30 August 2015

Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai. Chapter 1 - Part 4

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As usual this is not a faithful literal Japanese translation and mistranslation. I had no idea what they really want to say in this later half chapter.

And so, here you dose of Mira’s cuteness.
Cute is justice, after all!
ALSO: The Spirits is Confectionaries!

The Translator:
Yukkuri Oniisan
The Editor:

Chapter 1. Is Cheat really necessary?
Part 4

Because the carriage wouldn’t take a break indefinitely, it resumed the journey once more.
However, since the motion sickness didn’t disappear, I was still groggy. So, facing the wall and covered in blanket, I enter Sleep Mode.[1]
But however, the carriage swaying didn’t change much, even if I am counting sheep, I cannot go to sleep.
Ah... Isn’t there any method to stop this swaying?
Wind Magic, Levitation? ---- but in the blink of an eye, the magic power(maryoku) will get depleted.
Use Earth Magic to collect iron sand and form it to become a spring ---- but I don’t know where to put suspension in a carriage. Also, I don’t know detailed structure of suspension.
It’s often happened in another world reincarnation story, use modern knowledge to make great technology development. Unfortunately, my memory was full with gaps. I could just barely remembered, about method of using everyday modern tools efficiently.
First bend the wire hanger, then covered it with stocking, and then you could use it for cleaning gaps or holes. How could I implement it in this other world?
Wire hanger can be built with magic, but I never see a stocking in here. Even if the people in the city wear it, it will be a high class item. How could you use this for cleaning?

While I had meaningless and long winded talk (to myself), the Earth Spirit approached me.
He inclined his head ------ but because he was just three head tall[2], his entire body inclined to peek at me who had turned into a bagworm. Slowly he begins to pat on my head.
It is somehow really nice~
A slight strawberry scent calmed down my heart. It’s aromatherapy.
Fumu. But if it’s about aroma, then wasn’t it peppermint that for relieving carsickness? But I wonder if in this other world also had this common knowledge? Because herbs also used in cooking in this world, there might be also Mint, but I don’t know if its efficacy is the same with the previous world peppermint.

Swyn-san, is there anything that have refreshing scent in here?(Mira)

I rolled my body opposing the wall, and asked indirectly.

Refreshing scent?(Swyn)

He put his hand in his chin and thinking.

Maybe the girl, want to start smoking the tobacco?(Panama)
I dislike smoke!(Mira)

There is a voice from the coachman, in a flash I get it vetoed.

 That’s right! It’s tobacco.

No, that’s wrong, Swyn-san. Didn’t you listen? I hate tobacco. Also, it’s not good for 5 years old to smoking.

If you don't want tobacco, how about a Mint?

Fumu. So, in this world, there is also Mint.
The problem is whether it was what kind of scent the leaf is. If it was like shredded tobacco, that had nicotine odor. Not only I got motion-sick from carriage, I will get additional damage.
Swyn-san search for it between the ingredients in the cool box.
Quickly close it, the cool air was leaking out, you know~.

I found it.

I received it and start to sniff its scent.
Un, it’s the identical scent, just like in my previous life.
I tore a little and then tasted it.
Because I had a children’s tongue, it’s bitter.
I wrap the rest of the leaf in my palm and bring it to my nose.

Is it edible?(Mira)
It’s bitter, so it’s only for enjoying its scent.
Ah, is that so.

Swyn-san smiled. The guy who was patting my head was also returned to his original position.
I close my eyes and slowly took at deep breath. It faintly had sweet smell, the refreshing scent spread throughout my nasal cavity. Because I felt the presence of someone, I open my eyes. The Wind and Earth Spirit is near me, touching the mint in my palm.
Just now, the mint scent was very strong. It had faint scent of Custard and Strawberry...... The scent of strawberry mille-feuille accompanying the Mint?
By any chance, is it the smell came from the Spirits’ Magic?
The Spirits has the scent of confectionaries? That really suited their cute nature. I made a microscopic smile and whisper Thanks inside my mouth.
The Earth Spirit is staring blankly in confusion. The Wind Spirit is laughing delightfully and then he conveyed something to Earth Spirit.
Although they are very close, somehow I can’t hear what they said.
Since other people can’t see them, there is no need for these children to lower their voice.
Maybe because my eyes could see magic that I could see the spirits, so it might need a different talent to hear what they said.
Earth Spirit nodded to Wind Spirit and suddenly smiled to my direction.
N? Is it by some chance, did the Wind Spirit heard my thanks? And, did he interpret it to Earth Spirit?
Muu. I also didn’t listen to Swyn-san, maybe I should listen to him more.[3]

Now then let’s continue our lecture.
Yes! Before that, I have a question!

I had decided to stopped giving the Spirits a thought, on the other hand Gai voice sliced off the resumption of magic foundation lecture.

There is no need to raise your hand now, but.... What do you want to ask, Gai-kun[4]?

To not be angry by this interruption, what a big hearted person is he. However, in the first place, this lecture is just for killing time.

