24 August 2015

Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai. Chapter 1 - Part 2

Translator ‘Welcome to Corneria’ Corner.
Hello, this is the procrastinating Yukkuri demasu.

I translate this while watching and listening to King Mask Singer, episode 3. I like the episode’s Jazz and Soul song arrangement.

As usual this is not a faithful literal Japanese translation (since Japan grammar are not the same with English) and mistranslation, since I still learning (English and Japanese). I wish God grant me EX-Skill [Complete Language Comprehension] or just give me [Raphael]-san.

And so, here you dose of Mira’s cuteness.
Cute is justice, after all!

I wish for an SVG paint program, the ‘do-your-job-please’ translator:
Yukkuri Oniisan
Please thank him everyone. The Editor:

Chapter 1. Is Cheat really necessary?
Part 2

When we come out to the plaza, everyone's attention immediately poured on us.
Together with the Village’s Chief, there are 7 children who are 6 to 8 years old, and their parents. The examination team consisted of one male in a hood and mantle and 4 people in armor - they were unexpectedly young. Also, the onlooker that had no better things to do, in other words, every villager, are watching.
Uh, it’s scary.
Stop looking, please. Although for the sake of my hobbies in the previous life, I was commuting to the library, I was a petite hikkikomori[1], so it is nervous for me to be the center of attention.

Mira. You seemed to be absentminded, are you not feeling well, lass?
Ah, yes village’s chief-san. My bump is still painful, but I am alright. Thank you very much.

Towards Village’s Chief-san who helped the unconscious me and also give me medical treatment, I bowed my head to show my thanks.

Yes. I wonder if Gai has seriously apologized yet.
...... That is.(Mira)
Tilting his head, Gai seems worried. He still think that he would be excluded from examination.

I already apologized!? I already apologized, you know(Gai)

Well, it sees that he more or less apologized.
I stop teasing Gai and nod to Village Chief.

Although I am still worried, I think its fine.(VC-san)

Village’s chief-san nods and turns around to the mantle-guy and armor-group.[2]

Sorry to keep you waiting. This child is the last one.
Gai. Come here, lad. Now give your greetings to the magician-dono and guardian knights-sama from the capital.

Gai is beckoned by the village chief, and I shed my relief. As I thought, I'm not considered to be a selection subject.

If I was selected then the village will receive a grant, and, of course my family will receive a large portion of it. Although that will be a nice story since my family was big, but right now I am troubled about it.
In the memories of my previous life, I was born and raised in 'the Age of Peace'. So I had no understanding for the class system and social condition of this world. So I want time to learn the wisdom of this world and prepare myself.
In 3 years, then maybe my memory gap will be filled, so if I really had made some agreement for a cheat, I could formulate a countermeasure for it....... maybe.

The magician smiles and laughes, and prompts Gai to put his hand on top of a crystal ball.
Is that a crystal to measure Magic Power? I was speechless. What a standard clichéd trope! So I turned my attention elsewhere.

That big crystal placed is enshrined on a cushion that was deliberately placed on the top of a box that is used to transport harvested vegetable. That’s nothing out of the ordinary. However, for some reason in the inside of that crystal is a small person? Moreover, 4 people?
They are about 3 head tall[3], wearing tunic that are colored red, blue, yellow and green respectively. With their round and cute eyes, they fixated their look towards my direction.
I looked at my back.
There was no one there.......
When we were ushered, the gallery of people parted to the left and right to make way. ....Tsk, Although it was fine for them to completely enclose the gap again.
Steeling myself, I turn my head to look forward. The small people still staring at me.

............... How cute.
Wah! No! Stop Me! They were surely Emissaries of Portent. To be fascinated by them is not good!
Meanwhile, Gai timidly places his hand on top of the crystal ball.
And, the small person in red cloth quickly responded. He was looking at Gai, with his tiny weenie small hand raised to Gai, and was waving with *awa*awa*[4] movement.
What's this? What's this? This is way too~ cute~!
I was unintentionally staring at them and then,
The surrounding became noisy. Extremely lo~ud like.

It was shining!
He has magic power!
Was my reaction a bit different from others?

It was shining with a red color. Then he has good compatibility with fire sprit. It was a strong radiance. His magic power must be high.

The magician delightfully give his explanation.
After Gai released his hand the small person drops his hand.
Except for me, it seems that everyone saw a light shining from the crystal. It was a red light, and then they explained that he had good compatibility with the fire spirit. ---- Are those small people, by any chance, were Spirits? The one in red clothes looks delightful.

Then, I will go to the Academy, right?(Gai)
Yes. You may have came from this village, however, please do your best in your study.(VC-san)
Eh? Mira still hasn’t been examined you know?(Gai)

Gai turned his head to my direction, so was everyone.
Once again, I become the center of the attention. This is the third time I am exposed to public's eyes.
That’s why I already said that I am 5 year old!

According to the name registry, he is the last one.
The eldest from of the 4 knights, took the parchment from Village’s Chief-san and confirmed it.

Yes. Because Mira is still 5 years old.(VC-san)
But in ten days she will become 6 years old!(Dense Osananajimi)
But the examination is for the children who are 6 years old.(VC-san)
No, it is “children that turned 6 years old this year”.(Mantle-san)
Hearing the magician correction, Village Chief-san is flabbergasted and stops talking.

See~, in the end Mira will also get examined(BAKA)

Shut up you BAKA[6].
Ah. My 3 year rain check had vanished....

Yes, you can also put your hand on the Crystal Ball.

I can’t escape from the magician who pressed me.
I given up and just do what I have been told, and then at that time, the small people – No, I guess they were spirit now – were receiving me with sparkling smile. SFX *kira*kira*
Please don’t see me with those expectation filled eyes.
The spirits have the same hair and eye color as their clothes.
Their hair was soft and *powapowa*[7], their tips of their ear are pointy.
The various colored tunic that I have seen from afar has delicate frills[8]. They also wear accessory that differed from each other. They are somehow fashionable people.
I resolved my heart and place my hand on top of the Crystal Ball.

What on *insert world name* is this?

Their reaction is different from when Gai performed it.
The Spirits..... all their hand are dancing uncontrollably.

.......Fo-four colors dancing!?

The spirits are jumping and hopping, waving their hand, while constantly moved in circle inside the Crystal Ball. They are in great spirits.[9] It seems that the other people saw it as 4 colored lights flashing alternately.


What a beautiful light!

The magician tightly grasped my hand.[11]

Welcome! To Filmeria Kingdom Magic Academy.

I couldn’t do anything except laugh.
When my hand parted from the crystal ball, the Spirits stop dancing and were exchanging high-fives with each other. How adorable, yet so annoying.
Yes, these little devils. Tsk.[12]


I think Mira had talent to become a Tsundere.

[1] Don’t know hikkikomori? Watch some anime, read some light novel, heck Watamote, or click here.
[2] Her nickname ability is on par with Hiiro.
[3] Meaning: CHIBI PROPORTION of 1:3. Its body height is 3 times the height of its head. Curses, that is cute.
[4] *Awaawa*: SFX for panicky, flustered
[5] Do I need to keep it as KAWAII!
[6] Because Baka from Girl is priceless....If you don’t know Baka, watch Baka to Test
[7] It’s a onomatopoeia that means : *lightly*softly*nice*warm* feelings. Translate that to English!
[8] Or, Ruffle. I don’t really get fashion term.
[9] Pun intended.
[10] Cheat kita-!! Well for me it was ktkr.
[11] Hands off from Mira-tan, you damned lolicon!
[12] Mira was clicking her tongue.


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