction of medicinal herbs essence into potion that he was given position as ‘Potion Meister’ by the King.
But when her mother passed away, her father became so reclusive in his pursue of foreign and newly emerged theory of Healing Arts, that people labeled him as eccentric. As the other Circle member still adhere to the old Healing Arts principles and reluctant or suspicious at the new Healing Arts theory, his father was not only considered as a nonconformist but also had several clashes with them. These become so unbearable, that when Asari was still 4 years old, her Father resigned from his post, leaves the King’s City and settled on Okuto Village. He chose the village because of its proximity to the medicinal herb rich pristine forest of Horas Mountain that was essential for his research of new Healing Arts medicine and procedure.
Asari think her father obsession to research new medicine and healing procedure was related to her mother’s circumstances. Most likely, her father blame himself for her other death, because he couldn’t save her mother even when he was considered as a brilliant Healer. Asari herself never think badly of his father. Even when he was deep in his research he never neglect to give Asari attention and love she needed.

“Although, it will be more difficult and take a longer time to make it.”

Ewanu misleadingly complained while smiling. Asari also followed him with a smile to her face.

“That’s more like it. My daughter is cuter when she smile.”

Ewanu then hug Asari more tightly.

“Father, stop it. Don’t do embarrassing things in front of a honoured guest.”

Asari fidgeting. Esuto won’t think of me as a childish right? Right? Asari Maiden Mode was turned on.

“I apologize for seeing such conduct Mister. I hope for your understanding.”

Ewanu loose his grasp on Asari.

“It is fine. Also, excuse for my question. What medicine that you make?”

“A medicine to relieve abdominal pain and help the intestine to flow more easily. The boy had a ‘Still Intestines’. I presumed Mister is also troubled by the boy illness? Did Mister familiar with the disease name?”

This is not good. This is not good. Think Asari. When Father talk with anyone, he tends to drag the conversation into Healing Arts discussion. Please Father, had some self control! Please don’t shame yourself furthermore in front of your future son-in-l.... Not that! What I mean is in front of a honorable guest.

“??? Sorry. I’m not familiar. Is it when the sick people had many… defecation in a day? No. It called ‘Still’. So it when the intestines stop working?”
“No, it’s not. It’s called that name because the philosophers of the past thought that it caused by the trapped food in the intestines that makes them stop functioning, causing pain and discomfort.
While the more recent thinking is that some parts of the intestines had a swelling causing the intestinal tract to get obstructed. But the question is as the pain moves from one region, did the swelling in the part of intestine also moves and so what could caused it.
The old theory of trapped food seems plausible, but as food tends to be completely chewed and become more like porridge on the lower intestine, how can it block the intestine? Also what can of food that can cause it? As the disease also affect the rich and the poor, who had a considerable different diet, the theory of trapped food is not sufficient to explain the progression of the illness. What do you think about this Mister?”

Ewanu stopped his lecture, as he was aware about the lack of response from Esuto and was expecting some kind of reaction from him.
There it goes. I hope Mister won’t be too bothered with Father’s discourse on abdominal illness. Asari sighed in her heart. Most people have a tendency to ignore or switch the conversation topic, and stay away from discussing anything that touch medicine topic with her father.

“I’m sorry I’m not really understands. Since, I’m not having much knowledge about human health and sickness in this place.”

Hearing Esuto answer Ewanu dropped his shoulder.
Sorry Father. But not many people had learning in Healing Arts as you do. Even I can’t follow your logic sometimes. Asari pitied her father that lacked speaking partner with equal knowledge level except by mail correspondence. If this was the capital city maybe Ewanu would had equal discussion partner.

“No, it is I who should ask forgiveness. I hope you are not offended, Mister.”
“Do not think about it. If a medicine to relieve pain and for abdominal sickness I think I had that.”
“You had medicine? A medicinal herb or a potion?”

Ewanu’s shoulder rise again. Asari thinks that her father eyes seems to glitters

“Not that, but more like this. This is the medicine I have.”

Esuto took out what looks like a couple of palm-sized white thin card with twelve small beads inside of each card’s recesses that was covered by a thin transparent layer. The small beads in different card are in different color and shapes. The white card had several regular markings on it. Maybe it is a ‘writing’ but Asari can’t read it as the ‘writing’ are not using a ‘script’ she familiar with. Another strange Esuto thingy!
Is that beads supposed to be a medicine? A medicine that exist in solid form and shaped like a small beads? Asari had read about that before. She believed it’s called a pill.
The people of Roreilika in the West Continent make it by boiling a potion until its essence solidify with certain solidifying agent and then compress them into smaller size. Then the resulting solid medicine can be stored for several years without changes in it efficacy, unlike a potion that lose efficiency after several days or at least that what they said on the books. Just like what Asari predicted, seeing the pills on Esuto hand, Ewanu glittering eyes seemed to get bigger and shinier.

“So, is this the medicine you spoke of? Isn’t this a pill?”

The agitated Ewanu asked.

“Yes. About the medicine for the boy. I don’t know if it will much help. But this Anti-Inflammatory medicine can reduce the pain,”

Esuto give Ewanu a card with white round pills inside.

“And this Positive Immunomodulator medicine can help the sickness cause to gone more soon.”

Esuto give Ewanu a second card filled with half red half blue oval pills.

“And this is Multinutrient, it make the body heal more fast.”

Esuto give Ewanu a third card with blueish green pills inside.

“I hope it can help.”