What is Magic Eater?
It’s a species of Demon Beast(Makemono), but do you know what Demon Beast means?

Gai shakes his head.
Swyn-san smiled and continues his explanation.

Demon Beast is thought to came from animal that was transformed because of stagnant magic power in a place that has many resentment from the people who died in there. It can’t use magic, however by using magic-like enhancement, the animal power is strengthened and become very aggressive.
It’s quite difficult to distinguishing Beast(Kemono) from Demon Beast with eyes. Since, without being attacked by it, we can’t gauge their power.
About Magic Eater specifically, it didn’t eat material food but instead, it eat Magic Power.
If they eat Magic Power, is it originally a Spirit?

As if saying that it was not, the Spirits *bun*bun*, shakes their head.

No. Although the original form is still unknown.
It can be said have the shape of crocodile, but had more gigantic size..... Most likely, it might come from Monster(Mamono). Although it is unknown what kind of magic power attribute that they ate.
Because they can’t use magic, that’s why they are called Demon Beast.
Different from Demon Beast, they have intelligence to use magic.
It’s the same magic that offer magic power to the spirits, they also had attribute. Because their body is transformed after they killed other living beings, there might be many differences from their original form.

What a spine shivering.

Uum, what happen if we are bitten by Magic Eater?

Gai becomes a little pale. Even if he was a cheeky brat, he also will get frightened by this. While the one who tell out the story, Swyn-san raised a smile. But it’s not a pleasant story. However, it’s important to able to defend ourselves against it.

In case of being bitten by Magic Eater, the victim Magic Power will be forcefully siphoned off.
Moreover, although the magic power wouldn’t not exhausted into a life or death situation, but the Magic Eater will not separated until death.

You could die when your magic sucked dry. No, since Magic Eater bit their prey, then there might be possibility of death because of blood loss.

If they bit a magic stone or magic tools, it’s impossible to restored the lost magic power and it will be destroyed. When you conduct an attack with magic you clad them with magic power, but it will also ended up losing it power. The fire extinguished, the wind scattered, the water and the earth collapsed.
It can only attacked with blade, but since it have large build, sharp claw and fang, then if you want to battle it, you must be prepared to throw your life away.

What an outrageous Demon Beast!
Since I don’t know about the ranking system of Hunter Guild, I don’t know how powerful Rank B Hunter is, but when their opponents are these monster, 10 hunters were annihilated easily, and originally this is a request of Rank S.
If it Rank S, in a video game’s story with adventurer guild, this is the highest rank. There might be another rank above that, but in this world that rank is the highest. Moreover, only 5 people! Are they people that stop being human? *dokidoki* Heart beats.
If I made a contract with nobles, I will get restricted, so it’s unpleasant.
But contract with a guild means complying with their rules. If there a breech in contract does it means demotion?
Good grief. Put more priority in Human Life, will ya?[5]

Then if we meet it, can we beat it?

Wha-! Wha-! Wha-!
Gai just asking something untactful with innocent face!

Is it impossible?

Read the Mood(Kuukiwoyome)!
I can’t beat it. How could he be able to said that!
How impolite can you be!
Didn’t you hear that the Knight-san’s group scared by it? Since you see Magician Swyn-san do waste disposal.
Also, also, didn’t you hear Guze-san said, Please don’t say something ominous like that., right?
Isn’t encountering them is something ominous? If they could beat them, they wouldn’t say it in the first place, you know.

....... I think that we will do our best in escaping.

Just like this....
Aaa.... I got really bad premonition. It’s like the feeling when a flag had been set.
My head become uneasy and my stomach started to cramp.
Without me realized it, I had forcefully grasp the mint in my hand. Then, there is a hand that patting my head to soothe me. It’s the Water Spirit’s. The Fire Spirit massage my back by striking it *ponpon* with his hand.
My mind had settled down and my body is pleasant and nice.[6]
They had scent of Caramel and Milk Chocolate.
They really smell like confectionaries.
Which is who scent?

The warmness in my body is escorting me like a Sandman.
My 5 years old body that was tired because of carriage motion sickness, quickly surrendered to the drowsiness.


I think Mira really had a talent to become a Tsundere or Tsukkomidere. And God, this series had a lot of onomatopoeia and children talk...

[2] TotalBody:Head ratio. 3:1 is common in chibi drawing.
[3] HELP: スインさんに聞くわけにも行かないし、そう言う事でいいか。. I had trouble in this line. Colloquial speak?
[4] Kun . Just like san, but more to equal or junior.
[5] HELP: 人命優先してくれよ。 Put more priority to human life?
[6] Japanese Onomatopoeia : pokapoka.


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  6. 「If it tobacco, I have Mint.」 how about "if you do not want tabacco, then how about Mint?"

    1. The raw said:
      Tobacco niwa Minto haittemasu.

      I interpreted the sentence as: if it/as for (something like/about) tobacco, (there is/contain/get) mint. But I can't make a good English from it.
      But I think your phrasing is more meaningful that my weird word order.