Esuto shove the remainder cards back into his large swing bag.
Asari can’t help to think the pills name were weird. The person making it must have poor naming sense, I mean what with the non-sensible name?

“If I may know Mister, how we use it?”

Ewanu ask, while trying to hold back his smile. Asari think her father surely is very happy, getting unknown medicines in his hand. He must be eager to study the pills composition and manufacturing methods.


Esuto showed a stunned expression.

“Eee… You put it in the mouth, and drink it with water, and gulp it.”

Esuto said it while his hand pantomiming the actions. Esuto seems to felt awkward by Asari and Ewanu deadpan silence.

“So sorry, Mister, maybe I phrase the question wrong. What I mean is how much drug the boy need to take in a day. In other words, the dosage of the drugs.”

“Take 1 of each drug in a day for 12 days. Do not take more than 1 in a day; it is not good for the body. The white can be stop taken if the pain goes away, the green and red-blue can stop if the body feel healthy. I think it is so, are there any questions?”

“I give my thanks for the easily understand explanation Mister Esuto. Without further much delay, I presume the best course of action that should be taken is to swiftly deliver the drug to the boy in need. Asari, Father request you to guide Mister Esuto to the house.”

“Asari understand, Father.”
Reply Asari in her mouth.

I bet you just want to quickly see the medicine effect in action, Father.
Reply Asari in her heart.

“Excuse me Mister; Asari. May God watch your steps..”
“And for you too, Father.” Reply Asari that was soon mimicked by Esuto.

Ewanu soon trotting to Mister Uharu’s house direction. Asari only gave off a wry smile, seeing her father get himself a new research material, courtesy to the still oblivious and worried Esuto.


Asari and Esuto walk the rest of the way without much conversation between them, as Asari was busy examining the drug card that she ‘borrowed’ from Esuto. She mainly interested in the unidentified card material and the unidentified script.
The card material is not wood, clay, chitin or metal. Its glossy like a lacquer ware or porcelain but it is flexible enough to be bended to some degree without breaking or cracking. She never read any kind of material like this in the books. This tickles her mystery investigator sense. The Great Detective Asari had arrived at the scene!
Also on the matter of the strange script that is also perplexing to her. Asari had read that the scholars deemed that all the script in the world there are 3 main variant of script systems.
First is the Middle Sea Script Systems that was derived from Holy Moon Empire Script. This is widely used by various nations in Middle Sea Region. Each script is tailored to suit their language needs. This makes the letter shape of different script of this system superficially similar to each other and correspondently had similar voice or sound assigned to each of them. A modified form of this script is used by Orena people to write their language.
The second is the Eastland Script Systems that was used by various Peoples in Eastland that had passable similarity of each other. It seems that it came from another Ancient Script that was used in the region.
The third is the Script that used by various seafaring Island Nations of the Great Ocean, the Ocean Script. For Asari, the script used by these nations’ looks like drawing a picture than writing a word.
Now in front of her is maybe the Fourth Script that was never mentioned before by the scholars. Is this a great discovery or what? Then the big question appears: where is the place that Esuto come from? Why this script didn’t appear on any books that talk about foreign language or places? This means Asari need to had intimate conver-, eerrr... ask Esuto to teach her about this strange script.

“Mister, what is this written script says?”
“It is Wide Spectrum Antimicrobiotic.”
“And this one?”
“It said Side Effects: May Cause Aseptic Gastroenteritis.
“I don’t understand.”

And while trading questions and answers about various texts that was written in the drug card, they arrived at Asari’s and Ewanu’s two storied house, near the Village’s Plaza.
Just like the other houses in the village it was constructed from fired clay brick, mortar and covered with wooden board at the outside and inside. The wall was painted with yellow color, while the roof was covered with red clay shingles. The window didn’t had glass, only coarse paper covered wooden-frame sash
The garden was filled with various vegetables, flowers and spices, while various herbs were growing in clay pots that stacked neatly in a wooden rack near the wall. On the side of the house were Chicken coop and Sous pen, also the separated Annex building where Ewanu stored and made his drug and an outhouse.
This is the house that Asari was proud about. It size may not as big as rich people mansion, but it still can considered big for a house in rural villages.
The first floor had a foyer, central room that also functions as dining room, kitchen, bathroom, study, guest room and closet. While the second had Asari’s room and her father room. *gasp*
Does it means that latter in the middle of the night, her room door will get knocked, and then..... Her heart goes thumping fast.... Nononono... Be gone you evil thoughts...
Ups... Asari immediately go back to real world.

“This is my house, Mister.”
“Ah. It’s a nice house.”
“Please enter, no need to feel reserved.”

Asari opened the locked front door and invite Esuto in. Asari took off her shoes and store them in the rack in the foyer. Esuto also mimicked her.

“Mister’s sword can be stored inside this cabinet.”

Asari said while opening a small cabinet in the foyer. Her father sword, a set bow and quiver were placed inside them. Esuto hesitated for a while, looking at Asari’s face, before he put his blue hilt sword beside Ewanu’s sword.
Asari then showed Esuto the guest room so that he could put down his bag and rest.
After making sure that Esuto didn’t need anything more, Asari quickly go to bathroom.
Why? She must be sweating a lot today since she walked, ran, and walked again. What will Esuto think if he smell abhorrent body odor from her? Her girl pride will not allow it to happen, so he took a long and detailed washing, with a lot of soap.
After all, later this evening, her house will hold a banquet for Esuto.



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